Vatican Conclave 2013: Holy See Rushes to Find a Pope Replacement

Pope Benedict XVI will step down on February 28, and The Vatican wants a confirmed successor before the start of the Holy Week (March 24).

10 Best Snarky Amazon Product Reviews

If you're looking for a quick laugh, look no further than the snarky joke reviews for unusual products and books on Amazon. Can you tell which of these ten products are real or fake?

Pope Resignation: Blame the Church's Holier-Than-Thou Attitude

As long as the Catholic Church sees itself as the exclusive holder of the keys to "The Kingdom," its leaders will fall short of its measure.

How John Stuart Mill's On "Liberty" is Still Relevant to Americans Today

John Stuart Mill's "On Liberty" is still relevant to Americans today. Read our point-by-point analysis starting with Chapter One, with implications for citizens and the nation.

Immigration Reform 2013: How Washington is Framing the Debate

Why we should listen closely to Washington D.C.'s legislators and how they are framing immigration policy within the next few months.

North Korea Shows It Is The World's Biggest Nuclear Threat — Not Iran

The world is concerned that Iran’s nuclear ambitions pose a threat to world peace. So why is North Korea virtually ignored?

Oscar Pistorius Murder: Was "Blade Runner" Born to Be Violent?

Cortisol has long been known to be an essential, yet deadly hormone created by the brain. One study shows that it may be the cause of violence in athletes.

Sullivan High School Prom: Christian Students Throw Alternate "Traditional" Prom, Banning Gays

Students at an Indiana High School are citing their Christian beliefs as a reason to throw a private alternate prom without gay people. What's wrong with this picture?

Facebook Tax Breaks: Why is Facebook Paying Zero Taxes?

Facebook has over one billion users. I'm on it. You're probably on it. So why are they getting back more than they pay in tax refunds?

Mali Civil War: Why Can't France Let Africa Take Care of Its Own Business?

The current French-led intervention in Mali might be commendable - but it is usurping an African-led mandate. Why can't France let Africa take care of its own business?

Chuck Hagel Filibuster: Just Another Way For the GOP to Hurt Obama

In the absence of any substantive objections to Chuck Hagel for secretary of defense, why is the GOP holding his nomination with a vicious filibuster?

YouTube California Meteor Video: San Francisco Shooting Star Falls Short of Russian Meteor

Not to be undone by Friday's Russian meteor and Asteroid 2012 D4's flyby, the great state of California was treated with another flying object.

Kosovo's Millennials Are the Country's Biggest Strength (and Weakness)

Kosovo celebrates its fifth year as an independent republic with a young (and unemployed) population, unused fertile soils and unexploited mineral resources that could be used for development.

Andrew Cuomo is Leading the Fight Against Gender Discrimination With Women's Equality Act

Last week, New York governor Andrew Cuomo announced that he is planning to lead the fight against gender discrimination, starting in his own state. What will his Women's Equality Act do?

YouTube Utah Plane Crash Landing Video: Man Records Wife's First Fly — and Crash Landing

Most people would panic or cry but Jonathan Fielding took out his smart phone and recorded his wife Kara's first fly (and crash landing) in snowy Utah.

John Kerry Heinz Deal: SEC Freezes Bank Account in Zurich Suspected in Insider Trading

A Swiss bank account has been frozen and Zurich traders ordered to appear in court after the SEC noticed something a little off: a near-instantaneous 1,700% increase

Taxes 2013: Why Tax Reform Won't Be Enough to Solve Our Fiscal Crisis

Tax reform is a good idea, but spending restraint is necessary in order to reverse debt growth.

Chubby Checker Sues Over Penis-Measuring App, But is "the Twist" Artist Really So Innocent?

Chubby Checker is suing an app company for using his name in an "obscene" and "sexual" manner. But the history behind this conflict might surprise you.

40 Million American Workers Lack Paid Sick Leave — This is a Public Health Problem

38% of American workers have to either go to work sick or risk getting fired, costing employers $160 billion per year — as sick workers lower their productivity and infect other colleagues.

Chris Dorner Suicide: Rogue Ex-Cop Likely Shot Self in Burning Cabin

Renegade ex-LAPD officer Chris Dorner died of a single shot to the head — almost certainly confirming the authorities' suspicion that he committed suicide.

War With Iran: Ayatollah Says They're Not Building a Nuke, But Who Could Stop Them if They Were?

Iran's reclusive Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, emerged Saturday to tell the world that Iran is not building a nuke — but who could stop them, anyhow?

Hugo Chavez Photos: Venezuela Releases Photos of Bedridden But Smiley President

Cuban newspaper 'Granma' published the photo of Chavez accompanied by his daughters, putting an end (for now) to rumors that 'El Comandante' was either dead or pretty close to it.