Harlem Shake Video: How Internet Gentrification Ruined the Dance

Internet gentrification of the Harlem Shake is changing the meaning of the dance, which went from viral awesomeness to “please, Facebook friends, no more Harlem Shake videos” in record time.

New Pope: What He Can Do For Gay Rights

Although a complete reversal of the Catholic position on gay rights would be impossible, there is much the new pope can do to help the LGBT community.

Facebook Voted #1 Place to Work in America – Why Millennial FB Employees Love Their Jobs

With all of the drama that surrounds Facebook you’d think it’s a crap company to work for, right? Wrong. The company treats their employees very well.

Drone Strikes: Is Rise in Usage Doing More Harm Than Good?

Though drones aid in humanitarian relief and make the lives of some easier, they pose dangers that need to be addressed before the government can truly allow them in U.S. skies.

Michael Jordan Turns 50, Could He Make an NBA Comeback?

Is Michael Jordan still the best player on the Bobcats? Does crossing the half-century mark prevent any comeback?

Bloomberg Pot: NYC Mayor Opposed to Legalizing Marijuana

Shocker of the century: the same guy who doesn't want us to have soda or painkillers also doesn't want us to smoke weed.

What Channel Are the 2013 Oscars On?

The 2013 Academy Awards are Sunday, February 24th at 8p.m. EST, what channel can you watch them on?

Girl Scout Cookies Destroyed: More Than 13,200 Boxes Dumped in Landfill

More than 13,000 boxes of unexpired Girl Scout cookies reportedly went straight to the dump after the San Gorgonio Girl Scout council couldn't get a refund for its unsold boxes.

Minimum Wage Increase: Only Good For Politicians, Not Employees

Obama's minimum wage increase plan wouldn't benefit anyone but the very wealthy and their political lackeys.

Iran Election 2013: Don't Expect Much Change

An election in Iran will not bring about any sort of change, but will instead be a continuation of the power struggle between Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei.

'Batman' Death of the Family: Final Comic Lacks Theatrics

While fans have been somewhat underwhelmed by the final comic installment's lack of theatrics, the story really does promise some interesting directions for the future.

Coming Out as Gay Shouldn't Have to End a Professional Athlete's Career

Robbie Rogers, a former midfielder for the United States national soccer team, came out as gay through a post on his personal blog. He also said he may retire, even though he's only 25.

Violence Against Women: Can the Increase in Economic Opportunities For Females Decrease Violence Against Women?

Domestic violence reports are declining, and the drop may be a result of the professional empowerment of women, among other things.

Pope Benedict XVI Resignation: Will Women Finally Be Ordained in the Catholic Church?

Will the new pope be more favorable to women priests? Don’t get too excited.

Obama War On Terror: Obama's Targeted Killings Get a Pass, But Not Bush's Detention Methods

The Obama administration has accomplished feats the Bush administration would have been heavily criticized for. Why is this?

SOTU 2013 Reactions: Can Obama's Remarks On Citizenship Resonate With the Modern American?

During the SOTU address, Obama called upon Americans to engage themselves as citizens, but does citizenship mean the same thing to the modern person as it did the ancient one?

4 Videos That Reveal the Importance of Liberty

Millennials must learn the importance of liberty and then teach it to friends. These four videos help plant the seeds for our generation.