6 Myths About Income Inequality in America

Income inequality is a term that depicts the frustration between unequal distributions of income. I explain how these claims of income inequality are myths.

The Harlem Shake and 5 Other Dances the Internet Ruined (+YouTube Video)

Before you make your own Harlem Shake video, please consider the long and sordid history of dance destruction you'll be participating in.

Income Inequality in America: What We Should Be Doing About It

Inequality is more than a liberal ethics issue; it makes our economy less efficient, more unstable, and limits the potential of our citizens. Reforms in education and taxation will help.

North Korea is More Than Just a Nuclear Threat

With 24 million people suffering under the regime’s iron grip, North Korea is not just a nuclear threat. It's a threat to its own people.

Christopher Dorner Manifesto: How He Struggled to Separate the Ideal World From Reality

Christopher Dorner wanted to be a martyr, but his victims prove that there was no one more guilty than he was. He sought to highlight a broken LAPD, but in the end got it all wrong.

Income Inequality: A Progressive Tax System Isn't the Best Solution

It is the poor who are most harmed by economically destructive progressive taxation – the very people for whom concern over income inequality is meant to benefit.

Presidents' Day 2013: 7 Most Impactful Presidential Quotes of All Time

When is President's Day 2013? On Feb. 18, a good opportunity to compare what seven presidents said (versus what they did) during times of crisis.

Warren Hill Execution: It Would Be Completely Unconstitutional

As Georgia prepares to execute Warren Hill on Tuesday, an offender with intellectual disabilities, it shows complete disregard for justice, state law, and the Supreme Court.

Why Joe Biden Can't Be Taken Seriously On Gun Control

Joe Biden has a reputation for blurting out whatever happens to be on his mind. In this case, his off-the-cuff remarks are proof the vice president doesn't believe the hype around gun control.

Remembering Audre Lorde: Black Lesbian Feminist Mother Warrior Poet

We all know about Langston Hughes, but what about the poet who wrote "I/ Is the total black, being spoken/ From the earth's inside"? On what would be her 79th birthday, we consider Audre Lorde.

If We Address the Gap Between Rich and Poor, We'll Fix the Economy

Lost amid all the chatter is any conversation about our growing income inequality problem. Once we accept it is here to stay, we can begin to work on ways to minimize its impact on the economy.

Why Blaming Rihanna For Staying With Chris Brown is So Wrong

Calling Rihanna “stupid” for staying with Chris Brown alleviates us from having to examine our own role in combating — or perpetuating — a culture where violence against women runs rampant.

7 Unlikely Actors Who Changed Hollywood For Black Artists

Black actors have historically had a raw deal in Hollywood, but here are some unconventional performers whose contributions are often overlooked.

Marijuana Legalization: Why the Pot Business Needs Unions to Survive

Big labor, struggling with lack of membership, and the marijuana industry, struggling with lack of legitimacy, are joining forces.

DOMA: Why It is the Worst Federal Law Of This Generation

Repealing DOMA would aid military security abroad, and economic security at home, but the Republican Party refuses to consider it.

YouTube Harlem Shake: The 4 Best Renditions and Why the Dance is So Popular

The "Harlem Shake" fad has gone viral on YouTube. Why has the internet sensation become a pop culture phenomenon?

John Mackey At Students For Liberty Conference: "Capitalism Has a Serious Branding Problem"

John Mackey at a libertarian conference explained, “The recent recession was blamed on greedy financial corporations, deregulation, and capitalism, rather than on bad government."

Sequester 2013: Why It's Killing the GOP

While Senator Ted Cruz has formed a tenuous truce with John McCain and Lindsey Graham, their budget battles showcase the fight between the Tea Party and national defense Republicans.

Presidents' Day 2013: The 4 Most Important Presidential Decisions in U.S. History Were Real Estate Deals

Some of the biggest decisions past presidents have made were major real estate deals, including the Louisiana Purchase and Alaska land deal. The foresight to invest in the future was paramount.

Ridiculous Lawsuit Over First Amendment Rights Shows Americans Need to Get Over Being Offended

The ACLU and the Freedom From Religion Foundation are suing a middle school over a religiously-themed painting hung in the school's hallway, while the Liberty Institute defends it.

Are We Headed For a Deeper Recession?

The same old bad incentives that flowed from the implicit guarantee that Uncle Sam will bail the banks out are very much in place today.

Raising the Minimum Wage May Actually Harm Poor Workers

After Obama's proposal to increase minimum wage, it's important to look at how other countries are dealing with the issue. What can we learn from the European and Asian approach?

Pollution in China is Finally Getting a Response From the Government

In a pleasant turn of events, the Chinese government is responding to their constituents difficulties rather than ignoring them as they once might have done.

Battle Over Gender Wage Gap is Really a Fight Over the Nature Of the Free Market

Obama has floated the idea that Congress should pass the failed Paycheck Fairness Act to combat the gender wage gap and address income inequality in America.

'Girls' Season 2 Episode 6: Boys Have Feelings, Too

The boys of "Girls" get together for some bonding time, while the girls continue straining their relationships.

Jennifer Lawrence Oscar Predictions: Why The Actress Is Hollywood's New Golden Girl

The spotlight this awards season is on Jennifer Lawrence, Hollywood's new "it girl."

Who Was Israel's "Prisoner X" And Why Are the Details of His Death Only Emerging Now?

An international spat between Australia and Israel is brewing after reports emerged of Israeli spy who committed suicide have come to light.

Jerry Buss Death: Will the Lakers Ever Be Great Again Without Him?

With Lakers owner Jerry Buss passing away Monday morning, his son Jim will be counted on to lead the franchise forward. But should Jim's shaky track record be cause for concern in L.A.?

Keystone XL Pipeline Protest May Force Obama to End the Project

Thousands rallied the Keystone XL Pipeline project in Washington on Sunday. Why the over 1,700 oil pipeline between Canada and the US has sparked environmental controversy and what Obama may do.

PolicyMic Mixtape: 12 New Tracks You Can't Miss This Week

For anyone still riding the wave of emotion that ebbs and flows all year long and crests on Valentine’s Day (whether for better or for worse), here are 12 brand new songs on the subject of love.

New York to Strengthen Abortion Rights: Will This Help Push Pro-Choice Across the Country?

Seven states have already strengthened abortion rights. If Governer Andrew Cuomo gets his way, New York will soon join the list.

17 Mindless Moments in Movie Plot Line History

Challenging Bruce Lee in "Enter the Dragon" wasn't smart. Neither was pushing Clint Eastwood's buttons in "Gran Torino." Here are the 17 biggest mistakes movie characters have ever made.

Presidents' Day 2013: 4 Important Presidential Decisions, And Everything to Read on Monday

Here's our take on the best articles currently up on PolicyMic.

The 2013 Oscars LIVE: Complete Coverage of Nominees, Winner and Losers

Presenting the latest coverage and commentary on the Academy Awards race.

Afghanistan War: It Slipped From the Headlines, But Is Still Critically Important

The Afghanistan War may officially be coming to an end, but security and stability concerns from both foreign policy experts and administration officials remain.