Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar Snub: Why He Never Wins

Again? DiCaprio's heart must go on without an Oscar this year. With over 20 years in acting and string of hit films, what's it going to take for him to finally earn an award?

Dreaming is Risky Business: An Interview With Renowned New Media Artist Lynn Hershman Leeson

Modern artist Lynn Hershman Leeson's 40 year career has been key to the feminist art movement. Pundit Will Simmons had the opportunity to speak with her about art, feminism, and the internet.

Joe Salazar Rape Comment: Women Don't Need Guns, Even If They Fear Sexual Assault

Whether it's "legitimate" rape or guns for protection, male zealots on the right and the left have problems recognizing the basic humanity of women and common sense.

iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 Rumors and Photos: New iPhone Photos Leaked

Posted by a Chinese technology site, the images allegedly show the iPhone 5S already going into production.

15 Films That Truly Changed Modern Cinema

No one list will ever satisfy all moviegoers, so let's honor the films that, to this day, still spurn extreme reverence and extreme debate.

People Who Are "Fearful" Tend to Be Politically Conservative, Study Says

A new study in the American Journal of Political Science highlights that "individuals who are more fearful tend to espouse less supportive policies toward out-groups."

Tenth of December George Saunders Review: This Book Will Get You Through the Winter

George Saunders' latest collection of short stories 'Tenth of December' has been called 'the best book you'll read this year.' At the very least, it will get you through the month

5 Reasons Republicans Are Failing to Win Over Millennials

Ideology is only one component of winning over millennials. Cultural outreach plays a huge factor in connecting with the youth and both Ronald Reagan and Ron Paul illustrate how it can be done.

Bloomberg Styrofoam Ban: Why He's 100% Right

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg has proposed another sweeping ban, this time on Styrofoam. Is this just more nanny-statism, or is he saving us from serious health risks?

Oscar Ballot 2013: Make Your Predictions For the 2013 Academy Awards

It's prediction time. Throw your hat in the ring and share your predictions for the winners at the 85th annual Academy Awards. Will you be the PolicyMic-er with the most right predictions?

The Next Wall Street Crisis is the Fracking Bubble

Two reports released on Tuesday conclude that the hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") boom could lead to an economic crisis as big as the burst housing bubble of 2008.

Gay Marriage Bills Introduced In Republican-Dominated Texas

Two pro-gay marriage bills were recently introduced in the Texas state legislature, but can they actually become law? The probability was low.

"There Will Always Be Stories Of Strong Women" — Marion Cotillard Talks Women in Hollywood

When Harvard's Hasty Pudding Theatricals honored Marion Cotillard as 2013 Woman of the Year, there was little recognition of the prize's gendered nature, and a lot of discussion of women in film.

3 Websites From the Ancient Internet That Future Archaeologists Will Judge Us On

Pre-web design websites are the new relics. What will our online culture say about us to the people of the future?

KKK Rally In Memphis Will Face NAACP Opposition

The renaming of a park has the KKK preparing a large rally and the NAACP a peaceful prayer vigil, but the respective missions of the two groups cannot allow for any love to be spread.

Beyonce HBO Documentary: 3 Reasons Beyonce's Life is But a Dream is Better Than Justin Bieber's Biopic

We've been subject to a horrible list of celebrity biopics in the past few years: Bieber and Katy Perry both come to mind. Here's 3 reasons Beyonce's new film won't suck.

Florida Red-Light Cameras Bill Represents Victory For Civil Liberties

The defeat of automated traffic cameras in Florida is a victory for civil libertarians, liberals, and anyone else who doesn't want robots writing them $158 speeding tickets.

Israeli Soldier Mor Ostrovski Instagrams A Palestinian Boy's Head In Sniper Crosshairs

Mor Ostrovski, a 20-year-old Israeli soldier, posted a photograph showing the back of a Palestinian boy's head in the crosshairs of his sniper rifle on his now deleted Instagram profile.

Understanding the Catholic Church's Stance On Gay Rights

The role of the Church is to teach a way of life where sin is avoided or reduced. As such, the Church has sought to curb both straight and gay sex, but has not singled out the LGBT community.

'Les Misérables' Movie Review: Is the Musical Better Than the Movie?

The musical is better overall, but the latest film adaptation brings viewers right to France and captures the tragedy of numerous character deaths.

Is the U.S. Being Drawn Into a Cyber World War III?

Chinese hackers have time and again broken American corporate cyber security. But is America really as vulnerable to cyber attacks as some might want you to think? Not really.

Oscars Snubs 2013: Why Wes Anderson Will Never Win

Wes Anderson is like the guy who earned straight A's his whole life but got rejected from his top school. Despite the director's following, he's under-appreciated and won't win the Academy Award.

Oscar Pistorius Murder Case: What Will Happen Next?

Somehow, the case of Oscar Pistorius and his murdered girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, keeps on getting weirder and weirder. Here's a timeline of the events as they unfolded.

'Revenge' Season 2: Why Is Emily Thorne Not As Exciting Anymore?

'Revenge' was the must see TV event of last season. With its colorful cast and storyline of the rich and famous, mired in dark secrets, it made for juicy entertainment. Now it lacks spunk.

Bonnaroo 2013 Lineup: LIVE Announcements Here

The 2013 Bonnaroo music festival is June 13-16. The lineup of performers is being announced Tuesday at 1p.m. by Weird Al Yankovic. Check in here for updates on who will take center stage.

North Korea Nuclear Weapons: The World Should Respond With Deterrence and Diplomacy

North Korea can launch rockets into space and conduct repeated nuclear tests. This reality cannot be removed, but it can be managed.

Oscar Pistorius Girlfriend: Tragedy a Wake-Up Call About Abusive Relationships

Oscar Pistorius breaks down in court defending his innocence in his girlfriend's murder. It's too late for her, but not for other women.

Voting Rights Act: The 2012 Election Proves Exactly Why We Need It

Long lines at the polls in 2012 demonstrated exactly why the Voting Rights Act remains relevant today: it helps prevent election officials from keeping minority voters out of the ballot booth.

Oscar Pistourius' Girlfriend's Reality Show Airs in South Africa

A reality show featuring slain South African model Reeva Steenkamp will be aired on Saturday, two days after boyfriend and renowned sprint runner Oscar Pistorius allegedly murdered her.

Alabama Introduces Another Anti-Abortion Bill, Calls Fetus "Largest Organ in a Woman's Body"

An Alabama representative called a fetus the "largest organ in a woman's body," proving that legislators aren't doctors, and don't know what they're doing when it comes to regulating abortion.

Are You Being Fooled By “Healthy” Fast Food Options?

Many fast food restaurants have "healthy" options, which are actually worse for you than regular menu items. Here's how to avoid falling into the "healthy" choice trap.

Iran Nuclear Talks: 3 Issues Shaping the Outcome

Iran's nuclear program continues to make world headlines, so here are the most consequential issues shaping the outcome of nuclear talks.

Until This Month, Mississippi Has Officially Been Legally Pro-Slavery For 150 Years

Two local academics found that Mississippi's secretary of state didn't send a copy of the bill banning slavery to the office of the federal register 147 years ago.

Harlem Shake YouTube Video: SeaWorld Get in On the Action, Newtown Killer Adam Lanza: Sources Reveal His Inspiration, and Everything Awesome You Need to Check Out Today

A collection of interesting articles from around the web, as published in this morning's Mic Check.

Oscars Red Carpet 2013: What Will the Stars Wear?

A trip down fashion-memory lane and predictions for Sunday's red carpet parade.

Education is the Best Way to Address Income Inequality in America

Income inequality in America is spiraling out of control. What's the simplest, most effective way to stop it? Easy: improving our educational system.

Oscars 2013 Nominees: What Were the Best Adapted Screenplay Nominees Adapted From?

These five movies would be nowhere without their original content. Get an inside look at the inspiration for the five films nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay at this year's Academy Awards.

Karl Rove Super PAC Competes to Define Future Of the GOP

Political Action Committees are now more influential than ever. With the Republican Party collapsing, what role will Super PACs play in the coming GOP civil war?

Mark Zuckerberg's Chris Christie Fundraiser: A Hint At 2016 Strategy

Mark Zuckerberg's fundraiser for Chris Christie provides a roadmap for potential 2016 GOP candidates that seek to appeal to undecided moderate donors.

Bradley Cooper Oscars Predictions: Tonight ABC Is All About The Academy Awards

Tonight ABC's lineup is all about the Oscars.

The Execution of Warren Hill: Lawyer Tries to Save "Mentally Retarded" Death Row Inmate

Brian Kammer, a Georgia lawyer who has fought to keep Hill alive for the past 16 years, filed two emergency petitions to attempt to stay Hill's execution on Tuesday.

Why is Warren Hill Being Executed?

53-year-old Georgia death row inmate Warren Hill will be executed tonight at 7:00 p.m. (EST) despite a 2002 Supreme Court ruling that says executing the mentally handicapped is unconstitutional.

'Zero Dark Thirty' Torture Scenes: Criticism Misses Purpose Of the Film

The wildly differing reactions to the film's depiction of torture reflect the biases of the viewer more than those of the film.

#LiberalTips2AvoidRape is the Predictable Outcome Of the GOP's War On Women

For two days, #LiberalTips2AvoidRape was trending on Twitter in response to a proposed campus gun ban. Why are conservatives tripping over themselves to make fun of rape victims?

What Isn't On Food Labels is Just As Misleading As What's On Them

Current FDA-mandated food labels aren't clear, truthful, or informative enough to be helpful. What isn't on them may be worse for you than what is.

ABA President Calls for Stay of Execution For Warren Hill

Laurel Bellows, the president of the American Bar Association, released a statement regarding the execution of Warren Hill.

Bonnaroo 2013 Lineup: Full List of Performers

The live video announcement was a bit of a letdown, but nonetheless, here's a list of performers at the 2013 Bonnaroo Festival.

GOP Civil War: Whites Aren't Voting Republican Anymore, So Who Can They Rely On Now?

The GOP can no longer rely on Southerners and the white working class to deliver presidential elections. Republicans need to appeal to minority voters, or it's over.

Future of the GOP: Join the PolicyMic Debate

Surrounding Obama's State of the Union last Tuesday, Republicans Marco Rubio and Rand Paul offered competing visions for the future of America and for the GOP itself. Which will win out?

Warren Hill Execution is Unconstitutional, Jerry Buss Death Could Set Lakers Back, and the Top News Stories Today

Check out my roundup of some of the top articles recently published on PolicyMic.

Who is "Prisoner X," and Why Did He Die in An Israeli Prison?

An unnamed prisoner died in Israeli custody, and no one knows what crime he committed. Who was Prisoner X?

'Parks and Recreation' Season 5 Recap: Reviewing the Recaps

Each week, dozens of blogs and websites recap our favorite TV shows. In an attempt to achieve the Greatest 'Parks and Recreation' Recap, let's recap all of the recaps.

5 Presidents and Prime Ministers Who Just So Happen to Be Women

The U.S. may only have a history of male presidents, but around the world female leaders are bringing their countries proudly into the 21st century.

Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Renew Their Call For the Commutation of Warren Hill's Death Sentence

Read the full text from The Carter Center on the upcoming execution of mentally disabled Georgia death row inmate Warren Hill.

YouTube Viral Videos: How YouTube Changed the Media For the Worse

We all love YouTube's viral videos, but when global politics and crime start being broadcast over the internet we should think twice about what we watch and post.

Gun Control Debate: Gun Owners Get 15% Discount at Virginia Beach Pizzeria

Jay Laze, the owner of All Around Pizzas and Deli, says the special is his way of showing that the gun-control movement "turns his stomach."

GCDD Releases Final Plea to Stop the Execution of Warren Hill

The Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities has released a final plea to stop the execution of 53-year-old Georgia death row inmate Warren Hill. Read the full text.

Hugo Chavez Returns Home: What Does That Mean For Venezuela's Political Future?

Chavez is back in Venezuela after over two months of cancer treatment, and his arrival has raised questions as to who will become his successor and what that means for U.S. policy in Venezuela.

Bonnaroo 2013 Lineup: Rumored Performers

The announcement of who will be taking stage at the 2013 Bonnaroo Festival is coming soon. Here are a few names floating around that could be performing.

Bonnaroo 2013 Lineup Announcement: "BLAM" Fails to Live Up to Expectatoins

Bonnaroo's YouTube announcement of the 2013 performance lineup is failing to live up to expectations as it slowly reveals performers.

'Zero Dark Thirty' Buzz Thwarted?

Controversial subject matter in the Best Picture-nominated film may kill its chances to bring home gold.