Google Glass Release Date and Price: Google Glass is Coming in 2014

Google posted a video of its upcoming Google Glass wearable headset, providing a more realistic look at the device's user interface.

Are You a Hipster? This 10 Question Quiz Will Reveal the Answer

How hipster are you on a scale of 1 to ten? Take our quiz and find out!

Xbox 720 Release Date: New Console Could Debut in Late 2013

According to tech site SemiAccurate, a late 2013 deadline is still very possible for the new Xbox "Durango."

3 Ways Kendrick Lamar Has Changed the Rules Of Hip-Hop

Kendrick Lamar's rise from underground rap gem to 'SNL' guest star has been one of hip-hop's most interesting stories. Here's why he's fundamentally changed the rules of hip-hop.

Immigration Reform 2013: Millions Of People Could Get Cut Out Of the Pathway To Citizenship

President Obama has introduced a sweeping immigration reform package in tandem with a bipartisan group of legislators. But do their solutions let millions of immigrants slip through the cracks?

10 Ways to Eliminate the Federal Debt By 2030

If our political leaders can focus on the size and scope of the government, military spending, entitlements, and tax reform, we can eliminate our federal debt within the next 20 or so years.

PS4 Announcement Leaves Microsoft Xbox 720 Plans in the Dust

As Sony unveils its new PS4, the competition is clearly lagging. Nintendo seems to have dropped the ball completely and Microsoft is visibly silent on details right now.

Obama's $9 Minimum Wage Increase Would Seriously Harm Poor People's Chances Of Getting a Job

Despite the emotional rhetoric used to support it, the minimum wage increases unemployment and drastically harms those who it is intended to help.

Playstation 4 Release Leaves Xbox Durango in the Dust

The impending Playstation 4 announcement has evidently ruffled a few feathers in the ole game console war.

Ronald Reagan Likely Helped Cause the Great Recession

The "Golden Age" of Ronald Reagan was only golden for a select minority. Reagan's legacy could be seen as one that helped spark the Great Recession and power inequality.

Yahoo Hacked: Search Site May Have Been the Latest to Experience Security Breach

Yahoo is experience an unusually high volume of security inquiries, with many users saying their account has been compromised.

Why Some Middle Class Blacks Can't Get Ahead

Today, the median wealth held by white households is 20 times that of black households. The need to support poorer relatives may explain part of this difference.

It's Not Selfish to Not Want Kids

Women are suddenly taking advantage of "the choice to be childless." While some fear the social changes this might cause, the worst reaction would be to take that choice away.

'Raising Adam Lanza' Documentary Offers More Insight Into Sandy Hook Shooter

'Raising Adam Lanza,' a 'Hartford Courant'/PBS documentary airing tonight, offers more insights into the live of the accused Sandy Hook Elementary mass shooter.

Xbox 720 Release Date and Rumors: Durango May Come Dec. 2013

According to an IGN report that surfaced earlier this year, the next Xbox will be up to six times stronger than the current one, which also seems to make it 20% stronger than the Wii U.

Oscar 2013 Odds: Who Will Win At the Academy Awards?

Looking to make the Academy Awards more interesting? Check out the betting odds for Sunday night's awards ceremony and bet on who you think will win. "Argo" currently has 2/7 to win Best Picture.

PS4 Features: 4 Must-Have Playstation 4 Features

'Forbes' thinks streaming, motion control, Vita integration and a lower price can help PS4 recover some of Sony's old splendor. Are they right?

Gun Control Debate: When Ammo Runs Short, Should Citizens Come Before Government?

Massive purchases of ammunition by government agencies have created shortages and driven up ammunition prices for private individuals. Is this fair?

Lulu App: Not at All Empowering to Women

A new app lets women rate men they've dated, but this is in no way empowering for women or fair to the guys critiqued.

Robin Roberts Cancer: Host Makes Her Comeback On "Good Morning America"

After fighting off the life-threatening illness and losing her mother, ABC anchor Robin Roberts returned to work February 20.

Do Obama's Top Military Generals Hate Drones, Too?

Critics of the drone program may have found some unlikely allies: high level military officials. What objections do high-ranking officers have to the drone war?

Kickstart: Mountain Dew Wants to Be a Part of Your Breakfast

Mountain Dew unveils a new breakfast drink. Apparently, that's not an oxymoron.

Glenn Beck the Blaze: How is Life After Fox News?

Beck has been missing from network news for two years, but he is going strong as the creator of The Blaze radio and TV, making his mark on his own terms away from Fox News.

PS4 Release Date, Preview and Rumors

Playstation 4 is being announced today. Here's a preview with some of the rumors.

Oscar Date 2013: When Are the Oscars?

The 2013 Oscars will take place Sunday Feb. 24. Get all your details here.

Immigration Reform 2013: How Did John McCain Outrage Constituents At a Town Hall Meeting?

Sen. John McCain addressed immigration reform policy to Arizona residents on Tuesday. Why did his stance inspire such revulsion from his constituents?

Playstation 4 Release Date and Price: Due Nov. at $429 and $529

A new rumor suggests that PlayStation 4 is due this November and will be available at two price points, $429 and $529 respectively.

Sequester 2013: The U.S. Military Will Still Be Strong After it Happens

Rather than embodying the end of American security, the sequester provides an excellent opportunity to curtail wasteful defense spending and refocus on future military threats.

Best Visual Effects Oscar 2013 Prediction: 'The Hobbit' vs. 'Life of Pi'

Live blog for the Academy Awards 2013. Who will win at the Oscars? The excitement, the drama, all here on PolicyMic!

Detroit Bankrupt? Rick Snyder May Soon Appoint Emergency Manager to Reeling City

A financial review board declared Detroit in a state of final emergency. How can Gov. Rick Snyder and other politicians pull Michigan out of its financial mess?

Oscars 2013 Red Carpet Live Stream: Watch Here

Watch the arrivals at the 2013 Oscars LIVE.

Oreo Social Media Ads: The Future Of Advertising?

Oreo has had an astounding track record with social media advertisements. What's their secret and how are they so effective?

Mike Tyson Cancels Tour: Boxer Displayed Candor and Wit in 'Undisputed Truth'

While Tyson doesn’t ask for forgiveness of his past in 'Undisputed Truth,' but attempts to explain the shenanigans and disgrace with a grand amount of candor, retrospection, wit, and humor.

VAWA 2013: House Must Reauthorize to Protect Native Women

The Senate recently passed a bill to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act, which includes new provisions to protect Native women. The House needs to follow suit.

Wedding Industry: Are Today's Weddings Nothing More Than Big Business?

Can you name a bridal consultant at Kleinfeld before someone in public office? Considering our culture's obsession with over-the-top, pricey televised weddings, it's unlikely.

Newsvine Redesign Has Community Up in Arms

MSNBC has destroyed two of its flagship social media sites, encouraging speculation that they did so to shut down independent discussion of the issues. Are the critics right?

2013 SXSW Interactive LIVE: 2013 South By Southwest Schedule and Lineup

The South by Southwest, SXSW, Conferences & Festivals will take place between March 8 and 17, 2013. Get everything you need to know with our live updates.

Baby Boomers Got Screwed By the Recession, But Millennials Face Much Worse

Baby Boomers and millennials face similar economic challenges today, but any financial issues Boomers currently deal with will only be magnified for 20-somethings in the future.

McKinsey Women: Company Wooing Former Female Employees Back, But Will This Bring More Equality?

McKinsey seeks out former female workers in hopes of bringing them back and boosting productivity. A number of big companies are doing the same, but will these measures make a difference?

Beyond the Oslo Accords: Three-State Division is the Only Feasible Solution for Palestine

While some support the two state solution status quo which allows Israel to continually annex Palestinian land, others support a one state solution, which is outside the confines of reality.

David Axelrod and Newt Gingrich Interview at University of Chicago: 2012 Through a GOP Candidate's Eyes

Gingrich sat down with Axelrod at the University of Chicago to discuss general politics, the 2012 election and the future of the Republican Party going forward.

School Dress Codes Skirt Around Sexism, Homophobia

In theory, everyone is expected to abide by school dress codes, but girls and LGBT youth are disproportionately affected by these rules. That needs to change.

Unpaid Internships Aren't Just a Problem On 'Girls'

Lena Dunham's character on HBO's 'Girls' has gotten a lot of flack for not having a 'real job,' but condemning unpaid interns as lazy or privileged ignores the realities of today's job market.

Ted Cruz and Rand Paul: Are They Too Extreme to Lead the Republican Party?

Ted Cruz and Rand Paul offer nothing new besides screaming "small government!" louder than their predecessors. It is not a small government, but an effective one, that will pave our future.

Kurt Cobain's Birthday: Twitter Remembers Late Musician

Cobain, who took his life in the early 90s, would have turned 46 today. The internet paid tribute to him through tweets that were touching, funny, and strange.

5 Ways You Can Change the World On World Day Of Social Justice

Don't be fooled by the notion that you can't make a difference in the world. Here are five quick and semi-painless ways that you can fight for social justice today and every day.

Hillary Clinton 2016: New Poll Says Clinton Would Beat Chris Christie in New Jersey

Hillary Clinton would beat Chris Christie, 49% to 45%, in New Jersey if the 2016 presidential election were held today. However, Christie would beat New York Governor Andrew Cuomo 54% to 36%.

'Silver Linings Playbook' Oscar Nominations: 6 Reasons It Needs to Win

With immense hype, 'Silver Linings Playbook' could get short-changed at the Oscars, but here's why it deserves to snag at least one of its eight nominations.

Secretary Of State John Kerry: "There is Nothing Foreign About Foreign Policy Anymore"

At John Kerry's first speech as Secretary of Speech at the University of Virginia, he told young Americans that foreign policy is important to ensuring the success of our domestic agenda.

Kepler 37B: NASA Finds Smallest Planet Yet Outside of Solar System

Kepler-37b, the smallest planet yet outside of the solar system, has been found by NASA.

'Arrested Development' Season 4 Spoilers: 9 Actors Who Could Play 'Arrested Development' Characters At Different Ages

Kristen Wiig's 'Arrested Development' role as a young Lucille Bluth seems about as good as it gets. Here's a list of others who could play older (or younger) versions of our favorite Bluths.

Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 Will Both Be Announced In Spring, Sparking a New Console Wars

According to the February edition of Game Informer, both companies are planning conferences to unveil the new consoles.

U.S. Corporate Tax Rate Forcing Corporations to Hide Their Money Overseas

Tax loopholes allow corporations to shelter their profits in tax havens overseas force the U.S government to lose billions of dollars in revenue — revenue that could help close the deficit.

5 American Companies With More Influence Than Your Congressman

In politics, money talks. But money also lets you talk. These 5 companies are proof.

Brit Awards 2013 Live Stream: Watch the British Grammys Now

LIve stream the 2013 Brit Awards with performances by Taylor Swift, One Direction and Justin Timberlake among others.

Columbia Students Continue the Long Tradition Of Women Fighting For Labor Rights

In recent years, Columbia University has been the site of a series of labor disputes that called for old-fashioned grassroots organizing, and the women of Barnard and Columbia stepped up.

Harlem Shake YouTube Reactions: Watch Harlem Reacting to the Harlem Shake Video

Real people from Harlem, New York, are not impressed with internet's newest and goofiest viral meme yet.

5 Ways the Bible and Koran Aren't So Different

While these religions clash at times, the similarities between the two outweigh the differences.

Oscars Predictions 2013: Fill Out Your Ballot

Who will win at this Sunday's Academy Awards? Fill out the ballot and make your predictions now.

Best Actress Oscars Flashback: Kate Winslet's 2009 Win

Kate Winslet (finally) wins her first Oscar, for "The Reader."

Emad Burnat, Oscar-Nominated Director, Detained at LAX

The Palestinian co-director of the Academy Award-nominated documentary '5 Broken Cameras,' was reportedly detained by immigration at LAX as he tried to enter the U.S. to attend Sunday's Oscars.

3 Ridiculous Reasons House Republicans Won’t Vote for the Violence Against Women Act

VAWA needs to pass in the House and it needs to pass now. What are House Republicans saying to justify the way they're dragging their feet?

Jennifer Lawrence Oscars 2013: Actress May Wear Corset to Ceremony

J-Law said she went for comfort over style last year, but don't expect a repeat at the 2013 Oscars ceremony. The celebrity is prioritizing fashion Sunday night.

USPS Clothing Line: Can It Save the Dying Agency?

The USPS is creating a line for all-weather apparel to help curb its financial issues and offer more than standard services. Will this move prevent the struggling agency from meeting its demise?

Oscars Predictions 2013: Daniel Day Lewis Will Win Best Actor

The Academy Awards: Who and what I think will win and who and what I want to win.

Apple and Burger King Hacked: Full List of Hacked Companies, And Everything To Read on Wednesday

My take on the stories you need to read before the day is done, as featured in the morning Mic Check.

Harlem Shake YouTube Video: Watch the 13 Best Harlem Shake Versions

The 'Harlem Shake' continues to spread online like wildfire, despite the usual haters who are already decrying it as "too mainstream." Sorry folks; there's no stopping this.

4 Key Laws in America’s Troubled History With Immigrants

Throughout history, immigrants in the U.S. have been mistreated. Four key laws represent this trend and are being echoed again today.

Conan O'Brien to Host White House Correspondents' Dinner: It'll Be Epic

Conan is host of this year's White House Correspondents' Dinner, the perfect place for political roasting. Check out some performances and hosts from previous years.

Academy Awards Predictions: Fill Out Your Ballot Here

Take a stab a predicting every Oscar category at PolicyMic.

Best Picture Oscar 2013: Argo Will Take Home the Oscar

The long shots, sure things and safe bets of 2013.

Hilary Mantel Kate Middleton: Press Wrong to Smear Writer's Essay

The press shouldn''t have criticized the writer's essay on the lives of the royal family in the media and beyond.

World Day of Social Justice: Ending Income Inequality is Our Biggest Challenge

In 2007, the UN designated February 20 as "World Day of Social Justice," a day to promote social well-being and justice for all. How can these dreams be achieved in the U.S.?

Can the Lakers Still Be a Showtime Team Without Jerry Buss?

Jerry Buss died and passed on his legacy to his son Jimmy Buss. But has the Lakers' dynasty died with there former owner?

Scott Brown On Fox News: TV Stint Will Help the Former Senator

Scott Brown's decision to join Fox News as a contributor is politically risky if he has future political aspirations, but it also sets him up for the national stage in the future.

NASA Announces 'NASA Social' at 2013 SXSW Interactive

NASA will host a one-day event for 20 of its social media followers on March 10, 2013, as part of the week-long 2013 SXSW Interactive Festival in Austin, Texas.

Academy Awards Best Picture: A Supercut of Every Winner

Check out this great supercut of clips from every Best Picture winner, can you name the movie from each clip?

Oscar Nominations List 2013: Full List Of This Year's Nominees

See the full list of nominees at the 85th annual Academy Awards.

The Betting Man's Guide to the 2013 Academy Awards

Looking to make the Academy Awards more interesting? Check out the betting odds for Sunday night's awards ceremony and bet on who you think will win. "Argo" currently has 2/7 to win Best Picture.

YouTube Harlem Shake: Harlem Reacts, Bonnaroo Line-Up 2013: Inside the Crazy Announcement Stream, and all the Cool Stuff to Check Out Today

My roundup of cool stuff from around the web, as featured in this morning's Mic Check.

iPads: More Than Just Toys For the Rich, But Not Fully Utilized Yet

To children, tablets like the iPad are a source of entertainment rather than helpful tools.

Anne Hathaway Oscars 2013: Will This Be Hathaway's Night?

Anne Hathaway is the undisputed frontrunner in the Best Supporting Actress category ... is there anyway she could lose?

Oscars 2013: What Are Your Predictions? and All of Today's Top PolicyMic Stories

Some of the best PolicyMic articles from the past 24 hours, as featured in the Mic Check newsletter.

Oscars Host 2013: Seth MacFarlane is Making People Nervous, But Will Be Amazing

Are you excited for Seth MacFarlane to host the Oscars? I know I am.

Warren Hill Execution Halted

The decision by the Georgia state court followed a legal challenge over the state's method of executing Hill by lethal injection.

Oscar Nominees 2013: Full List Here

You may know who is nominated for Best Picture, but what about Best Visual Effects? And what about makeup? Check here for a full list of nominees.

Academy Awards Best Picture: 'NY Times' Dissects the Trailers

The 'New York' Times dissected the trailers of five Best Picture Nominees in a nifty graphic to give an insight as to how movie trailers are made.