Black History Month: 4 Famous Black Feminists You Never Learned About in School

As Black History Month comes to a close, it's time to learn about all the courageous black women who fought for equality for all.

9 Politicians Who Voted For the Defense of Marriage Act But Cheated On Their Wives

These 9 politicians may have supported the Defense Of Marriage Act, but have done little to defend the sacred institution of marriage in their personal lives.

Do Humans Have the Genetic Ability to Become Mutant Superheroes?

A new earthworm was found in Britain to have evolved the ability to withstand dangerously high levels of arsenic. Could human evolution ever create similar super mutations?

Republican Doug Cox Rips Oklahoma's Anti-Abortion Bill — Because He Actually Understands Medicine

Many Republican politicians seem to think they're qualified to tell women what reproductive health choices to make, but Oklahoma State Representative Doug Cox, a medical doctor, actually is.

Are Parents Responsible For Childhood Obesity?

Obesity has more to do with public policy than bad parenting, so why are we still blaming parents?

UCF Greek Life Suspended After Hazing Allegations, But Will It Work?

The University of Central Florida has stopped all Greek life activity, but another solution is needed to eradicate hazing altogether.

Bob Beckel Rape Comment is Exactly Why Fox News Keeps Him Around

Liberal Fox News commentator Bob Beckel is notorious for being obnoxious and insensitive, which helps the network portray liberals as buffoons.

Tough Mudders and Spartan Races: Why They Appeal to Millennials

Why are millennials swarming to participate in dirty, scary obstacle courses? The races are exciting and pull millennials away from the unpleasant, depressing aspects of 20-something life.

Google Glass: How to Get Your Hands On It, Kepler 37-b: Tiny Planet Discovered, and All the News You Need to Read

An in depth look at five topics in the news that every Millennial should know about, as featured in this morning's Mic Check newsletter.

If Religion is the Opiate of the Masses, I Just Got High

We live in an increasingly secular world, but God and prayer remain important in the lives of everyday people.

Euthanasia Debate: Should Americans Have the Right To End Their Lives?

Should we keep producing geriatric drugs that extend lives of terminally ill patients, even if the result is a living hell for the afflicted and their families, or let people die as they wish?

7 Ways Startups Can Better Manage Customer Relationships

Startups often fail at managing customer relationships. Here are 7 techniques that will help entrepreneurs get this service right.

3D Pen: Meet the 3D Pen That Let's You Draw in the Air

Instead of doodling on paper when you're bored, you can create a sculpture out of nothing. Is the 3Doodler cool or does it defeat the whole purpose of doodling?

New York 'Rape is Rape' Bill Leads the Way in Ending Sexual Violence

A New York school teacher who was raped by an off-duty cop in 2011 is pushing for changes to the way the state legally defines rape to help future victims of violence.

Obama Education Reform: Pre-K Efforts Will Help End Child Poverty

The Obama administration's newly proposed education reform plan targets high quality all day kindergarten and preschool, helping at risk children break the cycle of poverty.

Oscar Nominations 2013: Full List Of Academy Award Nominees

From Best Picture to Best Costume Design, check out the full list of Academy Award Nominations.

Tim Tebow Cancels Sermon At Controversial Robert Jeffress' Megachurch

What will the repercussions be for Tebow, and is this the forum where he would finally risk voicing his beliefs on issues like marriage equality?

3 Troubled Liberal Politicians the Press Are Giving a Pass

Jesse Jackson, Jr. is the latest Democratic that has made the type of mistake that should be in heavy rotation on MSNBC and other liberal outlets.

Oscar 2013: Why Don't Action Movies Win Oscars?

The Academy Awards consistently fail to recognize cinema's most kick-ass, popular, and lucrative genre. So what should be done about it?

How Trust Fund Hipsters Came to Rule the World

A look into the New York subculture who will lead our generation, and why we as a society should be really mad about it.

Quvenzhané Wallis Oscars 2013: Why the 9-Year-Old Should Win Best Actress

Quvenzhané Wallis can really act and she deserves an Oscar nomination and a possible win. But many people question the skill of child actors. Is it really acting if they're only 5?

Immigration Reform 2013: Bob Goodlatte Says Immigrants Deserve the Worst Jobs

The powerful chairman of the House judiciary committee spoke openly in an interview on National Public Radio about his plan to keep immigrants illegal, so they will do our toughest dirtiest jobs.

Protests Sweep Bulgaria As Government Collapses Amid Chaos

What started out as a nationwide outcry against high electricity bills turned into a week-long violent protest that ultimately toppled the Bulgarian government.

Academy Awards Nominations 2013: Best Animated Short Film

The race is tight for Best Animated Short, who will come out on top? Check out the trailer for the five nominees.

The Deadliest Drugs Are Prescribed By Your Doctor

What do a doctor and a drug dealer have in common? They're pushing pills you don't need — but your doctor is selling more of them.

China Cyber Attacks: A Reminder to Strengthen U.S. Cyber Defense

With several large media outlets being hit by cyber attacks, the U.S. needs to take stronger security precautions and maybe work with those who have been hacked to take preventative measures.

Oscars 2013: The 10 Worst Best Picture Winners Of the Past 45 Years

The 85th Academy Awards ceremony is almost here, so now's as good a time as ever to remember some of the worst Oscar winners to ever be named "Best Picture."

Academy Awards Predictions 2013: Here is Who Will Win At the Oscars

Can anything beat 'Argo'? And what on earth is going on with Best Director? Here's your guide to all the categories - except those pesky shorts.

Winter Storm Q Path: Kansas City To Get 8 To 12 Inches of Snow

Winter Storm Q is slamming the Midwest, with up to 2 inches of snow an hour falling on major cities. Here's the latest news on the winter's second biggest storm.

Emory University: President's "Three-Fifths Compromise" Comment Sparks Outrage Throughout Community

Emory University President James W. Wagner lauded the three-fifths compromise in Emory magazine, stoking widespread fury and tarnishing the institution of higher education's name.

Google Glass Price: For $1,500 Google Will Give You a Shot at 'Glass'

"If I had glass" is the name of the contest Google has going to distribute the 8,000 initial devices through Twitter and Google+ at $1,500 a pop. Feel lucky?

Tommy Lee Jones Is Not Impressed: Here's to Hoping the Oscars Are Better For Him

Here's to hoping that Tommy Lee Jones has a better night at the Oscars than he did at the Golden Globes. Had he not had enough champagne or was he irritated with Ron Burgundy? No one knows yet.

Best Supporting Actor Oscar 2013 Predictions: Robert De Niro vs. Tommy Lee Jones

The Best Supporting Actor category will be the most unpredictable of the evening. Every actor in the category has enough hardware from prior wins to fill a warehouse. De Niro has slight edge.

If 'Argo' Wins Best Picture, Will Ben Affleck Flip Out As Hard As He Did in 1998?

Let's go back to 1998, when Affleck was a fresh-faced 25-year-old Oscar winner and the world was his oyster. Will we see a repeat performance next Sunday?

Why Beer Pong Might Be the Future of Televised Sports

With widespread attention, an international tournament, and plenty of money to be made in advertising, the World Series of Beer Pong may be the future of televised sports.

Winter Storm Q Tracker: Snowfall Predictions for Nebraska, Iowa, and Kansas

Winter Storm Q just isn't letting up! Here's the latest updates on the second biggest blizzard of the season for Nebraska, Iowa, and Kansas.

Winter Storm Q Tracker LIVE Updates: Huge Storm Slams Midwest

We found Nemo and Punxatawney Phil found his shadow, but winter isn't over yet. Will the newly dubbed Winter Storm Q be the storm to remember this year?

Sony (ADR) Stock Woes: PS4 Release May Not Save Struggling Tech Giant

Sony announced its newest Playstation console on Wednesday as it realigned itself in a fight for its very survival in the tech world.

Jessica Chastain's CIA Agent Puts Claire Danes's CIA Agent to Shame

Jessica Chastain flawlessly plays a nearly flawless Maya. Claire Danes's Carrie is an impressive feat of acting, but falls short. Yes, I'm still bitter about the Kathryn Bigelow snub.

Women in Combat: Women Will Eventually Pass Infantry Course

Former naval officer Gail Harris interviewed 4-star General James Amos but didn't ask him about the nation's women in combat issue, as she's confident women will pass the infantry course someday.

CPAC 2013: Netanyahu Speech Possible As Conservatives Invite Israeli PM

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been invited to speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference in a move which further highlights Israel's influence in U.S. politics.

Millennial Designer Honors Heroic Women ... With Fantastic Underwear?

Underwear gets the short end of the style stick. Too often we forget how underwear can be empowering — until designer Shelly Ni took over.

4 Innovative Budget Fixes That No One is Talking About

From social insurance reform to climate change and agricultural subsidies, here are four innovative policy solutions to fix America's budget issues.

Oscar Predictions 2013: 10 Things to Expect at the Academy Awards

The countdown is on. Seth MacFarlane is putting the finishing touches on his jokes, Anne Hathaway is writing her acceptance speech, and Quvenzhané Wallis is ready to stay up past her bedtime.

YouTube Google Glass Video: This is How it Feels Through Glass

Google announced Wednesday the tentative 2014 release of Glass, a wearable headset that allows users to receive and execute onscreen directions.

Winter Storm Q Tracker: Interactive Storm Map and Analysis

Winter isn't over yet. With up to 20 inches of snow in some areas, Winter Storm Q could be one of the biggest storms this season: check out what your weather will be with our interactive map.

Best Supporting Actress Oscar 2013 Predictions: It's Anne Hathaway's to Lose

The Best Supporting Actress category is always contentious. It either goes to a newcomer or someone nearing the end of the road. This year is no exception. Hathaway appears to be the favorite.

What is an Executive Order And is It Constitutional?

Executive orders are largely constitutional and uncontroversial. However, they have become a hot-button issue despite President Obama’s relatively infrequent use.

2016: A Revolution Brewing in the Republican Party

Recycled soundbites and congressional stonewalling isn't enough to deliver Republicans the presidency in 2016. The GOP needs to change dramatically - and quickly.

Oscars Predictions 2013: Jennifer Lawrence Will Win Best Actress

The Academy Awards: Who and what I think will win and who and what I want to win.

Parks and Recreation Wedding Episode: The 9 Best TV Weddings Of All Time

Leslie Knope is marrying Ben Wyatt this Thursday on 'Parks and Recreation.' With that, we've compiled the nine best TV weddings of all time.

Bowman v. Monsanto SCOTUS Case: The Death Of Copyrights and Patents?

As 3D printing technologies start to become the norm, how will corporations who have a lot at stake adapt and evolve?

Best Director Oscar Snubs, the Expanded Best Picture Field, and Why This Year's Oscars are Really, Really Important

Given all these different storylines, this is a very important year for the Oscars: where they can show that categories do not overlap, and that Oscars favorites are not Oscars locks.

Sequester 2013: How It's Playing Out Just Like the Chinese Game of Go

The old D.C., with backroom deals and horse-trading, is out. The new D.C. is all about fast-paced strategy and a brutal, winner-take-all attitude.

Oscars 2013: 10 Awesome Things to Expect, PS4 and Xbox 720: It's No Competition, and All of Today's Top Stories

A round up of some of the best stories on PolicyMic right now, as featured in this morning's Mic Check newsletter.

YouTube Kid President Video: Watch Obama Invite Kid President to the White House

Kid President, the YouTube comedian and motivational speaker, was asked by the White House to make a video for their historic Easter Egg Roll.

Why 'The Reluctant Fundamentalist' Will Succeed Where Other Post-9/11 Films Failed

American films about the Middle East have consistently neglected Middle Eastern perspectives. So how can Mira Nair's 'The Reluctant Fundamentalist' shift the discussion?

Google Chromebook Pixel Release Date and Price: Available Now For $1,299

Google has just announced the release of its Chromebook Pixel, the latest device in its Chromebook lineup, aimed at "power users who fully live in the cloud."

PS4 Release May Not Be Enough to Save Sony

PlayStation 4 has the hopes of all of Sony behind it as it fights for its life.

5 Reasons Millennials Should Be Proud to Be Feminists

Millennials are running the world and we have a lot to be thankful for. Here's why we should take pride in calling ourselves feminists.

Why Income Disparity is So Drastic in America

Why is America such an unequal place? A quick comparison to Swedish social democracy can give us the answer.

ESPN's 'Nine For IX' Seeks to Right the Wrongs Of Its '30 For 30' Series

Styled after ESPN's "30 for 30," Nine for IX explores nine stories about women in sports to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Title IX.

Christopher Dorner Shootings Clear Evidence We Need To Do More On Mental Health

Recent mass shootings have brought to light a woefully inadequate mental health system in America, as well as stigma towards those suffering from mental illness. When will we fix these problems?

Oscar 2013 Predictions: Why 'Life of Pi' is Least Likely to Win Best Picture

There are nine potential winners, but one of them, LIFE OF PI, will almost certainly not emerge victorious. Here's why...

Egypt's Revolution Isn't Over Yet

Did Egypt's revolution end with Egypt being ruled by radical Islamists? Not quite: the struggle to liberate Egypt from autocracy simply isn't over yet.

George Galloway, British MP, Refuses to Debate An Israeli

During a debate at Oxford over Israel, George Galloway walked out because he "doesn't debate with Israelis." Is that really necessary?

Donald Trump Lawsuit Threat Targets Petition That's Actually Making Him Richer

Donald Trump is threatening to sue the leader of a petition that calls for the removal of Trump's spokesmanship and products from Macy's. The whole scenario creates publicity in Trump's favor.

Maine Drones: Bill Limiting Drone Usage Necessary For Safety Of Americans

It is time we stood up to the use of drones on innocent Americans in their own country and states.

Oscar 2013 Predictions: 'Argo' Will Win Best Picture

Riding a hot streak through award's season, 'Argo' seems like a lock to win the Academy Award for Best Picture.

Oscars Predictions 2013: Best Harlem Shake

The Academy Awards: Who and what I think will win and who and what I want to win.

The Best Ben Affleck Oscar Video Of All Time

If 'Argo' wins Best Picture, will Ben Affleck flip out the same way he did in 1998? A girl can only dream.

Downtown Abbey Sings One Direction: Watch the Cast Sing 'What Makes You Beautiful'

British comedian Richard Sandling has released a video mashup of the cast of Downtown Abbey performing One Direction's hit song "What Makes You Beautiful."

White House Phone Unlocking Petition: Obama Needs to Consider It

The ever-expanding scope of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act is an issue that merits wider consideration by Obama. The phone unlocking ruling is not in the spirit of the original law.

Unlock Cell Phones White House Petition Reaches 100,000 Mark

A White House online petition, written by entrepreneur Sina Khanifar, to legalize the practice of unlocking cell phones, reached Thursday 100,000 signatures.

VAWA Reauthorization: Reduced to Political Fodder For Both Sides

What should have been a simple reauthorization of the VAWA that may have started with good intentions has been reduced to nothing more than fighting between both sides.

Do Prizes For Technology Development Really Spur Innovation?

Technology development prizes spur exciting breakthroughs. But are they really effective in creating beneficial technologies?

Winter Storm Q 2013: Storm Predictions For Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri

Winter Storm Q will hit Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri beginning Wednesday, but don't expect anything too crazy.

Fun Moments from the 2012 Oscar's: Angelina's Jolie's Right Leg

Of all the highlights from Oscar night last year, Angelina Jolie's right leg made the most impact. It spawned it's own twitter account and became a viral sensation. Let's take a moment to recap.

Questions from OkCupid!, or The Master?

Here is a list of questions taken from the "Questions" section of OkCupid!, and from the "processing" scene in The Master. Online dating, it turns out, is a lot like joining a cult. Key below.

Winter Storm Q Snowfall: State-by-State Predictions for Winter Storm Q

The latest state-by-state predictions for Winter Storm Q for Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado.

Every Best Actress Winner Ever

Amazing compilation of every Best Actress winner. Love it.