Deadly Mexican Drug Cartels Offer $47,000 For Info On Anonymous Facebook Watchdogs

Anonymous Facebook activists exposing criminal activity and police corruption are raising the fury of Mexican drug cartels, who have posted a $47,000 reward for anyone to identify them.

6 Issues Hurting the Catholic Church Today

The pope's departure is yet another reminder that the Catholic Church's image couldn't be worse. Here are six issues negatively impacting the religion.

Immigration Reform 2013: How Long Does It Take Immigrants to Earn the American Dream?

Given the indefinite near-decade it might take for certain legal immigrant visas to go through, it’s no wonder the line for undocumented immigrants isn’t getting any shorter.

When is the Appropriate Age to Get Married?

What do today's youth think about marriage? We asked students at George Washington University, and the answers may surprise you.

7 Oscar Snubs That Prove the Academy Awards Are a Farce

The Academy gets it wrong a lot, and it's time we call them out for it.

Did Humans Really Evolve From Rats?

A new study links human evolution all the way back to the first placenta-bearing mammals: the rat.

Sequestration 2013: How Many Jobs Will Be Lost?

Forty percent of Americans are comfortable with the sequester kicking in. But just how many people are going to get a pink slip when it does?

Iran Nuclear Talks: Obama Should Visit Tehran

With little progress in sight, the Obama administration must consider bold new steps to address tensions over Iran's nuclear program. Like Nixon's visit to China, Obama should visit Iran.

Sequestration 2013: How to Make Sure the Debt Crisis Doesn't Sink Millennials

Millennials are about to get hit hard – very hard – when across-the-board cuts in the budget sequester take effect on Friday.

What Do the Koch Brothers Do After Spending $643 Million and Losing? Double Down

A failed election season means one thing: it's time to go back to the drawing board. How will the Koch brothers look to move forward? Will they sustain their pledge or cut their losses?

Ashley Judd 2014: How the Tea Party Could Propel Her Into the Senate

Liberals and Tea Party groups are uniting against McConnell, but if a different GOP candidate takes his running place, Ashley Judd could have a harder time winning the Senate race.

Illinois Gay Marriage Bill: Uncertain Fate in House

The torn ideologies of House members may delay a landmark progression for gay rights issues.

Sequestration 2013: John Boehner Has Flip-Flopped On Sequester Views

First he was for the sequester, now he's against it. Why can't Speaker John Boehner make up his mind on massive cuts to spending?

Minimum Wage Increase Supported By Obama, Despite Clear Evidence to Avoid It

Once again, do-gooder politicians look to do more harm than good in supporting hikes in the minimum wage.

'Beyond Belief' Review: Why Are People Still Drawn to Scientology?

Why do people keep flocking to a pseudo-religion with such notoriety?

Will Kim Jong-Un Be Worse Than His Father?

Kim Jong-un has proved more than willing to not only live up to his father’s militaristic expectations, but to exceed them entirely.

Cyber War: China is the Cyber Espionage Capital Of the World

China has a bad reputation when it comes to cyber espionage. Now, a secret PLA unit based in Shanghai has been accused of spying on companies in critical industries in the US and worldwide.

PolicyMic Culture Writers Happy Hour!

Are you a PolicyMic culture writer? Or an aspiring PolicyMic culture writer? Stop by our happy hour to meet other writers, mingle, and talk all things cultural.

Why Rand Paul (Of All People) Voted to Confirm Chuck Hagel As Secretary Of Defense

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul changed his tune Tuesday when he voted to confirm Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense. Paul claims it was a move for civility, but it's really a set up for 2016.

Rosa Parks Statue Unveiled in Honor Of Civil Rights Leader

On Wednesday, a 9-foot tall bronze statue of Rosa Parks will be unveiled, honoring the late civil rights activist, Rosa Parks.

Sequestration 2013: Are We Abandoning Military Children, Our Littlest Heroes?

The sequestration of services to help disabled and at-risk military dependent children is out of whack with our American values.

Pope Benedict Gay: Andrew Sullivan Fuels Papal Rumors

Andrew Sullivan, the best-known Catholic blogger in America, according to Business Insider, is fueling papal gay rumors.

China-U.S. Relations: They Need to Be Friends in Order to Thrive Separately

As economic superpowers and permanent members of the U.N. Security Council, China and the U.S. are not destined to be enemies. Washington and Beijing need each other.

Solar Power Could Bring Power Generation to Your Backyard (Or On Your Roof)

In the near future, you might be wondering where all those smoky power plants went: we'll all be generating and selling our own power.

S.E. Cupp: "Millennials Brainwashed By Democrats’ Cool Charisma"

As the post-election Democratic euphoria wanes, Republicans in both Congress and the media are making appeals to reach the Millennial voters in time for the next election cycle.

6 Seasonal Candies You Want to Eat Year-Round

With Easter approaching, there is a whole new crop of seasonal candy to enjoy. From Reese's Eggs to candy canes, check out the candies to look forward to as the seasons change.

Coastal Carolina University Shooting: Student Anthony Darnell Liddell Killed On Campus Dorm

Coastal Carolina University remained locked down early Wednesday morning as police searched for the person who shot and killed 19-year-old student Anthony Darnell in a campus dorm.

Scientists Develop Enzyme That Could Lead to Miracle "Sober Up" Pill

Worried about the tail end of your binge-drinking night out? A team of scientists at the University of California, Los Angeles may have found an answer to many drinking dilemmas.

While 86 Innocent Men Remain At Gitmo, Latin America's Most Wanted Terrorist Lives Freely in Miami

The U.S. government is still detaining 86 men at Guantanamo Bay prison that it has cleared for released while simultaneously harboring the "Bin Laden of the Americas" in Miami.

22 Smart Companies That Support Marriage Equality in America

A growing group of awesome American corporations are arguing to the Supreme Court that laws banning same-sex marriages are unconstitutional. Here's 22 of them.

What Will the Music Industry Look Like in 10 Years?

The music industry doesn’t know where it’s going to be in one year, let alone ten, but if it is ever going to prosper again, it needs to shift its focus radically.

Chuck Hagel is the Next Evolution Of U.S. Military Policy

Chuck Hagel as secretary of defense brings a new world view into the Obama administration, and a new line of thinking that "questions everything."

3 African Countries Where Social Media is Making Headlines

In honor of the first-ever Social Media Week in Africa, let’s talk about 3 other African countries in which social media is making headlines.

CPAC 2013 Alienates Gay Americans By Excluding Gay Organizations

CPAC 2013 proves that the conservative movement is still not ready to accept equal opportunity for the LGBTQ community.

Plugged In and Stressed Out: Technology is Making Millennials Miserable

Millennials must take time to de-stress and unplug in order to function at full capacity and focus in this economy.

Sequestration 2013: There's Still Room For a Deal, If Both Sides Compromise

Sequestration threatens to wreck the national economy. Avoiding it is a moral imperative — Congress and the White House need to grow up, compromise, and make a deal.

Voting Rights Act: Section 5 is Still Important Today

President Obama says that Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act, which establishes federal oversight of districts with abusive voting practices, is "critical." Here's why he's right.

Voting Rights Act: Supreme Court Likely to Send Back to Congress

After hearing oral arguments, it is likely that the Supreme Court will send the Voting Rights Act back to Congress.

Abortion Bill: Proposed Pennsylvania Legislation Would Block Abortion-Related Insurance Expenses

The state may pass legislation that would prevent women from obtaining abortions through private health insurance plans, a blatant violation of a woman's right to choose.

Sequester Cuts Loom, But It Doesn't Take Rocket Science to Stop Them

Sequestration will happen. Decisions on the debt ceiling and a continuing resolution are due in March. These will not happen unless the president decides to show actual leadership.

Solar Power and Other Clean Energy is Growing: But is the Pace Fast Enough?

Some statistics are showing a rapid growth in renewable energy power installations, which is fantastic for our climate, energy independence, and economic recovery. Let's hope it keeps it up.

Could Humans Become Extinct?

Life is perilous; make the wrong move once, and you're out. Humans, however, might be the only creature wiping themselves out — here's how.

Iran Nuclear Talks End On a Positive Note, But Compromise Will Be Necessary

Now is the time to push an Iran nuclear deal to its conclusion, or face greater repercussions down the line.

The Taliban's Most Dangerous New Weapon? Philanthropy For Islamic Education

America wants to fight Islamic radicalization worldwide. But by neglecting the fundamentals of education and community development, the U.S. risks losing to groups like the Taliban.

Pope Benedict XVI Final Papal Audience Video

Pope Benedict XVI delivered his final papal audience Wednesday from a stage set up in St. Peter's Square.

Supreme Court FISA Decision: How the NSA and the Courts Are Trashing the First Amendment

The Supreme Court recently rejected journalists' standing to challenge FISA, the law that allows the NSA to eavesdrop on anything it wants. Their decision threatens the right to free speech.

Oscars Ratings 2013: Awards Finally Appeal to the Only Demographic That Matters

This year's Academy Awards were the first effective step the Oscars have taken in overcoming their generational challenge and attracting the audience that really counts: the millennials.

Pope Benedict XVI Last Day: Benedict Delivers an Emotional Farewell, Titanic II: Billionnaire to Recreate Famous Ship, and All The News Millennials Should Read

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YouTube Harlem Shake: Kids Punished For Dancing, Mediterranean Diet: What's in It?, and Other Cool Finds From Around the Web

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Sequestration 2013: Why Every Millennial Should Care About the Cuts, GOP Joins in Opposition to Prop 8

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Instagram North Korea: Photo App Available For First Time in North Korea

Online photo-sharing service Instagram debuted in North Korea Wednesday after operator Koryolink opened its mobile data services to foreigners (but not locals).