Melissa King Sex Tape: Miss Teen Delaware Gives Up Crown After Porn Revelation

Melissa King broke pageant rules by appearing in a pornographic film, but is there really that much of a difference between beauty contests and porn?

'Girl Rising' Movie Review: Selena Gomez and Meryl Streep Join Fight For Female Education

'Girl Rising,' which hits theaters March 7, tells the story of nine girls in nine different countries who dream of attending school, like 66 million other girls worldwide.

'Archer,' 'Arrested Development,' and 6 Sitcoms With the Strongest Cult Followings

These six sitcoms have passionate followers who are willing to follow their favorite shows to the end of the Earth.

Younger Millennials "More Pleasure Seeking," Less Thrifty Than Older Millennials, Says Study

A recent study suggests that "young millennials" are less thrifty and more secular than "older millennials." Sound marketing data could actually be the problem in America, and our own fault.

Immigration Reform 2013: Obama's Plans Would Have Severe Financial Consequences

Large scale reform could hike up taxes and have drastic consequences for Americans.

Gun Control Debate: Wayne LaPierre Thinks America Too Dangerous For Common Sense

Why did the NRA's Wayne LaPierre flip-flop on guns and schools and criminal background checks? Apparently, because America is now too dangerous for common-sense gun control.

'Spring Breakers,' 'The Bling Ring,' and the Rise Of Tabloid Cinema

With three upcoming feature films that reflect and examine celebrity tabloid culture, it's time to discuss the possibility of reality TV as a legitimate "high art" form.

Coy Mathis: Transgender Child in Colorado Told She Cannot Use Girls' Bathroom

The Mathis family in Fountain-Fort Carson, CO is told by Eagleside Elementary school that their transgender daughter Coy, age 6, cannot use the girls restroom.

Immigration Reform 2013: Obama, Senate Plans Both Questionable

The leaked White House immigration plan and the Gang of Eight's are eerily similar ... mainly because they're both duds.

Why Science Ph.D. Graduates Are a Failure Of the American Education System

Even humanities Ph.D.'s are doing slightly better than people with doctorates in the sciences. This reflects how seriously academia has failed to question the way that it educates students.

Pope Resigns: Did a Money Laundering Scheme Force Benedict XVI to Step Down?

Last year, JPMorgan closed a bank account held by the Vatican over suspicions that the city-state was engaged in money-laundering.

YouTube Harlem Shake On a Plane: Watch the Video That Pissed Off the FAA

The Federal Aviation Administration is trying to determine if members of the Colorado College Ultimate team violated any rules when they performed the popular 'Harlem Shake' dance during a flight

5 Questions With Journalist Jon Gugala On the Sorry State Of Track and Field Media

Track and Field writer, Jon Gugala chats with PolicyMic about why track and field media is in desperate need of a makeover. Here's how he says it can improve.

5 Mind-Blowing, Futuristic, and Unbelievable Adventures For the Explorer In You

Sick of adventures being limited to hiking up a mountain? Here are five ways to turn an adventure into much, much more.

Justice Scalia Seeks to End Section 5 Of the Voting Rights Act

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Shelby County v. Holder and it looks like the end of a key provision of the Voting Rights Act.

VAWA Vote: Bill Finally Passes, Heads to President Obama

The Violence Against Women Act, which expired over 500 days ago, has finally been reauthorized by Congress.

Pope Replacement: 5 Ways the New Pope Can Bridge the Muslim and Catholic Worlds

The new pope will need to pick up where Pope Benedict XVI left off, trying to bring the Vatican and Muslim world closer to one another.

Budweiser's 'Watergate': Anheuser-Busch Accused Of Diluting Beer

The booze purveyor is being accused of misleading consumers as to the exact amount of alcohol its beers contain. How should the beverage giant respond?

'Star Trek: Starfinder': Review Of Pilot Episode 'The Back Of Beyond'

The first episode includes a mix of interesting characters and references to other series. Whether you love audio books, the radio, or a good story, you'll enjoy 'Star Trek: Starfinder.'

How Caffeine Can Kill Productivity

American's favorite beverage can have some nasty side effects that we often don't consider as we swig down the black stuff as part of our morning routine.

Pope Emeritus, Oakland Rapper, Threatens to Sue Benedict Over Name

Former Pope Benedict XVI, now "Pope Emeritus," might get sued by an Oakland, California, rapper who's been recording tracks under the same name since 2006.

Immigration Reform 2013: Citizenship and Religion Won't Deliver GOP Latino Vote

Prominent Republicans from Grover Norquist to Sean Hannity have called for immigration reform, hoping social conservatism and citizenship will deliver Latino votes to the GOP. Wrong.

Electronic Health Records: What’s Wrong With a $6.5 Billion Medical Gold Rush?

The government has given out $6.5 billion in incentives to get doctors to use electronic health records, but doctors lag behind, and digitizing health records has become big business.

PolicyMic Editor Laura Donovan Tells All About Her New Novel 'The Wingmen'

Laura Donovan, PolicyMic editor extraordinaire, has just released her first novel. Laura gives us the inside scoop on her book, her process, and why she chose to self publish.

Bradley Manning Trial: Lack Of Transparency Stacks Deck Against Defendant

As Bradley Manning's trial approaches, the lack of transparency surrounding the evidence against him and the court proceedings is hampering his right to a fair hearing.

5 People You Are Destined to Meet On Spring Break

It's the time of year when students leave those hallowed halls and take over some unsuspecting beachside town. Get ready, and study up! Here are five people who seem to be on every spring break.

March Madness 2013: Ivy League Has Placed Itself At the Bottom Of the Barrel Of Basketball

The Ivy League seems like the only conference that isn't realigning, but they're also one of the only conferences without a basketball conference tournament. This is a problem.

Scalia is Wrong: 10 Supreme Court Cases That Show How the Court Can Advance Racial Equality

Justice Antonin Scalia recently said the Supreme Court doesn't like to touch certain racial questions. Here are 10 cases that prove his claim wrong.

A 7-Band Cheat Sheet For Pretending You Know About Hipster Music

Found yourself in a room packed with American Spirit-smoking, flannel-clad hipsters? Don't panic, we've got you covered with seven (almost) new songs to chat about, even if you'd rather not.

March Madness Uniforms: New Adidas Gear is Nuts

Adidas unveiled new jerseys for schools in the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Loud uniforms are part of the norm now, check out some of the biggest blunders in basketball style.

10 Issues John Kerry Should Address During His Visit to Turkey

John Kerry intends to visit Ankara on March 1st. The new secretary of state should focus on these 10 pressing issues during his time in Turkey.

Sequestration 2013: Few Americans Following Because Congress Cries Wolf So Much

A poll reveals few Americans are following the sequestration closely. Congress has been crying “wolf” on our problems for too long, so when we’re really in trouble, we won't be paying attention.

Peace Corps Week: Celebrating a Safer, Stabler World Through International Development

The Peace Corps turns 52 on the same day we seem likely to see forced cuts in government, but a cost-effective program that makes the world safer and stabler is worth celebrating.

Manti Te'o Gay? The NFL and its Intolerance Problem

At the NFL combine, teams are questioning Manti Te'o's sexuality. Whether Te'o is gay or not, the NFL is showing its true colors regarding sexual preference.

Shelby County v Holder: Will the Supreme Court Strike Down Section 5 Of the Voting Rights Act?

If the Supreme Court were to strike down Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act, the ruling would encourage some states to adopt measures that would adversely impact minority voters.

Black History Month: What Americans Can Learn From #WhiteHistoryClasses

The end of February marks the end of Black History Month, but as the Twitter trend #WhiteHistoryClasses shows, Americans still have a lot to learn about the history of black history.

VAWA Vote: Bill Stands a Chance in Congress On Thursday

House Republicans are now on board in considering the renewal of the bipartisan Senate version of the Violence Against Women Act if their own version of the bill fails to achieve a passing vote.

John Kerry Egypt Trip: Syria, Palestine Will Be On the Agenda

John Kerry is scheduled to visit Egypt during his upcoming first overseas tour as secretary of state. Here's why Syria and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict might be high on the agenda.

Sequestration 2013: Democrats Are Fearmongering Relentlessly Over Cuts

There have been numerous instances of Democrats over-stating the problems of the sequester. Sequester-gate is political gamesmanship, and America deserves better.

Barnes and Noble Has Probably Destroyed Itself

The classic model for the bookstore is dead, but becoming like Amazon or Apple was not the solution for Barnes and Noble.

Mike Huckabee Compares Abortion To the Holocaust

At a recent GOP event, Mike Huckabee referred to abortion as a "Holocaust." Is this really contributing to a positive dialogue on abortion?

Pope Benedict XVI Last Day LIVE Stream: Watch the Helicopter Ride

Pope Benedict XVI left the Vatican on a helicopter to the papal seaside retreat of Castel Gandolfo Thursday at 5:00 p.m. Watch the video.

The Unexpected Way McDonald's is Helping Solve Inequality

McDonald's catches a lot of flack for its fatty, salty foods the can be bad for your health. But there's at least one way service it provides that has an unexpected effect.

Black History Month: 4 Famous Feminists You Don't Know and Other Popular PolicyMic Stories

Some of the best and most popular stories recently published on PolicyMic, as featured in this morning's Mic Check newsletter.

Chuck Hagel Confirmed: 5 Biggest Challenges He'll Face in the Coming Months

What can Hagel expect this year and how will his conservative outlook influence how he deals with these issues?

Vatican Conclave 2013: Cardinal Jean Honoré Dies Hours Before Benedict Leaves Office

The French Bishops' Conference announced that Cardinal Jean Honoré, who was appointed by Benedict's predecessor John Paul II, died Thursday

Is the iPhone the Symbol Of Our Generation?

With more than two-thirds of millennials owning smartphones, the iPhone has become something of a metaphor for our generation's digital ethos. And maybe more.

Sequestration 2013: It's No Big Deal, Really

The chattering classes are shouting from the rooftops all the awful things that will happen if sequestration goes into effect. Mostly, they're full of it.

Senate Sequestration: Two Competing Bills Attempt to Find a Solution

Two bills to deal with sequestration are up for a vote in the Senate on Thursday. They're both likely to fail and are crafted in a way to provide political cover to each party.

"Friends of Hamas" Huge Anti-Hagel Lie Made Up By

Right-wing site Breitbart published a damning story linking Obama secretary of defense nominee Chuck Hagel with a group called "Friends of Hamas." Just one problem ... It's made up.

C. Everett Koop: A Social Conservative Who Didn't Push His Views On Us

Surgeon General Dr. C. Everett Koop passed on a legacy of how to govern as a social conservative by demonstrating how to separate personal beliefs from public service.

Pope Benedict Last Day: Benedict Meets For Last Time With Cardinals, Sequestration 2013: Looks Like We're Going Off the Cliff, and All the News Millennials Should Read

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Black History Month: 30 Black Artists You Should Know, YouTube Oreo Separator Machine: An Amazing Machine, and Other Finds From the Internet

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