100 Facts About Rosa Parks On Her 100th Birthday

Rosa Parks' centennial birthday in February 4, 2013. The Civil Rights crusader died in 2005, but her legacy lives on.

2013 Super Bowl: Is the Coca-Cola 2013 Super Bowl Ad Racist?

A new Coke ad shows a stereotypical Arab camel-herder being overtaken in a race by a swarm of Westerners. Is it racist?

YouTube Super Bowl 2013 Halftime Show: Beyonce Kills it Without Lip Syncing

At Superbowl XLVII, Beyonce performed during the halftime show and put complaints to rest about her failed rendition of the national anthem on inauguration day.

YouTube PSY Super Bowl 2013 Commercial: Watch the Gangnam Style Ad Here

Korean pop star sensation PSY was featured in the Super Bowl 47 Wonderful Pistachios commercial. Watch now.

Super Bowl Commercials 2013: Is Bar Refaeli's 'GoDaddy' Ad the Most Sexist Yet?

Americans are using Twitter as a platform to display their dissatisfaction with sexist Super Bowl ads. Ads are expensive and viewers are #NotBuyingIt.

YouTube Beyoncé Super Bowl Halftime Show: Watch Rehearsal Video

Sure we're excited for the game, but aren't we just as excited to see if Beyoncé will lip-synch again?

YouTube Best Super Bowl Ads 2013: Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen in Samsung Commercial

Most advertisers have to avoid saying the words "Super Bowl" in their Super Bowl commercials. A hilarious new Samsung ad tackles that problem head on.

7 Funniest Memes From Super Bowl XLVII

The football field wasn't the only arena seeing tons of action (49ers-Ravens, Beyoncé) and uncanny mishaps (the power outage) at Super Bowl XLVII.

Duck! 10 Politicians With Guns, and One of Them is Dick Cheney!

President Obama was not the first and will certainly not be the last politician posing with a gun. Here are 10 others who have used firearms to try and boost their personas.

Syrian Civil War: Sexual Violence Against Men and Women is Widespread in Conflict

According to the International Rescue Committee, rape and other forms of sexual violence are pervasive in Syria, affecting both men and women. Some experts believe the government is to blame.

Drone Strikes Sabotage Pakistan's Anti-Terror Efforts, and Make the U.S. Less Safe

At least 59 died in Pakistan over two days as the Taliban led retribution attacks for the deaths of two Taliban leaders killed in U.S. drone strikes last month.

Dow Jones 14,000 is Economic Illusion Created By the Federal Reserve

The Dow Jones hit 14,000 on Friday for the first time in five years. Unfortunately this latest rally has been driven by cheap money more than anything else.

Did Beyonce Lip Sync the Super Bowl Halftime Show? No!

Beyonce did not lip sync her Super Bowl halftime performance, but nonetheless dazzled the crowd with a stunning vocal show.

Super Bowl 47: The 5 Best and 5 Worst Commercials

The five best and five worst Super Bowl commercials you'll see on Sunday, from the titillating ones to the crappy ones, here they are.

Gay Rights 2013: Why This Year is Going to Be Pivotal

2013 will be the year of gay rights. Two cases before the Supreme Court will likely determine the future of the movement, and things are looking good.

'Star Trek Into Darkness' Super Bowl Preview: 30-Second Spot is Action Packed

The short 'Star Trek Into Darkness' preview at the 2013 Super Bowl reveals more about the upcoming movie than the actual trailer. Fans should expect a blockbuster.

10 Most Powerful Women in the World

From Xerox's Ursula Burns to Google's Susan Wojciki to National Bank of Kuwait's Shaikha Al-Bahar, meet the top 10 most powerful women in the world.

Best Super Bowl Ads: Watch the Best Super Bowl Commercials of 2013

Here are the five most exciting Super Bowl advertisements of 2013. Watch the videos here.

Is 'Zero Dark Thirty' a Feminist Manifesto Or a Picture Of American Imperialism?

In 'Zero Dark Thirty,' Jessica Chastain's character's femininity and slight frame justify U.S. policies that are unjustifiable.

Sorry America, the Rest Of the World Just Doesn't Understand the Super Bowl

Sunday night, as U.S. viewers sat down to the Super Bowl the rest of the world went about its business as usual. What's the consensus from abroad? Super Bowl Sunday is just America being America.

What is Skeet Shooting and Why is Obama Doing It?

Obama doesn't want to alienate proud gun owners and so releases this picture that shows his "respect" for gun-culture sports. Perhaps, this is the best approach for passing legislation.

2013 Super Bowl Ads Lacked Any Sort Of Substance

While some 2013 Super Bowl spots had their moments, the overall impression was clear: these advertisers did not have much to say, and often were blatantly hypocritical.

Was the 'Got Milk?' 2013 Super Bowl Commercial a Violation Of Free Speech?

The "Got Milk?" ads synonymous with milk mustaches had a 1-minute-long commercial during the Super Bowl on CBS. The government paid for this commercial without some milk producers' consent.

Super Bowl Halftime Show 2013 LIVE: Watch the Live Stream of Beyonce's Performance

Beyonce will take center stage at today's Super Bowl Halftime Show by performing a much anticipated comeback, as the Ravens and 49ers clash for glory. Watch the live stream here.

How Spy Cams and Cyber Trolls Are Violating Your Privacy Right Now

More and more aspects of our lives are being lived online, and as such the criminalities, inequalities and injustices we experience are felt there.

YouTube Destiny’s Child Halftime Show: Watch the YouTube Video of the the Super Bowl Halftime Show

1990s R&B band Destiny's Child reunited at last night's Super Bowl Halftime Show, where lead vocalist Beyonce was the headliner.

World Cancer Day: 5 Diseases the U.S. Could Eradicate in the 21st Century

The growth of stem cell research and other methodologies give hope that diseases ranging from Alzheimer's to cancer could be eradicated in the 21st century.

YouTube Justin Timberlake Super Bowl Concert: Watch the Video

Justin Timberlake performed live for the first time in at least four years, as he was joined by Jay Z and Timbaland while performing songs from his new album 'The 20/20 Experience.'

Obama Birth Control: What You Need to Know if You Use Contraception

The Health and Human Services Department announced new policy proposals for women's health care coverage requirements on Friday that affect how women receive contraception.

Minami Minegishi Shaves Head: Shamed Pop Star Apologizes For Spending Night With Boyfriend

Spending a night with her boyfriend landed pop star Minami Mingeshi in the middle of a scandal, leading to a public act of penance – a tearful YouTube video revealing her shaved head.

Super Bowl Facts: 5 Things You Didn't Know About the Super Bowl

Impress the most seasoned sports fans in your Super Bowl party with this collection of surprising stories and myth-busted urban legends.

Gun Control Debate: How Obama's Shooting Photo Keeps Focus On the Gun Debate

The recently released photo of President Obama shooting is not a PR stunt, like some cynics suggest, it's the president's way of keeping attention focused on the guns issue.

VAWA Act: Will the U.S. House Finally Reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act?

After last session's political gridlock, Congress gets a second chance at reauthorizing VAWA this week. Will Congress compromise or leave victims of sexual violence and assault stranded?

Oak Ridge Protest: 83-Year-Old Nun Faces Charges For Breaking Into Nuclear Facility

Sister Megan Rice and two other peace activists are on trial for breaking into the Oak Ridge nuclear facility in Tennessee last July. The group beat a $500 million security system to protest.

Egypt Viewed As Too Big to Fail, As U.S. Keeps Keeps Sending Aid

With Israel and Palestine never too far from the brink of war, any peace-brokering capabilities Egypt has to offer are of utmost importance to Israel (and America).

5 Most Empowering Moments For Women At the Super Bowl

While the 2013 Super Bowl saw its fair share of sexist and stupid ads, there were several moments where women shone — and not just during Beyoncé's electrifying halftime performance.

Psy Super Bowl Commercial Was the Weirdest Ad of the Night

Psy's rendition of Gangnam Style during a Super Bowl ad for Wonderful Pistachios may have been the best/weirdest of the evening.

Superbowl Halftime Show 2013 Conceals Ugly Underbelly Of the Game: Human Trafficking

Intensified by upcoming Carnival season, local and federal law enforcement cracked down on Super Bowl related sex-trafficking in New Orleans.

Are Evangelicals Dropping Republicans to Support Obama?

The new evangelicals are a loosely defined group of influential evangelical pastors who have made a number of important breaks from the religious right. Is this group starting to lean left?

'Girls' Season 2 Episode 4 Review: Dinner Parties Gone Awry

In season 2's newest episode of 'Girls,' the truth about girls and boys comes out with three lovers’ quarrels at two epic dinner parties.

Immigration Reform 2013: New Policies Should Prioritize Same-Sex Immigrants

Any effort to construct a comprehensive, bipartisan immigration reform bill has to address discrimination against same-sex families.

Israel Ditches Own Human Rights Review, Offering No Explanation

Remigiusz Henczel, the Polish diplomat that presides over the U.N.'s top rights body, declared that Israel was a no-show at Tuesday's meeting.

Go Daddy Superbowl Ad Elicits Harsh Criticism on Social Media

The Go Daddy Super Bowl ad with Bar Refaeli was gross but got the job done. It got a lot of attention on social media, even if it was mostly bad.

What the Military Didn't Tell You About Letting Women Serve in Combat

Though more women will be serving in ground combat than ever before, certain limitations may still affect how and when they can serve.

Illegal Guns Super Bowl Ad: City Mayors Try and Pressure Congress With New Commercial

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Mayors Against Illegal Guns ran a ad trying to persuade Congress to pass universal background checks.

Obama Gun Control Speech LIVE: President Obama's Gun Remarks From Minneapolis

President Obama delivers remarks on gun control from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Help the Culture Team Get 500,000 Views On a Single Night

Think you have what it takes?

11 Reasons Why You Should Short Or Sell the NFL

The NFL has never been popular, but can the league sustain it in the coming years? Here are 11 reasons for why you should think twice before going deep on the NFL

Evangelicals Have Became Our Saviors On Climate Change

Political party identity more than religion is the basis for most people’s opinion on climate change. Evangelical’s interpretation of the Bible can have a positive influence on the debate.

9 Super Bowl 2013 Commercials That Didn't Totally Suck

In a year were most Super Bowl commercials have been described as unremarkable, at best, these 9 ads are not bad at all.

Obama Gun Control Speech: The Time to Act is Now

President Obama says that we can't wait to the next Aurora or Newtown to happen to act on gun control.

Hostage Situation in Alabama Ends With Child Safe, Kidnapper Dead

The week-long hostage crisis in Midland City, Alabama is over.

MA Special Election: Tagg Romney Mulling U.S. Senate Bid

Tagg Romney may seek a bid for the GOP nomination in the Massachusetts special election to fill a senate vacancy.

U.S. Embassy Bombing in Turkey Possibly Motivated By Arrest Of Bin Laden Relative

The suicide bombing at the U.S. Embassy in Turkey left two fatalities on Friday. A look at why there may be some strong anti-American sentiments among Turks.

Colin Kaepernick Super Bowl: Kaepernick's Move 'Kaepernicking' Is Now Trademarked

Kaepernick intends to use the trademark to make T-shirts, and some of the proceeds will go to CampTaylor, which organizes camps for children afflicted with congenital heart defects.

Congress Must Act On Passing Universal Background Checks

"It's not a conservative or liberal idea," says the president. "It's a smart idea," he added.

Obama Says We Are Starting to See Consensus That Congress Needs to Act On Guns

"We don't have to agree on everything" to start taking action, says Obama.

President Obama's Minneapolis Gun Control Live Stream

Click here to live stream President Obama's gun control speech.