Chinese New Year: What Do Those Zodiac Animals Really Mean?

Brush up on your Chinese zodiac for the Year of the Snake, which begins Feb. 10.

Gay Marriage UK: Country Passes Same Sex Marriage Bill, America Falls Behind

On Tuesday, the United Kingdom's House of Commons passed legislation legalizing same-sex marriage in Britain.

6 Oldest Pro Sports Stadiums in the U.S.

Ahead of San Francisco planned demolition of Candlestick Park', here the some of the oldest outdoor major league sports stadiums in America.

Why Are White Men Obsessed With Michelle Obama's Posterior?

Some white men can't seem to stop themselves from making outrageously sexist and racist remarks about Michelle Obama's behind.

Why Pit Bulls Are Not Too Dangerous to Be Pets

Aggressive pit bull breeds aren't the problem, people who mistreat and don't properly raise their dogs are.

Jimmy Lee Dykes Hostage Situation LIVE: Military Veteran Holds Child Hostage In Bunker After Shooting School Bus Driver

A gunman in Midland City, Alabama, is holding a 6-year-old hostage in a bunker after killing a school bus driver and attempting to kidnap multiple students.

Prop 8 and DOMA Before the Supreme Court As Marriage Equality Gains Momentum

Slowly but surely, we are moving toward nationwide recognition of gay marriage – but legal obstacles remain.

Sandy Hook Parents Don't Think America Needs More Gun Laws

Parents from both the Columbine and Sandy Hook tragedies who lost children don't believe that more gun laws are the answer. And if they don't believe gun control is the answer, why should we?

NDAA: One Of the Most Dangerous Laws in Over a Century

On Wednesday, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals will hear Hedges v. Obama, one of the most important civil liberties cases since 9/11.

Hillary Clinton 2016: Is Her New Website Part Of Her Presidential Campaign?

Hillary Clinton has launched a new website that looks suspiciously like a hint towards her presidential ambitions in 2016.

War With North Korea: U.S. and South Korea Begin Joint Military Drills

In the face of rising tensions with a nuclear North Korea, the United States and South Korea began joint defense drills on Monday, to show the North they're ready for war.

Marijuana Legalization Proposed By Democrats, But Unlikely to Pass

House Democrats have introduced bills to reverse the drug war - but is it possible for them to pass in 2013?

'House of Cards' Review: Does Netflix Series Succeed With Breaking the Fourth Wall?

Netflix is hoping 'House of Cards' will be a turning point in the way we watch TV. It might just do that, but not by hanging on to tired techniques.

Leaked Obama Memo Says Government Can Kill U.S. Citizens Overseas Without Threat Of Attack

A leaked memo says that government officials can order the killing of a U.S. citizen overseas without any intelligence indicating they are involved in an "imminent" attack.

With 1 Out Of 6 Millennials Jobless, Here is How We Create Opportunity For This Generation

Every month when unemployment numbers are released, we are reminded of the awful youth unemployment situation. For January, it's an astounding 13.1% ... and maybe even higher.

Grammys Performers 2013

A handful of new performers were added over the course of the last two weeks, bringing the number up to 16.

YouTube Beyonce Halftime Show Video: Watch Her Great Performance

Beyonce's Super Bowl performance was amazing, saving an otherwise boring night of football and energizing the crowd.

Immigration Reform 2013: 51% Of Union Members Don't Want a Pathway to Citizenship

President Obama is scheduled to meet with a group of progressive activists and union leaders on Tuesday to build their support for a pathway to citizenship, something 51% of union members oppose.

Ron Paul Tweet About Murdered Sniper Chris Kyle Sparks Outrage

Ron Paul's comment concerning the death of ex-Navy SEAL Chris Kyle constructs a false scenario and lacks compassion.

Syria Civil War Requires U.S. Intervention Now

As the civil war in Syria gets increasingly intense, it's incumbent on the international community to bring about the conditions for regime change in Syria.

Paul Krugman: 'Death Panels and Sales Taxes is How We Do This'

Paul Krugman says “death panels and sales taxes” are the way out of the debt crisis. The mantra is at odds with a nation founded on the rights of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

Violence Against Women Act Moves in Senate, No Thanks to These 8 Men

The senators behind the eight "nay" votes on hearing debate for the Violence Against Women Act on Monday have a history of voting against women's rights.

2013 Immigration Reform: This is the Only Question We Need to Ask About Foreign Labor in America

As a taxpayer, do you want to subsidize the hiring of foreign citizens for companies that are sitting on record profits? Or, do you want to put those tax dollars to use for your kids?

How One Man Is Turning the History Of New York Into Music

One guitarist's year-long foray into different communities in New York City results in a suite of original music.

Apple (AAPL) Stock May Crash If the Company Doesn't Learn From Other Tech Company Disasters

Profits and growth appear stagnant, and Apple must learn ASAP from the past mistakes it made without Steve Jobs steering the ship.

Kimberly McCarthy and 17 Other People Are Scheduled to Be Executed This Year

Kimberly McCarthy and 17 others are set to face death in the U.S. in 2013. Many of them deserve it.

Gun Control Debate: NRA Vindicated by School Board's Decision to Put Armed Guards in Schools

Following the Sandy Hook shooting, the NRA advocated that there be armed guards in schools. This idea - heavily criticized - has widespread acceptance in practice, including in Newtown.

Harvard University Cheating Scandal: Even At Harvard, Cheating is Cheating

More than 60 students were accused of cheating on Harvard's "Introduction to Congress" final exam. The university has now asked a large number of those students to withdraw, but is that right?

Super Bowl Commercials 2013: Best and Worst Commercials This Year

USA Today's Ad Meter results are in. Here are the three best and three worst commercials of the Super Bowl.

North Korean Propaganda Video Shows Annihilated NYC Burning to Michael Jackson's "We Are The World"

North Korea posted a weird and threatening video to its YouTube channel which sets missiles colliding with New York skyscrapers to "We Are The World."

Happy Valentine's Day: Is Love Just Mirror Neurons, Oxytocin, and Vagal Tones?

Love might be many different things to many different experts. We will never know exactly what love is, but it will always drive what we do.

Immigration Reform 2013: Why Republicans Will Never Get Hispanic Vote

The GOP will never get the Hispanic vote because they historically trail behind Democrats even after voting for immigration reform.

Egyptian Revolution: Is Egypt Now Headed For Civil War?

We just passed the second anniversary of Egypt's revolution, but Egypt is far from peace. Opposition exists across the country, and in many cases the fighting continues. What will come next?

Drone Memo Shows Shocking Justification For Killing Of U.S. Citizens

A leaked memo from the Department of Justice sheds light on the Obama administration's rationale behind its use of predator drones.

Marco Rubio Immigration Reform: He is the Republican With the Best Plan

The immigration issue has been plaguing this country for years. Do we grant amnesty to the millions of undocumented workers that are already here? Marco Rubio is one Republican with a clear plan.

Jimmy Lee Dykes Killed In Raid, Freed Hostage In 'Good Spirits'

Jimmy Lee Dykes, a paranoid survivalist who took a young boy hostage in a shocking assault on a school bus, has been killed after 6 days of a tense standoff - and the boy is fine.

Did Ray Lewis Kill a Man? Ravens Linebacker Dodged the Question In Pre-Super Bowl Interview

CBS let Lewis dodge the murder question over a pre-Super Bowl 47 one-on-one interview conducted by Lewis' former teammate and ardent defender Shannon Sharpe.

Beyonce Super Bowl Halftime Show: PETA Blasts Beyonce's Outfit

Bey wore a Rubin Singer leather bodysuit made from python, paneled iguana and leather during the Super Bowl Halftime Show. And PETA was not impressed.

Super Bowl 2013 Ratings: Super Bowl XVLII Watched By 108 Million in the U.S.

The Super Bowl was watched by an estimated 108.7 million people, despite the 34-minute black out that interrupted the game.

War With Iran Could Be Averted By Recognizing Mutual Interests

Iran and the United States hold the potential for an alliance that could be very valuable, in light of America's diminishing capabilities and the negative aftermath of the Arab Spring.

John Kerry Secretary of State: What We Can Expect From Him in 2013

While we know Kerry will soon confront immediate priorities such as Syria and Iran, there are more long-running themes that may emerge during his tenure.

Oprah Super Bowl Commercial: Watch Jeep's Inspirational Ad

Oprah Winfrey stole the show at the Super Bowl 2013 by narrating Jeep's 'Whole Again' inspirational commercial about America's heroes.

Immigration Reform Could Solve Our Debt Crisis and Generate $1.5 Trillion in New Growth

To reduce our deficit and balance the budget, immigration reform is the best response. It could add up to $1.5 trillion to GDP over a decade.

Chick-Fil-A is Secretly Continuing Its Anti-Gay Donations

Truett Cathy and his family have every right to continue to fund anti-gay organizations, just as Americans who oppose their bigotry have every right to continue to boycott Chick-Fil-A.

Chris Christie David Letterman Interview Video: NJ Gov. Eats Doughnut On 'The Late Show'

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie appeared on 'Late Show With David Letterman' where the host confessed to joke about Christie's weight and asked him if he'd ever consider going on a diet.

YouTube Destiny’s Child Super Bowl 2013: Watch the Video Of the Epic Reunion

1990s R&B sensation Destiny's Child reunited last night at the Super Bowl XVLII Halftime Show in New Orleans, where lead singer and headliner Beyonce was the main attraction.

Gay Marriage UK: House of Commons Approves Marriage Equality in Britain

The British House of Commons voted 400 to 175 in favor of approving gay marriage in the UK. The Premier Cameron-sponsored bill will undergo another vote in the House of Lords on Tuesday.

Gun Control Legislation is Another Victim of Our Short Attention Span

We're great at talking about gun control legislation, but ultimately, it's our attention span that prevents any break through.

Temp Agencies Don't Work: 1 in 4 American Jobs Pays Less Than $23,050 a Year

Although the jobs reports suggests economic growth and an increase in employment, it's time for us to take a closer look at the temp industry to understand where the jobs are really coming from.

U.S. Has Lowest Greenhouse Gas Levels Since 1994 — But That Doesn't Mean Much For Global Warming

Last year's U.S. greenhouse gas emission levels were reportedly the lowest they've been in almost 20 years, but that doesn't necessarily mean global levels will decline.

Drones in the US: Senators Could Derail CIA Nominee Confirmation Over Administration's Drone Program

A bipartisan group of 11 senators are threatening to collide with the administration during Thursday's CIA director nominee John Brennan's confirmation hearing over Obama's drone program.

Drone Program: A Legacy Of the Obama Administration, Not John Brennan

The program itself is very much the legacy of the Obama administration and is entirely consistent with its agenda.

Joe Flacco F-Bomb: Parent Television Council Is Unsurprisingly Full Of Complaints

Joe Flacco swore in a moment of understandable excitement, and the annoyingly relentless Parent Television Council is already calling on the FCC to take action.

'Brews With Marco Rubio' Event Coverage by PolicyMic's Mark Kogan

On Tuesday, PolicyMic's Mark Kogan attends the "Brews With Senator Rubio" event in Washington, D.C. Follow his live Twitter feed and see what one of the top Republicans in DC is saying.

Eric Cantor AEI Immigration Speech LIVE Stream

Live stream House Majority Leader Eric Cantor's remarks at the American Enterprise Institute here.

Gun Control Debate: Why Gabrielle Giffords is Our Hope For Civility

At last week's Senate Judiciary Committee Gabrielle Giffords spoke about the need for reform: "We must do something. It will be hard but the time is now. You must act. Be bold. Be courageous."

'Not By Bread Alone' Review: Deaf-Blind Theater Troupe Makes U.S. Premiere

'Not By Bread Alone' is a theater experience unlike any other. The world's only deaf-blind ensemble offers a tour of their inner world, all while baking bread.

With Unions On the Decline, Will Workers' Alliances Take Their Place?

Union membership has been steadily declining over the past 40 years, dropping from 26.7% to 13.1%. Other groups have sprung up to advocate for workers' rights, but can they be as powerful?

Sequester 2013: Obama Asks Congress to Delay Automatic Cuts

President Barack Obama will ask Congress to come up with tens of billions of dollars in short-term spending cuts and tax revenue to avoid the across the board cuts scheduled for March 1.

5 "News" Organizations That Epically Fail At Their Job

Media bias pervades all outlets, but there are some that are just out of whack, passing off opinion as fact and propaganda as ideological balance.

Bar Refaeli Super Bowl Go Daddy Ad: Watch the 2013 Super Bowl Commercial

The 'Sports Illustrated' and 'Maxim' model Bar Refaeli was featured in the GoDaddy Super Bowl 2013 'Beauty and the Geek'-inspired ad.

Straight Talk For Women (and Men) About Asking For a Raise

If you're patient, you'll get the raise you've been eyeing forever — it just may not be as big as you'd like.

Beyoncé Super Bowl Performance: Why She Should Do It Again Next Year

Beyoncé's halftime performance was one of the best ever, so the Super Bowl should invite her back next year.

Eric Cantor Immigration Speech LIVE: GOP Leader to Offer Conservative Vision at the AEI

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) will address the American Enterprise Institute on Tuesday at noon in an attempt to rebrand the battered Republican Party.

5 Sports Delays That Rival Super Bowl XLVII Power Outage

A 34 minute power outage delay added to the drama of Super Bowl XLVII, but it's far from the first time something like this has happened, Beyoncé or no Beyoncé.

Kate Upton Mercedes Commercial Video: Watch the 2013 Super Bowl Ad

Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton joined Usher and Willen Dafoe in Mercedes Benz' 'The Devil's Advocate'-inspired Super Bowl 2013 ad. Watch here.

'Faith Beyond Belief' Book Review: The Story of Post-Religious America

Read if you have dreamed of leaving your church, mosque, or religious community, if you are disappointed with your religious organization, or if you have unresolved questions about God.

U.S. Debt Crisis 2013: Budet Deficit Estimated At $845 Billion, Says CBO

The Congressional Budget Office says the budget deficit will drop below $1 trillion for the first time in President Barack Obama took office.

Trayvon Martin's Birthday: George Zimmerman Back to Court On Victim's 18th Birthday

Lawyers for George Zimmerman, the man accused of murdering Florida teen Trayvon Martin on April 11, 2012, are back to court Tuesday the day martin would've turned 18.

Free Birth Control Efforts Are Misguided Without a Push For Better Sex Education

Has the push for easy and free access to birth control caused us to ignore the fact that many people engaging in sexual activity are misinformed?

Destiny’s Child Super Bowl 2013:: Watch the Band's Epic Halftime Reunion

Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, two of the original members of 1990s R&B band Destiny's Child, joined Beyonce during last night's Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Donald Trump Sues Bill Maher: Is This Yet Another Publicity Stunt From the Donald?

Formerly-expressed-interest in running for president but more notably business tycoon Donald Trump has it out for Bill Maher for $5 million for charity because he didn't keep true to a bet.

Shaquille O'Neal Beyonce Lip Sync: Watch Basketball Star Mimic Halftime Show Performance

Shaquille O'Neal gave a performance of his own during the Super Bowl halftime show when he lip sync'd some of Beyonce's greatest hits.

Gay Rights 2013: Pentagon to Extend Benefits to Same-Sex Couples

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta will extend some benefits to the same-sex partners of military members.

'Invaluable Trees' Review: A History on George Washington, Jefferson's Views on Botany

If the term “tree hugger” brings to mind images of a dreadlocked hippie, think again and find some space for George Washington in your definition.