Immigration Reform 2013: New Policies Would Benefit Everyone

Immigration integration is a key component to both their success and the U.S.' success because it strengthens communities and promotes growth.

Tinder: A User's Guide to the Internet's Weirdest New Love Connection

The online dating world has entered a new stratosphere. Forget OkCupid, forget, welcome to the entirely superficial world of Tinder. All the kids are doing it.

'Entourage' Movie is Coming: 5 Things the Film Must Do to Succeed

In order to do well as a movie, 'Entourage' must find a way to successfully straddle the line between ubiquitous fun and dramatic closure. Here are five specific ways they can do this.

Bob Menendez Sex Scandal Intensifies As FBI Shifts Focus to New Jersey

Senator Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) has been accused of having sex with underage prostitutes in the Dominican Republic.

Iran Travel Warnings: What Americans and Canadians Need to Know

Iran may be an interesting destination for many, but the current political climate makes such a journey risky and dangerous for North Americans...but not impossible.

Do Ivy League Schools Matter Anymore?

Despite the prestige (and price tag) that comes along with an Ivy League education, the truth is it's experience that matters most.

iPad vs. Surface Pro: You Might Not Guess Which One Tech Workers Want

A poll of nearly 10,000 information workers show that Apple might be losing its grip on the tablet market.

What Rappers Are Actually Saying About the Police

An analysis of popular hip-hop songs from 2000 to 2010 shows that rappers aren't glorifying violence; instead, their songs point out rampant unfairness in the criminal justice system.

6 Chinese New Year Customs and Facts You Never Knew

Lion Dancing, Firecrackers, and Red Envelopes have become highly visible customs and symbols of Chinese New Year. Here are some less recognizable ones.

Should You Try Running Barefoot? The Definitive Guide to Minimalist Running

Almost four years in, and the minimalist running boom is still going strong. With studies supporting and opposing the trend, let's examine what we know about the barefoot running phenomenon.

Forced Birth Control in Israel Shows Population Control Can Violate Human Rights

The news that 30 Jewish Ethiopian women immigrating to Israel were given contraceptive shots without their knowledge or consent is a perfect example of how devastating population control can be.

Annapolis Gun Rally Draws Thousands Of Pro-Gun Advocates

Around 4,000 people rallied in Annapolis, Md., in opposition to the Firearms Safety Act of 2013.

Obama Drone Memo Yields Disturbing Media Complicity and Liberal Hypocrisy

The media and many "liberals" are nowhere to be found in the wake of the revelation that the Obama administration views its wartime powers in the broadest possible terms.

'Community' Season 4: By Courting Mainstream Viewers, Will the Series Lose Its Cult Cachet?

After an off-season full of changes, 'Community' returns Thursday at 8 p.m. Will the sitcom need to become more mainstream and lose its edge to gain viewers?

Winter Storm Nemo: Northeast Snow Forecast Could Be Historic

Winter Storm Nemo could cripple parts of Northeast with snowfall. Massive snowfall is forecasted in Boston and other Northeast cities.

Libertarian Views Will Never Be Mainstream In America, Unfortunately

Popular politicians like Governors Chris Christie and Andrew Cuomo may not be libertarian, but that doesn’t mean that libertarians can't ally with them.

Sequestration 2013: How We Can Avoid Massive Budget Cuts

The next, smart step for the White House and Congress: comprehensive tax and entitlement reform.

5 Kinds Of People You Don’t Want to Be On Valentine’s Day

This Valentine's Day, do everyone a favor and don't be a nuisance by being one of these five kinds of people.

Gay Marriage Makes Headway in Illinois, Not So Much in Indiana

Two Midwestern states may be heading in very different direction on the issue of marriage equality.

'Girls' HBO Season 2: Sorry Millennials, This is Not Our Generation's 'Sex and the City'

In 'Sex and the City' the poignancy came from triumph, in 'Girls' it comes from the false poignancy people often mistake boringness for.

Snowmageddon In Boston? A Timeline Of What To Expect From Nemo

Nemo could dump an historic amount of snow on Boston. A timeline of what to expect as Nemo approaches New England.

Pirate Bay Documentary Online: Film Puts Copyright Infringement and Internet Freedom in the Spotlight

The Pirate Bay documentary, being released online on Friday, follows the founders of the famous file sharing site as they fight an uphill battle against Hollywood and Swedish authorities.

'Community' Season 4 Premiere: 5 Things That Will Be Missing From the Season

Showrunner Dan Harmon and actor Chevy Chase are no longer with 'Community.' During a Reddit AMA, 'Community' writers spilled the beans on other characters and themes fans will have to do without.

Assault Weapons Ban Will Go Just As Badly As Prohibition

Prohibitive laws rarely work well and cause otherwise law-abiding citizens to become criminals. It's time to make sure our laws target the criminals instead.

Asteroid Mining: Planetary Resources Setting Off the Next 'Gold Rush'

Planetary Resources recently announced its plans to start asteroid mining in the next few years. Asteroids are rich in certain resources and this could be the start of something big.

The Weather Channel Named The Winter Storm Nemo, What Other Disney Characters Deserve Storms?

Is Nemo that great of name for a winter storm? A look into some Disney characters who deserve a storm to be named after them.

Marco Rubio 2016: Senator Has Flip-Flopped On Immigration Reform in Preparation For a Run

He was for it before he was against it. Marco Rubio, in readying for a 2016 presidential run, is now embracing comprehensive immigration reform as if he supported it all along.

Valentine's Day 2013: Funny E-Cards

Valentine's Day 2013 falls on February 14, and here's your comprehensive guide to what to do and what to give this year.

Obama Israel Trip Will Allow Netanyahu to Rebuild His Relationship With the U.S.

President Obama will visit Israel in the spring, giving Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu the opportunity to repair the damage he has caused to American-Israeli relations.

Pew News Quiz: What Do You Know About the News?

The Pew Research Center recently conducted a survey testing the "News IQ" of each participant. How much of news junkie are you?

John Brennan Confirmation Hearing LIVE: Drone Program Architect Nominated to CIA Post

Counter-terrorism chief and CIA director nominee John O. Brennan faces questions from the Senate Intelligence Committee.

6 Cringeworthy Public Displays of Sexism

Have you ever heard about something in the news and thought it was just plain outright sexist? Here are 6 cringe-worthy stories in case you missed it.

Will the Military Be Ready to Deal with PTSD in Women?

Considering the military's current inadequacy in treating PTSD in men, we can't be confident that women on the front lines won't suffer just as much.

Victoria's Secret Valentine's Day 2013 Commercial: This Ad is Actually a Gift For Him

The new Victoria's Secret Valentine's Day 2013 commercial proves that even though the company makes products for women it actually markets them to men.

Nemo Tracker: MTA Travel Advisories Could Come Soon

Nemo could drop up to 2 feet of snow on New York City, but the MTA hasn't declared any delays - yet.

Blizzard Nemo Tracker: Over 1,000 Flight Cancellations Reported As Killer Storm Bears Down On Northeast

Traveling this weekend? Might want to reschedule your flight- Nemo has already resulted in over 1,000 flight cancellations.

Rand Paul Foreign Policy Speech Could Be Hint Of 2016 Presidential Run

In his 21-minute speech, Rand Paul proposed a "conservative foreign" policy, one geared toward both aggressively fighting terrorism and negotiating with countries like Iran.

Super Bowl Outage: Despite Super Bowl 2013 Blackout New Orleans is the True Winner

A $2 million legacy program benefiting the New Orleans Recreation Development Commission (NORDC) took place in New Orleans during the Super Bowl weekend.

National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day: Why We Must Do More

National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day has typically been used as a day to increase education, testing, and treatment in the black community, but a stronger impact can be made through advocacy.

5 Ways to Avoid Being An Annoying Facebook User

Polls suggests more people are taking a break from Facebook because it's time-consuming and causing unnecessary problems. Here's how to avoid giving your friends Facebook fatigue.

Liberal Arts: Republicans and Democrats Alike Don't Get Them

Republicans are wrong to declare the liberal arts a waste of time, but that doesn't mean universities teach these subjects well.

Touré Loves Drones, But Didn't Two Months Ago

Touré is now defending President Obama's massive executive power grab for some reason

Scientology Beliefs: Inside the Mind Of L. Ron Hubbard

In 'Going Clear,' Lawrence Wright richly tells the tale of the Church of Scientology and the life of its infamous founder, L. Ron Hubbard. We call him crazy — unaware of the danger in doing so.

What is Survivalism? An Actual Survivalist Explains

Lately, "survivalists" have been in the news, and not necessarily for good reasons. Robert Richardson explains the movement and clears up some common misperceptions.

S&P Sued By U.S. For $5 Billion For Role in Crisis, But What About the Federal Reserve?

It is beyond argument that S&P was misleading investors about the quality of mortgage-backed securities, but the Federal Reserve is even more responsible for the crash than the ratings agency.

4 Trade Bills That Congress Should Pass Immediately

Congress can dramatically improve the economy by fast-tracking trade, lifting the Cuba embargo, opening up to tourism, and investing in a renewable energy economy.

One Billion Rising: Can a Massive Dance Party Stop Violence Against Women?

On February 14, 2013, men and women across the world will rise up dancing to participate in One Billion Rising, a campaign begun by Eve Ensler to stop sexual assault and domestic violence.

Live Stream of Grammy Awards 2013

Check the online stream of the pre-telecast to see who may be in for a big night at the 55th Grammy Awards

Marco Rubio State Of the Union 2013 Response Will Be Historic: The First to Be in Both English and Spanish

Florida GOP Senator Marco Rubio will deliver a bilingual rebuttal to President Obama's State of the Union 2013 Address.

Violence Against Women Act: Bipartisanship Will Help Renew VAWA

Legislators on both sides recognize the importance of this issue goes beyond partisan politics, and Congress has put itself on the path to renewing VAWA.

Rand Paul On Drones Targeting U.S. Citizens

Rand Paul appeared on CNN yesterday to denounce the use of predator drones against American citizens abroad.

Motion Capture Filmmaking: Are Computer-Generated Actors the Future Of Hollywood?

Andy Serkis, the actor who played Gollum in 'Lord of the Rings' is a classically-trained actor who found fame through computer-generated parts. This technology has the power to change cinema.

Rand Paul Foreign Policy Speech Falls Short of Expectations

On Wednesday, Rand Paul gave a foreign policy speech at the Heritage Foundation. It fell short of the fieriness we usually expect from the Kentucky senator.

John Brennan CIA Confirmation Hearing LIVE Streaming

Live streaming of the Senate confirmation hearing of John O. Brennan for director of central intelligence.

Mario Lopez Underwear YouTube Video: 'Extra' Host Honors Super Bowl Bet at The Grove

'Extra' host Mario Lopez honored a Super Bowl 2013 bet by stripping down to his (purple) underwear and running around Los Angeles' The Grove wearing a Baltimore Ravens helmet. Watch the video.

Egypt Will Be The Next Global Hotspot

U.S. meddling in Egypt has lost an ally and created a nation dominated by hostile Islamic extremists.

John Brennan's Biggest Confirmation Hurdle: Are Drone Strikes a Violation of our Constitution?

John Brennan, the president's chief counter-terrorism adviser, is scheduled to appear before a confirmation hearing today. Here are some questions they need to ask about drones.

Cure For Cancer? Why the Private Sector Has a Better Shot Than Government

While the government is capable of prompting important research into a possible cancer cure, ultimately the onus will fall upon the private sector.

John Brennan Senate Hearing: Drone Strikes Are Irrelevant, Confirm Him For CIA Head

The confirmation hearings for Brennan should not waste everyone's time and focus on targeted killings; instead, they should consider his record on collecting intelligence.

Dick Morris Fox News: How Lack Of Data Use Caused His Exit

Data-ism is a new science that uses data to solve problems. It fits perfectly into the American philosophy of Pragmatism and will have profound impacts this century.

John Brennan in Recess As Protesters Disrupt Hearing

A member of the Senate Intelligence Committee is introducing John Brennan to the Senate Intelligence committee so that the Senate Intelligence Committee can then ask questions. Wait, What?

Grammys 2013 Full Performers List

Expected by CBS to dress conservatively, these musicians will perform at the 2013 Grammys.

On National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, Get Educated, Get Involved, and Get Tested

While blacks make up only 12% of the American population, they account for nearly 50% of reported HIV and AIDS cases. On National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, commit to destigmatizing HIV/AIDS.

Brennan 'Drone' Hearing Resumes

Counter-terrorism chief and CIA director nominee John O. Brennan faces questions from the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Record of the Year Versus Song of the Year

What is the difference? And why is Kelly Clarkson is up for both of them and Gotye only up for one?

Hezbollah Terrorist Attacks: Leaders in the Middle East Engaging in a Deadly Game of Chess

Tensions in the Middle East are running high as Israel, the U.S., Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran all move their pieces in a deadly game of chess.

Hearing to Start Any Moment

John Brennan will face volleys of questions from the Senate Intelligence Committee.

On Drone Strikes, Washington Post Editorial Shows Backward Thinking

One of the nation's worst op-ed pages completely misses the point of having transparency regarding the Obama administration's drone program.

Brennan Says It's Ok For Congress to Disagree As Long As They Remain Powerless to Do Anything

Counter-terrorism chief and CIA director nominee John O. Brennan faces questions from the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Drone Program Gives John Brennan a Lot to Answer For in Hearing

Brennan is said to be the chief architect behind President Obama's predator drone program, which means he should take some serious heat for engineering such a vast expansion of executive power.

Senate Intelligence Committee Roster: Who's On It?

The full lineup of the members of the Senate Intelligence Committee that will either be pepper Brennan with tough questions or toss him softies.