9 Things You Didn't Know About the Second Amendment

Insights and historical perspective from the Supreme Court on the rights enshrined in the Second Amendment.

Christopher Dorner: Why Did the Ex-LAPD Officer Go On a Killing Spree?

As the search for Christopher Dorner continues, many are confused as to what exactly has happened so far. Here's the full story.

'Star Trek Into Darkness' Spoiler: Benedict Cumberbatch is Khan

Did Entertainment Weekly accidentally reveal the biggest movie mystery of the year or are we all falling for another one of J.J. Abram's famous misleads?

Nation's Fraternities Finally Come Out As Gay

The nation's fraternities have confirmed what many have long suspect: their pervasive displays of homoeroticism are indeed an indication of their flaming homosexuality.

Hillary Clinton 2016 Vs. Joe Biden 2016: Who'd Win?

Democrats looking to retain power in 2016 may do well to consider a Biden run now. He's the best candidate out of the top prospects.

Gun Control Debate: Newtown School Board Agrees With NRA, Seeks Armed Guards in Schools

The Newtown School Board wants armed officers at all four of its elementary schools, so why did gun control advocates dismiss the NRA's proposal?

'House of Cards' Has Reinvented the TV Series

The TV spectrum may soon include 4 elements: Netflix, network, cable, and premium. Netflix has invested the same money as the big boys, while having none of their limitations. None.

'Beautiful Bastard' is the New 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'

A new 'Twilight' fanfic book that turned into an actual book is set to hit the shelves, and it promises to be just as bad, if not worse.

Sue You! Colleges File Lawsuits Against Delinquent Student Borrowers

Universities have now resorted to suing students who are unable to make payments on their student loans.

Why Temporary Work is Great For the Economy

Temporary work is growing and offers opportunities that would be unavailable in conventional positions.

'Side Effects' Movie Review: This Movie Isn't a Tough Pill to Swallow

More than just a tale of pharmaceutical woes, director Steven Soderbergh crafts a wicked tale of deceit and the depths people go to feel vindicated.

Immigration Reform 2013: Push For Reform Ignores 6,000 Miles Of Vulnerability

Terrorism and smuggling should be the focus of immigration reform, not the people who are willing to risk everything for a better life. Securing the U.S. borders matters most.

Why Urban Dictionary is the Authority On Douchey Language

Look not to the well-edited dictionaries for the definition of "douche," but to the proliferation of chatter on Urban Dictionary and other amateur language blogs.

How Millennial Women Really Feel About Valentine's Day

As Valentine's Day approaches, I decided to take an unofficial survey of a few smart, progressive millennial women to see how they really feel about the "most romantic day of the year."

3 Myths on Obesity Debunked by Prominent Scientists

Everything you think you know about eating healthily, weight loss, and obesity is wrong. At least, it is if you learned it on the internet and not from a scientist.

BDS Israel Event At Brooklyn College Proceeds Despite Threats to Academic Freedom

After much controversy a Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions event proceeded as scheduled in what was a win for academic freedom.

Winter Storm Flight Delays: Nemo Causes Thousands Of Flight Cancellations

Meteorologists report that more than 2,500 flights have been cancelled in the Northeast on Friday morning due to Winter Storm Nemo.

Super Bowl Commercials 2013: Does Dodge's Ad Whitewash American Farms?

Dodge stirred up quite a bit of controversy with its Paul Harvey narrated, "So God Made a Farmer" Super Bowl ad.

Frank Ocean's Upcoming Grammy Performance

Frank Ocean is the most exciting musician to emerge onto the culture’s main stage since Michael Jackson. He has the potential to do a lot towards improving America’s musical tastes.

Community Season 4 Premiere Review: Why the Premiere Was a Disappointment

At long last, 'Community' season 4 has arrived. Unfortunately, rather than propelling us full steam ahead into the new Dan Harmon-less season, the episode stayed stuck on the drama of the past.

Is 'Lincoln' Historically Accurate? Why It May Need a Revision

After being reviewed as a mix of drama and history lesson, 'Lincoln' fails a fact-check after a Connecticut Congressman notices big mistake. Does it even matter?

Hobby Lobby Lawsuit: LIVE Updates on SCOTUS Decision On Obamacare Birth Control Case

As the 44 cases against the Obamacare birth control rule make their way through the federal courts, check in for live updates!

Personhood Bill Passes: North Dakota Bill Challenged By Both Sides In Abortion Debate

A bill passed by the North Dakota Senate that gives legal rights to human embryos raises concerns by both pro-life and pro-choice supporters.

Grammy Nominees 2013: Is This the Death Of Big Rock and Roll?

Technology has undoubtedly changed music. It changed the way we buy it, listen to it, and make it. With the push of a million buttons we seem to have killed big rock and roll.

Immigration Reform 2013: Why Women Need It, Too

Undocumented women are less likely to report domestic violence cases for fear of deportation, language barriers, and more.

Climate Change: More Americans Believing It's Real

A Duke University survey reveals that more Americans believe climate change is a direct result from human activity, so when are conservatives going to get on board with climate change policy?

Chokri Belaid Assassination: Tunisia’s Turning Point

Fears are growing over political violence in Tunisia as a political opposition hero's death has sparked mass protests and questions on the stability of the fledgling democracy.

Us Alone Hayden Review: A Treasure For All Ages

Hayden Desser's new album truly hits the ups and downs of life, and not just the ones that affect young people.

Oklahoma Politicians Look to "Humiliate" LGBT Groups to Prevent Equality

Oklahoma state Representative Sally Kern and U.S. Representative James Lankford have found solidarity in mutual prejudice in wanting to block health services for LGBT individuals.

Valentine's Day 2013: 7 Gifts For Her

The perfect presents for your happily employed (or non-working) girlfriend.

Anti-Immigration Efforts At the State Level Jeopardize Reform

National immigration reform efforts are being hampered by states exercising their right to self-determine enforcement policy.

Blizzard Nemo: Dreaded Snowfall Approaches, While Sandy Victims Still Wait For Relief

The GOP is still holding relief funds hostage. Meanwhile, victims who lost their entire lives are spending the next few hours preparing for another bout of merciless weather.

How We'll Finally Get More Women On Corporate Boards

Harvard MBAs are studying it, Sheryl Sandberg is talking about it, and European countries are trying to do something about it, but the fact remains that corporate America lacks women at the top.

Immigration Reform: GOP Must Provide Real Solutions to This Problem

Conservative principles present a very strong argument against amnesty. But the GOP is realizing that a pathway to citizenship is the only way to resolve the issue of undocumented immigrants.

Gang Rape in South Africa Part Of Disturbing Trend Around the World

The limited statistics and information on gang rape contribute to the growth of the problem.

This is How Much Snow Has Fallen So Far in Massachusetts

Child Measures Snow With Yard Stick in Winter Storm.

Are Obama’s Drones Coming For Americans?

The leaked White House memo on drone strikes is just the continuation of the trend of expanding executive power beginning with Abraham Lincoln, but Americans are right to worry about it.

Nominees For Best New Artist at the Grammy Awards

For a year that was bogged down with pop superhits, only one pop group makes the cut. I find it strange, to say the least.

Grammy Awards Live Stream Has Already Begun

Are you ready for the Grammys, like, right now? Online live coverage has already begun, check it out here.

Conestoga Wood Specialties v. Sebelius Shows Majority of Circuit Courts Favor Contraceptive Rule

On Thursday, the Third Circuit denied a for-profit company's motion for injunctive relief against the Obamacare contraception rule, showing the circuit courts may rule in favor of the rule.

Valentine's Day: What's Different For the Millennial Generation?

Martyrdom inspired the feast of Saint Valentine thousands of years ago. Today, we have the Manti Te'o dating culture complete with texting, linking, e-cards, memes, the internet, and more.

Times Square Empty During Winter Storm

Times Square Empty During Winter Storm.

Driving is Already a Pain In the Ass in New York

Drivers Push Cars On Snowy Road During Storm

Dr. John to Perform with The Black Keys and Preservation Hall Jazz Band

Live updates on the 55th annual Grammy Awards. LL Cool J hosts the event and be sure to stay tuned right here for the biggest winners and losers of the night.