Gun Control Debate: Gang Violence Accounts For Half Of Violent Crime in America

Gang violence accounts for nearly half of violent crime in America, and up to 90% in some jurisdictions. This underlying cause of violence ought to be addressed in the gun control debate.

Hillary Clinton 2016: Her Poll Numbers Are Already Unbeatable

If current poll numbers are indicative of the 2016 electorate, Hillary Clinton has one of the easiest roads to the White House in living memory.

10 Actors Who Became Successful Politicians

Ashley Judd is the latest A-lister looking to parlay her name recognition and star status into a political career. Is it possible? Sure — just look at these ten other actors who did it just fine.

Why the 'Girls Gone Wild' Bankruptcy is Bad For Women

If you thought 'Girls Gone Wild' going bankrupt was the best thing that happened to women this week, think again.

Nintendo Wii U: Why It Could Be Game Over For the Famed Game-maker

If the Wii U is any indication, Nintendo needs to figure out something quickly, lest it drift off into obscurity.

Meet the Rising Newark Politician and Twitter Star Who's Not Named Cory Booker

Still in college, Rashawn Davis is not your typical political candidate.

This Article's About the Environment, Here's Why You Don't Care

Ever wondered why people don't seem to care about climate change and other environmental issues? Probably not, but I'll tell you anyway.

Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone and the 3 Leaders Who Will Run the Church While There is No Pope

Following Benedict XVI's last day as pope, and while the College of Cardinals deliberates over the upcoming conclave, here's four Catholic leaders who will run the Church while there is no pope.

Would 'Seinfeld' And 'Friends' Be Popular Today?

The ratings for NBC's slate of "Must See TV" are low. Would a show like 'Seinfeld' or 'Friends' bump them up?

Sequester 2013: 4 Reasons Why Sequestration 2013 is Not That Bad

If the sequester leaves entitlements and war spending alone, then why are most politicos in Washington crying foul over a supposed apocalypse?

Home Ownership Doesn't Make Sense For Millennials in 2013

Many members of Gen Y aren't looking to become home owners anytime soon — and that's OK. The choice to rent or own is much less a defining choice for a generation destined for greatness.

Hillary Clinton 2016: Polls Show She Leads Paul Ryan, Scott Walker in Their Own State

The election is nearly four years away, and already Hillary Clinton has proven that she would be a formidable challenger for well-known Republicans, including Paul Ryan and Scott Walker.

Avicii's "X-You" is the Largest Music Collaboration Ever

Swedish DJ Avicii's newly released single includes 12,951 contributions from 4,199 artists in 140 countries, giving testament to the unique possibilities of electronic dance music.

College ROI: Is a Degree Worth the Cost?

Is there value in a college degree? Well, turns out that depends on where you attended.

Apple (AAPL) Stock Woes Won't Derail Apple Dominance

Apple stock prices are lagging, at approximately $430 from a 52-week high of $705. But don't expect Apple's stranglehold on the electronics market to end anytime soon.

Bradley Manning Trial: Mainstream Media Turned Down Incriminating Documents

Bradley Manning has revealed that he reached out to the New York Times and Washington Post to report on U.S. human rights abuses but was rebuffed, prompting him to turn to Wikileaks.

Syria Civil War: U.S.-Backed Iraq Government Attacks U.S.-Backed Syrian Rebels

Iraqi forces have attacked Free Syrian Army positions inside Syria, posing a major problem for the Obama administration.

Adderall Side Effects: Health Issues Can Be Serious

We don't need tougher laws against Adderall abusers, as those who take advantage of the drug will be punished with medical conditions and psychosis as a result of overindulgence.

The Uncle Ruckus Movie Needs to Happen

The Kickstarter campaign for Aaron MacGruder's 'Uncle Ruckus Movie' is coming to a close. But in today's racial climate, just how badly do we want it to get made?

Melissa King: Are Beauty Pageants Different From Porn?, Sequestration 2013: It's Going to Happen, and Today's Top PolicyMic Stories

Some of the most popular stories recently published on PolicyMic, as featured in this morning's Mic Check newsletter.

Jeremy Clements Slur: Admit What He Said, NASCAR!

NASCAR suspended driver Jeremy Clements for using a racial slur during an interview. But by refusing to acknowledge what that slur was, they're creating more problems that they're solving.

'Portlandia' Season 3 Review: Has the Series Helped Or Hurt Portland's Image?

Any press is good press — especially if it's hilarious.

Landen Gambill: University Of North Carolina May Expel Student For Publicly Discussing Her Sexual Assault

A UNC student faces expulsion after talking about her sexual assault case, proving colleges have a long way to go in providing support to assault victims.

Italy Elections 2013: They Highlight the Problems With Third Parties

This year's Italian election and 2012's Greek election stalemates show how multi-party systems based on popular vote can result in hung parliaments.

Ben Bernanke and the Coming Dollar Crisis: How Fed Stimulus is Destroying the Economy

Although Ben Bernanke thinks his policies will lead to a sustainable recovery, monetary easing can only lead to disaster.

China Hackers Could Neutralize U.S. Defenses With a Few Button Clicks

Cyberspace allows China to easily and repeatedly attack the United States from abroad. By breaching networks and communication systems China could neutralize the U.S. military.

27 Visuals Celebrating the Life and Career Of Janet Jackson

Grammy Award winning singer Janet Jackson and Wissam Al Mana announced that they were married last year. To honor the nuptials I present this tribute to Ms. Jackson.

Sequester 2013 LIVE: Debt Crisis Freezes Washington With Inaction

On March 1, severe budget cuts will go into effect unless Democrats and Republicans take steps to avoid sequestration 2013. Here's everything you need to know.

Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell Album 'Old Yellow Moon': Good For All Of the Things

Their first collaboration since 1975, these honky tonk legends deliver songs about cowboys, songs about the country, songs about love, and songs about being wrong in 'Old Yellow Moon.'

Liu Xiaobo, the Nobel Laureate the World Has Forgotten About

Liu Xiaobo needs the world's help, but the West has consistently failed to assist Liu Xiaobo, one of their closest allies in China.

Iran Nuclear Program Could Be Slowed As Iranians Show Willingness to Negotiate

Iran is showing an increased willingness to negotiate over nuclear armament. The UN would be wise to accommodate them.

The Obesity Problem Needs Our Full Attention

As obesity rates climb, we as a nation need to take action to promote healthier habits among Americans.

Sequestration 2013: Don't Expect It to Hurt the Bullish Stock Market

The stock market is on a historic bull run in 2013, despite multiple economic crises.

Why Religion Gets Such a Bad Rap in the Media

Religion often gets flak in the media, and as a society fractured by divisiveness, it's important for us to learn to get along.

Voting Rights Act is Still Very Much Needed in Texas

While the Voting Rights Act isn't perfect, Texas is a prime example of why it is necessary until a better law can be enacted.

iWatch Release Might Replace Lagging iPad Sales For Apple

As Apple prepares to introduce wearable (yes, you heard that right) computers ... is the iPad business crashing?

8 Reasons to Be Really Excited That It's Finally March

Did you forget about all the amazing things happening this month? Let me refresh your memory.

Dennis Rodman North Korea Trip: Rodman Makes a Friend Who's An Enemy Of Freedom

Dennis Rodman thinks Kim Jong-un is "an awesome guy," but quite obviously Kim is far from it. He's continued the same oppressive policies of his father, and expanded the country's gulag system.

DOMA: Obama Administration Boldly Files Brief to SCOTUS For Marriage Equality

The Obama administration just released documents urging the Supreme Court to overturn both DOMA and California's Proposition 8, a bold and necessary move on the president's part.

We Don't Need Women's History Month — We Need to Improve Our Teaching Of Influential Women

We don't need months to teach us about the individuals or groups of people who inspire them. Instead, our schools should do a better job educating students about these movers and shakers.

Pope Benedict: Oakland Rapper Sues Pope Emeritus, Dennis Rodman North Korea: The Worm Makes Friends With the Dictator, and Other Finds From Around the Internet

A roundup of finds from across the internet, as featured in this morning's Mic Check newsletter.

Iran Nuclear Program is Getting Dangerously Advanced

If Iran is allowed to develop nuclear weapons, there is no end to the amount of terror it could carry out on its neighbors and the world.

Pope Benedict XVI Replacement Should Focus On Global Hunger

While Pope Benedict XVI gained a well-deserved reputation for social conservatism, his words and deeds on hunger across the world should not go overlooked.

John Kerry Middle East Trip: Visits to Other Countries Will Help U.S.

John Kerry makes his first trip abroad as secretary of state, and his strategic visits can strengthen American ties in the Middle East and Europe.

YouTube 'Harlem Shake' Video Miami Heat: Yet Another Reason to Hate the Miami Heat

As if we didn't have enough "Harlem Shake" videos, LeBron and company went ahead and made one. It's a great reason to hate the Heat even more than you already do.

Say Duh? How the Internets is Making Us Dumber

Decreased productivity is a given, but social media is also changing how you store information in your brain.

Sequestration 2013: Not the Only Fiscal Deadline, VAWA: Finally Passed, and Today's Top News For Millennials

My take on the news that every millennial should know about, as featured in this morning's Mic Check newsletter.

Arkansas Abortion Law Bans Abortions At 20 Weeks Of Pregnancy

The new law prohibits abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Roe v. Wade legalized abortions to the point where a fetus can survive on its own, usually around 22-24 weeks, so why is this law OK?

DOMA, Prop 8 Are Unconstitutional, Says Obama

The Obama administration filed an amicus brief Thursday to tell the Supreme Court that Proposition 8 and DOMA are unconstitutional under the Constitution's equal protection clause.

Facebook News Feed Redesign: Social Network Reinvents News Feed

Facebook announced it will hold a March 7 event to unveil its News Feed's new look, which follows an aesthetically different look more in tune with social magazines such as Flipboard.

New Delhi Erupts in Protest Over Rape Of a 7-Year-Old Girl At Her School

A 7-year-old girl was sexually assaulted in a primary school on Thursday. On Friday, hundreds gathered outside the hospital where she is being treated to protest.

Malik Obama Runs For Governor in Kenya

The half brother of President Barack Obama is running for governor of Kenya's western county of Siaya, using the same slogan Barack Obama used in 2008: change.

Trinidad James 'All Gold Everything' Video: 5 Reasons Gold Is Cool Again

For a while, it looked like platinum had replaced gold as pop culture's element of choice. But with the rise of Trinidad James and others, it looks like gold is finally making a comeback.

Delhi Rape Protests: Protest Rape Everywhere, Not Just India

The uprising in India related to sexual assault should be an imperative to start protests all across the world.

Sequestration 2013: What Washington D.C. Can Learn From the NCAA

March Madness is upon us and holds some keys for Washington D.C.; namely, a way to fix the sequester mess.

Obama Sequestration Strategy Will Lead To the Return Of the Moderate Republican

With numbers like these, it’s only a matter of time before simple election logic forces moderates (ahem, sorry, “fiscal conservatives”) to take a public stand against their party.

Sorry, Democrats, But Texas Will Still Be Red in 2016

Those claiming 2016 is the year of the Democratic Party in Texas are being too optimistic.

Iran Nuclear Talks Will Result in Nothing

There are many issues to the Iranian nuclear program that major powers are not considering. Everybody thinks they are right about Iran, but who actually is?

Obama Same-Sex Marriage: Endorsement Not Enough

The Obama administration would like to leave the fate of same-sex marriage in the hands of individual states, which just won't cut it.

Sequestration 2013 White House Meeting: Congressional Leaders to Meet Obama Over Sequester

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) will attend.

How Nonprofits Can Rethink Charity Giving in Africa

Don't just throw money at them: help Africa build stable, sustainable institutions and business.

Sequestration 2013: The 5 Stages Of Sequester Acceptance

The American people don't want sequestration, but it's unavoidable. Like any tragedy, we have to go through multiple stages before we can reach acceptance.