Hugo Chavez and 6 Other Rulers Who Have Had Their Bodies Preserved

Chavez's body will be preserved and placed in a mausoleum for public display. Here are six other rulers who have been preserved for time eternal.

3 Major Supreme Court Cases That Protected Our Civil Liberties Against the Government

Here are some important Supreme Court cases concerning our civil liberties, in which the Court ruled in favor of the rights of individuals over government restrictions.

Hugo Chavez's Real Legacy is One of Vicious Anti-Semitism Against the Jews of Venezuela

To anyone who may doubt the appalling nature of the late Chavez's mistreatment of his nation's Jewish community, it's worth noting that communist dictators are generally a pretty vile bunch.

'The Bible' Series History Channel: Little Scholarship Reflected in Show

The History Channel series looks kind of realistic, but miracles in 21st century special effects may damage the brand more than help it.

Tim Tebow Liberty University: Athlete Delivers Inspiring Speech At Christian School

Right before Tebow's appearance, the media stressed the fact that he would be speaking at an "anti-gay" school. This was unnecessary, as Tebow didn't touch controversial topics in his speech.

Justin Timberlake 'SNL': 4 Best Skits Of the Night

Justin Timberlake hosted 'Saturday Night Live' for the fifth time this weekend, and he didn't disappoint. Check out four skits from a star-studded evening on 'SNL'.

Florida Could Be Overrun By Pot Smoking Grandmas and Grandpas

A candidate for governor and some Tallahassee politicians want Florida to be the next state to legalize medical cannabis.

Obama Has Failed to Live Up to Previous Statements About Marijuana Decriminalization

In 2004, then-Senator Obama said "we need to rethink and decriminalize our marijuana laws." Nearly a decade later, the president has failed to live up to his statement from his days as Senator.

Conclave 2013: Did the Pope's Departure Make Him Seem Like "One Of Us"?

Do those of us outside the Catholic Church welcome the pope's retirement because we think that it makes him just another CEO going into retirement?

National Day Of Appreciation For Abortion Providers: A Shocking Look At How Dangerous It is to Be An Abortion Worker

Abortion providers and all associated individuals have deceptively dangerous jobs, and today we salute them and their work.

Fetal Pain Law: Idaho 20-Week Abortion Ban Struck Down

Idaho is no longer one of the 10 states with a 20-week abortion ban, as its own "fetal pain law" was struck down by a federal judge.

Women in Combat: Military Must Prioritize Sexual Assault Prevention

With the lift on the ban of women in combat, Americans await the next steps of the U.S. military to stop assault, as women serving active duty tours will still be vulnerable on front lines.

'Oz the Great and Powerful' Review: Cruel and Unusual Punishment For Your Kids

So, should you watch 'Oz the Great and Powerful'? Only if you've ever done something really bad to me.

Obama Israel Trip: President Won't Bring "Grand Peace Plan"

On his upcoming trip to Israel, Obama said he won't be bringing a grand plan to end the Israel/Palestine conflict. But despite daunting challenges, the stakes are too high to give up.

Are E-Books Killing Book Covers?

E-Books are changing the game for book covers, but a great book cover is still an important part of a book.

Transgender Emerson Student Receiving Insurance Coverage For Sex Reassignment Surgery

It's great to see Emerson cover the needs of transgender students, and other institutions of higher education should do the same.

Arkansas 12-Week Abortion Ban: Legislators Scorn Women, Constitution in a Heartbeat

Last week, the Arkansas state legislature passed a 12-week ban on abortion, which will likely be overturned for violating Roe v. Wade, but not before it costs taxpayers in the state.

NBA MVP: Is There a Secret Qualification to Winning?

There is no stat that can predict the MVP winner. There are, however, indicators we can look at to narrow down the MVP list to a maximum of four players.

March Madness Bracket: First Teams Punch Automatic Bids

Three teams earned automatic bids to the NCAA Tournament on Saturday, check out who's dancing.

How Every Young American Can Have An Impact On the War On Terror

On the battlefield or in the halls of Congress, it's time for every young American to enlist in the war on terror.

Peter King Boxes Former Champion Josh Foley

While constituents of Long Island struggle to piece their lives back together after Superstorm Sandy, their Congressman is out boxing for fun and doesn't even do it for charity.

Air Force Academy Selects First Woman Superintendent, Michelle Johnson

President Obama nominated Maj. Gen. Michelle Johnson to serve as the Air Force Academy’s 19th, and first female, superintendent.

March Madness 2013 VIDEO: Buzzer Beaters Galore

March 9, 2013 saw not one, not two, but three game winners go in as time expired. Enjoy Saturday's buzzer beaters and other unreal last second shots that won games.

Iraq War 10-Year Anniversary: 3 Ways the War Changed Us Forever

The upcoming 10-year anniversary of the Iraq War reminds us of its strongest and most enduring aftereffects, including doubt that government knows all and has our best interests at heart.

SXSW Grumpy Cat: Internet Meme Takes Over Festival

Rain wouldn't stop people from seeing Grumpy Cat. It wouldn't stop the cat from being grumpy either.

Afghanistan News: What Was the Point Of Taliban-Attended Paris Conferenc?

After several Taliban-attended conferences wherein concrete take-aways were lacking, is the recent Paris conference any different?

SXSW 2013: Al Gore Uncomfortable Talking About Oil Money

Al Gore was asked some tough questions at SXSW, check out his uncomfortable answers.

Obama Drones: President Perpetuating Global War On Terror With Aircraft, Cyber Warfare

By using the weapons of assassination while reserving the exclusive right of designating an individual an "enemy combatant," Obama has cemented the groundwork for permanent war.

Mayor Bloomberg Doesn't Like Movies, So I Don't Like Mayor Bloomberg

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg enjoys banning and regulating certain things, so now that he's said he hates movie trailers, don't be surprised if they are next on his list.

Medicaid Expansion: Republicans Ceding Control Of Health Care to Feds

GOP governors who have caved on the Medicaid expansion issue are under fire by conservatives who don’t necessarily understand the realities of being non-expanders.

Daylight Savings Time 2013: What Time is It?

Daylight Savings Time began at 2 a.m. on Sunday, so if you haven't already set your clocks ahead one hour, do it now!