12 States That Will Probably Legalize Gay Marriage in 2013-2014

Over the last two decades, support for same-sex civil marriage grew rapidly, from only 12% in 1988 to 53% in 2012. Here's 12 more states that are moving to the right side of history.

What is a Filibuster? The Senate's Most Aggravating Tool Explained

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) made huge news last week with his 13-hour "talking filibuster" on drones, but what most Americans don't realize is that any senator can secretly block a vote.

Why Are There No Black Emojis?

The peculiar and popular Emoji emoticons from Japan don't include any black people. This is weird and problematic — even for things as ridiculous as Emojis.

'The Bachelor' 2013 Spoilers: Sean Lowe Picks Catherine Giudici

Sean Lowe had a tough choice between Catherine and Lindsay but went with the girl he said was "The One."

10 Confusing Objects You'd Find in a Catholic Church, Explained

Here's a list of 10 things used in the Catholic Church whose name and function you probably didn't know ... until now.

Marijuana Legalization 2013: 12 More States Consider Decriminalization and Legalization

More states move forward on marijuana legislation while the federal government continues to drag its heels.

Who Does Sean Lowe Pick: The Bachelor Season Finale, 5 Reasons Why America Will Watch

Monday at 8 p.m. (EST), ABC will air the two-hour season finale of The Bachelor, followed by the one-hour "After the Final Rose" segment.

5 Under-the-Radar Places American Troops Are Stationed

Most know that the U.S. military is winding down its presence in Afghanistan, but here are a few places you may have forgotten still has armed forces.

Is Sean Lowe From 'The Bachelor' a Virgin?

Sean Lowe from 'The Bachelor' may have irresistible looks, but you can't have too much fun with him, as the super religious Christian is a born-again virgin.

Immigration Reform 2013: Gang Of Eight Closing On Upcoming Deal

A bipartisan group of senators working on immigration reform is close to a deal that would create a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants, believe it or not.

'The Bachelor' 2013 Spoilers: Sean Picks Catherine, Desiree Hartsock the Next 'Bachelorette'

And Lindsay Yenter still doesn't know why Sean Lowe didn't want to marry her.

5 Millennial Writers Poised to Take the Literary World By Storm

As the millennial generation comes of age, a new crop of voices prepare to enter the literary scene. Here are 5 millennial authors who have already begun to achieve success in the literary world.

'The Bachelor' 2013 LIVE: Sean Lowe's Mother Seems Really Nervous

And she's not even the one getting married!

Gun Control Debate: New Gun Laws Arrive – But Will They Do Anything?

Congress is finally moving towards the first gun legislation since the Newtown massacre. But are they focusing on the right issues, and will the law actually reduce our gun related death rates?

Who Does Sean Lowe Pick on 'The Bachelor'?: LIVE

Sean Lowe of 'The Bachelor' will propose to finalists Catherine Giudici and Lindsay Yenter during the Monday installment of the reality series.

Is Sean Lowe a Virgin?

Though he has had sex before, 'The Bachelor' cast member is a born-again virgin.

Superbug 2013: Deadly Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs Sweep Across U.S.

A new wave of aggressive antibiotic-resistant bacteria may become the world’s latest health scare, joining the ranks of swine flu and SARS.

Lance Armstrong Doping Scandal: It’s Time to Legalize Drugs in Sports

It's becoming harder and harder to deny sports enhancing drugs are prevalent throughout all major athletic franchises. Maybe it's time we start letting athletes dope, and see how good sports get.

'The Bachelor' Finale: Who Does Sean Pick?

And the winner is...

Climate Change: New Study Demonstrates It's Definitely Man-Made

A new study in Science magazine will reportedly track climate back over 11,300 years. What does the data tell us? Climate change is coming rapidly, and we need to prepare for it.

5 Reasons Why Captain Mark Kelly is Not the Gun Control Moderate We Hoped For

Mark Kelly and Gabby Giffords held promise for sanity in the gun control discussion. But he is squandering the opportunity with political rhetoric and misinformation instead of real solutions.

Who Does Sean Lowe Pick?: Live Updates on 'The Bachelor' Finale

Season 17 of ABC's 'The Bachelor' is heating up as only six women — AshLee F., Daniella, Lesley M., Lindsay, Sarah and Selma — are left competing for Sean Lowe's affection.

'The Bachelor' 2013: Sean Lowe's Family Fawns Over Lindsay Yenter in Finale

They seem to like her a lot more than competitor Catherine Giudici.

Steubenville Rape Trial To Begin on Wednesday: What You Need To Know

The rape trial that sparked outrage and accusations of a cover-up by school officials will begin this Wednesday in Steubenville, Ohio and why everyone should be being attention.

'The Bachelor' 2013 Spoilers: Sean Picks Catherine

Their wedding will also be televised by ABC.

3 Ways the Syrian Civil War Could End

While it would be folly to predict exactly what Syria will look like in two years, current developments do offer some directional clues that should help us to monitor likely outcomes.

How Republicans Can Win Back Millennial Voters to Succeed in 2014 and Beyond

To win the future, the GOP must embrace the ensuing war within the party and foster healthy debate on key issues. We cannot remain in a state of denial.

'The Bachelor' 2013 Finale: Desiree Hartsock Announced As the Next 'Bachelorette'

The former 'Bachelor' contestant to get her own show.

Adam Carolla Owns 'HuffPo' On Race, Proving Once Again Why He Is A New Media Rock Star

After being criticized by 'HuffPo' for calling out his podcast guest Gavin Newsom's comments on race, Carolla let the liberal blog have it showing why he has true freedom to say what he wants.

'The Bachelor' 2013 LIVE: And the Final Rose Goes to...

Sean Lowe had a tough decision between Catherine Giudici and Lindsay Yenter but went with...

Racism in Fashion: Lack Of Diversity Echoes Underwhelming Media Representation Of Women Of Color

Just 82% of models at this season’s New York Fashion Week were white. Is the dearth of diversity really a symptom of racism in fashion, or more a reflection of media representation of women?

Immigration Reform 2013: Republican Leaders On Immigration Reform Get Millions in Funding From Private Prisons

Private prison corporations, making billions in profits from contracts with federal and state governments, donate millions to lawmakers working on immigration reform thus corrupting the process.

Rand Paul is the New Force to Be Reckoned With in DC

Last Wednesday may be one for the history books. While the president played nice with select GOP senators, the rug was ripped out from under them by a freshman senator from Kentucky.

'The Bachelor' 2013 LIVE: Catherine Says 'I Love You,' Sean Says 'Thank You'

That's not the answer she was looking for, dude.

Black Pope Or Not, Whoever the Next Pope is Will Be a Homophobe

Color me unimpressed if the next pope is black or from Latin America, because whoever the College of Cardinals elect will be as anti-gay as his predecessor.

'The Bachelor' Finale: Sean Lowe, Catherine Giudici Ride An Elephant

Giudici called it "the best day" of her life.

CISPA 2013: U.S. Needs Better Rules to Regulate the Internet

The CISPA debate has sparked the discussion on domestic internet norms. Defining parameters for who, what, and how the Internet should be regulated is critical for U.S.'s cyber diplomacy.

Jyoti Singh Pandey Gang Rape Trial: Accused Hangs Himself in Jail

The death of the 33-year-old bus driver and leader behind the gang rape that garnered international outrage, is leaving many to wonder what effect it will have on the trial.

Sean Should Choose Catherine On 'The Bachelor'

Catherine Giudici is definitely my favorite, and I really want Sean Lowe to propose to her tonight.

Minimum Wage Increase: No Proof It Causes Unemployment

Conservatives claim that raising the minimum wage would increase unemployment, but prominent economists and empirical studies say there's no clear answer.

'Francesca di Rimini' Met Review: A Must-See At the Metropolitan Opera

The cast and staging make for a grand operatic experince of a little known opera. Marcello Giordani, Robert Brubaker, and Eva-Maria Westbroek breathe life into the romantic opera.

NYC Soda Ban Overturned: BREAKING News

A Manhattan judge has issued a permenant injunction against the ban on sugary beverages over 16 ounces. Mayor Bloomberg vows to appeal the ruling.

Is Sean From 'The Bachelor' a Virgin?

The Christin 'Bachelor' cutie pie is celibate.

Sean Lowe Should Pick Catherine Giudici On 'The Bachelor'

Catherine Giudici is definitely my favorite, and I really want Sean Lowe to propose to her this evening.

Conclave 2013: The Front Runners For the Papacy

My take on the news that every millennial should know about, as featured in this morning's Mic Check newsletter.

MTV Hottest MCs List Infuriates Some Rappers, But Let's Get Real

Many rappers responded unfavorably to MTV's latest "Hottest MCs" rankings. But considering the network's history with hip-hop, should this really be an issue?

Obama Drone Strikes: Air Force Stops Reporting Number Of Strikes in Afghanistan

Given the Obama administration's lack of transparency regarding the drone program, this shouldn't be a surprise.

'Girls' Recap Season 2, Episode 9: Girls and Boys Spiral Out Of Control

Everyone suddenly stops trying to hold it together. They're all giving in to their inner demons and sliding back into shameful habits of the past.

5 CPAC 2013 Speakers Conservative Millennials Are Most Excited About

CPAC is a time for conservatives to become inspired again, recharge our batteries and hear wisdom from the best and brightest in our party. Here are five of them who we're most excited about.

Jeb Bush 'Meet the Press' Interview: Bush Calls David Gregory a "Crack Addict," and He's Right!

I agree that political reporters, talking heads, Sunday Show hosts and pundits are "like crack addicts" when it comes to flogging their product.

Youngest Millennials Reducing Time On Facebook, Turning to Tumblr

Recent data shows that youth ages 13-18 find the site increasingly less appealing and are migrating to other social media platforms.

Lindsay Yenter, Sean Lowe Meet For the First Time Since Saying Goodbye

Two months after Sean Lowe turned Lindsay Yenter away, they meet face to face to chat about the season and their relationships.

Sequester 2013: Sequestration Cuts Will Have a Devastating Impact On America's Poor

Everyone will be impacted one way or another by the sequester but no one will be impacted quite like the poor, all while the fat cats in Washington who got us into this position remain unscathed.

'The Bachelor' Finale Results

And Sean Lowe picked...

Verdi's 'Don Carlo' Metropolitan Opera Review: Ramon Vargas and Barbara Fritoli Underwhelm

Ramon Vargas and Barbara Fritoli let the side down with their weak performance this Wednesday. While Maazel, Hvorostovsky, Smirnova, Furlanetto, and Halfvarson shine.

Bloomberg Soda Ban Struck Down by New York State Supreme Court

NYC Mayor Bloomberg's notorious soda ban has been struck down at the last minute by state Supreme Court Justice Milton Tingling. This decision should stand as a model to regulation-happy mayors.

Joy Behar Leaving The View: Host to Quit Show After 16 Years

Behar's contracts is up in August, and, according to a rep from the show, she has informed ABC that she will not be returning for a new season.

Obama Israel Trip: What's Behind Obama's First Trip to Israel as President?

Ever since Obama announced his visit to Israel for the first time since taking office, media speculation has run rampant with both the timing and the motivation of the trip.

Sean Lowe Catherine Giudici: Wedding Will Be Televised

Have you had enough of Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici? If so, you better get used to them, as the newly engaged couple will be getting married on live television.

Shia LaBeouf: 4 Troubled Celebrities Who Would Have Gone to Jail If They Weren't Famous

These celebs have gotten off the hook from scandals and arrests that the rest of us probably wouldn't have.

Meet 18 Bosses Who Want to Deny Female Workers Birth Control Benefits

Everyone loves preventive health right? Wrong. These 18 for-profit organization heads claim that the Affordable Care Act "forces them to cover "abortifacients."

Desiree Hartsock Will Be the New 'Bachelorette'

In the final minutes of 'The Bachelor' finale, former contestant Desiree Hartsock announced that she will be the bachelorette on the next 'Bachelorette.'

'Behind the Shrooms Part 2': The Future of LSD

In the second instalment of The New School's podcast series, academic researcher Nick Langlitz discusses what a therapeutic future for drugs like LSD would look like.

North Korea Sanctions Met With Threats Of Military Action, But Will the Koreas Really Go To War?

Amid the ever-intensifying bellicose rhetoric of North Korea (including threats to nuke the U.S.), we should keep in mind this might be another instance of Pyongyang’s "business as usual."

What Time is 'The Bachelor' Finale On?

'The Bachelor' will air at 8 p.m. Monday March 11, when viewers all over will see who Sean Lowe proposes marriage to.

Nigeria Hostage Situation Ends With Seven Killed By Boko Haram Splinter Group

Ansaru, a splinter group of the Nigerian extremist organization Boko Haram, are attempting to embroil foreign governments in the Nigerian crisis by attacking their citizens.

'The Bachelor' 2013: Catherine Giudici Wins Sean Lowe's Final Rose

The Bachelor's Sean Lowe has made his pick. The 29-year-old proposed to finalist Catherine Giudici on Monday's much-anticipated episode.

White Smoke Watch: What Are Those Cardinals Smoking in There?

The College of Cardinals will let the public know whether they've chosen a new pope by emitting smoke from the Sistine Chapel.

Venezuela News: Hezbollah is in Venezuela, But There's No Threat to U.S. Security

The radical anti-Israel paramilitary organization Hezbollah has gained a foothold in Venezeula, but is their presence in "America's backyard" a real threat, or a trumped-up one?

Sean Lowe Catherine Giudici: Wedding Will Be Televised On ABC

Have you had enough of Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici? If so, you better get used to them, as the newly engaged couple will be getting married on live television.

'Girl Rising' Review: Film Gathers Momentum From Social Media

The film 'Girl Rising' premiered on the eve of International Women's Day, bringing the global struggle for adequate education for girls to a theater near you.

Catholicism in the United States: Why American Catholics Don't Understand Church Tradition

The Catholic Church is not a democracy, and people claiming adherence to it must begin by humbling their wills and seek guidance in order to overcome mere opinion.

Sean Lowe Doesn't Pick Lindsay Yenter On 'The Bachelor'

Lindsay Yenter scurried away after Sean Lowe said on The Bachelor finale that he had not chosen her to marry.

Sean Lowe Says Goodbye to Lindsay Yenter On 'The Bachelor'

Lindsay Yenter scurried away after Sean Lowe said on 'The Bachelor' finale that he had not chosen her to marry.

Entitlement Spending is a Clear and Present Danger to the Future Of Millennials

Current economic policy is seeing spending on entitlements spiral out of control. Millennials need to support deficit reduction now, rather than later.

War in Afghanistan Has Outlived Its Usefulness — Time to Bring U.S. Troops Home

The war in Afghanistan is over. It is beyond time for the United States to realize fighting the Taliban and Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan with soldiers is a futile mission.

Thomas Perez Labor Secretary: Bio Of Obama's Latest Cabinet Pick

President Obama will most likely appoint Harvard Law graduate Thomas Perez as the new Labor Secretary.

Is Sean From 'The Bachelor' a Born-Again Virgin?

The Christian had sex when he was younger but is abstinent now

Paul Krugman Flops On TV, Advocates "Death Panels and Tax Increases"

Paul Krugman, a Nobel Prize winning economist, dished out another serving of his increasingly shrill rhetoric on ABC’s "This Week."

SXSW Bands 2013: Bear Mountain Tells Us Why It's Worth It to Play For Free

Ian Bevis, front-man of the Vancouver indie pop group, talks about performing at South By Southwest, gaining popularity as a band, and music in the Internet age.

How Many Pig Carcasses in Your Tap Water is Too Many?

The recent discovery of 2,800+ diseased pig carcasses in Shanghai's primary water source highlights China's environmental concerns.

Who Does Sean Lowe Choose on 'The Bachelor'?: LIVE Updates

Ridiculously gorgeous Sean Lowe of ABC's 'The Bachelor' is set to propose to one of his two reality show finalists on Monday's episode of the series.

Saudi Arabia Beheadings: Country May End Practice Due to Lack Of Reliable Swordsmen

It may seem like the ultra-conservative kingdom is turning over a new leaf, but as it turns out, they aren’t. The reason behind this potential decision is much more technical than anything else.

Sean Lowe Turns Lindsay Yenter Down On 'The Bachelor' Finale

"This is my nightmare. I really didn't see this coming," Yenter said.

Who is Tom Perez? Obama's Nominee For Labor Secretary Has Long History of Public Service

Tom Perez, a current assistant attorney general, has been tapped to take place of outgoing Labor Secretary Hilda Solis. What does this mean for the Department of Labor?

'Elevator Murder' Video Represents Possible Future of Marketing (+VIDEO)

A viral video that shows recorded reactions to a staged murder is currently getting nationwide exposure. But the story behind it, and what it says about the future of marketing, may surprise you.

Obesity Crisis: Why Doctors Need to Talk About Weight Loss

Obesity is one of the largest killers in America, and the health care industry cannot downplay its severity any longer. For the health of everyone, doctors must start discussing it openly.

TSA 'Knives On a Plane' Policy is Nonsensical and Unsafe

The new TSA policy on the possession of small knives on board will cause more problems than it will solve.

5 Immigrants Who Became World Leaders

As politicians debate immigration reform in the U.S., PolicyMic looks at five immigrants who have shaped politics in their adopted countries.

Sean Lowe Says Goodbye to Lindsay Yenter

"This is my nightmare. I really didn't see this coming," Yenter said.

Your Facebook 'Likes' Are More Telling Than You Probably Think

A new Cambridge University study found that your Facebook likes can deduce not only your age, gender and race but also whether your parents divorced when you were a child.

5 Embarrassing Fake Stories That Were Reported By Real News Organizations

Sometimes, news agencies and high-profile individuals mistake fraudulent or satirical reporting for the real thing— and this is how rumors get started.

Debate the Future of the GOP & Millennials This Week on PolicyMic

Join us as we host a series of conversations with high-profile conservatives and millennials on the future of the GOP, timed with CPAC 2013.

Desiree Hartsock the Next 'Bachelorette'

Desiree Hartsock announced on 'The Bachelor' finale that she will headline the next 'Bachelorette.'

When is the Conclave 2013: Tuesday, March 12

The Papal Conclave has been set for Tuesday March 12. Will the Catholic Church change direction by electing a pope from the southern hemisphere?

Sequester 2013: If There Are Going to Be Cuts, They Should Start With Congress

Dear Congress: You created this culture of unregulated and excess-oriented insanity that ultimately led to mortgage deception, corporate tax evasion, and big spending. And you should fix it.

Bloomberg Soda Ban: An Oversimplified Solution to Obesity

Obesity is traced to many things, not one single product. Wouldn't money be better spent increasing the financing for physical education in public schools rather than limiting liberties?

Mindy Kaling New Book: Follow Up to 'Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?'

The 'Mindy Project' actress/creator is writing a follow-up memoir to 'Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?'

CPAC 2013: Bloggers Are the Front Line Freedom Fighters of the GOP

Digital media is about more than dissemination, it's about conversation and persuasion. The GOP should embrace bloggers as the frontline freedom fighters in their battle for hearts and minds.

U.S. Training Syrian Rebels a Step in the Wrong Direction

While it's difficult to sit back and watch thousands of innocent civilians die, it must be acknowledged that training soldiers isn't going to end the devastation. It will only worsen it.

Two Drunk Friends Walk Out Of a Bar in Pakistan, and a Full-Blown Religious Riot Ensues

Dozens of Christian homes were burned to the ground in Lahore on Saturday after two drunks got in an argument. Legal reforms and de-weaponization is desperately needed in Pakistan.

What Time is 'The Bachelor' On?

Catch 'The Bachelor' at 8 p.m. Monday March 11 and see who Sean Lowe proposes to.

International Women's Day 2013: Not Enough

While International Women’s Day honors some great strides in women’s rights, we need continuous coverage of these struggles and journeys to truly achieve progress.

Is the Queen Really Gay-Friendly?

Why is Queen Elizabeth's new Commonwealth treaty being hailed as a progressive step forward for the LGBT community, if it fails to even mention them?

Catholic Beliefs Include Cannibalism By Way Of Transubstantiation

If you've ever taken Communion and believe in transubstantiation, then by your own logic you are in fact a cannibal.

SXSW 2013 Lineup: Prince (That's Right: Prince) to Appear at La Zona Rosa on Saturday!

The Purple One has been added to the lineup for Saturday night, March 16. Bring out the perm wigs and purple velvet.

Kicell: 4 Foreign-Language Bands Americans Should Care About

The return of 1960s Brazilian legend Os Mutantes highlights these four other bands whose musical greatness actually defies the language barrier.

Iran-Pakistan Oil Pipeline: Can U.S. Maintain Pakistan Alliance With This?

Pakistan and Iran's alliance over the gas "peace pipeline" raises legitimate concerns from the U.S., including the nature of its alliance with Pakistan.

Justin Timberlake SNL: Watch the Best Skit Here, Mad Men Season 6: Show Draws On Original Ad Man For Art

A collection of articles and videos you should check out from across the Internet, as featured in this morning's Mic Check newsletter.

3 Countries That Will Miss Hugo Chavez the Most

The death of Hugo Chavez is a major blow for Venezuela's allies. The instability his death will bring will be felt far beyond just Venezuela.

Budget 2013: Why a Grand Bargain is Totally Out Of the Question

It is unlikely anytime soon that there will be a grand bargain to end America's ongoing political civil war.

Sean Lowe Picks Catherine Giudici On 'The Bachelor'

After a long season, The Bachelor's Sean Lowe has made his pick. The 29-year-old proposed to finalist Catherine Giudici on Monday's much-anticipated episode.

'The Bachelor' 2013: Sean Lowe Announces His Wedding Will Be Televised On ABC

Have you had enough of Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici? If so, you better get used to them, as the newly engaged couple will be getting married on live television.

Robert Levinson Missing: Iran to Help U.S. Find Missing FBI Agent

The U.S. and Iran work together to discover the fate of missing FBI agent, Robert Levinson. Can the two hostile countries learn to cooperate on other thingss as well?

CNN Seems Surprised That Africans Are Ready For An African Pope

CNN just continues to crush its coverage of the papal conclave by commissioning a massive survey that finds Africans have faith in Africans to do certain jobs -- namely, poping.

'The Bachelor' 2013: Sean Should Pick Catherine

Are you Team Catherine or Team Lindsay? I can't help but love Giudici.

Sean Should Pick Catherine On 'The Bachelor' Finale

I can't help but root for the underdog, and given how awkward and uncomfortable Catherine Giudici's interview with Sean Lowe's mom was, I'd say this girl is definitely the underdog.

Sean Picks Catherine On 'The Bachelor'

After she accepts the proposal, they ride away on an elephant.

Who Does Sean Lowe Pick on 'The Bachelor'?: Catherine

The Bachelor's Sean Lowe has made his pick. The 29-year-old proposed to finalist Catherine Giudici on Monday's much-anticipated episode.

Who Does Sean Lowe Choose On 'The Bachelor?'

He had a tough choice between Catherine Giudici and Lindsay Yenter.

Legalize Marijuana: Obama Has Broken His Promises, Supreme Court DOMA: 3 Important Cases That Protected U.S. Civil Rights

Some of the best articles recently published on PolicyMic, as featured in this morning's Mic Check newsletter.

5 Issues Obama Should Discuss With Netanyahu On His First Trip to Israel as President

President Obama is scheduled to visit Israel on March 20. These are five things that Obama should, but likely won't, discuss with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Intrade Shuts Down, Prediction Site Cites Financial Irregularities

With or without Intrade, online gambling will keep predicting the future anyway.

Desiree Hartsock the New 'Bachelorette'

In the final minutes of 'The Bachelor' finale, former contestant Desiree Hartsock announced that she will be the bachelorette on the next 'Bachelorette.'

Sean Lowe Makes His Final Decision On 'The Bachelor' Finale

After a long season, The Bachelor's Sean Lowe has made his pick. The 29-year-old proposed to finalist Catherine Giudici on Monday's much-anticipated episode.

Bear Mountain Interview: Indie Pop at SXSW 2013

Indie pop band Bear Mountain talks exclusively to PolicyMic.

'The Bachelor' 2013 LIVE: Sean Lowe Picks Catherine Giudici

After a long season, The Bachelor's Sean Lowe has made his pick. The 29-year-old proposed to finalist Catherine Giudici on Monday's much-anticipated episode.

Google Shoes Hit SXSW

Google Glass may seem amazing, but Google shoes are a little much.

National People's Congress: 3 Top Concerns For China

Economic growth, anti-corruption, and a clean environment are this year's top concerns for China's annual National People's Congress and Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference.

What's With All the Commercial Breaks On 'The Bachelor' Finale?

There have been at least five commercials in the first hour of the episode. What gives?