Massachusetts Court Rules 16-Year-Olds Can Have Sex Even If Parents Disapprove

The state legislature would be wise to reconsider designating the age of consent closer to a person’s cognitive maturity rather than his/her sexual peak.

Pope Francis I Address LIVE Stream: Watch Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio Online

Watch the live stream of the Papal Conclave 2013 events, where the next pope will be selected after the February resignation of Pope Benedic XVI (now Pope Emeritus).

I Filibustered to Defend Millennials

A Senate colleague of mine said I was just catering to "libertarian kids in their dorm rooms." But, I took an oath to protect the Constitution and it is an oath I intend to keep.

3 New Ways Google Glass Invades Your Privacy

Google's new HUD device is currently being tested. Find out how wearing a phone on your face instead of keeping it in your pocket can raise new privacy concerns.

YouTube New Pope Announcement Video: Watch Pope Francis I Announcement

Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, a former Auxiliary Bishop of Buenos Aires, Argentina, was selected by as Pope Francis I, the successor of former Pope Benedict XVI.

10 Worst Countries For Travel and Tourist Development

This list is nothing short of predictable and saddening.

New Pope 2013: Papal Conclave the Best Reality Show Ever

Watching the smokestack was more entertaining that any reality show on TV today.

Marc Ouellet: 5 Facts About the Potential Next Canadian Pope

Pope Benedict XVI announced that he would resign on Feb. 28. And Cardinal Marc Ouellet, the present prefect of the Congregation for Bishops, is rumored to be a potential replacement.

6 Supreme Court Decisions That Were Totally Wrong

Here are six cases where the Supreme Court was clearly on the wrong side of history.

'Starcraft 2: Heart Of the Swarm' Release: PETA Invades Launch Party

The release event for "Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm" saw PETA in attendance with a wild pro-Zergling message. Are they actually serious?

Facebook Secrets Pages: The Next Big, Dangerous Social Media Trend

What happens when people can post their most private confessions online anonymously? A trove of surprising secrets, and more evidence that social media can be addicting, and even dangerous.

Speed Cameras: Ohio Judge Rules Them An Unconstitutional "Sham"

A judge in Ohio dubbed the installation of traffic cameras a "scam the motorist cannot win." He's right, as a piece of machinery can't witness the circumstances surrounding any kind of violation.

Conclave 2013 LIVE Coverage: The Most Pope-tastic Live Blog On the Internet

Full live heretical coverage of the first papal conclave to replace a living pope since 1415, when live-blogs were written by hand.

Angelo Scola and Peter Turkson Are the Favorites to Be Benedict XVI Replacement

With Pope Benedict XVI stepping down, who will be the new pope? Here are the top three top contenders for the role.

It's Time For the U.S. to Intervene in the Congo

5.8 million people have died in the Congo since 1998 as the direct result of a horrifying civil war. It's time for us to do something about it.

10 Characters That Need to Be in the New 'Star Wars' Trilogy

The table is set for an incredibly epic "Star Wars" trilogy, if the right characters are used. Here are 10 characters, old and new, that should be in the new movies!

Steubenville Rape Case: LIVE Updates From Ohio Gang Rape Trial

The Steubenville trial is set to start at 10:30 a.m. EDT. You'll find all the updates as they come here.

A More Libertarian Republican Party Would Be a Wrong Turn For the GOP

Calls for a more principled libertarian stance from the GOP to build support among millennials are wrong about millennial concerns and what millennials want from their government.

YouTube Taylor Swift 22 Music Video: Watch Here

Taylor Swift just released the music video for her popular song, "22." Watch here to see the T-Swift's fourth single from her hit album, "Red."

New Pope Selection: White Smoke And Other Things We Can Learn From 'EuroTrip'

A new pope is here, and little did we know back in 2004, 'Euro Trip' was telling us everything we needed to know about how that would happen.

How 'Dumb and Dumber' Perfectly Explains Our Economic Crisis

A scene in the hit comedy perfectly illustrates how the GOP can lead us to economic growth, by pursuing entitlement reform.

Steubenville Rape Case: We Must Avoid Victim Blaming

The defense is ready to engage in victim blaming and other tactics to discredit the prosecution, but prior sexual history does not indicate an individual was able to or did give consent.

North Dakota Personhood Amendment Vote Aims to Take Down Roe v. Wade

Anti-abortion legislation passed by the North Dakota State Senate now faces the House. The proposed personhood amendment seeks to undermine Roe v. Wade.

New Pope Francis Announced, and the Crowd Goes Yawn

The papal conclave's decision to name Bergoglio as the new pope heralds another era of disconnection between the Vatican and a world moving forward faster than the church can keep up.

Steubenville Rape Case: Can the Football Team Survive the Scandal?

Steubenville is known as a football town, but can the sport survive Steubenville High's rape scandal?

Millennials Are a Tremendous Opportunity For the Republican Party

The past two presidential elections have shown that our party has largely lost its way with young adults. But millennials are defined by an innovative spirit that shares many values with the GOP.

Eric Harroun: An American Rebel in Syria

Eric Harroun is an American-born Syrian rebel, fighting against Bashar-Al-Assad's regime who's posting his exploits on the internet.

Shark Fin Soup Species Get Global Protection

The annual summit for the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species held in Bangkok made a landmark decision to give rare protection to shark species.

Pregnant Workers Fairness Act: GOP Opposes It, Exposing Hypocrisy Of Pro-Life Movement

A bill that grants safety accommodations to pregnant woman in the workplace is disputed by those who so fervently claim to value the life and health of an unborn child.

What Do "Fat Lesbians" Have to Do With Public Spending?

A recent study on the relationship between obesity and sexual orientation has raised right-wing eyebrows. Why are conservatives fat-shaming lesbians to make a point about government spending?

Rand Paul 2016: Principle is How the GOP Will Win Over Millennials

Every liberal seems to have advice for the GOP on how they can "rebrand" and win over new voter groups. Embracing principle is the only thing that can work.

Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran Will Announce the New Pope

According to CNN, Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran will reveal the name of the new pontiff within the hour.

Gay Marriage, Marijuana Legalization Are Bad News for the GOP

Last year’s November elections altered the course of American policy on gay marriage and marijuana legalization and spells bad news for the GOP.

Let's Help this Holocaust Survivor Find His Long Lost Brother

Social media allows us to share the world's most interesting things across the internet every day. Let's take two seconds to help this Holocaust survivor find his long lost, best friend.

Meet Lily Bolourian: Feminist Organizer, Public Speaker, & Pundit of the Week

As part of our new Pundit of the Week blog, PolicyMic will give readers the chance to get to know one of their outstanding fellow writers.

Iran Suing Hollywood Over Ben Affleck's 'Argo'

Iran is reportedly pursuing a lawsuit over 'Argo,' claiming the film misrepresents events surrounding the Iranian hostage crisis and serves as propaganda aimed to incite anti-Iran sentiment.

New Pope 2013: When Will We Have a Female Pope?

Over 59% of Catholics support female priests but the Vatican forbids it. How will the new Pope modernize the Catholic Church and allow it to include more female leaders?

Papal Conclave 2013 Day 2 Live Updates: Still No Pope

Cardinals failed to elect a new pope on day two of the conclave to find a substitute for former Pope Benedict XVI.

Steubenville Rape: Watch LIVE Stream Of the Steubenville Rape Case

Watch the live stream of the Steubenville Big Red rape case.

Rand Paul Asks Does Foreign Aid Make Us Safer? Yes, It Does

Foreign aid plays a key role in U.S. national security and counterterrorism. Rand Paul is wrong to disavow it entirely.

Veronica Mars Movie 2013: Director Creates Kickstarter Page to Raise Money For Film

Rob Thomas has promised a 'Veronica Mars' movie, which would give us a strong, nuanced female on the big screen and a chance for him to revisit his original definition of feminist.

Pope Election 2013: A Female Pope Could Have Some Historical Precedent

Meet Pope Joan, possibly the first woman to hold the Catholic Church's highest position.

Habemus Papam! White Smoke Appears On Top Of Sistine Chapel

The College of Cardinals has chosen a pope.

Habemus Papam: What Does It Mean

"Habemus Papam" is the Latin term to announce "We Have a Pope."

Conclave 2013: The Case For a Female Pope

There could be some historical precedent for a female pope.

'God of War Ascension' Review: Proof the PS3 Still Has Awesome Games

Though not the best in its franchise, the latest 'God of War' is proof that we don't need new consoles to have fun just yet.

Who Will Be the Next Pope? Top 10 Favorites According to Oddsmakers

Odds on who the next pope will be.

Kick-Ass 2 Trailer: Chloe Moretz Stars in a Different Kind Of Superhero Movie

Watch the newly-released NSFW red band trailer for 'Kick-Ass 2,' which is picking up right where 'Kick-Ass' left off with cursing and stabbing abound.

Pope Francis: Jorge Mario Bergoglio Chooses Completely New Papal Name

Jorge Mario Bergoglio has chosen the name 'Francis' in leading the Catholic church.

New Pope Announcement: Pink Smoke Signals Women's Push For Female Priests

Women from around the world have gathered in Italy to shoot flares of pink smoke into the sky as they protest the Catholic Church's disallowing of female priests.

Adel Khedri Immolates Himself, Highlighting Failures Of Tunisia's Jasmine Revolution

Even after its revolution, Tunisia is deeply divided and the new government has failed to address the issues that matter most to average Tunisians.

How to Reform Education, From the Perspective of a Teacher

Support systems are not the norm for most teachers across America. Teaching is not often a team sport, but rather a solo one. Here's how to change it.

Kwame Kilpatrick Trial Raises Concerns About Ethics in the Black Community

Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was convicted of RICO charges. He is the latest African American elected official to be found guilty of unethical or criminal behavior.

Obama White Smoke Joke: President Jokes About Conclave

According to CNN, President Obama interrupted a phone call with Republican leaders when white smoke emerged from the Sistine Chapel.

The Election Of Pope Francis, Narrated in GIFs

Everyone knows news is better disseminated with reaction gifs. Here's what's happened and how the new pope was chosen.

Gay Marriage Could Help Republicans Win the Millennial Vote

By moving away from hardline opposition to gay marriage, and addressing economic concerns of young Americans, the Republican Party can improve their dismal performance with millennial voters.

Steubenville Rape: The Defense Says Silence is Consent

The defense attorney in Steubenville rape case maintains that because the intoxicated 16 year-old didn't say no, she meant yes.

Israel Hardliners Now On the Sidelines, But It Won't Help Peace Process

Far right parties are set to be excluded from a new coalition government in Israel, yet the inclusion of Yesh Atid and Jewish Home is unlikely to increase prospects for peace with Palestinians.

Romney “47 Percent” Videomaker Defends His Actions, Showing We Are All Journalists Now

The mysterious filmmaker who drastically altered the outcome of the 2012 election will be revealed on Wednesday. Through his actions, we see technology's transformative influence in politics.

Sequestration 2013: Big Spending Cuts Coincide With Skyrocketing D.C. Incomes

Between 2000-2010, the richest counties in the Washington, D.C., region grew at twice the rate as the rest of the country. What gives?

Attacks in Balochistan and Quetta Kill Hundreds, Showing Pakistani Security Situation is Out Of Control

Recent sectarian violence in Pakistan has reached a fever pitch that threatens to destablize the entire country. Are security forces incompetent, secretly helping, or both?

Rand Paul and Republican Leaders Join PolicyMic to Discuss the Future of the GOP

Senator Rand Paul and Republican thought-leaders are joining PolicyMic pundits this week in discussing the future of the GOP with millennials. Join us!

March Madness Auto Bids and Schedule: LIU Brooklyn, Valpo and SDSU Punch Tickets

LIU Brooklyn, Valparaiso, and South Dakota State won their conference tournaments Tuesday night to earn automatic bids to the NCAA Tournament.

How the "Having It All" Talk Hurts Feminism

Of course all of this discussion really begs the question, have all of what? Furthermore, is it reasonable to set up a dichotomy to suggest men “have it all”?

Paul Ryan Medicare Plan Will Infuriate Older Voters

The Republican base is already shrinking even with strong support among older voters. Without the backing of these voters, the Republican Party would be even more marginalized.

Ram Singh, Delhi Gang Rape Trial Suspect, Found Dead in Indian Prison

Ram Singh, bus driver and one of the six accused of gang rape and murder in Delhi back in January, committed suicide. What this means for the case, India, and women there remains to be seen.

Top 10 Comments on Senator Rand Paul's Op-ed ... So Far

Senator Rand Paul will be replying to the most mic'd comment on his PolicyMic op-ed, here are the top 10 so far ...

Obama Recess Appointees Ruled Unconstitutional: NLRB Plans Appeal

The National Labor Relations Board said on Tuesday it plans to appeal a D.C. appeals court ruling on presidential recess appointees.

AIG Lawsuit Gets Class Action Status, As Bailed Out Shareholders Sue Government

Hank Greenberg, former AIG CEO, is suing the U.S. Government for $55 billion, calling the government's actions unconstitutional and excessively punitive.

Pac 12 Tournament Predictions: March Madness 2013

The Pac 12 Tourney starts Wednesday. Will UCLA match their regular season crown? Can Arizona get out of its funk? Will someone surprise? Answers to that and more in a Pac 12 Tournament preview.

Accepting Marriage Equality Will Be Critical in the GOP's Future

More than half of young Republicans now support the legalization of same-sex marriage in their state. It's important for the GOP leadership not to lose touch with the future of their party.

Steubenville Rape Case: Alleged Victim Will Testify

The 16 year-old alleged rape victim will testify in court on today.

Papal Conclave 2013: Papal Vote Day 2 Full Schedule

The 115 cardinals convened at The Vatican to elect a replacement for former Pope Benedict XVI started their day at 6:30 a.m (local time).

Steubenville: Protesters Stand Outside Court House

Two dozen protestors wearing anonymous masks are standing with the Steunbenville victim.

Paul Ryan Budget Would Destroy the Social Safety Net

Paul Ryan's budget plan relies heavily on assumptions and harsh cuts to solve some of the most pressing and difficult issues of our time.

4 Animals That Have Been Recruited For the Military

Animals have a long history of serving in various military operations. Here are four animals that have played bizarre roles, from spying to sniffing out bombs.

Climate Change: Top Admiral Samuel J. Locklear III Calls It America's Biggest Long-Term Threat

Navy Admiral Samuel J. Locklear III says he thinks climate change will "cripple the security environment, probably more likely than the other scenarios we all often talk about."

Meet a New Wave Of Social Media Activists: Muslim Women in Africa

Social media like Twitter and Facebook allow young activists to express their minds all over the world — including Muslim women in sub-Saharan Africa, a demographic often mistaken for voiceless.

Mic Check: How Taco Bell Could Save the Economy

Today Mic Check newsletter, featuring Rand Paul's op-ed for PolicyMic and today's top news.

5 Tools Every Entrepreneur Needs to Increase Productivity

Start-ups need great tools to streamline the administrative and financial side of business. Here are five things entrepreneurs starting a business should never be without.

Massachusetts Senate Primaries: Democrats May Regain Vacant Seat

The Massachusetts special Senate Election has begun its primaries for both Democratic and Republican candidates. Democrats will most likely secure a victory.

Mali War For Freedom Remains a Global Problem

Mali appears ready to begin a new chapter. The future however holds greater challenges than the past.

Why "Israeli Apartheid Week" is a Misleading Protest

Although Israel institutes some questionable measures in the West Bank, pro-Palestinian activists' eager comparison of Israel to the conditions in apartheid South Africa is grossly misleading

Dow Jones Rise: We Won't See Economic Benefits From It Soon

The rise of the Dow Jones means that the economy is on the upswing, but it will take a while for the benefits of the upward trajectory to reach the average American.

Drone Strikes Are Another Sign Of American Arrogance

The myth of American exceptionalism is one reason why Obama's international drone program sees popular support while his domestic policies are regularly contested.

Google Privacy Settlement and What It Means for the Future of Google Glass

Google admitted to violating users privacy with Street View, and has agreed to pay out $7 million dollars to 38 states in a settlement. What does this mean for the future of privacy?

AmeriCorps: Still Provides Amazing Jobs For Millennials

AmeriCorps provides excellent jobs right out of college and a wonderful way to gain that experience everybody is trying to attain.

For the Women Of the Arab Spring, the Revolution Isn't Over

Two years after the Arab Spring, the women of the Middle East continue to advocate for their interests as protest gives way to state-building.

Cory Booker Has Huge Polling Lead For N.J. Senate Seat

New polling data suggests a strong lead for Democratic hopeful Cory Booker in his race for the New Jersey Senate seat.

Paul Ryan Budget: An Actual Attempt to Help Our Spending Problem

The left is all up in arms about Ryan's latest budget — and have been since before it was even introduced. Why is that?

CPAC 2013: Wrong to Exclude Chris Christie, Bob McDonnell, and GOProud

CPAC's exclusion of GOProud, Chris Christie and Bob McDonnell threatens the conservative movement. Without them, is the event just a "wretched hive of scum and villainy," as one GOPer opined?

Marc Madness Predictions: Patriot League Final, Bucknell Vs. Lafayette

Bucknell is taking on Lafayette in Wednesday night's Patriot League Final, find out who I'm picking to make the tournament.

Jay Z: 5 Reasons Why He Would Be the Best Politician Ever

It's a pipe dream, sure. But look at the man's credentials. Jay-Z has the qualities you want in a politician.

Papal Conclave 2013: White Smoke Emerges From Sistine Chapel Chimney

White smoke has emerged from the Sistine Chapel chimney. A new pope has been elected.

Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: VICE Documentary Takes an Inside Look Two Years Later

Two years after the Fukushima nuclear disaster, the town of Tomioka is deserted. Except for one man, who keeps life going in an evacuated zone.

Who is the New Pope: New Pontiff Elected in The Vatican

White smoke has emerged from the Sistine Chapel chimney. A new pope has been elected.

Which National Budget Plan Will Help Solve the D.C. Budget Crisis?

With Senate and House leadership still in partisan gridlock, we're in for a typical budget battle this year. The 113th Congress' freshmen class will be the difference.