Ultra Music Festival 2013 Lineup: Full List Of Artists at Miami Festival

For the first time, the Ultra Music Festival will take place over two weekends, March 15-17 and 22-24, in Miami, Florida. Get a look at the festival's headliners and lineup.

Pandering to Millennials Will Ruin the GOP

The GOP should not become more moderate just to appeal to millennials. America is in an ideological war, and the Democratic Party is to be defeated, not compromised with.

'The Office': Jim and Pam Need Some Serious Marriage Counseling

As the NBC series comes to a close, the couple we've fallen in love with have hit the skids. Will they be OK by the end of the season?

Ides Of March: 10 Facts About the Julius Caesar Assassination

It's the Ides of March, which happens to be the anniversary of Julius Caesar's assassination. Here are 10 things you should know about one of history's most famous murders.

Ultra Miami 2013 Live Stream: Watch HERE

Looking for a place to watch the Ultra Music Festival LIVE from Miami? Look no further. Check below for the live stream and full festival lineup.

5 People Who Could Replace Alex Trebek On Jeopardy

With longtime 'Jeopardy!' host Alex Trebek leaving the show in 2016, there are several celebrities who are in a position to replace him. Here are five good contenders for the job.

11 Policy Issues Banksy Has Addressed Through Art

Banksy has emerged as the premier artist of the millennial generation. Here are eleven topics the masked Brit has addressed through his extensive body of work.

10 Movies From the 60s and 70s Every Millennial Needs to See

The 60s and 70s changed cinema forever, as their productions shape our current crop of films. Here's a list of 10 incredible movies from that period that every millennial should see.

Brazil to Remove "God" Reference From Money

Should the United States follow Brazil's lead in removing references to God on its money?

5 Awesome Open Source Projects You Should Know About

Illegal media and open source applications are the two things to download on the Internet; this is a list of the category that doesn't make you feel guilty.

Jack Schaap: Preacher Justifies Sex With Teen As "God's Plan"

A former Indiana megachurch preacher defends his sexual relationship with a minor, claiming he was following God's orders.

Gun Control Debate: Shootings Should Compel Obama to Take Action Now

Innocent people have become little more than target practice. President Obama needs to issue an executive order immediately to curb gun violence in America.

Hollaback! to Create An App to End Street Harassment

New York City may soon have the first government in the world to receive street harassment reporting in real time, thanks to Hollabacks! new app.

'App' Movie Lets You Interact With the Film From Your Smartphone

Tired of being considered rude for using your phone during a movie? An upcoming Dutch horror film encourages viewers to use smartphones to enhance the film-going experience.

CPAC 2013 Speakers: 10 Women to Watch This Year

CPAC may have a shortage of women this year, but at least there are 10 interesting ones to watch for.

Youth Unemployment: 1 in 6 Young People Are Jobless

Last week’s job numbers were again abysmal, and once again, young people are suffering the most. Simply put, it’s “Millennial Madness.”

CPAC 2013 Day 2 LIVE: Mitt Romney Addresses Conservatives

Failed 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney addressed conservatives during CPAC's second day.

Hillary Clinton Facelift Joke Wasn't Funny, Just Sexist

The CPAC crowd makes a face lift joke about Hilary Clinton but no one is laughing.

Rush Limbaugh Gets It Wrong On GOP's Millennial Outreach

Rush Limbaugh says he wants Republicans to stand strong on principle, but what he's actually suggesting is that young people should be deferential to the GOP no matter what.

'The World According to Dick Cheney' Review: Cheney's World is a Scary Place

Showtime's new documentary about former Vice President Cheney sends one central message loud and clear: he regrets nothing.

Where Have All the Feminist Men Gone?

Plenty of men claim to be pro-feminism when it comes to women's issues and politics. So where are they when it comes time to back up women in day-to-day conversation?

SXSW 2013 Lineup: Justin Timberlake To Appear at Final MySpace Secret Show

Justin Timberlake just confirmed he'll be performing at the last MySpace Secret show at SXSW on March 16. That's tomorrow, people. Are you ready?

The SAT: Always Scrutinized, but Racially Biased?

The SAT is one of the most important measures in the U.S. for determining college admissions. But is it skewed in favor of white test-takers?

Higgs Boson "God Particle" Confirmed, But Are We Any Closer to Understanding the Universe?

With the Higgs Boson discovery confirmed, how will our fundamental understanding of the universe change? Can science ever fully satisfy humanity's innate desire for cosmic and spiritual wonder?

Domingo, Damrau, and Pirgu Electrify in Metropolitan Opera's 'La Traviata'

While the minimalist staging left a lot to be desired, the incredible performers on the stage of Metropolitan Opera delivered an instant operatic classic.

Family Research Council: Young People Don't Have 'Right' to Have Sex

The Family Research Council, a conservative Christian group, claims that young people were never given the "right" to have premarital sex — but, surprise surprise, this has never stopped them.

10th Anniversary Of Iraq War: U.S. Still Hasn't Learned Its Lessons

The Iraq War is perhaps the single biggest foreign policy disaster in American history. Here's hoping it doesn't take another decade for our country's leaders to figure that out.

As Stock Market Surges, Middle Class Has Been Shredded to Pieces

Despite the general optimism steaming from the markets and unemployment news, it is the wealthiest Americans, not the common American person, who are benefiting.

Alabama Education Accountability Act: Does the Alabama GOP Think They're Above the Law?

After passing an education reform act with hidden tax cuts for the rich, the GOP's ultimate control over all branches of government in Alabama silences criticism.

"Protection" is Now Main Reason For Gun Ownership, Despite Dramatic Drop in Crime Rates

The desire to own guns for protection rather than hunting has been brought on by an increased fear of crime, despite the fact that crime has been declining for years.

7 Craziest Speakers At the 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference

The Conservative Political Action Conference draws tens of thousands of conservative activists and politicians each year. Here are a few of the more controversial figures speaking this year.

War With Iran? Maybe, If Lindsey Graham Gets His Way

Resolution 65 and H.R. 850 increase sanctions on Iran while giving Israel the green light to initate a U.S.-backed war, threatening to undermine a diplomatic solution.

Does Going Gay For a Role Make An Actor More Serious?

Does a straight man portraying a gay man really make him a bona fide actor?

CPAC 2013: 5 Most Anti-Gay Speakers

For the second year in a row, CPAC has banned groups representing the LGBT community from participating in the event. The event will host anti-gay speakers though, and here are some of them.

Maryland Death Penalty All But Abolished, As Governor Martin O'Malley Expected to Approve

On Friday, Maryland joined 17 other states to make life without parole the severest punishment possible.

Flap Between China and the Vatican Has Nothing to Do With Religious Freedom

Why the problem between the Vatican and Beijing is not about freedom of religion at all.

Assault Weapons Ban: Dianne Feinstein the Wrong Person to Lead It

Assault weapon ownership is an emotionally charged issue for Feinstein, and the Federal Assault Weapons Ban initiative should be streamlined by a senator who is more detached from the issue.

Drones in America: A Battle Of Limited Government and Civil Liberties

The controversy surrounding the domestic use of drones allows for discussion on government regulation, as well as civil liberties.

The Surprising Reproductive Rights Issue For Millennials: Judge Appointments

While activists and advocates are quick to fight against anti-abortion and anti-birth control legislation and lawmakers, they should be turning their attention to America's court system.

Mitt Romney CPAC 2013 Speech LIVE Stream

The 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference begins Thursday and is an annual "shot in the arm" for conservative activists. Follow along here for live updates.

Gay Marriage, Debt, and the Economy Can Help the GOP Win Big With Millennials

The GOP needs to chart a new course. By proposing solutions on skyrocketing national debt and the failing economy and switching on gay marriage, they can win big with the youth vote.

Rush Limbaugh Responds to a PolicyMic Pundit

As part of PolicyMic's special coverage of the future of the GOP with millennials, Rush Limbaugh responds to a pundit's column with one of his own.

Immigration Reform 2013: How Republicans Can Win Over Millennials

Republicans have an unfavorable reputation among members of Generation Y. Here are a few ways they can fix that and earn the respect of millennials.

What If Congress Went Into a Conclave?

Locking our leaders in the House chamber until they strike a deal might be the only way to finally put our fiscal house in order.

Israel Palestine: Could Israel Have a Jewish Minority In a Few Decades?

Only 50% of the people living in the Gaza Strip, Israel, and the West Bank are of Jewish descent. And the numbers will keep dropping.

Mitch McConnell 2014: Challengers Emerge From All Sides

The 2014 Kentucky Senate race might be closer than anticipated, and suddenly Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is in the hotseat.

Kimani Gray Protests: Treatment Of Protest Shows Police Misconduct As Much His Death Did

In East Flatbush, protesters decrying the NYPD's shooting of Kimani Gray now find themselves facing harsh police treatment. Dissent is increasingly criminalized, but for whom?

Rob Portman Gay Son Prompts Reversal On Same-Sex Marriage

Senator Rob Portman of Ohio has reversed his position on gay marriage after his son came out as gay, joining the 51% of Americans in favor of marriage equality.

Wayne LaPierre CPAC 2013 Full Speech Video: Watch the NRA CEO Address CPAC

The 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference begins Thursday and is an annual "shot in the arm" for conservative activists. Follow along here for live updates.

To Win Over Millennials, Republicans Have to Actually Understand Millennials

To snag the millennial generation, Democrats and Republicans alike have to better understand them and the forces that shape their views.

Anti-Vaccination Propaganda Pops Up in Texas, Arizona, Illinois, and Oregon

An anti-vaccination group has put up billboards spreading misinformation in several states.

Nicolas Maduro Will Likely Be the Next President Of Venezuela, But is That Constitutional?

Nicolas Maduro seems to have an easy path ahead of him to be Chavez's successor as El Comandante. But is his candidacy even legal?

Street View Scandal: Google to Pay 38 States $7 Million

After years of investigating and probing, Google gets nothing but a slap on the wrist for creating code that snooped into unsecured Wi-Fi data. Seriously?

Dick Cheney Documentary: Former VP Reveals He Has No Professional Regrets

In a new documentary, former Vice President Dick Cheney admits he has no professional regrets, demonstrating arrogance and a complete lack of humility for neglecting to acknowledge mistakes.

Guantanamo Bay Hunger Strike Reminds Us That the Detention Center Still Exists, Is Still Illegal

Hunger strikes are happening in ... what's that place called? You know, Guantanamo Bay. That illegal detention center we... closed?

The GOP Must Focus on Millennials, Minorities, and Women to Stay Relevant

If Republicans pay special attention to attracting a diverse group of voters, they will dispel the notion that the GOP puts ideology first and people second.

Mitt Romney CPAC 2013 Full Speech Video: Watch Romney Addressing CPAC

The 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference begins Thursday and is an annual "shot in the arm" for conservative activists. Follow along here for live updates.

CPAC 2013: What Was the Point Of Donald Trump's Speech?

Donald Trump delivered a confusing speech on the current state of the U.S. economy, among other things. Then agan, when has he ever made any sense?

A World Without Sharks? Sounds Terrible

The CITES conference in Bangkok implemented sweeping and important global shark finning regulations over the past two weeks. But why does it matter?

Digital Books: The Decline Of Print Books Matters

Aside from nostalgia and sentimentality, there's the distraction factor.

3 Things the GOP Must Do to Appeal to Millennials

Abandoning the Constitution, insulting millennials, and inconsistency lost the GOP the youth vote in 2012. Here's how conservatives can get it before the upcoming elections.

This New Mobile Tool is Redefining the Power Of Petitions

/Crowdring, a new mobile tool, records "missed calls" as digital signatures, allowing users to present the calls for political petitions.

U.S. Drone Strikes: UN Report Slams Program For Violating Pakistani Sovereignty

President Obama's drone program is under fire again, this time from the UN for violating Pakistan's sovereignty.

Whether Moms Can 'Have it All' Or Not, They're Certainly Doing It All

Perhaps the most interesting finding from a new Pew poll is the parental perception of the time they spend with their children and what type of work they perform.

North Korea Cyber Atttack Blamed On U.S., But Was It China?

North Korea blamed the U.S. and South Korea for cyberattacks on Friday which temporarily disabled websites this week during a period of elevated tensions caused by the North’s nuclear ambitions.

Senator Kelly Ayotte: Obama Administration Benghazi Explanations "False" and "Absolutely Wrong"

Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) delivered a withering rebuke of the response of President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and UN Ambassador Susan Rice to the Benghazi embassy attacks.

5 Behind-the-Scenes Players You'd Never Suspect Are Pushing Immigration Reform

Pass or fail, an immigration reform decision will fall on our elected officials. However, there are powerful, backroom decision-makers who can ultimately shape the direction this country takes.

Charlie Sheen Twitter: Actor Rants About School Failing to Help Bullied Daughter

Sheen encouraged fans to sling dog excrement at his daughter's former school, as the adminsitration reportedly took a blind eye to a student relentlessly bullying his little girl.

SXSW 2013 LIVE: Everything You Need to Know About South By Southwest

Check in here for all things SXSW: a one of a kind festival celebrating music, film, and interactive media taking place in Austin, Texas from March 8-17.

Immigration Reform 2013: Latino Voters Say Reform is More Important Than Economy

Latino voters priorities have dramatically switched to immigration followed by the economy in recent polling, indicating a recognition of Latino voting block power.

Mic Check: The Crazy Economics Behind Your Favorite Food Truck

My take on today's news, featuring today's top PolicyMic stories and my favorite articles from around the web.

The 5 Biggest Political Events This Week

The top political news you should care about from the week of March 8-15, 2013.

Bobby Jindal CPAC 2013 Speech: Jindal Proposes to Eliminate Louisiana's Income Tax

"We shouldn't be the party of austerity, we should be the party of growth," said Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, a potential 2016 presidential candidate, during his CPAC 2013 speech.

Sequester 2013: 4 Things That Guarantee More Partisan Gridlock

Why the sequester is a recipe for more gridlock.

Syria Civil War: Iran Tensions Ramp Up By Sending Arms to Assad Regime

On Thursday, Western diplomats said Iran has significantly stepped up military support to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad by funneling weapons through Iraq, Turkey, and Lebanon.

Video Games Are Good For Grandpa

Video games are often thought of as the domain of overweight teenagers, but they now occupy our culture as welcome distractions that boost the cognitive and kinetic health of seniors.

CITES Vote Makes Sure 5 Shark Species Gain International Protection, But That is Not Enough

The Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species has upheld a decision to extend protections to sharks, but it's a toothless decision.

Watch the Video That is Putting An End to Stereotypes

Stereotypes are everywhere we look and pushed on us by advertisers, marketers, and each other. How can we defeat them?

How the Internet Can Cure the Ills Of Modern Medicine

Innovations from big data, entrepreneurs, and scientists can help shape the future of our health system.

Rob Portman Son Comes Out: Senator Reverses Gay Marriage Stance

Sen. Portman, who once supported banning same-sex marriage, has had a change of heart as a result of his son coming out as gay. His newfound support, however, is hollow, empty, and self-serving.

Iraq War Anniversary: 10 years later, Was It Worth It?

Ten years after the launch the the Iraq, it's only approproate to ask whether the whole endeavor was worth the cost in lives and money.

5 Superpowers You'll Be Able to Buy Soon Thanks to Science

Humans are using all kinds of enhancements and devices to try to gain superpowers that could lead to big changes in the way society operates.

Pope Francis: Must Abandon Conservative Principles, Approach Poverty Pragmatically

Despite accolades for his humble lifestyle, Pope Francis must employ a new strategy to alleviate poverty.

GOP Must Reflect Diversity Of Millennial Generation to Appeal to Young People

Gen Y is the most racially diverse voting generation. To appeal to millennials, the GOP needs to prove that minorities and women believed in the party enough to run for office within it.

5 Famous (and Infamous) St. Patrick's Day Births

March 17 is St. Patrick's Day to us, but also a birthday to some. Here are five famous figures who were born on the holiday.

SXSW 2013 Lineup: Last Chance to See "Finding the Funk"!

In less than an hour, Nelson George's documentary "Finding the Funk" will be screened for the last time at SXSW. Don't miss it!

Pac-12 2013 Tournament Schedule and Predictions

March Madness 2013 is upon us. Check back with this blog for live scores, updates, predictions, video, and highlights.

"Frackademia" Strikes Again at USC with "Powering California" Study Release

A new report says we could be witnessing the second-coming of a "gold rush" when it comes to fracking.

Keystone XL Pipeline: New Study Falsly Calls Pipeline Safe

Flying in the face of the slew of scientific studies on the harms of the Keystone pipeline, the State Department determined that laying down the pipeline is environmentally sound.