CPAC 2013: Scott Terry Racist Comment Defended By Other Participants

CPAC's "Trump the Race Card" seminar turned into a circus when Scott Terry suggested Frederick Douglass should be thankful for the food and shelter he received as a slave. What gives?

CPAC 2013 Panel On Race Ends in Shouting Match, Upset White People

A CPAC panel on ending the racist label often ascribed to Republicans took a turn for the worse when two white students claimed they were being "disenfranchised" by blacks.

Spring Breakers Review: Visual Overload But More Entertaining By the Second

With shaky camera angles, oppressive bright colors, sunlight, loud music, and constant chaos, 'Spring Breakers' is a lot to stomach for a 90-minute movie.

5 Irish Bands and Musicians For Your St. Patrick's Day Playlist

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, here are five Irish bands and musicians worth adding to your musical library.

Women's History Month: Not All Pioneers Of Women's Suffrage Movement Were White

Many history texts depict Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton as the stars of the women's suffrage movement, letting women of color such as Ida B. Wells, fall through the cracks.

Sarah Palin CPAC Speech Surpasses Our Wildest Fever Dreams

The former governor of Alaska served as the comedy relief on the final day of CPAC.

CPAC 2013: Top Quotes You May Have Missed

All the best lines of CPAC in one, out of context place, though I'm not sure context would make these any better.

CPAC 2013: Romney Hasn't Learned From Presidential Loss

Mitt Romney is the same candidate who lost the election last November.

Higgs Boson is Not the So-Called "God Particle"

You likely have heard the Higgs boson referred to as "The God Particle." Some physicists really wish people would cut that out.

Are Millennials Ready to Grow Up?

Modern technology provides more opportunities to be an entrepreneur than ever, but will millennials' improper education stunt these opportunities?

Lil Wayne in Hospital Following Seizure, But He's OK Now

30-year old rapper and recording artist Lil Wayne is recovering in a Los Angeles hospital after being admitted Friday evening following a sezuire.

Ieng Sary, Architect Of Cambodian Genocide, Dies Before Conviction

In Cambodia, the Khmer Rouge ruthlessly slaughterd 2 million people. But decades later, only one leader has been prosecuted for crimes against humanity.

First Two Tickets Punched of the Day for Albany and Memphis

March Madness 2013 is upon us. Check back with this blog for live scores, updates, predictions, video, and highlights.

What To Watch For on Saturday Morning and Predictions

March Madness 2013 is upon us. Check back with this blog for live scores, updates, predictions, video, and highlights.