Rand Paul Abortion Bill: Life At Conception Act Would Outlaw Abortion

Paul may just have alienated a large chunk of the millennial base with his Life at Conception Act, which would fully outlaw abortion in the United States.

The Biggest Loser Season 14 Finale: Show Promotes Bad Science, Stereotypes

The hit reality show is based on bad science, starvation diets, and excessive exercise and sends the wrong message to people who want to lose weight.

Why is Kim Kardashian Famous? Beauty, Not Talent, is All You Need

Kim Kardashian's fame admits something about our culture that we've been trying to ignore for a long time: When it comes to celebrity, the most important thing a woman can be is beautiful.

New Study Finds More Than Half Of Female Voters Are Feminists

Feminists make up the majority of female voters in the United States. What does this mean for women in general ... and Hillary in 2016?

Believe It Or Not, Islam Has Actually Extended and Protected Women's Rights

Islam has extended rights to women that their Western counterparts weren't given until the 18th and 19th centuries.

Steubenville Trial: Why Does CNN Think Watching Rapists Get Convicted is "Difficult to Watch"?

The Steubenville rape case has come to an end. Instead of expressing sympathy for the rape victim, CNN shared their deeply felt sentiments about the rapists.

New India Rape Case: Rape in India is Encouraged by Poverty and Gender Inequality

Up to eight men gang raped a Swiss woman camping with her husband outside of the small town of Orchaa in India. The men beat the husband and forced him to watch after tying him to a tree.

Iraq War Anniversary: 4 Worst Long-Term Impacts Of the U.S. Invasion

While statistical uncertainty leaves us unclear on the true scale of the Iraq War, the impact it has left on American society and Iraq is still visible ten years later.

Adam Lanza Sandy Hook Shooting: Killer Plotted For Years

Connecticut police discovered a 7-foot-long, 4-foot-wide spreadsheet with names, body counts and weapons from mass murders in the past, proving that the Sandy Hook shooting was planned for years.

Ohio Rape Trial: News Agencies Broadcast Name Of 16-Year Old Victim

On Monday, news networks allowed the name of the victim in the Steubenville rape trial to air without being redacted, and that is reprehensible.

Pope Francis Installation Mass LIVE Stream: Watch Pope Francis' Investiture Online

The Vatican will host Tuesday delegations from over 130 countries, and multiple religious denominations, who will attend Pope Francis I's Investiture. Watch live here.

25 Years Ago, the U.S. Let Saddam Murder 5,000 Kurds

25 years ago, the smell of apples hung over Halabja as Saddam's military killed 5,000 Kurds with nerve gas. The worst part? America let it happen.

Steubenville Rape Case: Ma'lik Richmond and Trent Mays May Just Be the First to Be Convicted

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine said additional charges will be considered for anyone who kept quiet about the rape of a 16-year-old girl during a grand jury investigation set for April 15.

NCAA 2013 Bracket Predictions: Why You Should Jump On the Louisville Bandwagon

The main reasons to root for Louisville in this year's NCAA tournament have little to do with basketball: it's the personal stories that make this team a favorite.

Steubenville Rape Trial: CNN in Hot Water After Show Of Pity For Rapists

CNN's pity coverage of the Steubenville rape verdict has people upset, going as far as to suggest that anchor Candy Crowley and reporter Poppy Harlow are 'rape apologists.' Is it deserved?

CPAC 2013 Was All About White Victimhood

The cult of white victimhood has always found its charter members in the GOP, and this year's CPAC was no exception.

Traci Lords Says She Was Also Raped in Steubenville At Age 10

An ex-pornographic film actress says that she was raped at the age of 10 in Steubenville, Ohio, the same small town where a teen rape case has garnered national attention.

Proof Finally Emerges That Richard Nixon Was Not Just a Crook, But a Traitor

A BBC report gives fresh evidence that not only was Richard Nixon a crook, but that he also deliberately sabotaged Vietnam peace accords to sink Hubert Humphrey's presidential campaign.

CPAC 2013: All-Woman Panel Finds Obamacare "Sexist"

An all-female panel at CPAC talked about the difficulties of coming out as a conservative and the inherent "sexism" of Obamacare, instead of supporting women.

3 Ways Starbucks is Ruining Your Morning Coffee Experience

Coffee is obviously the most important part of any start to the day, but Starbucks may not be the best way to get your caffeine fix.

Chinese Labs Are Engineering Genius Babies, Should the U.S. Follow Suit?

A Chinese laboratory has harvested the DNA of 2,000 geniuses in the hopes of increasing its population's IQ by 15 points. What does this endeavor say about the future of genetic engineering?

CPAC Panel Says Conservative Muslims Are Waging a "Stealth Jihad"

Breitbart News hosted an unofficial panel at CPAC titled “The Uninvited: A series of controversial speakers and panels,” which focused on ignorant Islamophobic speech.

Defense Distributed: Gun Company Gets License to 3D-Print Guns

25-year-old Cody Wilson has obtained a license required in order to manufacture and sell guns. He's come a long way in a short time, but is he one of the most dangerous people in America?

Bill Gates is Only Half Right When He Says Government Should Be Run Like a Business

In order to get a public sector that is as responsive as the private sector, we have to introduce more individual choice into the system.

'The Bible' TV Show Makes Satan Look Like Obama: Was it On Purpose?

The Twitter-verse was filled with people claiming that the character of Satan in the History channel series "The Bible" looked an awful lot like President Barack Obama.

Ben Carson 2016: Is He Actually Going to Run For President?

Dr. Ben Carson fired up conservatives at CPAC today after hinting at a possible 2016 presidential run.

ePad Femme Tablet Review: The World's First Tablet "For Women" is Here

A Middle Eastern company has released the first-ever tablet "made exclusively for women." It is the "perfect gadget" for cooking, grocery shopping, and losing weight. Wow.

CFPB Sets Sights On Sallie Mae, Seeks Greater Role in Student Loan Oversight

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is seeking greater regulatory oversight of Sallie Mae and other nonbank student loan servicers.

Cause of Cyprus Bank Crisis Stems From the European Union

On Monday, a Cyprus bank crisis was set off as news broke that legislators are considering targeting bank deposits as a way to pay for a bailout of the otherwise bankrupt island nation.

U.S. Iran Drone Conflict: Tensions Flare As Iran Tries to Intercept Surveillance Drone

Last week, Iranian fighter jets attempted to intercept a U.S. surveillance drone in the Persian, as tensions between the two countries ramp up yet again.

Lifeline Biotechnologies Smart Bra: Can Detect Cancer 6 Years Early

A new bra relies on thermography to detect heat or abnormal heat signatures from tumors versus normal tissue.

Gay Rights Group MassEquality Excluded From St. Patrick's Day Parade

Last week, MassEquality was denied participation in the South Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade. This exclusion tells gay youth that it still isn't OK to be gay.

Michelle Obama Vogue Cover: 5 Takeaways From Her Second Cover Story

The April issue of Vogue makes it clear that the FLOTUS is no background player in the first family, but rather a partner.

Girls Season 2 Finale: Do the Unlovable Deserve to Be Loved?

This season was messier than last, but the finale tied up many loose ends and showed us that every millennial has the right to be loved, even at his or her absolute worst.

New Pope 2013: Francis is Who the Vatican Wanted, But Not the Pope They Need

Newly-elected Pope Francis can solidfy a Catholic surge in Africa and South America ... at the cost of the hard-fought battle to revitalize the Church in the West.

7 Totally Awesome Feminist Women On TV

Only a handful of shows have feisty, strong-willed female characters. Here are seven ladies on TV who further the feminist movement.

South Carolina Primaries: Mark Sanford and Elizabeth Colbert Busch Are Top Contenders

Voters heading to polls in South Carolina’s 1st District Tuesday will see a few familiar names on the ballot: former governor Mark Sanford and Stephen Colbert’s sister, Elizabeth Colbert Busch.

50 Shades Of Grey: BDSM Book Prompts Record Sales Of Nipple Clamps

America's most dedicated sheep are resorting to purchasing nipple clamps to live out the erotic fantasies in EL James's novel.

Cheerful, Smiling New Pope Francis I Angers Hardliners in Rome

The election of Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio as Pope Francis I has angered the conservative wing of the Papal Conclave, who wanted to see a more "undead, Benedict-esque" face claim the Papacy.

Washington State is Leading the Way For Reproductive Rights

Washington's Reproductive Parity Act would require insurance companies that cover maternity care to also cover abortions and would be the first law of its kind in the country.

Girls HBO Season 2 Finale Recap: Together At Last

The tag line of Girls this season was "almost getting it kind of together." So, did they do it?

Wayne LaPierre CPAC Speech: No Backing Down on Background Checks

The NRA's Wayne LaPierre responded to critics at CPAC on Saturday and delighted the crowd. Too bad the cheers were for a complete flip-flop on background checks for gun purchases.

Inspiration Mars Foundation: Dennis Tito is Looking For a Couple to Send to the Red Planet

A space touring millionaire is looking to send people to space, but it'll be no picnic. The first mission to Mars will be fraught with danger, some of which cannot be accurately accounted for.

Rand Paul Drone Filibuster Was Nothing More Than Fear-Mongering

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) wants you to think drones are at the forefront of an Obama-led Orwellian nightmare, but the truth is more reassuring.

Israel Palestine Poll: Americans Far More Sympathetic Toward Israelis Than Palestinians

Contrasting results from recent polls asking Americans whether they sympathize more with the Israelis or the Palestinians in the Middle East highlight the need to ask different questions.

Rand Paul is Wrong: International Development is Vital to U.S. National Security

Critics of "foreign aid" must understand that it is one of the most critical aspects of national security, and that cutting it only puts the nation in danger.

Keystone XL Pipeline Might Still Happen Despite Obama Opposition

A draft bill in the Senate may soon give them the authority to approve the controversial pipeline.

Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In: Men Must Lean In Too

As Sandberg notes in her new book, 'Lean In,' women have to "lean in" to get ahead professionally, but we also need to make sure that men aren't "leaning back."

Debt Ceiling 2013: New Battle Pits Rand Paul Against John McCain

While Paul filibustered our government's "right" to drone us at will, the old guard Republicans were hatching a plan over after-dinner cigars and brandy to sell us out for more tax increases.

New Pope 2013: Study Finds Fewest Strong American Catholics in 38 Years

New data shows a Catholic Church increasingly out of touch with most Americans, as the numbers of strong Catholics is at the lowest in 38 years.

Do You Live in America's "Sadness Belt"?

Americans have become sadder every year, as evidenced by the growing (and visible) "sadness belt" stretching across half the country. Are our leaders paying attention?

'Bates Motel' Trailer: Can the Show Live Up To 'Psycho'?

The new A&E show, 'Bates Motel,' premieres Monday. Trying to live up to 'Psycho' may be asking too much. Check out 3 shows that more than lived up to the expectations set by the movie.

'The Wire' is the Greatest Work Of American Fiction Millennials Have Ever Seen

David Simon always said he wanted each season of 'The Wire' to be treated as a novel, with each episode a chapter. He ended up beating the art form he was hoping to emulate.

Italian Ambassador Detained By India Over Murder Of 2 Fishermen By Italian Marines

A diplomatic row is spiraling out of control as two countries come to heads over the jurisdiction of a court case involving two Italian marines and two deceased Indian fishermen.

Awful North Dakota Bill Would Outlaw Most Abortions

A ban on abortions after six weeks — before many women know they are pregnant — has been passed by the state legislature in North Dakota.

Did Harvard Sacrifice Its Own Integrity In Fight Against Cheating?

Harvard admins reportedly accessed deans' emails to figure out who had leaked the school's cheating scandal to the media. How far are universities willing to go in the crusade against cheating?

NYPD Stop and Frisk is a Failure, So Why Does It Exist?

Victims are suing the NYPD over its racially biased and unconstitutional "stop and frisk" policies. But considering the history from which they emerged, real change is hard to imagine.

UCF Evacuated: Man Found Dead With Guns and Homemade Explosives

The University of Central Florida's campus will be closed until noon on Monday after a student possessing guns and explosives apparently killed himself.

Listen to Beyoncé's New Single 'Bow Down/I Been On' ... It's Amazing

With her recently-released single(s) 'Bown Down'/'I Been On,' Beyoncé shows us what it looks like when she's mad. And as expected, it's pretty phenomenal.

Violence Against Women Convention Passed By UN

Violence against women is a massive problem worldwide. Fortunately, the UN is tackling it with landmark new conventions.

NYC Soda Ban: Debate Over "Nanny State" Ignores Real Fight For Food Justice

Last week, a New York state judge struck down Mayor Bloomberg's soda ban, sparking a new round of verbal sparring over "freedom," ignoring the millennials fighting against junk food corporations.

Iranian Nuclear Talks Show Promise, But War Hawks On All Sides Work to Undermine Them

Despite war hawks from all sides, the newest round of talks give us reason to be cautiously optimistc that a deal can be reached through diplomacy.

Working Mothers Do More Childcare Today Than in 1965 — So Why the Double Standard?

Although much-criticized working moms are working longer hours outside the home, they're simultaneously spending more time with children inside the home. Why the double standard?

Winter Storm Ukko LIVE Updates: Snow, Rain and Gusty Winds Till the Last Day Of Winter

Winter Storm Ukko will deliver yet more snow, rain and gusty winds to the Midwest and the Northwest this Tuesday and Wednesday

Rick Perry CPAC Speech Shows Just How Out Of Touch the GOP is Getting

Texas Governor Rick Perry's CPAC speech shows just how out of touch the conservative base of the Republican Party actually is, and raises questions about the future of the party.

Violence Against Women Act: Why is Progress Stalling On the Fight Against Rape, Violence, and Domestic Abuse?

New report by the Justice Department indicates sexual violence against women fell by 64%in the last ten years, but has plateaued in the last five years.

Reince Priebus 'Face the Nation' Interview: Why He Was Totally Wrong

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus has said the GOP's lack of success in the recent election could be attributed to the party's image. The real problem, though, is the GOP's lack of unity.

Drones At G8 Summit in Northern Ireland Will Patrol the Skies

The Police Service of Northern Ireland announced it will purhase two unarmed drones to monitor the grounds at this summer's G8 summit, in the Lough Erne Resort.

5 Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day Without Becoming Totally Useless the Following Day

Because you still have to go to work on Monday morning.

This Harvard Professor May Be the Indiana Jones Of the Northeast

Step aside, Indiana Jones. A Harvard professor may have found the answer to that “age-old” quest for immortality.

5 Greatest Moments Of 'Girls' Season 2

The finale doesn't premiere until this evening, but here's how the characters have progressed this season.

Climate Change: Is China Really Taking the International Lead On the Environment?

China's global influence is growing for reasons out of Western control. It may not be such a bad thing, judging by its latest moves.

Xi Jinping Presidency: Expect Reform, But Not Of the Political Sort

Xi Jinping emerged as China’s top leader on Thursday. With just 1 vote against him, he has an “electoral mandate” that any U.S. president would salivate over.

Mic Check: Scientists Bring Extinct Species Back From the Dead

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on the day's news and our favorite stories currently on the site.

North Dakota Abortion Ban: Govenor Dalrymple Should Veto Frivolous, Costly Bills

North Dakota's legislators know their abortion bans won't stand up in court. Governor Dalrymple should stand up for North Dakota tax payers and veto these bills.

Devendra Banhart: Listen to Folk Artist's New Song, "Für Hildegard von Bingen"

If you haven't heard these songs yet, you're missing out!

Google Reader Death Brings Disappointment, Hope For New Ideas

Google Reader's departure may be the inspiration someone needs to come up with a service that meets the needs of a herd of anxious subscribers.

Cyprus Bank Levy: The Next Big Crisis in the Euro Zone?

Cyprus will seize citizens' savings to bail out its banking industry. The bank levy on savers could set a bad precedent for future interventions in the euro zone.

Rupiah Banda May Now Be Prosecuted For Corruption in Zambia

The Zambian Parliament has removed the legal immunity of former President Rupiah Banda to enable the government to take him to court and answer charges of alleged abuse of office and corruption.

Rick Santorum CPAC Speech Compares Obama's Vision For America to the French Revolution

Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Penn.) warned that President Obama seeks to replace the sovereign king with the sovereign mob at CPAC on Friday morning.

Culture Jamming SXSW 2013

A PolicyMic pundit offers his personal account of experiences attending South by Southwest Interactive 2013.

Yesh Atid: Netanyahu's New Israeli Government Shuns Far-Right Ultra-Orthodox Parties

Netanyahu’s new coalition government does not include traditional allies and angers some in his own party. Only time will tell if the government will succeed.

Cyprus Bank Crisis: What's Next For the Bankrupt Nation?

On the heels of the Cyprus bank crisis, here's what's next: the possibility of radical political movements gaining more mainstream acceptance.

Cyprus Bailout: Could the Government Steal Our Savings Here, Too?

People in Europe are learning an important lesson: when you are a peasant, everything you have is owned by the government, and they can take it whenever they want.

U.S. Leadership Approval Rating Takes Major Dip Worldwide

A Gallup poll reveals that Obama's current worldwide approval rating is 41%, an 8 percent drop from the president's approval rating during his first year in office.

Effects of Cyprus Bank Crisis: Capital Will Flee Island Nation and Make Room For New Players

One of the effects of the Cyprus bank crisis could be the entrance of new players into Cyprus' financial system, such as the Chinese or Qatari.

Cyprus Bailout Deal Will Hit Russian and British Depositors Hard

A short primer on the Cyprus bailout deal and those that are likely to be most effected.

Li Keqiang: New Chinese Premier Will Not Bring Change, Despite Claims

Li Keqiang made his first news conference on Sunday as China’s new premier, but don’t expect any real change to occur. The CCP is concerned with political survival, not sustainable development.

Effects of Cyprus Bailout Deal: A Big Blow to International Money Laundering

Cyprus' economic collapse is also a blow to money laundering. It's just one of the many effects of the Cyprus bailout deal.

Cyprus Banking Crisis Offers Lessons For the United States on Debt

The Cyprus banking crisis offers some takeaways for the United States. Namely, debt has to be managed properly or the risks can be severe.

University Of Central Florida Evacuted After Explosives, Dead Man Found in Dorm

UCF classes have been canceled through noon pending an investigation into the death of a Florida man, who was found in a dorm along with an assault weapon and bag of explosives.

Cyprus Bailout Deal Raises Fear of Bank Runs in Other European Countries

Following the Cyprus bailout deal, the risk of bank runs elsewhere in Europe is high.

How Much Snow Will NYC Get

Winter Storm Ukko is here to remind us all New Yorkers, North easterners and Midwesterners, that winter is not over just yet.

2013 Tournament Predictions: Why Louisville Should Be Your Team

NCAA Tournament Predictions: Why You Should Jump On the Louisville Bandwagon.