LGBTQIA: A Beginner’s Guide to the Great Alphabet Soup Of Queer Identity

Have no clue what LGBT*(T)Q1Q2GQIAASCP(GSM) means? Here's a definitive guide to every letter of the queer alphabet.

Quvenzhané Wallis Onion Tweet Sign Of Society's Shameful Treatment Of Black Girls

The Onion's tweet about Ms. Wallis is a symptom of a long standing problem with how society views and treats women and girls of color.

New Kindle Gay Marriage Commercial: Paperwhite Ad Signals Changing Times

Amazon, in their new Kindle Paperwhite commercial, reflects progression towards the prevailing acceptance of same-sex marriage and homosexuality general in the contemporary world.

3 Reasons Pro-Choice and Pro-LGBT Folks Won't Leave the Catholic Church

Given the official church positions on abortion, sex, and sexuality, why don’t pro-choice and pro-LGBT Catholics get out of the Catholic Church? Academics explain why.

South Dakota Abortion Laws: Longest Mandatory Waiting Times in U.S. Introduced

If you are trying to terminate your pregnancy in South Dakota, your life just got a whole lot tougher.

Syrian Civil War Could Destabilize Entire Middle East

Thought the Syrian civil war was limited to Syria? Wrong. The "Syrian Sweep" could lead the Middle East into a place no one wishes to see.

"Greedy Lying Bastards" Review: The Koch Brothers' War On Truth

A new documentary examines how the American public has been misled into endless debates on global warming's validity, even though scientists continus to warn us time is running out.

Sequestration 2013: Who Do We Blame?

Neither party chose to work towards preventing the sequester. Here's a look at why.

Bob Woodward Emails: Why Did Woodward Make Up White House Threats?

Bob Woodward has America confused. At the beginning of the week, he claimed to have been threatened by the White House, but it turned out to have been a friendly disagreement. What gives?

Sequestration Cuts Include Firefighting, While Wildfires Rage in Florida

With a 200 acre wild fire raging in Flagler and Volusia Counties, families and first responders are left to wonder if they can rely on help from their government.

Chocolate is More Sinful Than You Think

Chocolate has a reputation as a delectable, sinful treat ... but the real sin is in its production, where poverty-stricken workers toil for unending hours at slave wages.

Is the Cure For Cancer and Diabetes Hiding in Your Beer?

Some recent news reports describe hops as a source for exciting new treatments. But before you start celebrating, here's what you need to know.

Mitt Romney is Back To Save Us All On "Fox News Sunday"

D.C. is a mess, the sequester is freaking everyone out, and confidence in the government is lower than ever. Obviously, what the nation needs is more (uh oh) Mitt Romney.

Paul Krugman vs. Internet Libertarians: Online Battle Breaks Wikipedia Page

The online war between supporters of renowned economist Paul Krugman and those of ‘Austrian Economists’ calls into question the use of Wikipedia for the spreading of information.

"21 And Over" Movie Review: It Tries and Fails to Be "The Hangover" For Millennials

"21 and Over" is trying really, really hard to imitate the Zach Galifianakis classic, but it falls flat on virtually every level with low-brow, offensive jokes and terrible acting.

Saudi Human Rights Abuses Demand Harsh Response From U.S.

Saudi Arabia has one of the worst human rights records in the Middle East. The Obama administration should work to pressure the Saudis towards reform, not ply them with weapons.

Discrimination Isn't Just Wrong — It's Hurting the Economy

Discrimination is economically efficient as well as oppressive. However, solving its economic impacts will be easier said than done.

4 Ways the Sequester Will Affect You (Including Leaking Nuclear Waste)

Confused on what effects the sequester might have on your home and budget? Here are four ways in which the budget cuts may affect you in your everyday life.

Obama Israel Policy: No Change Of Course in Sight

The Obama administration has yet to make the Israeli-Palestinian conflict a priority and there has been no strong indication the president intends to change course.

Marissa Mayer: Why Her Yahoo! Telecommute Ban is a Mistake

The new policy demonstrates a lack of faith and trust in workers, not to mention a complete disregard for reality.

Mido Macia Murder Actually Says a Lot About America

When the cops murdered Mido Macia this week, police brutality in South Africa came under global scrutiny. But the incident's parallels in American society are both striking and revealing.

Prop 8: Republican Support Crucial For Killing California Gay Marriage Ban

Thursday's bipartisan brief in support of gay marriage may have an impact on the Supreme Court's March 26th oral hearing on Proposition 8.

Black History Month Post-Mortem: What is An Appropriate History Lesson?

An appalling story about a primary grade coloring assignment appeared in the March 1 edition of The Florida Times-Union. It raises many questions about appropriate teaching and lessons.