Lil Wayne Emmett Till: Song Reference Crossed the Line

In a new song, Lil Wayne tastelessly says he's going to "beat" a female's genitals like Emmett Till, a black man who was attacked and killed for flirting with a white woman in the 50s.

CBS March Madness Live Stream

CBS and March Madness Live are providing streaming coverage of the tournament. Find out how you can catch all the games on TV or online.

#NotBuyingIt App Could Put An End to Sexist Advertisements

A new app will give users a way to photograph, share, and report offensive advertisements. Will it mean the end of sexism in ads?

Rachel Maddow Reddit AMA Shows MSNBC is Just a Mouthpiece For the White House

More than a liberal network, MSNBC has become a puppet for the Democratic Party.

Jodi Arias Trial LIVE Stream: Court Resumes After Woman Vomits

The Jodi Arias murder trial will resume Thursday after Wednesday's session was canceled after a woman vomited in court.

Illinois Concealed Carry Ban Ruled Illegal — and That's a Good Thing

The courts have already determined that Illinois's concealed carry ban is unconstitutional. But whether or not it was constitutional, it was bad public policy, too.

SpaceX, MarsOne, and Virgin Galactic All Face One Huge Problem: Space Debris

Thousands of chunks of space debris remain in orbit, threatening to destroy orbital equipment — and potentially creating a deadly minefield for future craft seeking to leave Earth.

Jason Molina Dead: The Man Has Passed On, But His Music Will Live Forever

When Henry Miller wrote "true art springs from the dynamic rebirth. Genius lies in the resurrection," I think he may have had someone like Jason Molina in mind.

Immigration Reform 2013: Did the Easter Bunny Stall the Immigration Bill?

Because of the two-week Easter recess, the Senate Judiciary Committee will not be able to report a comprehensive immigration bill by the end of April, which was the committee chairman's goal.

Free Art Friday: A Global Art Movement Everyone Can Appreciate

Free Art Friday is a global art movement bringing free art to streets, parks, alleys, and the homes of those who find it as well as a response to the velvet rope world of art curation.

Marijuana Legalization: Washington Cops Retrain Dogs to Not Alert For Weed

Since Washington state legalized marijuana possession of up to one ounce for people 21 and over, the work of drug-sniffing dogs has been lessened — and officers are retraining them as a result.

UN International Happiness Day: Why is the U.S. So Unhappy?

The U.S. has fallen on international rankings of happiness. What changes do we have to make to ensure the "pursuit of happiness" has an obtainable goal?

Ohio State Rape Case Could Be the Next Steubenville

A reported rape at Ohio State University points to two football players, both of whom weren't investigated until after an undefeated season came to a close.

Senator Ted Cruz: American Success Story Or Manchurian Candidate?

Senator Ted Cruz birther rumors have surfaced. Isn't it time to take a closer look at the Manchurian Candidate?

NIT Bracket 2013: First Round Scores and Second Round Predictions

The NIT is in full swing. Kentucky is gone thanks to Robert Morris, but who remains in the NIT, and who's going to win it all?

Pope Francis Gay Rights: LGBT Catholics Must Be Included For Church to Revive Itself

While many voices call for reform in church doctrine, a change in communication could be the most vital in bringing some members back to the table.

Roger Ailes Biography: Filled With Lies and Propaganda

Excerpts from the new book about Roger Ailes have been released and they are as bad as you can imagine.

'Boss Button' on March Madness LIVE: Allowing Procrastination At All Levels

The 'Boss Button' will allow a quick screen switch, so no one will know that you're actually watching the NCAA Tournament instead of doing work.

Gun Control Debate: Why Does the NRA Think Domestic Abusers Should Keep Their Guns?

Gun owners who have orders of protection filed against them should not be allowed to keep their guns, but the NRA thinks otherwise. The gun debate continues to heat up.

Google Fiber: When Will America Get Super Fast Google Internet?

Google's announcement that it will expand its gigabit-per-second internet raises questions as to whether the tech giant plans to seriously enter the internet service provider business.

Davidson Middle School Eighth Grader Dies From Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound at School

A Michigan eighth grade boy committed suicide in the bathroom of his middle school, raising questions about children's mental health care and access to guns.

Will Being Anti-Gay Marriage Soon Be Like Being Anti-Interracial Marriage?

A new Pew Research poll shows that a wave of support for same-sex marriage has occurred in the last decade, and it is young people leading the charge.

Cyprus Deposit Tax: A Hint At the Future For the U.S. and EU

Cyprus is the latest European nation to be bailed out by the IMF and EU. A tax on all bank deposits was used to raise revenue for the bailout for the first time, but it won't be the last time.

South Korea Hacked: Is China Or North Korea Responsible?

The South Korean banks and telecom systems were purportedly hacked by China, but China is not likely to attack its communist brother, as the risks to trade and regional stability are too great.

Immigration Reform 2013: 6 in 10 Americans Favor "Pathway to Citizenship"

A new survey reveals that the majority of U.S. citizens want a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants, opening a door for Congress to pursue effective immigration reform.

"Real World: Portland" Premiere 2013: Millennials Will Save Old Reality Show

On March 27, classic MTV series "The Real World" returns to the Pacific Northwest after a 15-year absence. Millennials are going to make this a show worth watching again.

Cablevision Viacom Lawsuit: Signals End Of Traditional Cable Model

Cablevision and Verizon are calling for the "unbundling" of cable channels to offer consumers only the channels they want. This doesn't look good for the future of traditional TV.

Girl Meets World: 6 Best TV Show Reunions Of All Time

Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Tim Allen will have a mini 'Home Improvement' reunion on an upcoming episode of 'Last Man Standing.' Check out the six greatest TV show reunions ever.

Cyprus Bank Crisis: Money is Frozen, Shockwaves Felt Throughout the World

On Monday, a Cyprus bank crisis was set off as news broke that legislators are considering targeting bank deposits as a way to pay for a bailout of the otherwise bankrupt island nation.

Gun Control Debate: Bloomberg and Biden Hold Gun Control Conference

Biden and Bloomberg just held a press conference on stricter gun control laws, but we should really focus on the real epidemic of mental health issues and violent tendencies of shooters.

9 Tips For Mastering Social Media

Learn how to make your articles go viral, grow your Facebook friends and Twitter followers, and build your brand online.

Ai Weiwei Album Release: To Be As Influential As Possible, Do You Need to Cross All Mediums?

Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei is branching out and joining the ranks of the music world. The very influential artist announced last week that he would be debuting his first music album.

Obama Israel Trip: Criticism Of Israeli Settlements is Nothing But Empty Rhetoric

Obama's criticism of Israeli settlements on the second day of his trip to the Middle East is nothing more than grand rhetoric unless it is backed up by action.

Justin Bieber Meltdown: Beliebers Will Keep Bieber a Major Star

Bieber is going through a rough patch, but his dedicated fans will keep him on top of the charts and a big star. He needs his tireless followers now more than ever, so he better appreciate them.

Meet Christian Rice: Politics Junkie and Recruiting Extraordinaire

As part of our new Pundit of the Week blog, PolicyMic will give readers the chance to get to know one of their talented fellow writers.

Gay Rights: Play it Safe On Gay Marriage and You'll Get Left Behind

There are still some members of Congress who are opposed to gay marriage, but they will find themselves on the losing side of history.

Indian Rape Laws May Be Promising Model For the United States

India has passed new legislation criminalizing rape in response to recent incidents. So why does the United States leave rape laws to the states?

What Women's Poverty Actually Looks Like

Even with all the advancement women have made in education and labor, they make less money than men and are more likely to live in poverty than men.

NCAA Tournament Scores and Results: Thursday

Check the PolicyMic scoreboard to see who won Thursday's NCAA Tournament games .

Steubenville Rape Trial: How "Guy Talk" and the Media Helped Condone Rape

We need to address the de facto way we treat women. From the words we use to the way we portray women, the backdrop of justification is so widespread that some women themselves can't see it.

Upset Alert! NCAA Tournament 2013

Come here for all the NCAA Tournament upsets!

Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon Rumors: Should NBC Replace Leno?

NBC denied reports that Fallon will take over Leno's time slot, but if the rumor is true, NBC should realize it shouldn't take a chance on an unproven commodity when it already has a proven one.

Obama Israel Visit 2013: Timing Of Trip is No Accident

Is a new relationship between Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu forming on the horizon?

Saxby Chambliss Doesn't Support Gay Marriage Because He's Not Gay

When asked by Politico whether he had changed his mind on gay marriage, Senator Chambliss (R-Ga.) said "I'm not gay. So I'm not going to marry one." #nottheonion

Capital One Ads: How Soon Until We Get Sick Of Alec Baldwin and Charles Barkley?

How many Capital One ads are going to air during the first day of the NCAA Tournament? I'd bet the over.

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Michele Bachmann: Obamacare Will "Literally" Kill People

Michele Bachmann believes that Obama's health care law will literally kill women, children, and senior citizens.

Yes, There's Life After Work — But You Have to Work For It

In a world of laptops and smartphones, is it still possible to keep work at your office where it belongs?

Roman Polanski is a Rapist, In Case You Forgot

Roman Polanski is a talented filmmaker, but just a reminder, he is also a rapist.

Israeli Professor Calls a Palestinian Student a "Cockroach" During Mock Event

At a mock Israeli checkpoint at Claremont McKenna College, a professor called a student a "cockroach" and told the student to "f*ck off." The student has since received physical threats.

NYC Mayor Race: Christine Quinn Cheered and Jeered At LGBT Mayoral Forum

Quinn is a front-runner in the NYC mayoral race, but she was reportedly booed at a Thursday LGBT Forum for resisting on the issue of paid sick leave.

Coal Divestment Campaigns: Universities Lead the Charge Against Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuel divestment campaigns have been successful in shaping public discourse and could hopefully lead to desired policy outcomes.

GOP Growth and Opportunity Project: Report Proves Republicans Are Divided

The “Growth and Opportunity Project” chides Republican lawmakers for not acknowledging the shifting voting demographics and appealing to this new crop of minorities, women and millennials.

Are Newspapers and Books Really Going Extinct?

Are millennials rejecting traditional printed media? Data suggests there is a bigger story that hinges not on what we read, but rather how we like to read it.

Food and Mood: How What You Eat Impacts How You Feel

Penn State researchers report that bouts of unhealthy eating could worsen bad moods. Are we any closer to understanding the relationship of nutrition and depression?

'The Walking Dead': Why Books Shouldn't Always Be Made Into Movies

While medium changing and adaptations can help, entertainment shouldn't make it a solid step on the ladder.

Nicolas Maduro is Setting Himself Up to Fail in Venezuela

Nicolas Maduro may come to regret how closely his rhetoric ties him to Chavez, given the looming economic consequences of Chávez’s policies.

NCAA First Round Predictions 2013

What to expect in the exciting first round of the NCAA Tournament

Mic Check: Are Hipsters Good For the Economy?

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Mississippi Anti-Bloomberg Law: Complete Hypocrisy

Mississippi, of all places, has passed the Anti-Bloomberg Law prohibiting local governments to regulate portion sizes in foods. But both this law and the NYC soda ban share similar qualities.

India Rape: Remains a Problem, Even When Coverage Decreases

Progress is being made regarding rape laws in India, but the core issue of police corruption has not yet been acknowledged.

House Approves Ryan Budget: Why It's Just For Show

The Republicans passed Paul Ryan's budget plan today but it won't do anything to stop Washington spending, and that's exactly the point.

Marriage Equality Gets Backing From American Academy Of Pediatrics

A major medical organization that focuses on the well-being of children has come out in support of same-sex marriage.

Sim Bhullar NCAA Tournament: Biggest Player In the Big Dance

Sim Bhullar of New Mexico State is 7 foot 5 inches tall and weighs 355 pounds. How will the big man play in the tourney?

Why Senator Schumer's Cruise Passenger Bill Of Rights Will Sink Faster Than a Carnival Ship

In the wake of the latest Carnival Cruise accident, Senator Chuck Schummer (D-N.Y.) wants to pass a passenger's bill of rights. Here's why this is a bad idea.

3 Crazy Ideas That Google Could Make a Reality

Google may have killed Reader and a bunch of other projects in development, but that just means there's more crazy sci-fi stuff for them to work on. Here are three projects Google should pursue.

First Day Of Spring 2013: What is the March Equinox?

Spring is here, but what does that mean for the planet?

The U.S. Hasn't Had a Balanced Budget Since 1929, But That Could Change This Year

Republicans and Democrats are confident that there is enough commonality between the House, Senate, and president to produce a thorough budget plan. The fighting still revolves around taxes.

The Dream of the Perfect Bracket Dies

March Madness 2013 is upon us. Check back with this blog for live scores, updates, predictions, video, and highlights.

First Half is in the Books for Michigan State and Valparaiso

March Madness 2013 is upon us. Check back with this blog for live scores, updates, predictions, video, and highlights.

NCAA Tournament 2013 Scores and Schedule: Friday

Day two of the NCAA Tournament is often just as exciting as the first day, sometimes even more so. So don't miss any buzzer beaters or nail-biters. Find a schedule here.

Two More Games Go Final: Saint Louis and Wichita State Advance

March Madness 2013 is upon us. Check back with this blog for live scores, updates, predictions, video, and highlights.

Cyprus: Police ready for bank fail fallout

On Monday, a Cyprus bank crisis was set off as news broke that legislators are considering targeting bank deposits as a way to pay for a bailout of the otherwise bankrupt island nation.

Vander Blue and Marquette Barely Escape 14th Seeded Davidson

March Madness 2013 is upon us. Check back with this blog for live scores, updates, predictions, video, and highlights.

Cyprus: Scrambles to Secure Funding

The parliament of Cyprus met today in another emergency session as they try to agree on set of measures to help them secure a much needed Eurozone bailout.

1-0! Michigan State defeats Valparaiso in the First Game of the Tournament

March Madness 2013 is upon us. Check back with this blog for live scores, updates, predictions, video, and highlights.

Bryce Drew Valpo YouTube

Bryce Drew is now coaching at Valparaiso, the school he made one of the NCAA Tournament's most memorable shots for.