Sultana High School "Gender-Specific" Prom Attire Rule Provokes Legal Backlash

A California high school is facing backlash from the ACLU for requiring students wear "gender-specific" attire at prom, therefore discriminating against gender non-conforming students.

11-Year-Old Houston Girl Gives Birth After Sexual Abuse From Cousin

A Houston pre-teen has given birth after 7 months of being sexually abused by a male cousin. The suspect has been charged with continuous sexual assault of a child.

"Man Of Steel" Movie Shows How Superheros Have Changed Since the First "Superman"

Superheroes are not what they used to be, and the next "Superman" probably won't be either.

World Water Day: Why Access to Clean Water is a Crucial Social Justice Issue

We still live in a world in which three people die every ten minutes because of a lack of safe drinking water, and in which most of us are blind to the reasons why.

The Left Needs to Abandon Obama and the Democratic Party

It's time for the American left to desert the Democratic Party and their vacant slogans of change until they actually begin listening to the people.

John Kasich Gay Marriage: First He Supports Civil Unions, Then He Chickens Out

After Ohio's Sen. Rob Portman revealed he supports gay marriage, Ohio’s Republican Governor John Kasich said he supported civil unions — then flopped under pressure.

White House Petition: Congress Should Follow NASCAR Dress Code

A new petition from the "We the People" website asks members of Congress to don patches reflecting who their financial sponsors "much like NASCAR drivers do."

Obamacare: On 3 Year Anniversary, Public is Still Misinformed On Law

The three year anniversary of the ever-contentious Affordable Care Act approaches, but most Americans remain ignorant about what the law actually does.

Yoko Ono's John Lennon Tweet: Picture Seeks to Show Support For Gun Control

Yoko Ono repeatedly tweeted a powerful photo of John Lennon’s glasses with various anti-gun messages.

Arizona Bill Would Penalize Transgender Individuals For Using Their Bathroom Of Choice

A state representative wants to pass a bill that would penalize transgender people for using the "wrong" restroom, proving transgender rights still have a long way to go.

New Legislation Will Prevent St. Patrick's Day Parade From Excluding LGBT Groups

St. Patrick's Day Parade organizers in Ohio will soon find it harder to exclude LGBT groups from festivities.

Millennials Should Stop Complaining About Unpaid Internships and Start Demanding Better Opportunities

In this world of perpetual job insecurity, maybe we should stop being so grateful about our unpaid internships and begin demanding more for our work.

Damn! 9 Reasons it Feels Good to Be a Harvard Student

Well there are probably several hundred...

DOMA Supporters Get it Wrong When They Say "True Marriage" is Based on Heterosexual Sex

By saying that "true marriages" are based on heterosexual, conjugal acts of sex, some same-sex marriage opponents are putting sex on a pedestal that doesn't exist.

North Dakota Anti-Abortion Law Defines Life Starting At Conception

The North Dakota House has voted to give fertilized eggs the same rights as people, thus outlawing abortion in the state if the governor signs the bill.

5 Dr. Oz Prescriptions Zero Out Of 10 Doctors Would Recommend

Dr. Oz is getting sued for one of his insomnia tips, which reportedly left one person with "third degree burns." Here are some other crazy pieces of advice the doctor has given to viewers.

Gun Control Debate: New Orleans Judge Rejects Law Restricting Firearms For Felons

A NOLA judge rejected a law barring certain felons from owning firearms because of the Constitutional amendment that declares gun ownership a "fundamental right."

3 Ways the American Mental Health System Has Fallen Apart

Around 26% of Americans over the age of 18 have a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year, but our mental health care system is far from well equipped to address their treatment needs.

Kate Upton Prom Invitation: Will She Accept the Jake Davidson Invite?

The model has agreed to check her schedule to see if she can go to prom with Jake Davidson of Sherman Oaks, Calif., who invited her to the dance via YouTube. Will she go?

President Obama's Trip to Israel Was Meaningless

Barack Obama closed out his visit to Israel with a few souvenirs, but nothing of substance.

Immigration Reform 2013: Majority Of Religious Americans Support Path to Citizenship

A new survey indicates that the majority of religious Americans support a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants currently living in the United States.

What is Rape Culture? A Cross-Cultural Problem

Rape culture permeates across geographical borders and transgresses social differences. The U.S. and Cambodia are different, but both countries normalize rape and the sexual humiliation of women.

SB 1128 Attacks Ethnic Studies in Texas, But Students and Educators Fight Back

State Senator Dan Patrick's proposed bill would eliminate ethnic studies from being a choice for core Texas and U.S. history courses in universities, but it's met with strong opposition.

Are Women Too Awesome to Settle For Science?

A new study shows that women don't lack the abilities to enter STEM fields, but rather that they are overloaded with other career choices.

Prop 8: Anthony Kennedy Will Be the Swing Vote That Strikes it Down

The fate of Proposition 8 lies in the hands of Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy. As the predominant swing vote on the Court, look for Kennedy to strike down Proposition 8.

Why Aren't People Of Color Making Money On YouTube?

YouTube just reached 1 billion users, but as Colorlines reported at SXSW, people of color vloggers tend to have lower rankings on the site, which means their content drives less revenue.

These 5 Ancient Monsters Couldn't Survive Climate Change, So How Can We?

Climate change might doom us all, but for now, let’s ditch the apocalyptic buzzkill with a smug look backward at these five extinct beasts that failed to adapt under similar circumstances.

Is Starving Themselves the Only Way Guantanamo Inmates Can Get Attention?

Have conditions gotten worse at Guantanamo? Doubtful. Rather, ongoing hunger strikes by 25 inmates are designed to get Obama's attention in his second term.

Cigarette Display Ban: Another Nanny Bloomberg Initiative

In his latest attempt at city-wide health domination, Bloomberg wants to stop displaying cigarettes in convenience stores, much to the chagrin of small business owners everywhere.

How My PolicyMic Article Got Me On TV

On March 5, I was featured on Huffington Post Live as part of a panel discussion of China's drone program. I offer some insight on writing and being interviewed.

"Twilight" Author Stephenie Meyer Has Every Right to Call Herself a Feminist

Meyer has recently taken a lot of guff for calling herself a feminist, but just because she writes about teenage love and doesn't align with a specific cause doesn't make her a non-feminist.

World Water Day 2013: Every Day Should Be World Water Day

The global water crisis shouldn't just be addressed on March 22, but every day of every year.

Shirley Sherrod Defamation Suit: Is the Late Breitbart Liable?

Larry O’Connor, a colleague of the late blogger Andrew Breitbart, is trying dismiss Shirley Sherrod's lawsuit, which alleges that posting an edited video that made her look racist was defamation.

5 Reasons Millennials Should Be Excited to Eventually Turn 50

As millennials, you're probably not thinking about turning 50, but time flies, so here are some reasons you should be excited to eventually reach the big 5-0.

North Korea Threats Are Just a Plea For Attention

With its rhetoric as heated as ever, can the U.S. ever take such threats from the DPRK seriously? And should we?

"Admission" Movie Review: Tina Fey and Paul Rudd Don't Try Hard Enough

"Admission," starring Tina Fey and Paul Rudd, isn't worthy of its cast. This unambitious film is rarely funny or heartfelt.

Money Can't Buy Happiness, So We Should Rank Countries By Both

Currently, nations are ranked according to their economy. But does focusing on a country's wealth overlook whether their citizens are miserable?

World Water Day 2013: Matt Damon Does Video On Water Shortage

March 22 is World Water Day, and actor Matt Damon is honoring it with his tongue-and-cheek but informative video highlighting inadequate sanitation conditions across the globe.

Mic Check: Why Rich People Don't Give to Charity

PolicyMic's daily newsletter, featuring our take on the day's news, and our favorite stories from around the Internet.

Keri Russell "The Americans": Child Actors Who Played Drastically Different Adult Roles

Keri Russell had curly hair and boy trouble on "Felicity" and swapped it for straight hair and spy games on "The Americans." Here are three other child/teen actors who changed their image.

Pope Francis Could Be the Catholic Dali Lama — A Humble Servant Of the People

Pope Francis brings a humble attitude that we have only heard in recent times form the Dalai Lama: simplicity, love, humility, and charity.

Did That Childhood Backyard Basketball Game Happen Exactly Like You Remember It Did? Probably Not

Most of us have backyard sports memories, and many of them probably didn't happen the way we tell them.

Washington Post Editorial Slant Reflects Growing Desire For Deficit Cuts

A Washington Post editorial slant toward Social Security spending cuts is beginning to reflect a broader Beltway trend.

Sheryl Sandberg's "Lean In" is Not Enough to Increase Workplace Equality

It's going to take more than the Facebook COO's book for gender equality to become a priority in our country. All walks of society need to chip in to change the culture of inequality.

How Hezbollah Could Infiltrate Post-Chavez Venezuela

With Venezuela focused on its upcoming presidential election, could Hezbollah sneak into Latin America and cultivate a presence in the region?

The Future Of America Relies On Developing U.S. Infrastructure

We can re-invent America by remembering how we invented her in the first place.

TSA Privacy: Agency Scraps Bluetooth Tracking Plan Over Privacy Concerns

The TSA has scrapped Automated Wait Time technology, which would have involved tapping into the signals put out by Bluetooth devices carried by people at the airport.

Palm Sunday: The 7 Best Movie Jesus(es) Ever

Palm Sunday is obviously here to remind us how awesome Jesus is. And so are these seven films: here's the definitive list of the best movie Jesus(es) of all time.

A Pioneering New Treatment Could Help Fight Tapeworms in the Third World

The World Health Organization has classified two tapeworm species on their list of 17 Neglected Tropical Diseases that Need Action. New research could help better treat the tapeworm problem.

Pennsylvania House Passes Liquor Privatization Bill

While the rest of the country faces the marijuana legalization debate, Pennsylvania is still wondering whether its citizens can handle Arbor Mist.

Obama Visits Israel: Choosing Human Rights Over Politics

As President Obama winds down his visit to Israel, he must make sure not to waste the opportunity to address human rights in the area.

Mayor Bloomberg's Fight to End Homelessness Has Stalled

In 2004, Mayor Michael Bloomberg vowed to bring the shelter population down to 12,000. Today nearly 50,000 people sleep in city shelters. What happened?

Paul Ryan and Patty Murray Budgets Are Both Pipedreams

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) are taking political moonshots, proposing solutions that would only pass in a Congress dominated by their party.

Obama Israel Trip Mostly Benefits Pro-Israel Americans

Many Israelis still view Obama as pro-Palestine, and with no promises of negotiation talk during his Israel trip, only one group is pleased by the development.