9 Reasons Life Was Better in the ’80s

Because who doesn't miss the days when global warning was nonexistent and watching TV was a major event?

Starbucks Gay Marriage: CEO Tells Anti-Gay Investor That They Don't Need His Money

This weekend when an investor tried to argue that Starbucks’ support for gay marriage was hurting business, CEO Howard Schultz made it clear this was an issue he wasn't going to back down on.

Oregon High School Creates 6 Gender-Neutral Bathrooms to Protect Transgender Students

A high school in Oregon has created six gender-neutral bathrooms so students of any gender identity or sexuality can feel comfortable using the bathroom at school.

Marijuana Legalization: Meet Peter Christ, the Ex-Cop Who's Working to End the Drug War (VIDEO)

In a point by point argument, Peter Christ utilized his years of experience as a police officer to meticulously explain why prohibition is always ineffective and needs to end.

My Chemical Romance Breakup: Band Calls it Quits After 12 Years of Musical "Bliss"

Welcome to the Black Parade that is my heart now that MCR has called it quits. I'm Okay, I'm not Okay ... trust me.

Caitlin Halligan Won't Be a Federal Judge, Thanks to Pro-Gun Rights Filibuster By GOP

Rand Paul isn't the only one making waves with filibusters in D.C. this year. This Friday, pro-gun rights senators successfully blocked anti-gun Caitlin Halligan from becoming a federal judge.

Porn Star Harry Reems Dies At 65 — But There Was Much More to Him Than "Deep Throat"

Harry Reems was more than just a porn thespian. He was champion of free speech.

Complex Magazine "40 Hottest Women in Tech" List Actually Ranked Them By How Hot They Were

A list of the 40 Hottest Women in Tech (meaning smart, capable, and awesome) became a list of HOT Women (meaning "sexy") thanks to sexist editing. Thanks, Complex magazine. Thanks.

Ron Paul Backed Gold-Standard May Become Texas Law Under Rick Perry

Rick Perry wants to bring back all of Texas's gold, to Texas. Is the state preparing for secession or does Rick Perry just want to swim in a giant pool of gold bars?

Gun Control Debate 2013: Liability Insurance is Gun Control in Disguise

Legislation being proposed requiring gun owners to purchase liability insurance is little more than an attempt to circumvent the Second Amendment.

Assault Weapons Ban 2013: NRA Harasses Sandy Hook Parents With Pro-Gun Robocalls

A series of robocalls from the NRA have outraged the residents of Newtown, Connecticut who are still recovering from the unspeakable gun violence that destroyed so many lives.

Benghazi "Cover-Up" Leads to Tea Party Protest of "Liberal" Fox News

The Tea Party doesn't like the new direction Fox News has been taking lately. It's like they can't even recognize them anymore!

Amanda Knox Trial: Italian Prosecutors To Appeal Her 2011 Release

On Monday, prosecutors will argue to the Italian Supreme Court that Amanda Knox is indeed guilty of the murder of Meredith Kercher, the crime of which she was acquitted in October 2011.

"The Croods" Review: Dazzling Visuals Make Up For Excessive Slapstick, Cookie-Cutter Plot

You will be completely taken aback by the amazing display of colors and creativity, even if all the physical gags try to pull you away from the experience

Bob Menendez Prostitutes: Daily Caller's Credibility Wanes Under Defamation Accusations

Conservative news site the Daily Caller has been accused of fabricating prositution charges against Senator Robert Menendez. A libelous fallout may push the site to the grave.

Immigration Reform 2013: The GOP Needs to Win Latino Communities, Not Individual Voters

After the recent CPAC and the aftermath of Romney's 2012 defeat, the Republican Party has tostart building a sense of community among Latinos nationwide today or risk losing them forever.

Pope Francis I: The Return of a Humble Pope

Pope Francis and former Pope Benedict met for the first time today and discussed the future of the Catholic Church. Can he turn the Church around through humility?

5 Best Disney Princess Videos On The Internet

Spring Breakers just got the "Disney Princess" treatment, but it's not the only hilarious Disney parody out there. Check out five of our favorites.

How Would You Save Your Homeland? One Syrian is Doing It With Video

Every day, activist Rami Jarrah's Activists' News Agency publicizes the atrocities of the ongoing Syrian civil war. But can his coverage remain balanced in the face of such atrocity?

Chinese Hacking: Why America Needs Tougher Cyber Security Laws

The world has rapidly changed as a result of information technology and war has not escaped the revolution. NATO considers cyber attacks an act of war.

Debt Ceiling 2013: Here We Go Again

America's debt ceiling crisis will cost almost $20 billion in higher borrowing costs over ten years.

Ty Morin is Trying To Meet All His Facebook Friends in Person

A recent college graduate is attempting to meet all 788 of his Facebook friends, and he's documenting his journey on both still and video cameras.

Pew Research Center Founder Says GOP Has Issues Much Worse Than Branding

A recent op/ed by Andrew Kohut, head of Pew Research Center, argues the GOP problems may reach much deeper than branding ... and the numbers don't lie.

Syrian Chemical Weapons: Is U.S. Intervention Wise?

Senators John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Carl Levin (D-Mich.) have urged President Obama to consider intervening in the Syrian civil war. Doing so might save lives, but would it be worth it?

Senate Budget Passed For First Time in 4 Years, Followed By Prompt Paid Vacation

The Senate passed a budget for the fist time in four years. One problem: it ensures that nothing will change in Washington.

5 States Most Screwed By Climate Change

Can North Carolina, Nevada, Texas, Florida and Louisiana adapt to climate change? If current events are any indication... not likely.

Stop and Frisk Racist? Floyd v. City of New York May Force the NYPD to End Discriminatory Practices

By using race as a proxy for criminality, the stop and frisk tactic has effectively alienated thousands of young black and Latino New Yorkers. Floyd v. City of New York is a chance for change.

Obamacare: 3 Challenges As Affordable Care Act Turns Age 3

As Obama's controversial health care reform turns 3 today, here are 3 challenges that Obamacare continues to face across the country.

Earth Hour 2013: Turn Off Your Lights and Become Aware Of Climate Change

Earth Hour is here again with the goal of raising awareness of global warming — by turning off lights for just one hour. Will you help this year?

UK Cops Offering $1,500 For Citizens to Rat Out Pot Growers

British police have launched a bizarre new campaign offering $1,500 for tips on weed growers — complete with scratch-and-sniff cards. But encouraging people to snitch won't win the drug war.

Obama Israel Trip Results in Surprising Diplomatic Coup For Turkey

President Obama has brokered an unexpected apology for the 2010 Israeli flotilla raid, proving he can influence the Israel's leadership as well as its citizens.

The Case Against Unpaid Internships (and in Favor Of Child Labor)

It's better to start working when you're young than to spend the first years of your career wandering around the doldrums of unpaid internships.

Iran Nuclear Weapons: Just How Far is Obama Willing to Go to Stop an Iranian Nuke?

Obama struck a firm, hawkish tone during his recent visit to Israel, issuing a "credible threat" of possible military action to stop an Iranian nuke. But just how far is he willing to go?

There's Nothing More Pathetic Than a Pennsylvania Bigot in 2013

From the Black Panthers to the KKK, hate groups continue to operate with disturbing intensity in the state of Pennsylvania. In 2013, though, they only get respect from each other.

Paul Ryan Budget Opening Salvo in 2014 Election War

Ryan's budget was shot down Thursday night in the Senate. It gave way to a series of ads that highlight likely brutal attacks from both sides in the midterm elections.

Boris Berezovsky: Russian Oligarch Found Dead in Home

The Russian oligarch who lost the largest private court battle in the history of Britain was found dead today. A vocal critic of the Putin government, a full-inquiry into his death is under way.

Schedule and Predictions for Every Game on Saturday, March 23

March Madness 2013 is upon us. Check back with this blog for live scores, updates, predictions, video, and highlights.

Wild Day of Upsets Leads to an Interesting Slate of Matchups for Sunday

March Madness 2013 is upon us. Check back with this blog for live scores, updates, predictions, video, and highlights.