#Amina FEMEN: 19-Year-Old Tunisian Girl Faces Death Threats Over Topless Pictures

A young protester sparked international debate over women's rights by posting nude photos of herself. Contentious Muslim clerics and feminist leaders are bringing the issue to a boiling point.

Almost 82 Percent Of Social Workers Are Female, and This is Hurting Men

The vast majority of social and mental health workers are now female. Male absence from these fields could discourage men from seeking needed treatment and entering this line of work.

74% Of Millennials Support Gay Marriage

Millennial support for gay rights is increasing, and it's no coincidence that they are twice as likely to identify as liberal than people age 65 and above.

UN Report Classifies Lack Of Access to Abortion as "Torture"

In his annual report on violation and cruel treatment, the UN's special rapporteur on torture defines denial of abortion access as tantamount to "torture."

Jodi Arias Trial LIVE Stream: Defense Psychologist Tries to Redeem Himself After Questionable Testimony

In the murder trial of Jodi Arias, Dr. Richard Samuels returns to the stand on Monday in an effort to do damage control.

French 'Survivor' Contestant Dies: Has Reality TV Gone Too Far?

The French version of 'Survivor' has been canceled following a contestant's tragic death. How many people need to die before we change our approach to reality TV?

4 Ways Our 20s Are Different Than Our Parents' 20s

Your parents may mean well when they offer you advice, but the fact is, being a 20-something today is totally different than being a 20-something several decades ago.

Pakistan Election 2013: Former Cricketer Imran Khan Wants to Become the Next President

After years of political wilderness, former Pakistani cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan believes that his party Pakistan Tehreek–e-Insaaf (PTI) will sweep the approaching general elections.

'Revolution' TV Show: Midseason Premiere Will Only Temporarily Boost NBC Ratings

After falling behind every other broadcast network, it may be time for NBC to start doing deeper soul-searching to stay competitive. 'Revolution,' which premieres tonight, isn't going to help.

7 States Where the GOP is Stealing Elections Through Gerrymandering

Both parties have gerrymandered before, but the GOP is doing it more, and doing it shamelessly out in the open through organizations like the RLSC.

Florida Gulf Coast University: 5 Ridiculous Facts About This Awesome College

Florida Gulf Coast University made history on Sunday as the first 15-seed to advance to the Sweet 16 in the NCAA tournament. Learn some ridiculous things about the previously unknown school.

Adria Richards: Why Are Women Threatened With Rape For What They Write Online?

SendGrid employee Adria Richards criticized two PyCon attendees on Twitter for making sexist jokes, resulting in a slew of online rape threats. Why can't women speak out online?

Pakistan Election 2013: Imran Khan Can Pull Off a Shock Victory With the Youth Vote

Imran Khan's PTI have the potential to cause an election upset in Pakistan. Whether they can do so depends on their ability to attract young voters to the polls.

'House Of Cards' Season 1: Top 5 Shocking Moments

As much as Netflix's first original series accurately portrays politics as usual, it also has its moments that leave the audience perplexed.

Gay Marriage: Rand Paul Proposes Tax Cuts Instead Of Equality

Rand Paul believes he can solve the gay marriage debate by rewriting the tax code, but he clearly doesn't understand what this debate is actually about.

The New York Times Asks "Do Women Have What It Takes to Lead?" Uh, Yes

The New York Times asks "Do Women Have What It Takes to Lead?" in the "Room for Debate" section of their website. Are we actually still debating this?

Gun Control Debate 2013: California Targets Criminals By Taking Their Guns

California has adopted a novel approach to fighting gun violence in the state: using a centralized database of all gun purchases to alert authorities to unauthorized or illegal firearms.

Birth Control Anniversary: Contraceptives More Accessible Now Than in the Past

Forty-six years ago, reproductive rights activist Bill Baird was arrested for giving contraceptives to an unmarried woman. Birth control is much more accessible today, but the fight is not over.

Budget 2013: Which 2013 Budget Proposal is Best For America?

The Ryan budget proposes bold reforms for spending, entitlements and taxes while the Murray budget barely trims any spending, doesn't touch entitlements much and focuses on closing tax loopholes.

Land Grabs in Africa Are Also Water Grabs

The global land grabbing issue in Africa, in which foreign investors are taking over productive farmland, is also fundamentally about foreign control over water resources.

Iranian New Year 2013: Celebrate These Persian Women Who Have Fought For Equality

Wednesday marked the Iranian New Year. Here are women, past and present, who have contributed to the fight for equality in Iran, giving hope for the future and many more Iranian New Years.

Lucy Meadows, a Trans English Schoolteacher, is Dead Of Apparent Suicide After Media Harassment

A teacher who had recently started presenting as female was found dead last week after prominent British news outlets heavily publicized critical views of her transition.

Shocking New Infographic Shows True Human Cost Of the Pentagon's Drone War

A new graphic shows a timeline ranging from 2004-2013, with the harrowing death count for civilians and children from American drone strikes tallying up on top for each year.

10 New Tracks That Will Get You Pumped For Summer

Whether you are still buried in snow or have been lounging on a beach, here are some songs that will make you feel like you're driving down the sunny Pacific Coast Highway with the top down.

What Classic Novels Teach Millennials About the Quarter-Life Crisis

More than poetry, more than song, even more than film, the novel is the medium that takes the problems of being young seriously.

Immigration Reform 2013: How We Can Regain America's Competitive Edge

Immigration reform is crucial to building our economy. But we can't just worry about illegal immigrants — we need to encourage even more people from abroad to become U.S. citizens.

Prop 8 and DOMA: 5 Questions SCOTUS Should Answer Before Deciding Gay Marriage

There are five core social questions the Supreme Court should ask itself as it hears cases on gay marriage. If they can answer "yes" to all of them, then America is ready for gay marriage.

Tinder Dating App Still Leaves Room For Real Connection

Despite the 20-something hook-up culture, dating sites and apps don't stop millennials from going on legitimate dates and having meaningful relationships.

In Case You Haven't Noticed, War Profiteers Are Stealing From Soldiers

Military internet provider, Sniperhill's business plan is to pad your pocket by reaching into the pockets of soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Obama Israel Trip 2013: Why Young Israelis Won't Listen

Though President Obama pleaded with young Israelis to recognize "the common humanity" with Palestinians, his advice will likely fall on deaf ears.

Michael Jackon: Mother Katherine Jackson Sues AEG For Negligent Doctor

Katherine Jackson claims that AEG negligently hired Dr. Conrad Murray to oversee the King of Pop during his marathon 50-night comeback This Is It worldwide tour.

#safetytipsforladies: The Funniest Rape Prevention Tips You'll See Today

Check out the #safetytipsforladies hashtag on Twitter to find out how hilarious feminist humour can get.

Gun Control 2013: Should Doctors Be Allowed to Ask About Patient Gun Ownership?

Colorado Dr. Frank Dumont responded to his patient's suicide with attempts to improve mental health care by asking patients about their gun ownership. He's on the right track.

Marijuana Legalization: Don't Jail Drug Users, Says Rand Paul

Kids who smoke marijuana should not be sent to jail, said Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) in a recent interview with Fox News Sunday.

Maryland Medical Marijuana Bill One Step Closer to Becoming Law

The Maryland House of Representatives passed a bill supporting the controlled legalization of medical marijuana. It is awaiting senate approval within the next 15 days.

Kansas Abortion Bill Saying Life Begins At Fertilization is Likely to Become Law

This bill states that life begins at fertilization, and also restricts the reach of sex education in Kansas. After passing with 92 votes to 31 in House, it is likely to pass in Senate.

Punxsutawney Phil Indicted For Falsely Reporting Early Spring

Ohio prosecutor Michael Gmoser is seeking the death penalty for Punxsutawney Phil after the groundhog's prediction of an early spring was off.

Could "Collaborative Consumption" Be the Next Tech Boom?

A new business model, termed collaborative consumption, is creating a new generation of peer-to-peer markets and re-personalizing much commercial life. Here's why this new model will save us.

Karl Rove Racist? Tells Donna Brazile She Owes Him Fried Chicken

Karl Rove told Democratic strategist Donna Brazile that she owes him some fried chicken, so what exactly is the problem with that?

Cyprus Bailout: Understanding this Euro Zone Crisis, in a Nutshell

What's included in the bailout deal? Its a fiasco for Cyprus and the euro zone, but will it cause further global economic instability to the U.S.?

How the NYPD is Using Your Facebook and Instagram to "Fight Crime"

The NYPD is using your Facebook and Instagram photos to "fight crime." Prepare for the next step in the surveillance state.

Ford Berlusconi Ads: Company Pulls Offensive Ads Featuring Gagged, Tied Women

Ford was forced to apologize after it published offensive ads displaying Berlusconi, Paris Hilton and women gagged and tied up in their trunks.

Spring Breakers Flee Mexican Drug Violence, But Did They Start It?

Drug violence is reaching tourist hot spots, driving young American spring breakers away. But are they the ones to blame for such violence?

Quantum Computing Signals the Beginning Of the Second Computer Revolution

Quantum computers have begun to roll out in industrial applications. The new type of computers are dramatically more powerful than conventional ones.

Affirmative Action: Supreme Court to Decide if Michigan Law Violates the Constitution

The Supreme Court has decided to hear another affirmative action case involving the state of Michigan. What does this mean for the future of the highly controversial topic?

Gay Marriage Decision: Republicans Revive "Separate But Equal" Rhetoric

America saw the ugly face of the "separate but equal" rhetoric during the Civil Rights movement in the 1960s, and today it is no different with the LGBT rights movement.

Guantanamo Bay Hunger Strike: 3 Hospitalized, 28 Refuse to Eat

Guantanamo Bay detainees are on a hunger strike that threatens their lives and serves as a reminder to President Obama that he has a broken promise that he needs to fix.

Hong Kong Denies Filipino Maid Permanent Residency

A Filipino woman who has been in Hong Kong for 27 years is ineligible for permanent residency because she's a maid. The country should provide ways for foreign workers to gain residency.

North Dakota Personhood Amendment Passes House

The "personhood" bill, the most restrictive abortion ban in the nation, heads to the 2014 ballot for a vote by citizens.

The Key to Start-Up Success? Women

Start-ups with all-male boards are 27% more likely to fail than those with a female member. What are companies waiting for to embrace gender diversity?

Robert Griffin III Injury: 5 Athletes Who Have Bounced Back From Handicaps

Redskins quarterback, Robert Griffin III is reportedly recovering from his knee injury at "superhuman" speed. Here are other athletes who have thrived despite physical and mental handicaps.

Consent is Sexy Campaign: Why Consent is Important (and Sexy)

The popular phrase, "not saying 'no' doesn't mean 'yes,'" is making the "Consent is Sexy" campaign just that sexy.

DOMA and Prop 8: John Roberts Will Rule Against Them

Given increased public support for same-sex marriage and his familial ties to a gay person, it's likely that Chief Justice John Roberts will rule against Prop 8 and DOMA.

Jay Leno: History Ph.D Student Watches 'Tonight Show' and Laments

A recent "Headlines" comment segment on Jay Leno made it strikingly clear (again) how little Americans know about their own history.

Another Education Program Bites the Dust Because Of Sequester Cuts

Head Start programs throughout the U.S. are facing setbacks, jeopardizing educational opportunities for low-income children.

Republicans Vow to Repeal Obamacare and Roe v. Wade — Using Time Machine (Satire)

The time machine, codenamed "Operation Sisyphus," has long been a pet project of the Congressional GOP. Republicans hope to go from the "anti-science party" to the "pro-science fiction" one.

Descendant of Adam Found in South Carolina: Why This Could Re-Write History

The DNA of Albert Perry, an African-American from South Carolina, helped find that the common ancestor of all Y-chromosomes lived approximately 338,000 years ago.

Online Sales Tax: Will It Pass the Senate?

A possible amendment to the Marketplace Fairness Act could put forth an online sales tax that would also allow states to collect tax from out of state sellers.

Mic Check: Mark Zuckerberg Spends Millions On Immigration Reform

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on the day's news, and our favorite stories from around the web.

Jane Goodall Plagiarism: 9 Great Memoirists Who Are Actually Liars

In an age where media manipulation runs rampant, we still tend to trust books. But should we? Here are nine literary reasons why the term "non-fiction" should be taken with a grain of salt.

7 Crucial Lessons Movies Taught Us About Getting Into College

Few other experiences are as desperately sought as the college experience, and here are some movies that teach the basics on deciding where to go to school and what to do from there.

Is NYC Mayor Bloomberg Trying to Buy Gun Control? NRA's LaPierre Thinks So

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg pledged $12 million of his own fortune to promote gun control. "He can't buy America," said NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre.

Central African Republic Coup: Rebels Seize Presidential Palace, Immediately Begin Infighting

World leaders — in particular, the French — need to keep an eye on the Central African Republic to prevent mass violence following the overthrow of President Bozize.

Bakers Are Furious About Egypt's Bread Rationing

Egypt will begin rationing subsidized bread in an attempt to curb its severe budget deficit. The poor, who rely on the bread for subsistence, aren't too pleased with this.

Republican National Committee Says the GOP Needs to Be Cooler

An RNC report says Republicans need to increase their cool factor to appeal to millennials, but the GOP needs more than Clint Eastwood and a Twitter account to win the youth vote.

Supreme Court Affirmative Action Case: SCOTUS Agrees to Hear Arguments On Michigan Law

The US Supreme Court has agreed to hear the case of a Michigan law which seeks to ban affirmative action in college admission and government contracting

Federal Reserve's QE Has No Clear End, But There's Little to Fear From Its Continuation

While the Federal Reserve's declaration that it would continue QE and low interest rates was neither surprising nor particularly significant, it does beg the question of just when it will end.

House Intelligence Committee Says Chemical Weapons "Red Line" Has Been Crossed in Syria

On "Face the Nation" Sunday, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Mike Rodgers said that Syria had used chemical weapons on its people, crossing a "red line." Will the U.S. intervene?

March Madness Highlights: Top Teams Heading Into the Sweet 16

March Madness 2013 is upon us. Check back with this blog for live scores, updates, predictions, video, and highlights.

Harry Reid is Responsible For the Dysfunctional Budget Debate In the Senate

Reid had the chance to tweak the rules of the Senate. He backed down at the last minute, and now we are all paying for this failure of nerve.

Pervez Musharraf Returns to Pakistan, Although His Agenda Remains Unclear

Former President Pervez Musharraf has ended his self-imposed exile and returned to Pakistan. Will it come at the expense of democracy?

Fordham University Student Creates Online Database to Mark Slave Burial Sites

The Fordham history student created a website called The Burial Database Project of Enslaved African Americans, where she aims to compile a comprehensive list of slaves' burial sites.

Claire McCaskill Gay Marriage Turnaround is a Sign Of the Changing Political Narrative

Senator Claire McCaskill's (D-Mo.) support of marriage equality should not be a surprise, but is newsworthy thanks to an upcoming Supreme Court case and conservative Missourians.

DOMA Supreme Court: SCOTUS Should Strike Down DOMA and Prop 8

Some argue that striking down DOMA or Prop 8 in the courts would be too jarring for the American people to accept. But equal rights for LGBT Americans is much more important.

Indigenous Panamanians Protest Dams Which Could Displace Thousands

Indigenous Panamanians are protesting a dam that could displace thousands. In order to save resources and avoid abuses, the government should create a protocol to address their complaints.

John Roberts Likely to Rule Against DOMA, Prop 8

An openly gay cousin of Chief Justice John Roberts will be attending this week’s Supreme Court hearings regarding the cases against Proposition 8 (Prop 8) and the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

5 Reasons to Read Claire McCaskill's Book On Her Race Against Todd Akin

Claire McCaskill is writing a “tell-all” about her run for the Senate against U.S. Rep. Todd Akin. Here are five reasons we can’t wait to get our hands on the book.

Attention, Employers: Even in Job Postings, Men and Women Actually Speak the Same Language

According to new research by the American Psychological Association, women are more likely to pursue jobs if they are described in "feminine" terms — but what are feminine terms, exactly?

After a Decade Of War, President Obama Should Draw Up a New Warfare Doctrine

Creating a doctrine for future warriors as a guidepost for the next time America goes to war against multi-national criminals is critical to avoid the mistakes of Iraq and Afghanistan.