Human Rights Campaign Red Marriage Equality Sign Goes Viral

You might have woken up this morning to find your Facebook or Twitter news feed covered in a pink and red equal sign and been curious as to the image's origin.

Human Rights Campaign Graphic For Marriage Equality Explodes On Facebook

The Supreme Court is set to hear two ground-breaking cases in the fight for marriage equality. We have the story behind the new graphic popping up on social media sites everywhere.

What is Prop 8?

Proposition 8 was a ballot initiative, and a California state constitutional amendment, passed in the November 2008 elections, which says that "only marriage between a man and a woman is valid."

What is DOMA?

The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is a 1996 law passed by Congress, and signed into law by President Bill Clinton, that forbids the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages.

4 Simple Reasons Every Person Should Support Gay Marriage

As the Supreme Court hears two critical same sex marriage cases this week, here are four everyday principles to help you decide which side of the argument you should be on.

War With North Korea: U.S. and South Korea Are Preparing For the Worst

A new military agreement that is "South Korean-led, U.S.-supported" and would allow both governments to "immediately and decisively" strike North Korea sets an ominous tone on the global stage.

Passover 2013: 5 Things to Know About the Jewish Holiday

Passover is a significant holiday for Jewish people. It is an eight-day celebration of remembrance, a time to celebrate the ancient Jewish people's escape from slavery in Egypt.

8 Reasons Americans Should Be More Optimistic

Good news is starting to outweigh the bad in the U.S. Here are some reasons why we should be optimistic about the future of our country.

Is Recycling Actually Bad For the Environment?

Recycling has been drilled into our heads as an American value. But does it even help the environment and economy? Could it be harming both?

Millennials Are Making America More Inclusive, One Person At a Time

Not only did young voters play a decisive role in sending President Obama back to the White House, we literally brought marriage to Maine, Maryland, and Washington, and we're not letting up.

Republican Support For Gay Marriage Jumps to 52 Percent

More than half of Republicans under 50 now support gay marriage — a major spike from seven months ago. What changed?

Prop 8 Definition

Proposition 8 was a 2008 California ballot initiative that established that only marriages between a man and a woman would be recognized in The Golden State.

Daft Punk New Album Release Date: 'Random Access Memories' Drops May 21

Daft Punk's comeback album, "Random Access Memories," drops this May. After eight years of silence, this album is long overdue.

Why Prop. 8 Matters to Millennials

Proposition 8 highlights an underlying problem with our society – a lack of freedom for all citizens. Much like segregation, fighting for same-sex rights is the battle of our generation.

Skylar Neese Case Shows Why Every Missing Child Deserves An Amber Alert

The fate of Skylar Neese underscores the need for an expanded Amber Alert system across the country.

7 Awful Things Justice Scalia Has Said About Gay People

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has a long history of provocative (OK, offensive) remarks about gay Americans. Here are the seven worst.

Jodi Arias Trial LIVE Stream: Domestic Violence Expert On Stand Now

The trial of Jodi Arias continues with a domestic violence expert after defense witness Richard Samuels concluded his expert testimony on Monday.

Prop 8 and DOMA: The Only Way to Marriage Equality is to Eliminate State Marriage Licenses

The center of the "marriage equality" debate has been about recognizing gay-couples alongside straight couples, but unfortunately this still leaves other groups behind.

Pretty Young Things: Victoria's Secret Ads Targeting Tweens Spark Backlash

Parents are using social media to call out Victoria's Secret for gearing its products and advertising to young girls.

Asteroid Mining: Who Owns the Rights to Valuable Space Ore?

Like space itself, property rights for celestial bodies are an unknown frontier. Just who owns all these asteroids that are the targets of space miners?

Xbox 720 Release Rumors: "Durango" May Not Allow Used Games, Physical Disks

If a recent report is to be believed, the new Xbox has some less-than desirable features.

6 Films That Predict Really Horrifying Things About the Future

For years, artists and filmmakers have looked to the future and found reason to be frightened. Here are six of these visions that you absolutely cannot miss.

12 Amazing Marriage Equality Memes

These 12 inspirational pictures and memes on marriage equality went viral during the first day of the Supreme Court hearings on Prop 8 and DOMA.

Jim Carrey Anti-Gun Video Insults NRA and All Gun Owners

Carrey's new Funny or Die video, "Cold Dead Hand," is a pointedly insulting, blatantly offensive take on gun owners and their rights. Is this how we shape political discourse now?

Blue Ivy Carter: 10 Things Blue Ivy Will Do Before She's 10

Blue Ivy Carter lunched with Beyoncé the other day and brought Brooklyn to a halt. This is only the beginning of her magnificent powers.

5 Reasons You Should Watch 'Veep' Season 2

'Veep' season one just came out on DVD and season two is three weeks away. Here are the top five reasons to start watch Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Vice President Selina Meyer.

Gun Control Debate: Why Can't Americans Talk About Guns Like Adults?

Why can't America talk rationally about gun control? The answer, surprisingly, can be found in philosophy.

3 TV Shows That Helped Make Gay Rights Cool

TV shows have a major impact on viewers' perception of gay marriage. These three programs have been remarkably influential in the fight for gay rights.

Student Loan Debt Apparently Not a Priority For Obama Administration

The average cost of college will be $22k in 2016, but the Obama administration has taken little effort to promote bills that would help lenders pay back their student loans. What gives?

Julia Pierson: Obama to Appoint First Female Director of the Secret Service

Obama will announce the first female director of the Secret Service today. Will this be the final death blow for the glass ceiling?

DOMA and Prop 8: California is No Human Rights Paradise

You probably never thought you'd see someone compare sunny, welcoming California to frigid North Dakota, but both states have passed laws infringing on human rights. This needs to stop.

Ashley Judd is Ushering in the Age Of the Pop Culture Politician

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, actress Ashley Judd, and Stephen Colbert's sister are all considering political careers, but are celebrities actually qualified to hold office?

'Bioshock Infinite' Reviews: Is It Game Of the Year Material?

From its reception so far, "BioShock Infinite" could be a strong contender for Game of the Year.

If the Supreme Court Listens to Millennials, Same Sex Marriage Will Become Legal

Millennials simply do not accept the justification for gay marriage bans. Will SCOTUS's decisions reflect this generational shift?

The One Statistic That Will Restore Your Faith in America

If you're a supporter of same sex marriage, this surprising number will give you hope that the Supreme Court will come out in favor of equality for gay people on this issue.

Kathy Hawken, Other North Dakota Republicans Protest Personhood Amendments Which Would Outlaw Abortions

Several conservative North Dakota lawmakers find themselves on the defensive end of the state's proposed personhood amendment, set to appear on a 2014 ballot.

The Key Take-Aways From the Prop 8 Hearing, From Someone Who Was Actually Sitting in the Room

At Hollingsworth v. Perry, the U.S. Solicitor General commented that waiting for a Prop 8 decision is not a "neutral act." There are real consequences for same-sex couples and their families.

Prop 8 Decision: 5 Potential Outcomes Of Hollingsworth v Perry

CBS News has highlighted five potential outcomes of the Supreme Court hearing and decision over Proposition 8.

Immigration Reform: Does Data Show It's a Waste Of Time For the GOP?

Latinos are a critical demographic the GOP is trying to make inroads with going forward. But according to Pew, 75% of Latinos say they prefer bigger government. Does that make them a lost cause?

Gay Marriage Supreme Court: DOMA and Prop 8 Overview

Proposition 8 and DOMA arrive at the U.S. Supreme Court. How we got here, what's at stake, and what modern precedents (and the justices themselves) say about the likely outcomes.

Equal Protection Clause Should Mean the End Of Prop 8

The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on Proposition 8 Tuesday. Adherence to the Equal Protection Clause should mean the law is declared unconstitutional.

Should Online Gambling Be Legal?

Online gambling has been touted as the answer to declining states' revenue problem, but it would increase compulsive gambling and take away the social aspect of gaming.

Hannah Horvath: Are Unlikeable TV Leads Like Her the New Norm?

'Girls,' 'House Of Cards,' 'Homeland.' All these shows are testing the depths of what an audience will tolerate before abandoning a lead character and show entirely.

Mark Kelly Denied Gun Purchase in Arizona

Arms safety activist Mark Kelly was denied a gun when he tried to purchase one at an Arizona gun store. He'd set out to buy an AR-15 to send a message about how easy it is to obtain a gun.

North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple Signs 3 Extreme Anti-Abortion Bills Into Law

On Tuesday morning, Gov. Jack Dalrymple of North Dakota signed three anti-abortion bills that could be very harmful to women's reproductive rights.

Todd Akin's Rape Comments Get the Law and Order Treatment

Todd Akin's legitimate rape comments will be featured in an episode of Law and Order this week.

March Madness 2013: The Media Needs to Quit With the Ivy League "Nerd" Label

Harvard upset New Mexico in the NCAA tournament. The media predictably noted the school's academic tradition. Ivy League athletics can't seem to shake its "nerd" label even though they should.

Prop 8 and DOMA Facts

PolitiFact has put together a Proposition 8 facts and primer cheat sheet.

UNC Retaliates Against Rape Victim Who Filed Federal Complaint

Several victims have come forward to speak out against the University of North Carolina's handling of their sexual assault cases. The school has a federal complaint filed against them.

Same-Sex Marriage Apparently Not Necessary In This Mississippi County

Franklin County is one of the straightest counties in America, with the Census reporting zero registered same-sex couples in this 8,000 population area.

United States v. Windsor: Why the 'U.S.' Isn't Actually the Plaintiff At All

House Republicans are reportedly spending up to $3 million in taxpayer money to defend DOMA, which defines marriage as between a man and a woman.

Are Millennials Better Activists Than Baby Boomers?

Millennials have a unique approach to activism, using technology to scale movements offline and online. Is it more effective than our parents' movement for change in the 60s?

Hollingsworth v. Perry: Equal Protection Clause is At the Heart Of Prop 8 Hearing

Recognition of same-sex marriage is a civil rights issue and is likely to be decided by whether the Supreme Court regards Prop 8 as violating the Equal Protection Clause.

Amanda Knox Retrial: Italian Supreme Court Overturns Acquittal, Orders New Trial

Amanda Knox and her former boyfriend will face retrial for the 2007 murder of her former roommate Meredith Kercher.

Florida Gulf Coast: Dunk City YouTube

Well, that happened quickly. Check out the FGCU "Dunk City" Tribute video.

Sweet 16 Schedule 2013 And Live Streaming

Find the entire Sweet 16 Schedule with TV listings.

DOMA: If You're Pro-Marriage, You Should Be For Marriage Equality

The documented benefits of marriage are only enhanced by allowing more people to get married. This would make the institution stronger.

Prop 8 and Gay Marriage Timeline in the United States

Reuters has issued a timeline of main events regarding LGBT rights in the United States.

Even In the Age Of Netflix and Hulu, Traditional TV Is Here To Stay

With more and more households opting to have zero TV sets, are we witnessing the end of TV as we know it? Well, no. The live programming that traditional TV provides is a trump card.

GLAAD Shortens Name, Adds Transgender Equality to Its Agenda

Just in time for DOMA, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, also known as GLAAD, explicitly adds trans rights to its cause.

Street Harassment Isn't That Different From Rape

By not paying attention to the rape culture fostered in America, we're ignoring one of the most common forms of sexual violence — rape culture.

Google Glass Banned: West Virginia Wants to Outlaw Driving With the Glasses

Republican lawmaker Gary Howell has just proposed a bill that would prohibit "using a wearable computer with head mounted display" while driving, which would eliminate Google Glass.

86 Years Later, Does the 1927 Best Picture Oscar Winner Still Hold Up?

A look back at the history of Academy Award winners for Best Picture, one champion at a time.

Amanda Knox Trial: Italian Court Overturns 2011 Acquittal, Orders Retrial

The Italian Supreme Court has ordered a retrial for Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito, who were acquitted of murdering Meredith Kercher in 2011.

Eli Reimer First Teen With Down Syndrome to Reach Mt. Everest Base Camp

On Monday, a teen with Downs syndrome reached the peak of Mount Everest. Here are five other of the most inspiring Everest climbs.

Lupe Fiasco Wrongly Faults Violent Media For Actual Violence

Lupe Fiasco's tweets about violent music enabling real violence raises interesting points. But if we examine the material realities of violence and its causes, the holes in his argument show.

Gay Marriage Supreme Court Audio: Full Audio of SCOTUS Prop 8 Hearing

The Washington Post has published the full audio of Tuesday's Supreme Court oral hearing on Proposition 8, the 2008 voter-passed California ban on gay marriage. Listen now.

Sweet Sixteen Preview: Ohio State, West Region Breakdown

Ohio State, Arizona, Wichita State, and LaSalle make up one of the most busted brackets around: The West. See who will prevail this weekend and head to Atlanta for the Final Four.

'Veep' Season 1 Deleted Scenes: DVD Exclusive Sneak Peek

The hilarious HBO comedy 'Veep' will be released on DVD this Tuesday. When you're done popping champagne, read up on these five reasons to love the show more than your current administration.

Cyprus Bailout: Does It Hurt Russia More Than It Hurts Cyprus?

In Cyprus's acceptance of the troika's terms, Russian interests in Cyprus are dealt a fatal blow, with Russian depositors bearing the bulk of the revised bank levy as the Kremlin is marginalized.

NASA Space X Dragon Splashdown LIVE Stream

Elon Musk's SpaceX expects its unmanned Dragon cargo capsule to hit the Pacific off the coast of Baja California at around 12:36 p.m. (EDT). Watch live.

DOMA: Why Millennials Are Way Ahead of Their Parents on Gay Rights

Millennials overwhelmingly support gay-marriage, more so than any other generation. Why exactly is that?

Could Kites Be A Solution to Global Warming?

With the world buzzing about global warming, alternative energy sources are highly coveted. Airborne wind turbines (AWTs), or energy-generating kites, have answered this calling.

Reddit Co-founder Alexis Ohanian Takes a Bold Stance Against Sexism

Alexis Ohanian used his personal blog to remind his fellow Redditors that they should know (perhaps even more than others) the consequences of online harassment and bullying.

Save the Ugly Animals, Too — Our Ecosystem Needs Them

Humans have a moral obligation not only to help save the attractive animals from distinction, but the not-so-attractive ones as well. The extinction of certain animals could hurt our ecosystem.

Stuxnet Cyberattack Deemed An "Act Of Force" Against Iran

The 2009 cyberattack, Stuxnet is believed to have set the Iranian nuclear enrichment program back by three years and, cybersecurity experts have deemed it an “act of force” against Iran.

Hollingsworth v. Perry Transcript and Audio: Read and Listen to the Full SCOTUS Hearing On Gay Marriage

The Supreme Court started on Tuesday to hear oral arguments for and against Proposition 8 and DOMA. Read the full transcript and listen to the audio of the first day of hearings.

Albany SWAT Team Trained in Poor Black Neighborhood Because It's "Realistic"

The Albany Police Department stormed an empty housing complex in a black neighborhood as part of a "realistic" SWAT exercise, frightening nearby residents who had no idea what was happening.

Mic Check: Chris Kluwe Publishes On PolicyMic!

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on the news, and our favorite stories from across the web.

Did the IRS Really Spend $60,000 On a 'Star Trek' Training Video?

The IRS recently issued an apology for a $60,000 2010 training video parodying 'Star Trek' in which IRS employees traveled to the world of "Notax". Was this a good use of taxpayer funds?

John Kerry Meets With Afghan Women's Soccer Team

During his first visit to Kabul as Secretary of State, John Kerry sat down with the Afghan women's soccer team to hear about their fight for the ability to play safely.

Are Miniseries the Future Of Television?

Miniseries are seeming more and more attractive to writers and viewers, but there's something unique and valuable about long-term storytelling and development.

March Madness 2013: Only 1.2% Of Players Will Be Pro Athletes

According to Sports Illustrated, 60% to 80% of professional athletes go broke within five years of leaving their sport.

'Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14': Why the Tiger Woods Brand is Still Marketable

With a new video game bearing his name due to be released, people are wondering if the Tiger Woods brand can still bring home the bacon. I think it's a safe bet.

Florida Gulf Coast Sweet Sixteen Preview: South Region Breakdown

Cinderella is here. Will Florida Gulf Coast continue its wild ride or will Kansas, Michigan, or Florida spoil all the fun while restoring order?

Sweet Sixteen Preview: Indiana, East Region Breakdown

In the one bracket that saw the top four teams advance, Indiana will face Syracuse while Miami takes on Marquette in the Sweet 16.

What Time is the Supreme Court Gay Marriage Case?

The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear an hour-long argument Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. (EDT) over the constitutionality of Proposition 8.

It's Time For Google to Go to Space

Now that Google is no longer supporting Reader and several other projects, it should invest in the private space industry and develop a Google-branded moon base, among other things.

'Gears of War: Judgment' Proves Videos Games Are Becoming More About the Narrative Than Fighting

The criticism the game has received over its storytelling is proof that plot has become just as important to gaming as killing things.

DOMA and Prop 8: Gay Marriage is Right, Both Constitutional and Fair

The argument saying that allowing gay marriage to occur will undermine straight people’s marriage is ludicrous.

Sweet Sixteen Preview: Louisville, Midwest Bracket

1-seed Louisville needs to worry about a streaking Oregon team as well as two of college basketball's most storied programs, Duke and Michigan State, keeping them from making another Final Four.

Budget 2013: Political Messaging is Clouding the Substance Of Competing Bills

Republicans have a grand opportunity in front of them right now with the 2013 budget. But it's all about how they market their views.

UNO TV Show and 5 Other Board Games That Deserve Shows

UNO is being developed into a TV game show. That's right, the card game UNO is being made into a game show. What other board games should follow in UNO's foot steps?

House and Senate Finally Prove They Can Work Together

Congress actually did something bipartisan for once, passing a continual resolution on the budget Thursday morning and sending to the White House to be signed.

Akira Kurosawa Films Online: Watch His Films Free On Hulu

In honor of what would have been the famed director's 103rd birthday, Hulu made his films available online for free. They're still available, too: here's how to get them and which ones to watch.

Gay Marriage Arguments: What to Look For This Week

Excited about the Supreme Court's upcoming gay marriage cases this week, but confused about all the legalistics? Learn everything with our three-part series.

Miami Heat Winning Streak: March Madness Renders It Moot

The Miami Heat are currently making the rest of NBA look like a Saturday morning rec league. However, with March Madness in full swing, no one seems to be noticing.

Mohamed al-Gendy Death Shows Online Activism is a Catch-22 in Egypt

Online activism facilitates political action in Egypt, but has also made prominent political voices, such as the late Mohamed al-Gendy, easy targets for repression and police violence.

Jean Podrasky: Lesbian Cousin Of Chief Justice Roberts Will Attend Prop 8 Hearing

Jean Podrasky, a lesbian cousin of Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., will attend the Supreme Court Tuesday's hearing on Proposition 8.