Scott Harrington: Tulsa Dentist Might Have Exposed 7,000+ Patients to HIV, Hepatitis

Tulsa authorities announced that Dr. Scott W. Harrington, a Tulsa dentist, might have exposed scores of patients to deadly diseases through unsafe practices.

7 Greatest Kids Sports Movies Of the '90s, and the 3 Worst

Where does your favorite kids sports movie of the '90s rank? Walk down memory lane with these great clips from your favorite '90s flicks.

'Spring Breakers' Review: This is Not What a Feminist Looks Like

"Spring Breakers'" array of bouncing breasts, kinky gender reversals, and neon bikinis is female empowerment only in the eyes of the middle-aged dude who directed it.

'Bates Motel' Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Picking a Favorite Child Has Consequences

In Monday's episode of the new series, Norman's older, unloved brother comes to town and family feuding is in order.

Robert Zimmerman Tweet Explains Why You Should Fear Young Black Men

George Zimmerman's brother Robert has come under fire for his controversial and racist tweets about Trayvon Martin. But his words also reflect sentiments widely held throughout American society.

Jodi Arias Trial LIVE Stream: Defense Psychoanalyst Continues Testimony

The Jodi Arias murder trial resumes Thursday after being canceled Wednesday because of Arias' migraines.

5 Films That Will Help You Understand International Affairs

From Lawrence of Arabia to Argo, here are five films that will help you better understand the complicated world of international affairs today.

47% Of American Christians Believe Jesus Will Probably Return Within 40 Years.

There are more American Christians who believe that Jesus will rise from the dead in 40 years than believe in evolution. This has dire consequences for American society.

11-Year-Old Grace Evans Testifies Against Same-Sex Marriage

An 11-year-old girl spoke out against same-sex marriage in Minnesota, insisting that both a mother and a father are necessary to raise children. The results were predictable.

'Jurassic Park' 3D Premieres April 5, But Do We Really Need This Movie?

"Jurassic Park" 3D hits theaters on April 5, but why beat this millenial classic to death?

North Korea News: Doctored Photos Prove They're Better at Photoshop Than Waging War

North Koreans are just like us you guys! They use Photoshop to make things look better than they actually are, too. The latest doctored photos are wild.

3 Reasons It Won't Be the End Of the World If the Supreme Court Doesn't Choose in Favor Of Gay Marriage

Some words of caution about the "marriage equality" movement and its talking points.

Boston College Anti-Condom Rule: Wrongly Restricting Students' Access to Contraception

When it comes to contraception, even religious universities tend to offer some semblance of sex education and safe-sex materials. Boston College is not one of them.

'Parks and Rec' Porno Video: Too Big to Nail Pawnee Porn

"Parks and Recreation" recurring character Brandi Maxxx gets to star as Leslie Knope in this clip that shows what a "Parks and Rec" Porno would be. Enjoy the first scene of 'Too Big To Nail.'

The Coming Resource Wars Between America, China, and Japan

Precious metals necessary for advanced military and consumer technology will be hotly contested resources for America, China, and Japan in the near future

Gay Rights Timeline: A Look Back At the Past 50 Years

The history of marriage equality in the U.S. is surprisingly short. With DOMA going before the Supreme Court, here's a look at how we got to this point.

Marijuana Legalization: Marijuana Super PAC is Trying to Make Legalization a National Thing

Two brothers have launched the country’s first pro-marijuana super PAC in order to combat federal prohibition of medical and recreational cannabis use.

10 Most Commonly Misused Words

Refer to this list when dealing with pesky synonyms, homonyms, or common misspellings!

Where to Go in NYC at Night: The City's Best Underground Venues

Looking for some under-the-radar spots to enjoy New York's nightlife? Look no further, my friends.

Good Friday 2013: 5 Superstitions About the Christian Holiday

Butter some hot cross buns and put down the bed sheets, it's time to look at some superstitious beliefs around Good Friday.

4 Reasons Why All Future Diplomats Should Join Model UN

While it has a rep of being a club for overachievers and being a resume-padder, Model UN teaches millennials important lessons in diplomacy that they will carry with them as our future leaders.

CBS March Madness Live Stream: Sweet 16

Find a LIVE stream of the NCAA Tournament's Sweet 16.

Immigration Reform 2013: Here is Undeniable Proof Our Immigration System is Broken

John McCain tweets about a Mexican woman jumping the fence in Arizona. Call it unlucky for this one poor soul, or poetic justice, but she represents why America must reform the immigration code.

Gay NFL Player Rumors: Why He Could Be the Next Jackie Robinson

The stigmas that homosexuals face today are different than they were for the man who broke baseball's color barrier, and that stigma is best attacked by a football player.

DOMA and Prop 8: The Government Should Get Out Of the Marriage Business

The solution to same-sex marriage, like nearly all problems that plague society, is to get the state out of the marriage business.

Matt Lauer Leaving 'Today': NBC Denies Rumor, Says He's Not Being Replaced

Plummeting "Today Show" ratings have execs looking for a change, but host Matt Lauer isn't going anywhere despite buzz about his possible departure and replacement.

'The Voice' Season 4 Ratings Higher Than Fall Season

'The Voice' returned Monday night to solid ratings. Despite growing pains, reality shows will continue to have a large and strong presence in television.

Adam Lanza, Newtown Shooter, Fired 155 Bullets in 5 Minutes

State's Attorney Stephen J. Sedensky III says that three Samurai swords, an NRA certificate and a holiday card from his mom containing a check to buy a firearm, were found in Lanza's home.

'White House Down' Trailer and Other Must-See 2013 Movie Trailers

Texting with Hugh Jackman, Michael Bay kicking ass, Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx hanging around. There's a lot to like in this week's pool of trailers.

When Does Florida Gulf Coast Play Next?

Florida Gulf Coast gets back to their Dunk City Tour Friday night in Arlington, Texas against Florida. Will they keep up their dominating play?

Meet the Oscar Pistorius Fans Who Think Reeva Steenkamp is to Blame For Her Own Death

Some women have allowed their attraction for Oscar Pistorius to lead them to defend the Olympic sprinter at all costs, and even blame Reeva Steenkamp for her own death.

Sugary Drinks Caused 180,000 Global Deaths

Maybe Mayor Bloomberg was onto something with his sugar restriction ban.

Passover Guide, For the Broke, Unemployed College Student

Here's how to celebrate the traditional Jewish high holiday when you have no money and all your friends are drunk.

2014 Senate Elections: Will a GOP Senate Finally Force Obama to Get to Work?

With each retirement from an incumbent Democrat senator, the map is turning more and more favorable for the GOP in 2014. Will Obama finally get to work when there's nothing left to campaign for?

I Spent Alternative Spring Break in the U.S.-Mexico Border — and This is What I Saw

Before I spent Spring Break learning about the border in El Paso, Texas, I thought I knew everything about it. Boy I was wrong.

Gay Rights: Why Don't People Discuss Asylum Reform For LGBT Immigrants?

To truly help LGBT immigrants, there needs to be widespread reform of asylum policy. The administration should do more for the LGBT community than focus on marriage equality.

Women's Health Advocates Have Dropped the Ball On Emergency Contraception

VAWA not explicitly guaranteeing emergency contraception to women is a serious threat to women’s reproductive rights on multiple levels.

Summer 2013 Movies: 5 Animated Must-See Flicks

A slew of animated feature films are coming out this spring and summer. See which ones you should be most excited about.

Pakistan Election 2013: How Outrage Over U.S. Drones Could Shape The Election

Every single candidate and party running in the 2013 Pakistani elections is opposed to U.S. drone strikes ... but don't expect that to change America's mind.

Cyprus Bank Crisis: The 2 Biggest Lessons For the U.S.

The global economy might be at risk as Cyprus struggles with their banking crisis. Big government is to blame, not capital mobility and economic freedom.

'Community' Season 4: Stuck in Parody

"Community" is halfway through season four, and though it's still a quality show, it's relying too much on parody and lacking in character development.

Who Will Win March Madness: Predictions

See region by region breakdowns and who will be heading to Atlanta for the 2013 Final Four.

Rush on Gay Marriage: Inevitable Regardless of Supreme Court Outcome

Well, you know how they say things that are too good to be true probably are...

On Gay Marriage, Scalia Just the Latest Conservative to Use Pseudoscience in Opposing Marriage Equality

Over the years, from gay marriage to birth control, the fringe right has co-opted, misstated, or completely fabricated scientific claims that are then perpetuated by mainstream conservatives.

Ashley Judd Won't Run For Senate, But Alison Lundergan Grimes Gives Democrats a Better Shot Anyway

Ashley Judd dropping out of the Kentucky Senate race leaves Alison Lundergan Grimes as the presumptive Democrat nominee, and the best chance yet to beat Mitch McConnell.

Drunkorexia: The Absurd Eating Disorder Sweeping the Nation

"Drunkorexia" is pervasive on college campuses. Do we blame society for promoting unhealthy body images or the individuals drinking irresponsibly?

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Gun Control Debate: Is Obama Exploiting Sandy Hook for Political Gain?

President Obama, surrounded by victims of gun violence, took up the gun control debate at the White House Thursday. A good political move, or gross exploitation of the Newtown tragedy?

DOMA May Be Unconstitutional Because Of States' Rights

The Defense Of Marriage Act may be unconstitutional for states' rights and the Full Faith and Credit clause.

Indiana vs Syracuse Live Stream: Can You Watch Online?

After the eight games scattered over Thursday and Friday night, only the Elite 8 will remain. Find the TV Schedule for every Sweet 16 game here.

Charles Barkley Hates The Big 10

If there's one thing that Charles Barkley hates, other than almost everything, it's the Big 10.

TIME Magazine Gay Covers: Why TIME is Wrong That Equality Has Already Won

TIME Magazine has declared the issue of gay marriage already won for equality activists, but how accurate are they?

Tavi Gevinson: Rookie Magazine Founder is Dominating the Feminist Blogosphere

Most 16-year-olds busy themselves with prom planning and high school drama, but 16-year-old Tavi Gevinson runs a magazine and has even had her own TED lecture.

'Game Of Thrones' Season 3: 9 Things That Need to Happen

Season three of "Game of Thrones" is almost here. Here are some things that need to happen on the show.

Gay Marriage is Inherently Conservative, Not Liberal

Where same sex marriage is often hailed as radical, don't take the country's increasing support as a move to the left. This is an inherently conservative project for reform.

Florida v. Jardines: Supreme Court Picks Drug Dealers Over Dogs

The Supreme Court issued a decision limiting the use of drug-sniffing dogs. The court’s decision helps drug dealers and establishes that odors are protected by the Fourth Amendment.

3 Grocery Stores You Can Feel Good Shopping At

Whether you want to frequent a pro-labor grocery store to shop with as clear a conscience as possible, or you just want the better service that decent labor rights yield, check out these grocers.

Royal Mayo: Former NAACP President Makes Offensive Steubenville Comment

Former NAACP President, Royal Mayo should step down from his current position for claiming the Steubenville rape victim had wanted to go home with one of her rapists.

Ryan Gosling Break From Acting: 4 Actors Who Did the Same

Ryan Gosling has announced he's going on hiatus from acting. Here are some celebrities who did the same and made a strong comeback once they were ready to reenter the field again.

Sweet 16 Preview: #2 Ohio State vs. #6 Arizona Schedule and Prediction

March Madness 2013 is upon us. Check back with this blog for live scores, updates, predictions, video, and highlights.

Sequestration is Hitting Native Americans the Hardest

Most social safety-net programs are exempt from the sequester, but essential services like health care and education are experiencing draconian budget cuts in Indian country.

Cyprus Bank Crisis: Welcome to Europe's New Dark Age

The deal on Cyprus is a Pyrrhic victory, securing short-term gains by forsaking economic recovery for a long time to come. Cyprus is the fifth country to line up at the EU’s fiscal soup kitchen.

Louie Gohmert Gets Parking Ticket, But Refuses to Pay Because He's a Congressman

Tea Party Rep. Louie Gohmert believes in small government, but expects big privilege.

Justin Amash Beats Party Politics, Proves Why Libertarians Are Hot

Independence from party groupthink is the new norm, and libertarians in Congress are already leading the charge, speaking to principles and issues over insults and demagoguery.

James Holmes Guilty Plea to Avoid Death Penalty Would Be a Travesty Of Justice

It’s unfortunate that a precedent has been set for murderers such as James Holmes to strike deals such as this with the prosecution.

Why Does a Package Labeled 'Atheist' Take Longer To Reach Its Destination?

A shoe company in Germany found that packages shipped to the USA with packing tape labeled "atheist" took longer to get to people than packages with unlabeled tape.

Open Letter to Pistol Annie From an Army Wife and Navy Veteran

We bleed. We come home hurt. We die. We have in every war this nation has ever waged. Now, we get the ribbon for it but we want a song too!

Pedro Quezada: New Jersey Man Wins Powerball

Pedro Quezada of New Jersey just won the lottery, and while his story gives many hope that they can strike it rich through the Powerball as well, the chances of winning remain slim.

Why the U.S. Will Lose in Syria, No Matter Which Side Wins the War

The conflict in Syria is more than a nation rising up against a tyrannical leader. Both sides have ties to terrorism and that means that whoever wins, the United States loses.

Ryan Lochte Reality Show: Watch Trailer Here

Olympic Gold Medallist Ryan Lochte has a reality show. Check out an in depth look at the trailer for 'What Would Ryan Lochte Do?' on the E! Channel.

Millennials Are Taking Entrepreneurship In a Whole New Direction

We're living in the 21st century, but we have a 20th century government. It's time for us to find new ways to go about providing things like health care and poverty relief.

Why Obama Signing Sequestration Into Law Was a Strategic Move

Sequestration is locked into place for the next six months; Obama gave in easily this time to reserve political capital for the next fight.

Syria Civil War: America's Inaction is Simply Reckless

This absence of intervention might bear resemblance to Rwanda, Darfur, or any other genocides we've turned a blind eye toward.

Ohio State Buzzer Beater Over Arizona In The Sweet 16

LaQuinton Ross hit a three-pointer with 2.1 seconds left and Ohio State held onto a 73-70 win over Arizona in the Sweet 16.

Solving Global Poverty May Start With Ending Gender Inequality

The most effective starting point to resolve issues of poverty is mitigating the inequalities that affects over half of the world’s population – women.

A Millennial Proposal to Reduce the Debt, That Both Democrats and Republicans Can Agree On

While both parties exchange rhetoric, virtually everyone can agree on cutting the deficit. But neither side likes to advertise what they'll cut. Here's one cut we all can agree on.

'Kick-Ass 2' Movie Trailer: Watch Chloe Moretz in New Film Here

The sequel seemed like it would live up to its action-packed predecessor until Hit-Girl dances in front of her gym class and everyone cheers. Is the football star going to ask her to prom, too?

Gay Marriage Debate: Should Children Stay Out Of It Altogether?

As more and more children begin to share their opinions on same-sex marriage, their voices have become an important voice in a debate that has largely centered on their welfare.

DOMA Oral Arguments Likely Spell Doom For the Law

DOMA will likely to be struck down as Justice Elena Kagan lays waste to the arguments for it.

Sweet 16 Preview: #2 Miami vs. #3 Marquette Schedule and Prediction

March Madness 2013 is upon us. Check back with this blog for live scores, updates, predictions, video, and highlights.

'Private Empire: ExxonMobil and American Power' Book Review: Steve Coll Demonstrates Why Corporations Are Not People

Steve Coll's 'Private Empire: ExxonMobil and American Power. reveals how the corporation thinks and how its operations are for its own benefit.

Flash Mob Stages Protest For Access to Morning-After Pill

Demonstrators in New York City staged a protest on Tuesday demanding universal access to emergency contraception.

March Madness Sweet 16 Predictions: Indiana Will Be In Final Four

Thursday night's round of Sweet 16 games should be exciting. See what to expect and who will head into Saturday's Elite 8.

Too Big to Fail Banks: We Have Bill Clinton to Thank for That

After CPAC, Democrats have quite the dilemma: the GOP might be seriously considering breaking up big banks. Has the left been outflanked?

Sweet 16 NCAA: Best Moments Of Past Tournaments

Thursday and Friday's Sweet 16 games will lead into Saturday and Sunday's Elite 8 match-ups. See the best Sweet 16 and Elite 8 moments of tournaments past.

What time does OSU play Arizona? 7:47 p.m. On TBS

Ohio State takes on Arizona Thursday night in the Sweet 16. Find out the schedule for other Thursday night games as well.

The Gay Revolution Will Be Tweeted: Why the HRC Flag and Other Social Justice Memes Matter

While posting an update on social media may be a small act for some, trending social media memes around social justice issues can have a huge impact.

Google Glass to Be Manufactured By Foxconn in California

The new product will be manufactured in the Golden State, but by Taiwanese electronics giant Foxconn.

Miami Heat Win Streak Ends At 27 – And the Chicago Bulls Lay Out the Blueprint For Exactly How to Beat Them

In the face of a juggernaut win streak and missing key players, the Bulls showed the league how to take down the Miami Heat: Be disrespectful and play like a bully.

Meet Morgan Davies: Brooklynite, Culture Enthusiast & Sometimes Comedian

As part of our new Pundit of the Week blog, PolicyMic will give readers the chance to get to know one of their talented fellow writers.

One Bold Move the GOP Can Make to Change the World — and Itself

Republicans don't have a branding problem. They have an innovation one.

Andy Enfeild: Will He Be the Next Coach At UCLA?

Andy Enfeild is making waves at Florida Gulf Coast. Will UCLA be able to coax the star coach away from the school that made him a star?

Is the Cyprus 'Haircut' a Necessary Evil or Proof That the End is Near?

Cyprus became the fifth country of the European south that is entering into a period of deep recession. Shall we consider it an alarm or the starting point for a stable Euro zone?

3 Most Ridiculous March Madness Commercials

Big-shot companies and their big-shot ad agencies have flopped big-time in their commercials during the NCAA tournament.

Objets d'Anarchie: San Francisco Fine Arts Museums in Complete Disarray

For more than a year, San Francisco's fine arts museums have been completely leaderless.

Obamacare Predicted to Cause Massive Rise in Health Care Costs, But is the Diagnosis Legit?

Republicans are still talking about the costs of Obamacare, but the fact is, it's incredibly difficult to make such projections.

David Cameron Deflects Blame For Economy By Scapegoating Immigrants

UK Prime Minister David Cameron's recent anti-immigration message runs counter to the proposed relaxation of U.S. restrictions.

Senate Ends "Too Big to Fail," But Big Banks Aren't Going Away

The Senate passed an amendment cutting subsidies for "Too Big To Fail" banks. This doesn't, however, mean big banks are going away.

Abortion Headed Back to the Supreme Court? The President Of Planned Parenthood Thinks So

In the wake of several anti-abortion measures passed around the country, the president of Planned Parenthood is worried that the abortion issue will head back to a conservative Supreme Court.

7 Traveling Tips For Vacations Outside the U.S.

American tourists have a very bad rap in many parts of the world. Here are some tips on how to avoid being that stereotype.

Michigan March Madness: Chris Webber Hums 'Hail To The Victors'

Chris Webber hums the Michigan fight song, 'Hail To The Victors,' during an NBA broadcast.

North Dakota TRAP Could End Abortion in the State

Lawmakers claim they're looking out for women's safety with North Dakota's TRAP (targeted regulation of abortion provider) bill, but it actually seeks to end abortion services in the state.

Where Are All the Female Millennial Entrepreneurs?

Twenty-somethings, who are twice as likely to major in entrepreneurship as previous generations, are making their mark as entrepreneurs. So why are so many of them men?

Are NYC's Anti-Discrimination Laws Discriminatory?

Non-discrimination laws are open to distortion and abuse. Society needs laws like Kentucky's Religious Freedom Act to protect religious minorities from overzealous regulation.

Chicago Bulls Beat the Heat, But That Actually Helps Miami's NBA Championship Odds

The Miami Heat's 27-game winning streak came to an end. Now they can focus on the important task of becoming back-to-back champions.

President Obama Would Have Been Censured by Our Forefathers For His Lack Of Transparency

President Jackson was censured by the Senate for withholding papers - President Obama is lucky that he was not in office in 1834, or he might have been censured for the same act.

'Room 237': Kubrick's Former Assistant Leon Vitali Rails Against Film's "Inaccuracies"

In a recent New York Times article, former Stanley Kubrick assistant Leon Vitali dismisses the upcoming fan documentary "Room 237" (about symbolism in "The Shining") as "balderdash." Here's why.

Reince Priebus's Growth and Opportunity Project: How Not to Read the RNC's Self-Diagnosis Report

Both the right and the left got it wrong in telling the GOP establishment what's wrong with it.

Denard Robinson is the EA Sports 'NCAA Football 14' Cover Man

There have been many great college players to grace "NCAA Football." Some have been ultra successful in the NFL, others not.

Too Big to Fail Banks: Back On Congress's Radar

The Senate unanimously passes a non-binding measure condemning advantages held by America's "Too-Big-To-Fail" banks; what does this mean for the future of the financial industry?

Is Virginia Going to War With Obamacare Over Taxpayer-Funded Abortions?

Virginia Gov. McDonnell from has proposed an amendment to the state's health care exchange restricting insurance coverage for abortions. But does it violate Obamacare?

Florida Gulf Coast and Other Teams to Root For in NCAA Tournament Now That Your Bracket is Busted

Your bracket is officially busted, so root for these teams going forward in the NCAA tournament: Florida Gulf Coast, La Salle, and Wichita State.

Stop and Frisk Constitutionality Challenged in Court: NYPD Officers Accused Of Unlawfully Detaining and Mocking 13 Year Old

The NYPD's "stop-and-frisk" program is currently under scrutiny in federal court, as two officers are accused of unlawfully detaining and taunting a 13 year old boy.

Harvard NCAA Tournament Win Proves Ivy League Sports Are No Joke

Harvard just won its first ever NCAA tournament. With high graduation rates and success on the playing field, Ivy League schools are the best places for athletes to attend school.

Mic Check: How the Internet Will Match Ads to Your DNA

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on today's news and our favorite stories from around the web.

Twitter is Ruining Bathroom Graffiti

People used to write on the bathroom walls when they pooped. Now, they tweet.

Why Egypt's Morsi is Becoming the New Mubarak

The growing resentment toward Mohamed Morsi will force him and the Muslim Brotherhood, to either listen to the demands of the people, or follow Mubarak into political exile.

How to Build a Clean Energy Company: Q&A With Graham Lawlor

If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a city to bring an innovation from the lab to the consumer market. Graham Lawlor and his team provide a stage for innovation and innovators.

Meghan McCain, FXX, and the Problem With Having Way Too Many Channels

John McCain's daughter will host talk show "Raising McCain" on Pivot, a new network. 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' will move to FX's new station FXX. Are there too many channels on TV?

Same-Sex Marriage: Freedom Should Be the Central Issue in Debate

With all of the other problems the country has to solve, the freedom of individuals to live their lives as they see fit seems a foregone conclusion.

Why Huge Food Corporations Like Monstano Control What You Eat More Than Ever Before

Why do huge companies like Monsanto enjoy the power to dictate what you eat? The answer lies with idustrial regulation and the Department of Agriculture.

Phil Jackson Twitter Gold

This isn't college basketball, but legendary NBA Coach Phil Jackson is crushing the Twitter world just one day in.