7 Reasons This Muffin Mix Can Save America

After making a customer complaint, I received a phone call from the CEO of Jiffy mix, the top producer of baking mixes in America. His story illuminates corporate America's sad moral decline.

How Gay Marriage Will Destroy the American Family

I used to be happily married with a healthy child, until a gay couple moved in next door and ruined my life. Don't let this happen to you — act now to battle the liberal myths about gay marriage.

Human Rights Campaign Fails to Advocate For Minorities

The Human Rights Campaign came up with the viral red equal sign symbol, but it hasn't been inclusive to marginalized minorities.

Rick Ross's New Single Causes Consumers to Demand Reebok Drop Rapper

A new petition is asking Reebok to drop the rapper for glamorizing drug-assisted rape in his new single.

Frozen Four Schedule 2013: Predictions and Everything You Need to Know

Here are the teams competing, the schedule, and our predictions on which team will win each game.

DOMA: Obama Administration's Refusal to Defend Law is Entirely Justified

The Obama administration's refusal to defend DOMA has raised an important question: Should presidents be responsible for defending the legality of laws that they believe to be unconstitutional?

Christian Bale New Movie: He's Put On Some Weight, and It Doesn't Look Like Batman Muscle

The ever-changing physique of Bale has taken on a new metamorphosis. He's kinda fat now!

'The Host' Trailer: 5 Reasons the Movie Won't Have Twilight's Success

"The Host" is expected to do well this weekend, but there’s no way it will get anywhere close to the success of the "Twilight" franchise.

Texas Investigates School Curriculum Over Islam Conspiracy Theory

Texas will look into its education program for allegedly indoctrinating school children with communist and Islamist propaganda, even though those accusations have already been reviewed.

3D Printing Guns, Bitcoin Show Power Of Technology to Create Change

Thanks to the information age, the technology is finally catching up the libertarian ideas that have existed for centuries.

Immigration Reform 2013: House Republicans Need to Do What is Right For America

House Republicans need to stop rowing against the current and join the rising tide towards comprehensive immigration reform.

Why North Korea is So Hilarious

Kim Jong-un's increasingly improbable and outlandish threats make it easy for Americans to laugh at North Korea. But in the attitude fuelling this laughter lies something potentially dangerous.

Taylor Swift's 'Troubles' Are Real, But She Does Not Hate Men

When T-Swift sings about a man doing her wrong, 8.75 million people think she hates all men, according to Google. When women express their bad experiences elsewhere, they face similar censorship.

Hadouken: The New Viral Internet Meme is Way Better Than the Harlem Shake

Seriosuly, this thing is way better than the 'Harlem Shake' and, what was the other one called? Oh yeah, 'Gangnam Style.'

Gun Control Debate 2013: Obama Distracts With More Theatrics, Ignores the Real Problems

Exploiting children didn’t work, so Obama used the mothers next in his latest effort to keep support for gun control alive. But the real problem isn't lack of laws, it's lack of enforcement.

Jon Huntsman On the GOP: "We Are Better Than Where Our Party is Today"

PolicyMic's Sagar Jethani spoke with former Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman about the evolution of the GOP, and how the party can once again work to solve America's problems.

Meet the Alabama Students Calling For An End to Homophobic, Inaccurate Sex Ed

In Alabama, students have stepped up to support a proposal to reform sexual health education in the state, which currently teaches that homosexuality is an unacceptable "lifestyle."

Immigration Reform 2013: Is the Obama Administration Really Only Deporting Criminals?

The Department of Homeland Security declares they have mostly deported immigrants charged with criminal offenses in the 2012 fiscal year.

Immigration Reform 2013: Why Does Mark Zuckerberg Care?

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg has created a pro-immigration PAC seeking to invest resources that will help Silicon Valley.

'Nashville' TV Show: How Does It Compare to Nashville the City?

There is an authentic aura surrounding the ABC show, which doesn't make Nashvillians look like hillbillies. It has also evolved into a more well-rounded, recognizable representation of Nashville.

Keystone XL Pipeline May Create Jobs, But At Too Steep a Cost to Be Worth It

Basing the merit of the Keystone XL pipeline in the number of jobs it creates is a distraction from more important aspects of good energy policy, like safety and equity.

YouTube Hugo Chavez Goes to Heaven Video: Watch How Chavez Meets Che Guevara

In the latest attempt to re-write the legacy of Venezuela's late authoritarian leader Hugo Chavez, the South American country's state television made this 'cute' animated video.

Ivy League Admission Rates Hit Record Low

There are several reasons for the drop in acceptance rates, and intelligence levels of applicants isn't necessarily one of them.

Nick Cave Heard NY: See It At Grand Central This Weekend

There is no better place to see some fancy dancing horses than Grand Central Station.

Johnny Manziel Deactivates His Twitter Account, and We Lose a Social Media Titan

Johnny Manziel's iconic rise in college football was partly flammed by his amazing tweets. No he's giving up Twitter, hoping to focus on his Texas A&M quarterbacking duties.

Sean Penn's Son: How to Stop Your Racist Children

When Sean Penn's son Hopper went on a racist and homophobic tirade against a black photographer earlier this week, it raised questions about a parent's role in preventing hate speech.

North Korea Nuclear Threats Sound Scary, But Really Aren't

North Korea has announced a plan to aim missiles at some U.S. military bases. But is it credible?

Mexican Drug Cartels Leave 7 Dead Bodies With Warnings Ice-Picked to Them in Public Square

After seven dead bodies were found in a central plaza in Uruapan, Mexico, some have begun to question the government’s approach to curtailing drug violence.

March Madness 2013: Kansas Basketball Turns An Entire Red State Blue

March Madness is the only time you'll ever see this state go blue.

'Real World: Portland' Premiere: 6 Lessons From the Episode

"The Real World: Portland" premiered this week. What can we learn from the 28th season of the MTV classic?

#HateSpeech: Twitter's $50 Million Problem in France

Twitter is racking up thousands of euros in fines for failing to censure anti-Semitic Tweets tagged #UnBonJuif, despite the fact that hate speech is punishable by law in France.

Good Friday 2013: To Sin and Repent Right Before Easter

Christians are coming together and showing their devotion to God in ways many of us don’t understand during Easter weekend.

Marco Rubio, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz Will Filibuster Gun Control — But For What Reason?

Rubio plans to join Senators Rand Paul and Ted Cruz in a filibuster against gun control legislation. This is just a media stunt.

How Many Facebook Shares Can Mexican Drug Cartels Get From These 7 Corpses?

Drug cartels are learning how to project shock and fear farther than ever through gory spectacle — and teaching us a lesson in how violence makes history faster than ever through the Internet.

Being Uncool At a Young Age Totally Pays Off in the Long Run

Maybe the misfits have it best after all. They are the dreamers, the thinkers, the ones who stray from the beaten path and are rewarded for it.

Newark Liberty Airport: 4 Screeners Fired and Dozens Suspended For Incompetent Baggage Screening

4 TSA agents at Newark Liberty Airport have been fired after serious safety holes were discovered in the luggage screening process. Is the TSA incompetent?

It's Time to Legalize Drugs

Legalizing drugs is the only way to ensure a consistent drug policy that does not treat drug users like criminals.

New York Minimum Wage Law: Lessons For the Rest Of the Nation

Republicans lawmakers in New York reached a deal with the Democratic governor to increase the minimum wage. Republicans in Congress would be well advised to follow their example.

The Strokes' 'Comedown Machine': A Wild Journey That's All Their Own

In "Comedown Machine," the oft-hailed indie rockers realize what kind of band they are: one that plays whatever they want, whether it's rock or an odd experiment, and plays it extremely well.

Moscow Human Rights Watch Crackdown Shows Deteriorating U.S.-Russia Relations

The government-led search of the Human Rights Watch office in Moscow shows how far U.S.-Russia relations have deteriorated since Putin returned to power.

Corey Braun: Chick-fil-A Owner Gives Coupons to Marriage Equality Supporters

A Chick-fil-A in California surprised many when it distributed coupons for free meals to marriage equality supporters, but that doesn't change the business' anti-gay history.

Nelson Mandela Death Rumors: Icon Back in the Hospital Fighting Lung Infection

South African civil rights leader Nelson Mandela is being treated for a lung infection in a South African hospital, just months after a similar incident.

8 Books We're Dying to Read This Spring

Find a nice patch of green grass underneath a freshly bloomed tree and crack open one of these nine books.

Pope Francis Washes, Kisses Women's Feet in Holy Thursday Ritual

On Thursday, Pope Francis washed and kissed the feet of two women among a dozen juvenile inmates, sparking debate over his break with the Holy Thursday Catholic tradition.

Eric Harroun, U.S. Veteran, Accused Of Serving With Al-Qaeda in Syria

Eric Harroun, 30, is being held in custody by the United States on the basis that he allegedly used a weapon of mass destruction while fighting alongside members of al Qaida in Syria.

Soda Sales Drop to 17-Year Low: How Will the Industry Respond?

Soda sales fell to its lowest point since 1996. Does this spell disaster for soda giants?

DOMA and Prop 8: John Roberts Could Be Swing Vote to Overturn Both

Chief Justice Roberts alone could be the swing vote to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act and Proposition 8. Will he break away from his conservative past and lead the way for equality?

Punxsutawney Phil Indictment: Is He Too Big to Fail?

Punxsutawney Phil has been indicted for falsely predicting an early spring. Is the weather expert too big to fail or lose his credibility?

Pervez Musharraf Gets Shoe Thrown At Him

Former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf is so unpopular, he's had a shoe launched at him. What's he doing back in his home country?

How Not to Go From Cute Child Actor to Adult Trainwreck

Child actor Jonathan Taylor Thomas just appeared on "Last Man Standing" as a nod to his "Home Improvement" days. Unlike many child stars, JTT grew up to be a normal adult. Here's why.

3 Things the Pope Could Do For Women (Besides Wash Their Feet)

Pope Francis washed and kissed the feet of two women for the first time during the Holy Thursday mass. What more could he do for women?

April Fool's Day 2013: 5 Greatest Pranks Of All Time

April Fool's Day is fast approaching, and you know what they say: if you're not pranking, you're getting pranked. Make sure you're not on the receiving end with these inspirational videos.

'Real World: Portland' Premiere Channels Taylor Swift's '22'

Despite a predictable premiere, the roommates of "The Real World: Portland" are poised to show all of us what it feels like to be “happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time.”

iPhone 5S Release Date: On June 20, Apple Will Unveil New iPhone

According to the Japanese 'MacFan' magazine, Apple will unveil iPhone 5S at a press event on June 20. The device will be officially release a few weeks later in July.

'Spring Breakers' and the 6 Other Worst Movie Vacations Ever

Even if you got lost, missed your flight, or misplaced your passport, odds are your vacation wasn't as bad as any of these. Here are the 7 worst movie vacations ever.

Chicago School Closures: 150 Arrested in Protests Over Largest Mass School Closing in U.S. History

Chicago Public Schools plan to close 54 schools next year. Parents, students and union activists aren't having it - they have chosen civil disobedience to fight for their cause.

DOMA and Prop 8: Let's Just Ban Marriage Entirely

With all this heated debate about who has the right to marry and who doesn't, why not just ban marriage entirely? What would a world without government involvement in marriage look like?

Christ-Yves Dabel: TSA Pepper Spray "Accident" Highlights Serious Safety Concers

The recent accidental release of pepper spray at JFK Airport, while non-threatening, constitutes a serious security lapse.

Victims Of Sexual Assault Given Phone Sex Number Instead Of Crisis Hotline

A Florida sheriff's department has been erroneously giving assault victims a phone sex line to call instead of the intended crisis center's number.

Jodi Arias Case Costs Arizonans Millions

The Jodi Arias murder case has become a multi-million dollar spectacle, and Arizona residents are paying a significant amount in taxes for her legal team.

Republican Don Young Refers to Latinos As "Wetbacks" — the GOP Isn't Winning Any Points With Latinos

Alaska Congressman Don Young uses a racial slur that only creates more distance between the GOP and potential Latino voters.

The Simple Reason We Need to Reform Social Security

As we become a nation more and more polarized into haves and have-nots, guaranteed retirement benefits like Social Security are critical ... just not the ones we have now.

Ashley Judd Declines Senate Run, But Here Are 5 Celebs Who Have Run For Office

Ashley Judd announced that she will not be running for Senate, but numerous celebrities have taken a shot at playing the real-life role of politician.

Mic Check: 10 Ways to Celebrate Passover As a Broke College Kid

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on the day's top news and our favorite reads from around the web.

Sweet 16 Observations - 16 Thoughts from Day One of the Sweet 16

March Madness 2013 is upon us. Check back with this blog for live scores, updates, predictions, video, and highlights.

Frank Gehry to Design Facebook’s New Campus

Facebook just received the thumbs up to expand their offices in Menlo Park, and the project will be designed by world famous architect Frank Gehry. Here are some of his other works.