'Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag' Trailer: Leaked Video and Screenshots

The preview is the latest in a slew of materials that seem to have leaked prior to the game's official release dates.

Biden Shotgun Advice: Shooting Through Door Suggestion Totally Ridiculous

Biden recently suggested that if we have to use a gun for protection, we use a shotgun and just shoot through the door. His remarks are inaccurate, insulting, and disturbing.

YouTube: Mitchell Marcus, Mentally Handicapped Basketball Player Shoots Basket: What We Can Learn

Jonathan Montanez famously passed the ball to mentally handicapped opponent Mitchell Marcus, who made a basket. Athletes should follow the generous teen's lead and show more compassion.

Conclave 2013: Vatican Admits to Wiretapping Clergy

The Vatican admitted to secretly carrying out wiretaps on the clergy within the Holy See on Thursday, stating they were part of investigations into the Vatileaks scandal that rocked Rome in 2012.

Vatileaks Scandal: Vatican Admits to Wiretapping Clergy For Investigation

The Vatican admitted to secretly carrying out wiretaps on the clergy within the Holy See as part of the investigations into the Vatileaks scandal that rocked Rome last year.

Marissa Mayer: Yahoo CEO Banned Telecommuting Because Of Google Data

Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer was driven by Google insights to shift the company's telecommuting policy.

San Diego Christian College Fires Worker For Having Pre-Marital Sex

Not only are this school’s actions sexist and discriminatory, but also serve as an incentive for women to get abortions in order to keep their jobs.

Dionigi Tettamanzi: Dark Horse Candidate For Pope Could Restore Church's Image

With the reputation of the Catholic Church in shreds, Cardinals know a major change is needed, and that could require selecting a dark horse pope candidate.

Women's History Month 2013: March Celebrates Women in STEM

Women's History Month 2013 celebrates women in STEM (science, tech, engineering, and Math), which is significant because of the low number of women in science.

Emily Bazelon 'Sticks And Stones' Review: Book Proves Bullying Problem Needs Our Full Attention

Emily Bazelon just paid a visit to an NYC Barnes & Noble to promote her book on bullying. 'Sticks and Stones' proves school bullying is only getting worse and needs our full attention.

Kenya Elections 2013: New President Must Resettle IDPs

The next leader must do everything possible to resettle those displaced to bring some much-needed harmony to the country.

Cardinal Francis Arinze Could Be the First Pope From the Developing World

While much of the focus has been on candidates from Europe, the worldwide nature of the Catholic faith means that the next Pope could come from somewhere unexpected.

Celeste Greig: Republican Leader Claims Pregnancy From Rape Rare

When criticizing Akin's infamous legitimate rape comment, California Republican Assembly leader Celeste Greig said something ignorant about rape. Why do right-leaning leaders keep doing this?

AIPAC 2013: The Greatest Pro-Israel Show On Earth

The annual three day conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) begins on Sunday, a chance for both Democrats and Republicans to show how much they love Israel.

LeBron James Dunk Contest 2013: Magic Johnson Will Give Winner $1 Million If James Finally Participates

Magic Johnson will give the winner of the annual dunk contest $1 million if James agrees to participate. James always turns the contest down, in turn disappointing fans and failing to do his job.

Lauren Silberman First Woman to Try Out For NFL

The 28-year-old is the first woman to ever participate in the NFL regional combine. If she can make a team, will the NFL be prepared for it? More importantly, would current players accept her?

Marissa Mayer: Yahoo Remote Working Ban a Smart Move For the Company

Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer's decision to bring workers back on campus is the best thing for the company, which has been the target of hacking in recent months.

Free Wi-Fi: Convenient and Crucial For Social Equality

For economic opportunities, education, and more, everyone should have internet access regardless of income, race, or geographical location.

John Kerry: China Happy About His Questioning Of America’s "Pacific Pivot"

China welcomes Kerry's questioning of the merits of America's "Pacific Pivot" amid hopes his appointment will temper the confrontational policy.

MLB Drug Policy Needs to Be Tougher, Says Commissioner Bud Selig

Commissioner Bud Selig is calling for tougher penalties for first and second time offenders against MLB's performance-enhancing drug policy.

5 Awesome Things That Could Be Done With Kinect

Who knew 3D printing was possible with Kinect?! Here are a couple ways to take advantage of Microsoft’s criminally underutilized hardware.