Louisville Kevin Ware broken leg injury VIDEO

Sadly, the Elite 8 game between Louisville and Duke has taken a turn for the worse as Kevin Ware was injured with a broken leg.

What is Mob Action? Chicago Teens Plan and Execute Deliberately Violent Flash Mob in Downtown Chicago

Hundreds of teens descended on high-traffic Chicago neighborhoods on Saturday night in what police call "mob action," acting violently and creating trouble for anyone who dares get in their way.

'The Hangover' As A Horror Film and The 6 Best Fake Trailers Ever

Watch the trailer for 'The Hangover' as a horror film and enjoy five other fantastic trailer recuts that put a completely different theme on a classic movie.

White Student Union: Stop Exploiting Our Campus!

Think that white supremacists are thoughtless? Well, the insidiously racist White Student Union has made its way back to haunting Towson University's campus once again.

April Fools' Day: What if 'Bang With Friends' Is The Greatest Prank Ever?

Imagine: on April 1, every 'Bang With Friends' choice you've ever made goes public. Well played, developers?

'The Walking Dead' Finale Review: What a Show About Zombies Understands About The Human Heart

If we are to make any sense of "The Walking Dead," the first step is to realize it's not about the zombies.

Google Doodle: Cesar Chavez Picked Over Easter, But It's Not a "Snub" to Christians

Google picked its Easter Google doodle, and it's not something Christian ... it's the "socialist" Cesar Chavez. Of course, the bible-thumping right immediately began a screaming match.

Ben Carson Forced to Withdraw As John Hopkins Graduation Speaker After Comparing Gays to Pedophiles

Republican favorite Ben Carson has withdrawn as commencement speaker at his own workplace as a result of a petition signed by students and faculty who deemed him unfit for the job.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month: 4 Shocking Statistics

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. America's problem with sexual assault may be worse than you think, if these statistics are any indication.

6 Reasons the Easter Bunny is Bad For Women

Many of us celebrate Easter every year, but could the Easter Bunny secretly be bad for women and girls?

Duke Louisville Live Stream CBS

Duke and Louisville are squaring off in the final Elite 8 game of the weekend at 5:05p.m. EDT on CBS.

63 Years Later, FBI Vault Releases "Flying Saucers" Report

More than sixty years ago, years ago the FBI made history — and forgot to follow up on it. Recent records published through the FBI Vault show they're not taking the matter too seriously.

Should the U.S. Even Bother Defending South Korea?

It's a little strange that you never hear anyone saying we should let the Koreas work out their own problems — especially considering how commonly we hear intervention is a bad idea.

A Layman's Complete Guide To Running

Find the answers to some of the serious questions posed to runners by non-runners — you'll be surprised at what a runner is really like.

Who is Cesar Chavez?

Cesar Chavez was a Latino activist who paved the way for countless Mexican-Americans to advance in society. Here are some of his biggest accomplishments.

Congo Intervention Brigade Will See UN Forces Go On the Offense

In an unprecidented move, the U.N. Security Council authorized an “intervention brigade” to respond and "neutralize" ongoing violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Sequestration is Rolling Back Advances in Autism

Be weary of sequestration supporting politicians who send out press releases in honor of World Autism Day

Easter Sunday: Christian-Muslim Relations Need a Boost

Muslim and Christian relations have suffered in the post 9/11 world. In light of this important holiday, a serious conciliatory tone and effort of dialogue is a dire need.

5 Steps For Congress to Fix Gun Violence, Immigration Reform, and Basically Anything Else

All the serious and not so serious issues facing this country are not insurmountable. Congress could easily solve them all if they followed these five easy steps.

South Carolina Special Election Gets a Big Dose of Rick Santorum

Just when you thought South Carolina politics couldn't get more surreal ... well, you know where this is headed. Rick Santorum just endorsed Mark Sanford's opponent.

"Vagina" is a Four Letter Word in Dietrich, Idaho Schools

Inappropriate words like "vagina" should not be used in schools, and should be replaced with nicer pseudonyms like "private-flower". Yes, even in science classes.

Bank of Cyprus Wealthy Depositors May Lose Up to 60% of Savings, But They Aren't all Russians

While much of the discussion regarding the Cyprus deal has been about Russian tax evaders, many forget the struggle of business-owners, service-providers, and job-creators.

Dave Agema Resigns: Republican Asked To Resign After Anti-Gay Facebook Post

Michigan Republican National Committeeman Dave Agema came under fire when he promoted an offensive and inaccurate article detailing the "homosexual agenda." Will he resign?

NCAA Tournament 2013 in Gifs: The Greatest March Madness Moments

March is nearly over, but it's been a glorious ride. Re-live 2013's most insane moments in basketball as you steel yourself for the Final Four.

CBS Live Stream Elite 8

Watch online to find out who will be joining Syracuse and Wichita State in the 2013 Final Four.

Trey Burke Michigan Basketball: Buzzer Beater VIDEO

Trey Burke is taking over the NCAA Tournament. Enjoy video of his game tying shot against Kansas.

Louisville Beats Duke: Who Is In The Final Four?

Wichita State, Syracuse, Michigan, and Louisville all punched their tickets to the Final Four and a trip to Atlanta. Louisville won despite the gruesome injury to Kevin Ware.