NYS DRIVE Act Would Ban Ferraris and Other "Assault Vehicles"

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's latest nanny state proposal would ban Lamborghini, Porsche, Ferrari and other "assault vehicles" because they "serve no purpose for defensive driving."

YouTube Wealth Inequality Video Fails to Tell the Whole Story

A viral video on YouTube depicts a bleak picture of economic inequality in America, but does the video tell us everything we need to know about economic disparity between the classes?

5 Underrated Songs That Blow Today's Pop Music Out of the Water

Tired of today's banal pop music? These five songs deserve praise not merely for sounding great, but for saying something substantial while doing so.

Gun Control Debate: Violent Video Games Actually Decrease Violence, Study Finds

Try as politicians & the NRA might, there is still no evidence video games cause violence.

Forbes Billionaire List 2013: Koch Brothers, Bill Gates Make the Cut

Nearly 1,500 people made the list this year, but the ones we really care about are those who write hefty checks for political campaigns and movements.

6 Life Lessons I Learned From Reality TV

Studies suggest reality TV can be extremely harmful to viewers, but I've learned some valuable lessons from my hours spent watching reality stars self-destruct.

Gun Control Debate: Background Checks Won't Solve the Problem

Though over 80% of gun owners support universal background checks, this proposal alone still fails to address our mental health system and the lack of enforcement of current laws.

Were 'The Jetsons' Right About What Life Will Look Like in 2062?

No matter how much we emulate the technology of 'The Jetsons,' which recently turned 50, the show will always remain a show about the future and things that will never quite come.

YouTube New Rochelle Buzzer Beater Stuns Mount Vernon, March Madness Commences

New Rochelle stunned Mount Vernon in one of the craziest buzzer beaters you will ever see. Welcome to March.

'Jurassic Park 3D': Movie Will Be Released April 5, and You Need to Be There

Do whatever it takes to see 'Jurassic Park' next month if you haven't already done so, whether that means borrowing money or playing drums in Union Square. You can't miss this.

The Pirate Bay Has Moved to North Korea — Seriously

Thought Dennis Rodman visiting North Korea sounded like something out of The Onion? Well, here's another bizarre relocation to Kim Jong-Un's kingdom ... The Pirate Bay.

Drone Strikes: Obama Sends UAVs to Niger, Makes the Right Move

Obama has deployed drones in Western Africa to help France in their fight against Islamists. Ultimately, it's a good idea.

A Return Trip: LSD Gets a Second Look

After many clinical labs experimenting with medicinal uses for hallucinogens closed in the 1960s, research dwindled to a halt — until recently.

4 Captivating Videos That Will Inspire You to Change the World

Not everything on the internet is garbage. These four videos prove that the Harlem Shake isn't the only type of thing capable of going viral.

Dennis Rodman North Korea Visit: Is He White-Washing Atrocities?

Dennis Rodman recently returned from North Korea to call Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un a "nice guy" and "my friend." But the North Korean regime has killed millions.

Kenya Elections 2013: 8 Rape Survivors Suing Government For Inaction

Several Kenyan rape survivors who were assaulted during the violent 2007 elections are suing the government for inaction.

Dying Woman Denied CPR: Has Society Lost All Moral Standards?

An elderly woman died as a result of a nurse refusing to administer CPR. Why the nurse's attempt to save her job cost someone's life.

Kermit Gosnell: Abortion Doctor Charged With 8 Counts Of Murder

A Pennsylvania abortion doctor has been accused of running a "house of horrors" where he used scissors to sever the spinal cords of still-living newborn babies.

'Red Widow' Pilot Review: Another Mediocre Mob Drama

Unless something changes, 'Red Widow' will be gone faster than you can say '666 Park Avenue.'

GOP Leaders Still Totally Oppose Same-Sex Marriage

The CPAC convention gives white supremacists better hospitality than it gives to LCR and GOProud. That’s just how untouchable gay people still are to other conservatives.

CPAC 2013: Chris Christie Getting Snubbed is a Good Thing For the Governor

Chris Christie's snub from CPAC does not deter the governor's presidential ambitions. In fact, it just reaffirms the principles that Christie has stood by all along.

SXSW Lineup 2013: 10 Movies You Have to See (+Video)

Here are the 10 films I wouldn't dream of missing at SXSW, the famous arts festival in Austin, TX that shuts down the city every spring.

Bailey O'Neill: Bullied Boy Dies After Induced Coma

Bailey O'Neill was taken to the hospital after a Jan. 10 attack, which left him with a broken nose, concussions, and seizures. He was taken off life support Sunday, the day after his birthday.

Does Portland Really Put the "Indie" in Independent Music?

In an age when "indie-rock" is practically impossible to define, Portland bands seem to face the crisis of identity just fine.

Is the Visual Effects Industry Dying?

VFX companies are hurting and at times failing despite working on the majority of movies being released.

Segregated Buses Make A Comeback, This Time in Israel

Israel plans to impose pre-1960 styled Palestinian-only bus lines following complaints from Jewish settlers who feel traveling with Palestinians is a personal security risk.

Lauren Silberman NFL: Was It a Sham Attempt to Connect With Women?

Lauren Silberman may have been unduly hyped by the NFL in attempt to repair its damaged reputation among women, but it will take much more than the first female tryout in the league to do that.

Iditarod Race 2013: What To Expect From the "Last Great Race on Earth"

The Iditarod started Saturday in Anchorage and will finish in Nome, Alaska, in nine to 12 days. A lot can happen in "The Last Great Race on Earth."

Jack the Giant Slayer Movie: Hollywood is Ruining Our Fairy Tales

'Jack the Giant Slayer,' 'Mirror, Mirror,' 'Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters.' Isn't it about time that Hollywood stops trying to put the "spin" on fairy tales?

Andrew Mason Groupon Resignation Increases Scrutiny On CEOs

Following former Groupon CEO Andrew Mason's resignation/termination, corporate chief executives' performances are undergoing even greater scrutiny. Here's 1o areas where the pressure is on.

The National Band: How the Indie Rock Band Became Music's Newest Kingmaker

Between a headlining gig at the Barclays Center and a sixth album out this summer, The National's tide is rising. In 2013, they'll be bringing a few other boats with them.

Justin Bieber Birthday 2013: I Followed Justin Bieber On Twitter Before He Was Cool

I know what you're thinking: "And you're proud of this???" Yeah, I am. Happy 19th, bro.

Spring Break 2013: 3 Places That Have Been Ruined By Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers have an equally long history of ruining both the experience and the cities that play host to the celebrations.

Jennifer Lawrence: Why We Just Can't Get Enough Of the Star

Still relatively new to Hollywood, Jen is unfiltered and unapologetic. She's just what Hollywood, and America, needs.

Clapper v. Amnesty International USA: Court Rules Against Challenges to Warrantless Wiretapping

Due to increased government secrecy and limitations on court access, private citizens and civil liberties groups are finding it near impossible to challenge federal anti-terrorism policies.

4 Unforeseen Things Young People Think Aren't Health Risks, But Are

A new study reveals young adults are facing high health risks and remain largely without health coverage as the insurance industry debates the impact of ObamaCare.

'The Gatekeepers' Movie Review: Fighting Terrorism At All Costs Takes Its Toll

'The Gatekeepers' highlights the perils of fighting terrorism at all costs, with Israel's battle against radical Islam serving as an instructive example for the U.S. in its own war on terror.

5 Awesome Women Putting Their Politics in Practice

With International Women's Day approaching, it is important to point out the achievement of women who are succeeding at changing the world for the better.

A Libertarian Proposal to Address Climate Change and Start a Consumer-Driven Green Revolution

A market-based approach to addressing climate change could find effective solutions by relying on entrepreneurs to deliver truly green products and services demanded by consumers.

Woman Mistakes the 'Fresh Prince' Theme Song For a Gun Threat

The "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" theme song was recently mistaken for a school shooting threat in Pennsylvania. What more do we need to make us seriously address pop culture literacy?

Immigration 2013: Latin American Economic Aid Is Crucial To Securing America's Borders

Latin American economic development is crucial for securing our borders and ending the War on Drugs

Are Millennials the Victims of Age Discrimination, Or Guilty of it?

There is a growing divide between millennials and the older popular in America. What millennials need to understand is that they need to give, too.

Millennials' Student Debt Will Have Ripple Effects Throughout the Economy

Rising student debt for millennials will have a significant impact on the larger economy, but also on future generations.

The Last Exorcism 2: The 4 Most Absurd Demonic Films Of All Time

Guess what, guys? Exorcism movies stopped being good after 'The Exorcist' in the early '70s. Here are some exorcism/demonic flicks that absolutely didn't need to be made.

Kevin Hart Host SNL: 3 Best Skits From Hart's Hosting Gig

With plenty to make fun of this week, 'Saturday Night Live' and Kevin Hart hit the nail on the head with a winning episode.

Sequestration 2013 Will Significantly Hurt Millennials, Red States

The sequester will impact young people more so than older generations. The spending cuts will also likely hurt red states more so than blue states.

2013's Sequestration Cuts Will Hit Women Hardest

If the cuts continue, 800,000 workers could experience reduced workdays and smaller paychecks, proving that the GOP and left need to continue to look for another solution.

Patent Trolls: Legal Warfare is Killing Intellectual Innovation

Congress might finally be putting a stop to the predatory practice of patent trolling with a new bill that aims to bring innovation back to the marketplace.

AIPAC Conference 2013: Iranian Nuclear Threat Hot Topic At Event

The issue of Iran's expanding nuclear program took center stage at AIPAC's big conference. What does this mean for peace between Israel and Palestine?

'Switched At Birth Sign Language Episode' Airs March 4

ABC Family's series, 'Switched at Birth,' which features a deaf character, will broadcast an all-ASL episode Monday evening.

Sequestration Spending Cuts: Veterans Will Be Hit the Hardest

President Obama has allowed sequestration to occur. America and its veterans will suffer because of it.

Man Dressed As Batman Catches Crook, But Isn't the First Vigilante Of His Kind

A "portly" individual dressed as Batman brings a burglary suspect into the Bradford police station, but real life masked crime fighters are far from a new phenomenon.

Baby Cured Of HIV a Sign Of Hope For AIDS Victims, Research

The 2-year-old's apparent recovery could inspire the public to call for increased funding for research into a cure and treatment for HIV.

Cardinal Keith O'Brien Admits Sexual Misconduct, Gay Rights Group Demands Apology

Cardinal Keith O'Brien quit last week as Britain's top Roman Catholic cleric after being accused of inappropriate behavior. And now, Britain's leading gay rights group says he should apologize.

Horse Meat Scandal: Is There Really a Difference Between Eating a Horse and a Cow?

European meat distributors have recently come under fire for selling beef tainted with horse meat. But seriously, what's the big deal?

ARPA-E 2013 Shows America is Still Producing Sci-Fi Technology

Mature projects aimed for commercialization at the 4th annual ARPA-E Innovation Summit, showing that America is still capable of innovating with the best of them.

Next Pope: How it Affects Non Catholics and Catholics Alike

Who the next pope is could have dramatic effects on the world and a liberal pope may be the best answer for both non-Catholics and Catholics alike.

McCain At AIPAC: U.S. Offer to Iran “Doomed to Failure”

The former presidential candidate expressed grave concern at AIPAC about the Iran’s nuclear weapons program and the response thus far from the U.S.

Sequestration Spending Cuts Are Nothing Like European-Style Austerity

Sequestration cuts represent an ill-advised attempt at breaking gridlock. They are not carefully calculated austerity measures, as are seen in Europe.

Emeli Sandé: Can the UK's Favorite Pop Star Make It In America?

Jay-Z recently gushed about singer Emeli Sandé, who is often described as the "Scottish Adele." Can she break into the U.S. music scene and thrive in our country?

5 People You Know That Will Be Hurt Because of the Sequester

Sequestration isn't just going to effect federal employees. Here are five people who live and work in your community that might get furloughed or lose their jobs.

Women Are the Losers Of the Arab Spring

On the road to Democracy, the unleashed freedom of Islamic extremists has dampened women's rights in the Middle East.

Do Women Sabotage Each Other At Work? Maybe, But Sexism is the Real Problem

Peggy Drexler's concern about women sabotaging themselves in the workforce might not be inaccurate, but it is misguided.

Who Will Be the Next Pope? Top 4 Contenders to Replace Benedict

As the Vatican announces it's already summoned cardinals for the 2013 conclave, these are the four frontrunners to replace Benedict XVI, now pope emeritus.

AIPAC 2013: American Military Threats Have No Place in Iran Nuclear Talks

Unconditional support for Israel has gone on long enough. The U.S. would be wise to further neutralize its alliances in the Middle East

Conclave 2013: The Secretive Process of Picking a New Pope, Gun Control Debate: Laws to Identify Mentally Ill Won't Lower Violence, and Top News For Millennials

My take on the news that millennials should know about, as featured in this morning's Mic Check newsletter.

Benjamin Netanyahu At AIPAC: "Diplomacy Has Not Worked" With Iran

Netanyahu explained: "We must stop [Iran’s] nuclear enrichment program before it’s too late … words alone will not stop Iran … sanctions alone will not stop Iran."

Daftpunk SNL Ad: What We Know About the New Album, Richard the Lionheart: Secrets Revealed By King's Embalmed Heart

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Sequestration 2013: Who Should We Blame? and Today's Top PolicyMic Stories

A collection of some of the best recently published PolicyMic stories, as featured in this morning's Mic Check newsletter.

War With Iran? Israeli Ambassador Says "Diplomacy Hasn’t Worked"

The Israeli ambassador to the U.S. warned, “Sanctions have not stopped the Iranian nuclear process. Diplomacy hasn’t worked … We’ve seen years of diplomacy result in zero progress.”

HIV Cure: Miracle Mississippi Baby Girl Gives Hope For a Cure

A two-and-a-half years old Mississippi baby girl who was born HIV positive has now been "cured," and has been off medication for about a year with no signs of infection.

BuzzFeed Tweets Link to "Possible Plane Crash Streaming Live"... While Plane is Still in Air

Remember the Onion's offensive tweet? Buzzfeed might have crossed a similar line this time, toting their live feed of a "plane crash" - while it was still in the air.