The 10 Greatest Heists in History

Wherever there is treasure, you'll often find a pirate. History is riddled with daring robbers and cunning criminals. But which have pulled off the greatest robberies of all time?

3 Ways Immigrants Are Helping American Culture and Business Soar

With so much hostility toward immigrants in the U.S., it's important to consider the positive impact they have on our country. Here are some of the great things they do for us everyday.

Cardinals Elect Yadier Molina to Be Next Pope

In a highly anticipated papal conclave on Tuesday, the Cardinals elected the first Latin American pope in history by choosing Yadier Molina to be the next pontiff.

10 Republicans Who Support Same-Sex Marriage

More than 100 prominent right-leaning figures have signed a brief supporting same sex marriage. Here is a list of ten of the most recognizable names on the list.

8 TV Shows That Overstayed Their Welcome

'How I Met Your Mother' is coming back for its ninth and final season. Here are six other shows that should have called it quits before overstaying their welcome on air.

Yankees Spring Training Bombshell: Robinson Cano, Curtis Granderson, and Alex Rodriguez Could Be Suspended For PEDs

Joe Ball, who last season correctly predicted Melky Cabrera's suspension, tweeted that a source has told him that the three Yankees players will be suspended for using PEDs.

CrossFit Workouts: The Fitness Phenomenon For Millennials

CrossFit's principles and virtual community make it the perfect place for millennials to stay in shape and enjoy the ride.

Eric Holder Tells Rand Paul That Obama Can Kill Americans On U.S. Soil

Attorney General Eric Holder tells Rand Paul that the Obama administration reserves the right to assassinate U.S. citizens without due process, even on American soil.

For Millennials, a "Career" is No Longer An Option

Unless you plan to spend 20 years climbing the ranks of the Marine Corps, or Congress, or a school district, there is really no guaranteed path for millennials.

This Texas Democrat is Taking On His Whole State to Re-Fund Planned Parenthood

Rep. Lon Burnam is striking back at a Texas law which prohibits state funding for women's health care facilities that provide abortions, a lone lawmaker in the Lone Star State to do so.

4D Printers Would Enable Objects to Create Themselves

The concept of a 3D printer seems cool until you realize 4D printers may soon be a thing. Scientists are working to create 4D printing, which would change the way things are printed and made.

Marijuana Legalization: How Far Will the Federal Government Go To Fight State Legalization?

As the Justice Department prepares to weigh in on marijuana legalization in Colorado and Washington, former DEA Chiefs and the UN call for tough action. But how far can the Justice Department go?

North Korea is More Of a Nuclear Threat Than Iran

The world is concerned that Iran’s nuclear ambitions pose a threat to world peace. Why is North Korea virtually ignored?

India Protests: New Delhi Erupts After 7-Year-Old Girl Raped At School

Police are investigating the rape of a 7-year-old girl in her school in New Delhi, reigniting protests over India's insufficient and poorly enforced sexual assault laws.

On the Sublime Joys Of Joyce Carol Oates’ Twitter Account

The real downfall of Joyce Carol Oates’ Twitter is that she takes it so damn seriously. The social media platform is not about profundity, but Oates, bless her heart, just doesn’t get.

Sara Lewkowicz: Internet Should Blame Abusers, Not Those Trying To Help

An amateur photographer at Ohio University has come under intense scrutiny for her photo essay about domestic violence, but the debate over her piece has missed its point entirely.

Daylight Saving Time: Why Humans Have the Power to ‘Spring Ahead’

Daylight Savings Time 2013 starts this Sunday, March 10, at 2:00 a.m, but do we really have the power to artificially manipulate time?

March Madness Schedule 2013: Championship Week Conference Tourneys And Winners

Check out a full schedule for all the conference tournament championship games. Winners will receive automatic bids to the NCAA tournament.

Who is Nicolas Maduro? 5 Facts About Hugo Chavez's Possible Successor

Following the death of Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez, a look at the man who will succeed the late socialist leader in trying to preserve the Bolivarian revolution.

NYC Mayoral Race: Christine Quinn Could Become New York's First Lesbian Mayor

Nearing 40% in the polls, Christine Quinn seems to be on an unstoppable path to winning New York's mayorship in 2013. Can she be beaten?

Meet Roy Klabin, PolicyMic's Inaugural Pundit of the Week

As part of our new Pundit of the Week blog, PolicyMic will give readers the chance to get to know one of your outstanding fellow writers.

Women's History Month 2013: A History Of Women's Studies

March celebrates innovative women of American history. What better excuse to look back at the history of women's studies?

Google Glass Price and Release Date: Early Predictions Here, Illegal Immigration: The Obama Administration's Track Record, and Finds From Around the Web

A roundup of cool finds from across the internet, as featured in this morning's Mic Check newsletter.

Prop 8 is a State Issue, and Should Not Be Decided By the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court is set to hear arguments challenging the constitutionality of California's Proposition 8, but the opinions of nine justices shouldn't trump a state with 38 million residents.

Macklemore 'Thrift Shop': Secondhand Style Gets a First Look in Mainstream

Macklemore's not the only musician thrift shopping these days. A departure from hip-hop's over-the-top fashion culture makes for a more genuine genre and an interesting aesthetic trend.

Welfare Integrity Act: Welfare Drug Testing Could Be a Civil Liberties Issue

A new bill requiring random and mandatory drug testing on welfare recipients has sparked controversy and likely won't get past liberal members of Congress.

'Girls' Season 2 Episode 8: The Boys Are More Together Than the Girls

In this installment of "Girls," the characters compete over "who has their sh*t more together." Boys win across the board.

Hugo Chavez's Successor Won't Be Elected Democratically

The Venezuelan opposition will remain ineffective now that Hugo Chávez has died, unless they change dramatically the content of its narrative.

Conclave 2013: A Chance For the Church to Change For the Better

With mounting scandals and unending challenges, Catholic Cardinals have a rare opportunity to promote real change within the church.

Queen Elizabeth Sick: British Press Remains Mum

Queen Elizabeth II (86) was admitted Sunday to the the King Edward VII Hospital for the first time in 10 years following a supposed case of gastroenteritis.

Obama Israel Trip: What to Watch Out For When the President Heads to the Middle East

Pro-Israel politicians have accused the president of being insufficiently hawkish in his stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but that restraint is what will help sooth tensions.

Donors Have Spent $120 Million to Deny Climate Change is Real

Anonymous donations through Donors Trust, a previously little-known trust, have been bankrolling a vast climate change denier network, hugely outspending oil companies and the Koch brothers.

Google Glasses: Proof That Google is Finally Out-Innovating Apple?

A herd of institutional investors are converting their tech holdings from Apple over to Google. Will Google Glass win the future for Google?

Please God, No More Mr. "Nice Guy"

"Nice Guys," the ones with the axe to grind with every woman who has ever chosen not to sleep with them — aren't nice at all and need a wake-up call.

Dow All Time High: Bulls in Command, But For How Long?

On Tuesday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average surpassed its 2007 all-time high. This latest bull run has been impressive, but a pullback in the short to medium term is needed.

5 Majors That Will Actually Get You a Job After College

With high employment rates and opportunities for growth well into the future, these degrees will help to ensure you employment for years to come.

Obamacare: Why Doctors Giving Up Private Practice is a Good Thing

Changes in medicine are compelling doctors to give up private practice and work for integrated systems like big hospitals. Here's why that's great news.

Steven Spielberg Stanley Kubrick: Why Spielberg Shouldn't Adapt Kubrick's 'Napoleon'

Considering how unremarkable 'AI: Artificial Intelligence' was, should Steven Spielberg really take on another unfinished Stanley Kubrick project?

Sequestration 2013: White House Tours Canceled Due to Cuts

Citing "staffing reductions from sequestration," the White House said that starting Saturday, all tours of the executive mansion have been canceled.

Egypt Protests: Paid Protesters Mean Appearances Can Be Deceiving

Egypt continues to be roiled by protests as disagreements over the new government and constitution divide the country. But, are all those protesters 'real'?

Education Reform: Taxpayers Spend $55B On a Failing Education System, But Here's How to Fix It For Free

No sequester, no new agencies, no new money required. We can begin to transform education for free if we are willing to rethink even the tiniest details.

Hugo Chavez Dies, Leaving Questions About the Future Of His Revolutionary Legacy

Hugo Chavez, the charismatic president of Venezuela, has died after a long battle with cancer. In the political struggle ahead, will his revolutionary ideals and policies survive their founder?

Oberlin College Hate Crimes Sign Of Larger Problem On Campus

The spate of hateful vandalism at Oberlin College this past month is disturbing enough, but they're a sign of a larger problem with racism, sexism, and homophobia on campus.

Gay Rights: A State-By-State Guide to Gay Marriage Laws

While national support for same-sex marriage is growing, 31 states still do not offer legal recognition of such unions. Here's the ultimate guide to which states do support same-sex couples.

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If you're a writer looking to reach a larger audience and engage millennials in debates about today's most important issues, we're looking for you.

Issa Rae 'Awkward Black Girl': Series Proves Pop Culture Needs More Diversity

In her breakout web series, 'The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl,' Issa Rae shows that audiences are itching to fill the void of diversity in the media.

11 New Tracks You Can't Miss This Week

Here's a list of awesome songs to get you through the week.

10 Most Kick-Ass Ladies Of Gaming

In honor of the new 'Tomb Raider,' here are the ten deadliest, most awesome ladies in gaming.

Hugo Chavez is Dying: Venezuela Says Chavez is Considerably Worse

Venezuelan Information Minister Ernesto Villegas reported on late Monday that President Hugo Chavez is suffering from a new, severe respiratory infection.

Oberlin Classes Cancelled Amid String Of Hate Speech Incidents

The college cancelled all classes Monday after someone was seen roaming campus in a KKK-esque uniform, just one of many bigoted incidents that have rattled the small school.

Bob Menendez May Have a New Scandal Brewing

A paid escort who had originally accused the senator and his long-time donor friend of paying for sex, has come forward and admitted she lied about the story. But Menendez isn't off the hook yet.

AIPAC 2013: Robert Menendez Says Iran Should Never Have Nuclear Weapons

Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) said the U.S. must not stand with a nuclear capable Iran.

Millennial Spotlight: Lucy Stonehill is On a Mission to Get You Into College

Meet Lucy Stonehill, a millennial doing all she can to level the playing field for higher education in America.

Cuba Gooding Jr., Julia Stiles and 4 Actors Who Never Quite Made it to the A-List

For a celebrity-obsessed culture, we tend to only care about A-list actors. But what about those who had talent and success but never quite broke into that level of fame?

Chavez Dead: Venezuela Must Choose Between Socialism and Freedom

With El Comandante dead, Venezuela finds itself at a crossroads. Will Venezuelans choose Nicolas Maduro and socialism, or Henrique Capriles and freedom?

Mitt Romney Interview Conflicts With Newt Gingrich Interview Over 2012 Disaster

While Romney offers nothing but empty excuses, Gingrich (surprisingly) gives Republicans cogent advice for 2014 and beyond.

Rigoletto Met Review: How I Learned to Love the Opera

I once considered the opera too highbrow and inaccessible, but now I find the voices gorgeous and rich. Everything is heightened in opera, and that's a good thing.

Hugo Chavez Death: The Next Month In Venezuela Will See a Monumental Struggle

The socialist leader of Venezuela has died after a two-year battle with cancer, paving the way for new elections in the oil-rich South American country.

Twitter Users Are More Liberal and Negative Than the General Population, Says Study

Twitter users' reactions to news events are usually more liberal and almost always more negative than the reaction of the general population.

YouTube Wealth Inequality Video: Watch Here, Gun Background Checks: Analysis of the Pros and Cons, and Other Top PolicyMic Stories

A collection of some of the best stories recently published on PolicyMic, as featured in this morning's Mic Check newsletter.

CPAC 2013: Can the GOP Ever Get the Millennial Vote?

Millennials are ethnically diverse overwhelmingly Democrats. Will stodgy, white Republicans ever be able to make inroads?

Delhi Protests Over Rape, Sexual Violence Prompt Criticism Of Law Enforcement

The second high-profile protest over sexual assault is taking place now in Delhi, and questions still plague the world as to how such heinous crimes continue to happen.

Mark Sanford 2013: His Ex-Wife Won't Help His Campaign This Time, Even For Pay

Disgraced former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford is gambling on the public's forgiveness to get him a congressional seat, but won't be able to rely on his ex-wife Jenny.

Gun Debate: Senate Proposes Bipartisan Bill, iWatch: Apple's New Big Thing Could Come Out This Year, and the News That Millennials Should Read

My take on the news that every millennnial should know about, as featured in this morning's Mic Check newsletter.

Indian Lawmakers Allow Police to Charge Protesters

Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde is outdoing his previous actions in ordering police violence against India Gate protesters in Delhi, the latest violation of women's rights in India.

Jeb Bush CPAC: Is He Backtracking On Immigration Reform?

Jeb Bush is taking heat from some major Republicans as he flip-flops on comprehensive immigration reform. What's really going on here? Will he run for President in 2016? Probably.