Commencement Speeches 2013: 5 Greatest Speakers in Graduation History

Oprah is set to deliver Harvard's commencement address, so take a look at some great quotes from previous commencement speeches.

It's Time For Men to Lean In For a Truly Equal World

Sheryl Sandberg aims to re-boot the revolution to create a world where men and women are truly equal, and men have to rise to the challenge.

Rüzgar Erkoçlar: Sex Change Operation Tests Turkey's Limits Of Tolerance

While Turkey is becoming increasingly conservative under a pro-Islamist government, a 26-year-old actress' sex-change operation tops the news and proves how polarized the country has become.

International Women's Day: 4 Most Daunting Challenges Facing Women

International Women's Day should make us remember the challenges facing women worldwide, including poverty, education, rape, and human trafficking,

4 Art House Movies That Will Make You an Instant Film Buff

It seems like everyone list of Hipster cinema classics you need to watch if you decide to become a connoisseur of art-house films.

Coachella 2013: More About Finding the Perfect New Profile Picture Than Musical Appreciation

Musical festivals today, such as Coachella and Bonnaroo, are vastly different than the legendary Woodstock. Coachella is almost a celebration of privilege, life according to your Tumblr.

Stephen Slevin Awarded $15.5 Million After 2 Years Forgotten in Solitary Confinement

After 22 months forgotten in a cell, Stephen Slevin is a multi-millionaire. But his case raises important questions about the use of solitary confinement and treatment of the mentally ill.

International Women's Day: Why We Need More Women in International Relations

Women like Angela Merkel, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, Hillary Clinton, and Condoleezza Rice have proven themselves to be adept international leaders, and the world needs more of them.

Gun Control: Small Town in Maine Proposes Mandatory Gun Possession to Residents

In Byron, Maine, an article that requires "all households to have firearms and ammunitions to protect the citizens" is favored by selectment and expected to be approved by town residents.

Titanic II and 5 Other Things We Don't Need to Experience Again

Considering the tragic turn the first ship took, creating a 'Titanic II' seems like the worst idea ever. Here are a few other things we don't need to experience again.

7 Evil Dictators With Great Haircuts

This list provides proof that if you're going to do bad things to people, you should at least look good doing it.

Today's Movie Stars Play By a Whole New Set Of Rules

What does it take to be a movie star in 2013? Now, more than ever, it takes an incredible amount of talent.

5 Reforms That Would Break Open Our Political System

There are tons of great ideas for making our country better. Here are five of the best.

Millennial Unemployment: Drops to 12.5%, But Sequestration Could Increase It

Millennial unemployment fell from 13.1% in January to 12.5% in February, but Congress is actively creating more economic barriers for our generation.

CERN Hadron Collider Has Scientist On the Verge Of Locating 'God Particle'

Scientists are almost certain they've found the Higgs boson, a particle that's thought to transfer mass to matter, and the answer to why matter has mass in the first place.

Why Are Asian Americans Fleeing the GOP?

The highest earning ethnic group is breaking away from the GOP, as its far right lean and Tea Party association have been major turn-offs.

Rand Paul's Filibuster Should Be Only the Beginning Of America's Outrage Over Drones

Rand Paul's filibuster against drone strikes is a good start, but Americans should be infuriated about our policy of assassinating our enemies.

International Women's Day 2013: 3 Best Ways to Celebrate

Women have come a long way in the world, and there's a long way left to go. On International Women's Day, here are 3 ways to honor the past and step boldly into the future.

War With North Korea? Tensions Ramp Up to Dangerous Levels

Pyongyang's nuclear threats significantly escalate the rhetoric and tensions, and while this round might not lead to war, we are entering truly dangerous territory.

Kenya Elections 2013: Results to Be Released Friday

The Kenyan presidential election remains at a stalemate long after the polls have closed.

International Women’s Day 2013: Remember Victims Like Jyoti Singh Pandey

International Women's Day brings the facade of progress, but the true interests of female victims such as Jyoti Singh Pandey are in abstentia.

War With North Korea: Saber Rattling Puts South Korea on Edge

North Korea has publicly declared its desire to build missiles capable of delivering a nuclear payload to the U.S. and reneged on its armistice with South Korea. Is it a real threat of war?

Rand Paul's Filibuster Proves He is the Future of the Republican Party

The Republican Party, if it seeks to survive as a relevant political force, must disavow Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain in favor of Paul and others who defend the Constitution.

International Women's Day 2013: 4 Ways Men Can End Violence Against Women

On International Women's Day, it's time for men to step up to speak honestly about how to end violence against women worldwide.

3 Myths About Entrepreneurship That Need to Be Busted

Silicon Valley attracts its fair share of eager entrepreneurs drawn to the promise and possibilities that start ups companies proffer, but entrepreneurs have to learn to think outside the Valley.

Genetically Modified Food: Can It Help Fight the Obesity Crisis?

Non-profit work on GMO crops shows promise for fighting obesity in America and malnutrition in the developing world.

North Korean Nuclear Test: Is Kim Jong-Un the World's Biggest Geopolitical Troll?

North Korea's rash actions and absurd posturing may just be its need to feel important on the world stage.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Kirsten Gillibrand Introduce Gabby Giffords Humane Campaigning Act

The act would address the pervasive presence of big money in political campaigns, by allowing candidates to admit they're uncomfortable with being bought and sold.

Jesse Jackson At Hugo Chavez Funeral: Reverend Calls For Better Ties

Reverend Jesse Jackson attended the funeral of former Venezuelan President hugo Chavez, and hopes to improve relations with Venezuela.

Marissa Mayer Isn't Bad For Women — the Pressure to "Have it All" is

Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer has recently gotten flak for her strict ban on working from home. Is she a super privileged woman? Yes, but like you and me, she still has to prioritize everything.

Drone Strikes Pose Unforeseen Dangers to Citizens Across Globe

Drone technology is rapidly expanding. Sovereign governments must restrict the spread of technology

DOMA: Bill Clinton Flip-Flops, But That's Just What He Does

Bill Clinton's op-ed in the Washington Post says that he now believes DOMA is unconstitutional. Genuine or not, his flip-flop just shows politicking is what Bill does best.

Apple App Store Lawsuit: Company Defense Against Monopoly Allegations

Apple is facing a federal lawsuit from consumers claiming its App Store amounts to an illegal monopoly.

DOMA: Clinton Pushes Supreme Court to Overturn Act He Once Supported

The former president wants to see the bill he signed into law 17 years ago gone. It's a step forward for same-sex marriage advocates everywhere.

Most Magazines Have a Huge Gender Gap: Could the Lack Of Women in Science Contribute?

VIDA's annual count of the ratio of men to women in publishing reveals that women publish less, but the gender gap also reflects the under-representation of women working in science.

What is the Best Sitcom Of All Time: An Examination Of NYMag's March Madness Bracket

NYMag and Vulture are deciding the best sitcom of the past 30 years. If they can ever figure out how to judge, it might not be that bad a competition.

Tom Izzo Hug: March Madness 2013

Tom Izzo hugging Adreian Payne is what March is all about.

James Franco 'Oz the Great and Powerful': Star-Studded Film Won't Save Him

Any praise Franco may get from 'Oz' could pale in comparison to the response to his peculiar 'Spring Breakers' role.

Can a Computer Substitute Your Doctor? IBM's Watson Almost Can

Watson is a computer designed to think like a doctor and will soon be used across the country in hospitals, family practices, and insurance companies.

5 Space Innovations That Have Geeks Going Gaga

From new spacesuits to cities on the moon, these are the five space innovations that have scientists and fellow nerds going wild.

Dow Jones All Time High, But Wages Are Lower Than Ever

Wages fell to their lowest level of GDP ever. Corporate profits rose to their highest. Why is Wall Street booming while Main Street stagnates?

Rand Paul 2016: Filibuster May Be Launching Point For 2016 Presidential Bid

Senator Rand Paul's marathon filibuster has made him a libertarian hero and placed him in the national spotlight. Is this the launching point for his 2016 presidential campaign?

Gay Marriage: Jayne Rowse and April DeBoer Challenge Michigan Gay Marriage Ban

A lesbian couple in Michigan who've been together for 13 years are legally able to co-foster their children, but the process of adoption has changed the rules on them in an unfavorable way.

Iran Nuclear Program: Hurt the Iranian Economy to Shut it Down

Military solutions will just aggravate the Iranian people into anti-Western sentiment. The real solution to the Iranian threat is to pressure them into compromise through sanctions.

Juan Williams Plagiarism: He Should Take Full Responsibility

Williams is facing heat for lifting portions of his column from another person's piece. The pundit blames his researcher, but why are media figures putting their names under other people’s work?

6 Senators and Representatives You Need to Call About Climate Change

Want to put representative democracy to work on climate change? Start with these six senators and representatives.

French Mother Faces Trial For Son's 'Jihad' T-Shirt, But Has Justice Really Been Dealt?

A woman faces criminal charges for sending her son to nursery school wearing a controversial t-shirt. Does the punishment fit the crime?

Gay Friendly Destinations: State Department Launches LGBT Information Wesbite

Last month the government launched a LGBT information section on the State Department’s travel website to advice LGBT Americans on the potential risks of international travel.

Genetic Risk Factors Found For Major Mental Disorders — But We All Have Them

Scientists have identified genes that might cause hyperactivity, autism, bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, and schizophrenia — but we all carry them.

10 Badass Women I'd Launch a Twitter Campaign to Meet

Today is that underappreciated holiday known as International Women's Day. In celebration, I've compiled a list of 10 women I'd go to social media hell and back just to hang out with.

Rand Paul Drones: How Armed UAVs Are Creating Unlikely Alliances

Rand Paul's filibuster exposed some unlikely alliances. Republicans and Code Pink agree with each other, while Democrats remain silent.

Hugo Chavez Funeral: Human Rights Abusers Are Well Represented

Some of the world's worst abusers of human rights arrive for the funeral of their friend and ally, ex-Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

Abortion Restrictions Getting Harsher State by State

States have ramped up there restrictions on abortions. In the past 10 years alone hostility toward abortions has shot up from one-third of states opposing, to one-half.

Arkansas 12-Week Abortion Ban is Clearly Unconstitutional

Governor Beebe and other critics have called this bill’s law “blatantly unconstitutional”. The Supreme Court agrees, as its past decisions clearly show.

Income Gender Gap Actually Widened in 2012

Last year saw a step backward for gender equality in the workplace.

Texas Uninsured Rate: Tops the Charts Fifth Year in a Row

Texas can’t continue relying on its economy for bragging rights, as it was ranked the most uninsured state in the country for the fifth year in a row.

North Korea: United Nations Approves Fourth Set of Sanctions Against Country

A uninimous vote held by the United Nations Security Council has given the fourth set of sanctions against North Korea a green light. Will these sanctions be more effective than earlier attempts?

John Brennan Confirmation Vote: New CIA Chief Clears Senate 63-34

John Brennan's appointment suggests that the Obama administration wants a national security apparatus which is leaner and less accountable.

Osama Bin Laden Son-in-Law in U.S. Custody: Is Civilian Trial Appropriate?

Abu Ghaith is facing a civilian trial after many expected him to be tried and interrogated at the U.S. military base at Guantanamo Bay. His trial's placement near Ground Zero has raised eyebrows.

Why Philanthropists Should Act Just Like Investors When Deciding How to Give

Philanthropists must go through the same steps as financial investors to maximize returns on their social investments.

Obama's 'Organizing for Action' is a Fine Line Between Advocacy and Campaigning

Last month, President Obama announced his decision to launch Organizing For Action, a national advocacy group focused on lobbying for the president's legislative agenda.

3 Issues Congress Must Address to Get Our Debt Under Control

Our debt burden increases by nearly $10 million per minute and our debt will soon be 100% of our GDP. Despite being nation's biggest problem, its solution is simple.

Chavez Funeral: Party Leaders to Keep Chavez's Corpse on Display Indefinately

Keeping Chavez's corpse available for viewing is an attempt to leverage his legacy.

NYC School Closings: Late Winter Snowstorm Hits Northeast

The National Weather Service was predicting up to 7 inches of heavy, wet snow in southeastern Connecticut and wind gusts that could hit 50 mph.

February Unemployment Rate Drops to 7.7% Amid Fear Of Sequestration Impact

The February unemployment rate fell to 7.7% despite anticipation of uncertainty brought on by the sequester.

Kim Jong Un vows to attack South Korea

Kim Jong Un vows to attack South Korea after cancelling the peace pact in light of tough new sanctions from the UN.

North Korea Threats: Tension between Koreas Provides Early Test of "Trustpolitik"

North Korea has publicly declared its desire to build missiles capable of delivering a nuclear payload to the U.S. and reneged on its armistice with South Korea. Is it a real threat of war?

Sulaiman Abu Ghaith Trial: Bin Laden Son-in-Law to Appear at New York Courthouse

The high-profile Al-Qaeda spokesperson's Friday appearance at a New York City courthouse has sparked criticism from Republicans Sen. Lindsey Graham and Kelly Ayotte.

Hugo Chavez Funeral: Embalmed Chavez Body to Be On Permanent Display

Venezuelan acting President Nicolas Maduro announced Chavez's body will be displayed in a glass crystal casket so his people "will always have him."

Arkansas Abortion Ban Attempts to Overturn Roe v. Wade

As Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe puts it, the new ban on ending pregnancy after 12 weeks blatantly contradicts the Constitution, as interpreted by the Supreme Court.

Bin Laden Son-in-Law Pleads Not Guilty to Terrorism Charges

Osama Bin Laden's son is being tried in a federal court in New York. This raises new questions regarding the treatment of detained enemy combatants.

Robert Champion Lawsuit Will Not End College Hazing

Students on trial for the hazing related death of a Florida A&M student have received harsher charges of manslaughter. Why this incident will not eliminate hazing completely.

SXSW Lineup: Film Screenings for March 8, 2013

SXSW starts today! Check out this list of films being screened today and tonight, which includes 'The Incredible Burt Wonderstone' and the 'Evil Dead' remake.