SimCity DRM: "Always Online" Mode Results in Disaster For Gamers

Remember the disaster button in SimCity? EA might have pressed it when they inserted always-on DRM into the new game, resulting in crashing servers and millions of angry fans.

What is It Like to Be a North Korean Citizen?

Most attention paid to North Korea is to its brutal leader, Kim Jong-Un, and his nuclear program. But what's it like to be an average citizen in the world's most repressive regime?

Lena Dunham: Why's She a Feminist Icon Instead of Beyoncé?

Lena Dunham has taken the world by storm, that's for sure. But she's a feminist and Bey isn't? Not buying it.

EU Porn Ban: Women Watch Porn Too

The European Parliament will vote on legislation that calls for a ban on all kinds of pornography in the name of gender equality. Here's the problem: Women like porn too.

Asteroid 2013 ET to Fly By Earth This Weekend

Two asteroids will pass by Earth today. After a string of asteroid and meteor-related events, some are asking what's with all the space rock lately?

10 Social Media Posts You Hate to See on Your Feed

I've shared a list of some of the biggest offenders of social media abusers' posts that we all hate to see and dared to say what everyone else wants to say.

Daylight Savings Time 2013: Little Actual Savings

It turns out, Daylight Savings Time actually doesn't save much of anything, so why do we still do it?

Barbie Anniversary: Over 50 Years Later, Mattel is Still Marketing Sexism to Children

99% of young girls own at least one Barbie, but if she was real, she'd be so thin she couldn't lift her head. Is Barie selling an unattainable image to young women?

4 Worst Supreme Court Decisions Of All Time

With everything from DOMA to affirmative action on the Supreme Court docket this year, are you feeling a little nervous? Maybe you should, based on these four terrible rulings.

Wells Fargo Literally Bills Elderly Man to Death With Wrong Mortgage

After acknowledging they had overbilled an elderly homeowner on his mortgage, Wells Fargo still foreclosed on his house. And that's not even the worst part.

Scientists Discover Naturally-Occuring Protein That Could Lead to a Herpes Vaccine

A newly discovered protein in females could offer protection against chlamydia, herpes, HIV, and maybe even cancer.

Sabah Conflict: 50 Sulu Royal Army Rebels Arrested in Malaysia

Authorities in Malaysia made arrests today amongst firefights with members of the Sulu Royal army, a group from the southern Phillipines with territorial claims to Sabah.

Millennial Unemployment Highlights Obama's Failures

Although they support him in large numbers, millennials have hit especially hard by President Obama's policies.

Ring the Bell: Patrick Stewart is Starting a New Movement to Help Women

On International Women's Day the new campaign, Ring the Bell, calls for one million men to make one million promises in the global fight to end violence against women.

Gridiron Club Dinner 2013: Obama to Crack Jokes At Elite Event

On Saturday Barack Obama will attend a dinner held by the prestigious Gridiron Club.

Minimum Wage Increase is Necessary in 2013

Multiple states have started debating whether or not they should raise the minimum wage as a result of President Obama's State of the Union. Republicans should support the effort.

Jeb Bush 2016: Why It's Doomed

Overcoming his family's legacy will be a feat in itself for Jeb Bush if he is serious about a 2016 presidential bid, but he may have worsened his chances with his latest remarks on immigration.

Abortion Law: Surrogate Offered $10,000 to Abort Deformed Fetus, Refuses, Faces Legal Issues

A surrogate faced an unthinkable battle upon being informed she had to abort the fetus she was carrying for another couple.

Washington Redskins Name is So Racist They're Getting Sued Again

A lawsuit against the the Redskins for its offensive name should serve as a reminder that the team needs to call itself something else.

2014 Midterms Just As Important to Obama As 2012 Was

President Obama recognizes that the key to the implementation of his agenda resides in negotiating with Republicans while leading a Democratic vict0ry in 2014.

Same-Sex Marriage Just One Of Many Issues Dividing Catholic Clergy and Laity, According to Poll

A Quinnipiac poll released yesterday found that most adult Catholics think the Church is out of touch on same-sex marriage and several other issues.

Ahmed Shaheed: Iran Continues To Deny Human Rights Violations No Matter the Evidence

Iran has accused U.N. humans rights inspector Dr. Ahmed Shaheed of accepting bribes. No one should expect this blasphemous rhetoric to stop anytime soon.

Rand Paul Drones: Why Are Other Senators So Angry About Rand Paul's Filibuster?

The criticism from some Republican's of Rand Paul filibuster and the silence from Democrats on the issue are less about principle than about personalities and partisan politics.

Russian Hackers Steal $12,500 in Internet Money From Cyberbank

Well, the future must be here. Hackers have broken into a secure system processing digital currency, making off with nearly $12,500.

The Nation's Worst Bullies Are in Congress

Our children are watching Congress lie, name call, and bully each other as tools of stifling real debates.

Jobs Report: It's Time to Work Together On the Economy

What's happening with the jobs report? Will we keep going forwards? Will we slide back? We have a decision to make about building a stronger America together.

Why Europe Isn't the Women's Rights Paradise You Think

Women's issues are prevalent in the media regarding the women of the U.S. and other parts of the world, but what about Europe?

UN Peacekeepers Held Hostage Cross Border Into Jordan

21 Filipino UN peacekeepers are now crossing into Jordan after being released by the rebel group that held them hostage.

Juan Williams Plagiarism: Pundit Lifts From Center For American Progress Report

Williams was caught plagiarizing a report by the Center for American Progress and argues it was a mistake made by one of his staffers.

March Madness Rivalries: Georgetown-Syracuse Comes To An End

On Saturday, Georgetown and Syracuse will play their final regular season game as big east competitors.