What Does the Bible Say About Homosexuality? 12 Scripture Verses About Gay Marriage

If you are going to stake your opinion on gay marriage based on what the Bible says about homosexuality it would be a good idea to have read the scripture.

College Study Tips: 5 Safe and Awesome Alternatives to Adderall

Students across the nation take Adderall, a pill that allows them to focus while studying. Because of the costs of the drug, both monetary and health related, here are some safer alternatives.

Lil Wayne Sizzurp: Here's the "Purple Drank" the Rapper is Addicted to

Ever wonder what's in that styrofoam cup that rapper Lil Wayne just can't seem to part with? It's a narcotic cocktail that could possibly kill you. Let's take a closer look at Purple Drank.

6 Best College April Fools' Day Pranks

Pranking people in college is arguably more successful and more amusing than pranking other sectors of the population. Here are six easy ways to get a good laugh this April Fools Day.

DOMA and Prop 8: Why Republicans Oppose Same-Sex Marriage

It is important to remember that opposition to same- sex marriage can mean a variety of things, particularly to conservatives, and the debate cannot be solved overnight.

Amanda Todd-Inspired PSA Tells Girls to Stop Sexting

A new PSA puts the blame on girls, urging them to protect themselves from their own sexual exploitation.

Meet the 5 Most Religious Cities in the United States

Predictably, Utah and the South are both well-represented in this list of the five most religious cities in the U.S.

April Fool's Jokes: North Korea Invades South Korea After Nuking U.S. Assets in the Pacific

Headline caught your eye, did it? Well, 'PolicyMic' has some great practical jokes for properly celebrating April Fool's Day on Facebook and Twitter!

Fort Colville Elementary Fifth Graders Planned to Rape, Murder Classmate

Two fifth-grade boys began trial on Friday after it was discovered that they were planning on raping and murdering a female classmate.

April Fools' Day Pranks: 7 Of the Absolute Best (Starring the Pope, Burger King, and UFOs)

From fake flying saucers to the most ridiculous burger ever, here is a brief history of infamous April Fools' Day pranks, and what we've learned from them.

Human Rights Campaign Red Equal Sign: Few Southerners Posted the Viral Graphic

Facebook created a map illustrating where in the country the Human Rights Campaign equal symbol had a large presence. Unsurprisingly, few Southern users posted the image on Facebook.

Millennials Are the Single Biggest Reason Why Politicians Will Legalize Gay Marriage

Young people strongly disrespect elected officials who continue to offer bad reasons to defend prejudice against gay people. They are the reason LGBT people will finally win our full rights.

How Not to Argue Against the New Atheists

An op-ed attacking New Atheists Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and the late Christopher Hitchens criticizes them for everything except for what they've actually said.

Susan A. Patton: Princeton Alum's Op-Ed is Extremely Offensive to Women

Princeton alum Susan Patton's letter to the editor published in the Daily Princetonian has caused a media frenzy due to her many anti-feminist and offensive remarks.

YouTube Kevin Ware Leg Video

One of the more horrific sports injuries in recent memory occurred when Louisville guard Kevin Ware broke his leg during a shot-blocking attempt against Duke last night.

Did Adam Lanza Have More Ammo in His House Than An Entire Marine Squad? No

Reports have recently highlighted the amount of ammunition in the Lanza household. When compared to average hunters and military squadrons, though, this ammo count is low.

'Game Of Thrones' Season 3 Premiere Recap and Spoilers: Winter Has Come

After months of waiting, 'Game of Thrones' has finally returned to the small screen and thrust us once more into the conflicted world of Westeros.

Peng Liyuan Fashion: China's First Lady Emerges As Diplomatic Fashion Icon

During her first foreign tour, Chinese First Lady Peng Liyuan has sparked a flurry of excitement with her choice in clothing and decision not to shy away from the spotlight.

Bright Young Things: Victoria's Secret Doesn't Have An Advertising Problem Here

When it comes to the sexualization of teens, Victoria's Secret isn't the problem.

23 Of the Best Dos Equis "Most Interesting Man In The World" Quotes (Part II)

Commentators continue to send in new Dos Equis, "the most interesting man in the world," quotes. To honor new these contributors, I offer 23 more quotes.

'Real Housewives Of Orange County' Season 8 Premiere Also the Show's 100th Episode

After eight seasons of Vicki Gunvalson and company burning up the streets of Orange County, it's time to take a look at the impact the "Real Housewives" franchise has had on reality TV.

Rand Paul 2016? Libertarian Takes More Moderate Position On Military Bases

Rand Paul's apparent shift on overseas U.S. military bases may be a strong indication that he's gearing up for a 2016 presidential run.

Kevin Ware Leg Injury Video: Was the CBS Coverage Appropriate?

The gruesome injury of sophomore basketball player Kevin Ware has prompted a debate over how TV media covers these sorts of events. CBS showed class when they refused to replay the incident.

Suicide Hotlines Now Available Via Texting, Courtesy of

The nonprofit organization's new Crisis Text Line will take text messages from teens in need across the country.

What China Thinks About Obama's "Asian Pivot"

The “Pivot” to Asia is unrealistic if its goal is to contain China’s influence in Asia, a region they consider their back yard.

Americans Want More Domestic Energy Sources, Poll Finds

A recent Gallup poll indicates that Americans would like to place "more emphasis" on domestic energy sources, but each energy source has varying levels of appeal based on political affiliation.

Google April Fool's Day Pranks: Google Nose, Treasure Maps, and Four Others Test Your Savvy

A look at some of the other pranks Google has devised for April Fools Day.

What is Gmail Blue? It's Way Better Than Google Glass

The new UI from Gmail lulls the end-user into a calm serene state enabling them to work more efficiently.

Kevin Ware Leg Injury: How It Underlines Everything Wrong With College Sports

Many college athletes are professionals at their jobs, but aren't being treated that way by the NCAA. Here's how we fix that.

Julian Assange Case: Top Prosecutor Quits Case, While Assange Continues to Hide in Ecuadorian Embassy

The Swedish prosecutor in charge of the Julian Assange case unexpectedly quits as the investigation by Swedish authorities remains stalled with Assange still living in the Ecuadorian embassy.

Immigration Reform 2013: What About the Growing Number Of Female Immigrants?

Women make up well over half of the immigrant population, and yet their different obstacles and circumstances aren't being reflected in immigration reform efforts.

Immigration Reform 2013: Business and Labor Agree, Now It's Congress's Turn

The Senate may finally have compromise as AFL-CIO and the Chamber of Commerce have announced a program to allow 185,000 new workers into the U.S. Does reform indicate a shift toward compromise?

The Daily Mail Used the Term "Cried Rape" in 54 Headlines in the Last Year

The Daily Mail illustrates how the media shapes the discourse surrounding false rape allegations.

5 Reasons Why 'Bunheads' is Secretly the Best Show On TV

Sure, you might have a lot of reasons not to like a series about ballerinas, But before you dismiss this one, here are five things to consider.

April Fool's Jokes: Are These 5 Headlines Jokes, Or Are They Real?

Today there will be many jokes played throughout the western world as people indulge their inner merry prankster. This article isn't one of those jokes.

Michelle Obama Fashion: 5 Fashionable First Ladies You Should Know

First Lady Peng Liyuan is causing a fashion frenzy on her first tour abroad. Here are five other leading ladies who never fail to make a political statement when they step out in the public.

April Fools 2013: Pranks Nobody Has the Cojones to Pull

If people really cared about April Fools, this is what they would do.

Will Obamacare Make Young People Pay More for Insurance?

Panic-inducing reports of double-digit premium rate growth in the next year are debatable, and of questionable credibility.

'Free Angela Davis & All Political Prisoners': Here is An Angela Davis Fact Sheet

The new documentary "Free Angela Davis & All Political Prisoners" will be released nationwide April 5. Here are some things you need to know about its badass subject.

Bassem Yousseff: Arresting the "Egyptian Jon Stewart" Won't Save Morsi From Public "Belittling"

In yet another move to silence opposition, Egyptian state prosecutors ordered the arrest of a satirist (also known as the Egyptian Jon Stewart) for allegedly "belittling" President Morsi.

In Defense Of the Selfie

Enough with the modesty. Let's embrace the selfie!

Former Papal Candidate Says Vatican Should Welcome Gay Community

Cardinal Timothy Dolan says the Catholic Church needs to tell the LGBT community that they "love you ... and God loves you." Are his words moving the Church in the right direction?

Department Of Defense Budget is Massive, and It Should Stay That Way

Comparing America's military spending with that of other countries misses the point of what military spending is for.

Meet the North Carolinan Who Praised Slavery At CPAC

North Carolina native Scott Terry spread racist hate at CPAC 2013, calling for the return of segregation. As if we needed further proof of continued racism in the U.S.

Gun Control Debate 2013: 3,099 People Have Died Of Gun Violence Since Newtown

Over 3,000 people have been killed by gun violence since Newtown. Shame on us for not acting more quickly.

Google Nose: Smell Your Way Through The Internet

Forget Google Glass: Google Nose is the way of the future. You can only smell it to believe it.

Are We Going to War With Iran?

Iran hawks want to eliminate the nation's nuclear capability with aerial bombardment. But is that course of action feasible or wise?

Cat Video Film Festival? In Celebration, the 12 Greatest Cats in American History

The second annual Internet Cat Video Festival is coming back to Minnesota this summer. To commemorate this occasion, here are twelve of the greatest cats in pop culture history.

Even Children Are Arguing About Same-Sex Marriage

11-year-old Grace Even's testimony on same-sex marriage in Minnesota proves that even children wrongly feel threatened by gay and lesbian couples.

Congo War 2013: UN Security Council Authorizes 'Intervention Brigade'

This is an unprecedented mandate to take military action against rebel forces to bring peace to the eastern portion of the country.

Is the New Axis Of Evil Syria, Iran, and North Korea?

Syria, Iran, and North Korea have all rejected a critical arms treaty that reduces suffering. Are the three the new axis of evil?

5 Most Horrific Sports Injuries of All Time (Well, Almost)

Louisville guard Kevin Ware took a rough one for the team against Duke last night, but here are some sports injuries to rival his in terms of sheer unwatchability.

Kimye Baby Names: What Will It Be?

With her due date growing closer everyone seems to be talking about Kim's weight, or what her and Kanye are going to name their little one. Here's a few names that have been mentioned so far.

China is Fighting AIDS With Cheap Hotels — And It's Working

China's sexual revolution has increased the spread of AIDS, and government officials have reacted by enforcing changes that have made dating safer.

This Georgia Supermarket Just Threw Away Thousands Of Groceries

Many watched in horror Thursday as thousands of groceries from Laney Supermarket in Augusta, Ga., were discarded into dumpsters. Up to 50% of edible food is wasted annually, and this has to stop.

Congressman Don Young Shows Us How NOT to Talk About Immigration

Rep. Don Young of Alaska used a racial slur when talking about immigrants from Mexico. This turned out to be a very bad idea and highlights the continuing problems Republicans face on immigration

Saudi Arabia Will Now Allow Women to Ride Bikes in Public

Sure, we may take bike riding for granted, but for the women of Saudi Arabia it's another step forward in the long fight for equality.

Opening Day 2013 Live Blog: Mike Trout Gets Hosed, Why the Astros Suck, and Full Opening Day Schedule

Mike Trout gets screwed by the Angels, who are apparently tapped after Josh Hamilton's monster contract, the Astros still suck, and every opening day game.

McQuaid Jesuit High to Allow Gay Couples to Attend Prom

After many thought the battle was already lost, the president of a New York high school announced that he would allow gay students to attend prom as couples.

Dr. Oz and 'Oz the Great and Powerful' Share More Than Just a Name

Dr. Oz is very much like the Wizard: fundamentally powerless in his castle, save for the illusions he creates for those hungry for fantasies of well-being.

Should Barbie Lean In?

At 54 years old, Barbie has held a total of 130 careers. Throughout her economic life, the popular doll has experienced price descrimination of her very own.

Has 'Girls' Become Too Dark and Depressing For Viewers?

Audiences grew more and more put off as the second season progressed, with reactions ranging from pity to confusion to disgust as the show’s main characters all shuffled right off the deep end.

Facebook Phone Release Date: HTC Phone to Arrive On April 4

According to leaked information, the social network would unveil its first Facebook-branded mobile phone as soon as April 4.

Occupy Sussex: Why UK College Students Are Fighting Outsourcing

Anti-privatization student and faculty protestors at the University of Sussex in the UK are seeing their protests banned, in a grave blow to free speech and worker's rights.

Baseball Opening Day 2013: Why It's the Best Day Of the Year

There is nothing more synonymous with summer and America than baseball.

Tim McDaniel: Idaho Teacher Investigated For Saying "Vagina" in Anatomy Class

An Idaho high school teacher is being investigated for using the word "vagina" in anatomy class. How are students supposed to learn and teachers supposed to lead with such absurd restrictions?

Yoani Sánchez: Dissident Cuban Blogger to Speak in Miami

On her first U.S. visit, dissident Cuban blogger Yoani Sánchez has emphasized technology and plurality, building a bridge among generations of Cubans. How will she fare this week in Miami?

Stop and Frisk NYC: Ray Kelly Wrong to Defend It

The NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policy is racist and ineffective at reducing crime.

Cesar Chavez Google Doodle: Much Ado About Nothing

Easter-Gate 2013, Christocalypse, Chavez Doodle Disaster, call it whatever you want but let's all agree to move on already.

World As 100 People Infographic: It's Going Viral

The most interesting graph you'll see all day.

Is Nelson Mandela Lucky to Be Dying?

The former South African president has been battling a severe lung infection, but his longevity remains a historical anomaly among human rights icons. Is he lucky to have lived for so long?

Kevin Wallin: Connecticut Priest Caught in Meth Scandal

What sounds like a rejected "Breaking Bad" script is actually the story of a priest caught up in a meth scandal.

What Do Your Office Fashion Choices Say About Your Work Style?

If you show up to work wearing all black, the first impression is one of seriousness. But if you add a pop of color, we can cheer you on for taking a risk.

Paid Sick Leave Bill 2013: Paid Sick Days Finally On the Horizon For NYC Workers

The bill, co-sponsored by New York City Speaker Christine Quinn, "will require businesses with 20 or more employees to provide up to five paid sick days."

Out Of Work Job Seekers Could Sue Potential Employers in New York City

New York City will soon have the nation's most far-reaching laws barring employers from not interviewing out-of-work job applicants. Unfortunately, this is not an April Fool's joke.

Do Over 10% Of Children Really Have ADHD? This Massive Overdiagnosis Must End

With recent numbers showing ADHD diagnoses at 16% higher than just 6 years ago, it is imperative that we stop overdiagnosing rowdy children with a very real mental disorder.

Do We Need Bans On Gay Conversion Therapy?

A bill outlawing conversion therapy, that seeks to convert homosexuals, will go before the Senate after a New Jersey local dispute. The ban asks if children are born gay or become gay.

Shain Gandee, of MTV's 'Buckwild,' Dead at 21

The reality television star was found dead in a vehicle in West Virginia on Monday.

The Liberal Threat Of Michael Bloomberg

Liberals should take note: While New York City's Mayor Bloomberg happens to share their goals, the way he wants to get there is more like the Koch brothers than democracy.

Syria War: Chemical Weapons Use is the Wrong "Red Line"

Rep. Rogers said the Assad regime has deployed chemical weapons and crossed a “red line” for the U.S. The focus on weapons fails to recognize that chemical weapons use is the wrong red line.

PolicyMic Mixtape: 12 New Tracks You Can't Miss

Check out these 12 songs from artists whose musical and personal mythologies have resulted in riveting, original music.

Immigration Reform 2013: No, It's Not "Amnesty"

Like numbers in statistics, words can be played with to influence reaction. The use of “amnesty” when discussing immigration reform is meant to do just that.

Why TV is Better Than Ever Right Now

Film quality has decreased since the 2008 economic collapse, but the surge of creative talent on TV should not go ignored.

Why Isn't the U.S. Doing More to End the Slaughter in Syria?

Lack of U.S. intelligence in Syria hampers action, including supporting the rebels. How can America intervene when it doesn't know who anyone is?

5 Awesome Brooklyn Landmarks That Got Rap Song Shoutouts

Where Brooklyn at? Right where it's always been — that is, in the middle of hip hop culture. Here are some of its most important landmarks.

Easter 2013: Was Judas Really That Evil?

Some of the most evil acts in history have been committed by the most banal people and Judas was probably no exception to this rule.

Scott Brown Hosting 'The O'Reilly Factor' Monday Night

Former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown will guest host the "O'Reilly Factor" Monday night. Can he appeal to millennials through this guest spot?

Easter 2013: 7 Coolest Movie Resurrections Of All Time

Easter Sunday is coming up, which means it's time to brush up on your resurrection lore. To help get you started, here are the seven greatest movie resurrections of all time.

Laser Violin: "O-Bow" Will Never Compare to the Real Instrument

The O-Bow, a laser violin, cannot emulate the sounds that an actual violin can make

'Room 237' Review: So Much WTF, So Little Time

"Room 237" careens between the weird and the absolutely flat-out insane in its intriguing deconstruction of Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining."

Kim Jong-Un is Angry Because We're Provoking Him

The US continues to involve itself in Korean Peninsula conflict, but there's no reason to. Responding to North Korea just makes them angrier.

Arizona Restroom Bill Could Encourage Gender Profiling and Bathroom Peeping

The bill, which would allow businesses to deny transgender individuals access to their preferred restroom, encourages gender profiling and even peeping on others in the bathroom.

Lent Rules: How Many Of You Broke Lent Rules On Good Friday?

Forty days is a long period of time to go without meat or other indulgences, especially in the worlds of impatient, lazy college students or millennials.

DOMA: Leaving Act Up to the States Would Be a Mistake

Civil rights and equal protection should not be implemented in a state-by-state piecemeal fashion. It should be universally accepted and mandated in all the states.

Chen Guangcheng Speaks At Princeton About Human Rights

The blind human rights activist recently spoke at Princeton, holding that "the battle for human rights is far from complete" and that changes need to be made in China.

Watch Al Pacino Yell and Scream For 6 Minutes Straight

Al Pacino has made a name for himself as the best yeller in Hollywood. Here's a mash-up of the best moments from his illustrious career.

YouTube Jessica Sanchez National Anthem White House 2013 Easter Egg Roll: Watch the Video

Jessica Sanchez performed the 'Star Spangled Banner,' next to President Obama, during the 2013 White House Easter Egg Roll.

April Fools Day 2013: 4 Hilarious Prank Videos

In honor of April Fools Day, here are 4 hilarious prank videos for you to top!

America's Poor Shouldn't Expect Much Help From Congress

An anti-poverty contract has the potential to help the millions of Americans in poverty, but due to the political climate in this country it more than likely will not help anyone.

Mayor Menino Will Leave a Legacy Of Staunch LGBT Advocacy

While he's know for his verbal flubs, retiring Boston Mayor Tom Menino has been an outspoken advocate for gay rights.

Mike McLelland Death: Did Aryan Brotherhood Shoot Him and His Wife?

The death of district attorney Mike McLelland and his wife have the state of Texas on high alert and may be linked to the white supremacist group.

DOMA and Prop 8 Decision: Why SCOTUS Shouldn't Leave the Gay Marriage Issue to the States

If history is any indication, it would be a horrible mistake for the Supreme Court to rule narrowly on same sex marriage and leave the issue entirely to the states.

Mic Check: Barney Frank Publishes on PolicyMic!

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on the day's top news and our favorite stories from around the web.

Opening Day Pitching Matchups

Every pitching matchup for Monday, when most MLB teams start their 2013 seasons.