5 Biggest Stereotypes About Americans Traveling Abroad

Here are some of the most widespread, but inaccurate, notions foreigners have about Americans.

60% Of Girls Have Quit a Sport Because Of Their Looks

A recent study by Dove found that six out of ten girls have quit a sport due to body image concerns. Why are young girls so insecure about their looks?

American Feminism Can Do More Harm Than Good

The rapid spread of Western feminist ideals via social media can be down-right dangerous. Just ask Amina Tyler in Tunisia.

Coachella 2013 What to Wear: 7 Things You Forgot to Pack

I know, you have so much tie-dye/crochet/fringe spilling out of your suitcase you can barely zip it. But in addition to your hippie oufits, don't forget to pack these festival essentials.

10 Things Every Woman Needs Before She Turns 30

There are a lot of milestones in a woman's lives, but it seems like her 30th birthday is a big one. Here are ten things she should have by the time she has a cake with 30 candles on it.

Indian Engineers Invent Anti-Rape Bra That Electrocutes Attackers

Here were some of the FAQs PolicyMic had on the anti-rape lingerie that came out of India last week. (Now with answers!)

A Black, Southern Country Fan’s Reaction to Brad Paisley’s "Accidental Racist"

Though "Accidental Racist" is a clumsy attempt, Paisley deserves credit for tackling the display of a racist imagery in a song.

Coachella 2013 Lineup: Full List Of All the Artists

Need a refresher? The Coachella 2013 lineup is here. The biggest outdoor music festival of the year will feature Blur, The Stone Roses, Phoenix, and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Bitcoin Crash: This Was Entirely, Utterly Predictable, Everyone

Bitcoin is plummeting in value. Why is anyone surprised?

Google Street View Catches Raunchy Couple In Action

Sometimes, Google Street View is fun for more ... mature reasons.

5 Things to Do When You're Rejected From Your Dream School

If you're bummed about not getting into your dream college, here's how to move forward.

How Your Mobile Phone Can Spy On You, Thanks to the FBI

The details of FBI spying, intrusive 21st century government technology, and the extent of state collusion with telecommunications companies have all been exposed in a recent legal battle.

The Best North Korean Concentration Camp Reviews on Google Maps

Try searching for “Yodok Gulag” on Google Maps, and you will find morbid joke reviews of concentration camps like they are for TripAdvisor.

Mexican Barbie Comes With Chihuahua and Passport

This might be the most offensive barbie yet.

Rehtaeh Parsons Suicide: Rape Culture Claimed Canadian Gang Rape Victim's Life

A little over a year ago, Rehtaeh Parsons was gang-raped by four boys at a party. Last week, she committed suicide. What happened in between is what we call "rape culture."

Immigration Reform 2013: Even Conservative Super PACs Are Pushing Congress For a Deal

With surprising outside support, will congressional lawmakers step up to enact true immigration reform?

Immigration Reform 2013: Bill May Be Delayed, But This Both Helps and Hurts Immigrants

The Gang of Eight's release of their immigration bill has been delayed, but perhaps not for long. Details are still unknown, but the bill contains both good and bad components.

Immigration Reform 2013: A Critical Pro-Immigrant Bill, the TRUST Act, Gains Traction in California

At the California Assembly Public Safety Committee Hearing, despite opposition from the California State Sheriff's Association, the TRUST Act got out of committee.

Laser Weapon System (LaWS): New Navy Super Weapon a Military "Game Changer"

The new Laser Weapon System, or LaWS, is a destructive military weapon. With all the drones and lasers jargon, one can't help but think: Are we in the future? Is this "Star Wars"?

5 Symbols You've Always Used But Probably Can't Name

Octothorpes, Grawlixes, and Interrobangs, oh my!

Devin Brown: 13-Year-Old Commits Suicide After Months Of Bullying

After six months of bullying, Devin Brown saved a teacher's life by telling on the person who was planning to murder them. This only led to more bullying, and eventually Brown's suicide.

Real Unemployment Rate: For Millennials It's a Crushing 16%, and Getting Worse

Baby Boomers putting off retirement + slow job market growth = one bleak future for millennials. But, there are few ways to improve your prospects.

War With North Korea: Smallpox and Bioweapons Are the Real Threat, Not Nukes

The world has learned to ignore what North Korea says. What they're not talking about is their arsenal of smallpox, anthrax, bubonic plague, nerve gas, and other deadly biochemical weapons.

Game Of Thrones 'Dark Wings, Dark Words': Did Writing Jaime As Pro-Gay Hurt Gay Marriage?

In the latest episode of "Game of Thrones," a prominent character came out as highly sympathetic to gays. But what does that indicate about the arguments for gay marriage?

Stop Accusing Beyonce Of Being "Too White"

During the promotion of her new album, Beyonce was challenged on her "blackness," or lack thereof. The fact that this is even being discussed is outrageous.

Bitcoin Price: It's Outperforming Every Currency and Market — But is It Just a Bubble?

In a year that both the S&P and Dow have set record highs, another market is stealing the show: Bitcoin (BTC). But is a bubble burst imminent?

Bitcoin Price: After the Crash, Is the Digital Currency Still a Good Investment?

Bitcoins are still valuable, though may have taken a hit in Wednesday's crash.

First Traditional Gay Zulu Wedding Takes Place In South Africa

Watch this beautiful ceremony celebrating the union of two gay men in South Africa.

Cure For Cancer? New Drug Which Decimates Tumors Approved For Human Testing

Researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine have successfully performed a series of tests on mice using the antibody CD47 and have enough data to begin trials on humans.

Gun Control Debate: 6 Lousy Arguments About Guns

We're still waiting to find out whether or what kind of legislation is going to result from the post-Sandy Hook school shooting gun debate. But, wherever that debate is going, it's going badly.

Rand Paul Howard University Speech: He Didn't Bomb, But it Was a Little Embarassing

Rand Paul spoke on Wednesday at Howard University, a historically black college. While he did not do poorly, the event can hardly be called a rousing success.

Mitch McConnell is the Victim Of a Felony

After Mother Jones released a secret audio recording of Senator Mitch McConnell's campaign meeting about Ashley Judd, the left went wild. They may be forgetting that bugging an office is illegal.

Cyprus Bank Crisis: Is Europe's Poison Pill Going to Cause a Rush For the Dollar?

The current crisis in Cyprus is part and parcel of the ongoing collapse of the euro zone. The good news: that's excellent for the U.S. dollar.

Bradley Manning Trial: Seal Team 6 Member to Testify Against Bradley Manning

A suspected member of Seal Team 6 will testify in the trial against WikiLeaks suspect Pfc. Bradley Manning

Gun Control Debate: Are Universal Background Checks Dividing the Pro-Gun Community?

Asa Hutchinson, former GOP congressman and NRA School Security Task Force leader, recently stated his support for universal background checks. But why don't more pro-gun leaders agree with him?

Illinois Gay Marriage: Will African Americans Follow Obama and Support It?

The African-American community remains divided over same sex marriage. Will their views continue to evolve along with the rest of the country's?

Student Loan Fairness Act Misses the Underlying Cause Of Student Debt

If we want to make it so young people don’t have to take on debt to be competitive in the economy we should be looking at other alternatives to college.

5 GIFs That Show What Climate Change Will Do to Major U.S. Cities

An artist shows us how global warming will forever change the landscape of these popular American tourist destinations.

Buffett Rule: How Much Federal Tax Revenue Will It Really Raise?

President Obama has included the so-called "Buffett rule" in his latest budget proposal. What is this rule? What is the motivation? How much would it raise? And is it good policy?

Rally For Citizenship 2013: Immigration Reform Hits Washington D.C. Streets As Thousands Rally

Tens of thousands of Latinos gather outside the Capitol building today for the Rally for Citizenship (aka the #A10 Rally). PolicyMic's Jack Fischl will be there with live coverage.

Gun Control 2013: Harry Reid's Anti-Gun Bill is a Total Waste Of Time

Republicans are planning a filibuster of Harry Reid's anti-gun bill, which is a waste of time. We have plenty of gun control laws in this country. It's only a matter of enforcing them better.

Why is Polio Still a Problem in Pakistan? Blame the Taliban

Pakistan is one of three countries where polio is still on the rise. And it's becoming increasingly difficult for health workers to administer vaccinations without endangering their own lives.

Kenya Election Results: Empowering Kenyan Girls is the Next Step For a Peaceful Kenya

Kenya's general election last month occurred without violence, but for a generation of Kenyan girls and women, violence is a fact of everyday life.

Hillary Clinton 2016: She IS Considering Running For President

Will she run? Can she win? Hillary doesn't have an answer yet, but she's working on it.

Equal Pay Day 2013: Democrats' Hypocrisy on Full Display

In 2012, Senator Patty Murray paid her female staffers $21,000 less than her male counterparts, despit the fact she as one of the five leading Senators to champion Equal Pay Day.

Gabby Giffords On Gun Control: Former Congresswoman is Still a Proud Gun Owner Despite Shooting

Former Rep. Gabby Giffords (D-Ariz.) proves that it's still possible to love guns but advocate improvement of gun laws.

Farrah Abraham Sex Tape: She Will Do Anything For Fame

The "Teem Mom" star has reportedly purposely released a sex tape to immortalize her looks and maintain her celebrity status. What does this suggest about the nature of women and fame at large?

North Korea War: Is the Media Fear Mongering For Attention?

Several news organizations reported the departure of one staffer as the evacuation of the North Korean embassy. The press needs to stop misinforming the public by crying wolf.

Anthony Weiner NYC Mayor: Disgraced Congressman and Wife Huma Abedin Plot Comeback

"It's now or maybe never for me," Weiner told the New York Times Magazine, acknowledging that this maybe his last chance to return to the political sphere.

Millennial Spotlight: Meet Sarah Klass, a 24-Year-Old Designer On the Rise

Ever think about starting your own jewelry line? We talked to entrepreneur Sarah Klass, a burgeoning designer about how she did just that.

Dylan Quick Stabbing: Will Liberals Now Demand Knife Control?

With all the calls for gun control, is knife control next?

Jan Brewer: Arizona College Students Sue Board Of Regents Over Governor's New Bill

Gov. Brewer just signed into law HB 2169, which would ban university student organizations from using tuition money to influence legislation or elections. Arizona students are suing in response.

Did Chiquita Go Bananas and Hire Death Squads in Colombia?

Chiquita, the banana giant, is suing the Securities and Exchange Commission to prevent the release of thousands of documents that might expose its ties to Colombian paramilitary groups.

Allen Vigneron: Archbishop and Catholic Leaders Ask Gay Marriage Supporters to Skip Communion

Certain Catholic officials, including Archbishop Allen Vigneron, are suggesting that any Catholic who supports gay marriage not take Holy Communion. This is going to alienate Catholics.

Unemployment Rates: U.S. Millennials Might Have a Brighter Future Than Their European Counterparts

Last week, Eurostat, the statistical agency of the EU, published a report on worryingly high unemployment in the Euro zone: over 12%. Could Americans pull ahead of Europe as a result?

5 Actors Whose Careers Changed Forever With Just One Movie Role

One role can make or break a celebrity's career. Here are some actors who restored their reputations, changed how audiences viewed them, or became household names through just one film.

10 Ben & Jerry's Flavors We Wish Never Went to the Ice Cream Graveyard

There is a Ben & Jerry's graveyard, where some flavors go to die. We want these ice cream flavors back and we want them now.

National Equal Pay Day 2013: Does It Promote a Gender Wage Gap "Myth"?

On National Equal Pay Day, Americans should shy away from debates deeming the wage gap “myth” or “fact,” and work instead to fine tune the nation's understanding of gender in the workforce.

Mike Rice Firing: Rutgers Rightfully Axed Hate Speech-Spewing Coach

Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice's abusive behavior and the reaction to it shows that we still have more work to do to combat hate speech in America.

Marijuna Legalization: Dutch Shop Selling Cannabis-Flavored Mayonnaise

In the newest of Amsterdam's constant taunts toward all countries where weed is illegal, a restaurant chain has decided to start selling cannabis mayonnaise. (No, it won't get you high.)

Meet 100 Amazing Transgender People Who Are Changing America

The First-Ever Trans 100 list was released on Tuesday, here's a look at the influential and amazing Americans making a positive impact in our communities.

'Happy Endings' TV Show: Why It's the Best Sitcom On Television

"Happy Endings" is the funniest, quirkiest sitcom around right now. It has all the markers of previous sitcom classics, but with a modern crazy spin.

Jay-Z Nets: Rapper Gives Up NBA Ownership to Become Sports Agent

Jay-Z is launching a new sports agency and will easily sign the best new recruits.

Huma Abedin: Is She Behind Anthony Weiner's Run For Mayor?

Anthony Weiner and his wife, Huma Abedin, have re-emerged into the spotlight, addressing speculation about a possible mayor's run.

Gun Control Debate: Deal On Background Checks Revealed, But Can It Survive a Filibuster?

On Wednesday a bipartisan deal on background checks for gun sales was announced. Harry Reid has scheduled a vote on it for Thusday, but can it survive a filibuster threat?

Voice For Life: John Hopkins Officially Recognizes Anti-Abortion Group, Provoking Student Outrage

An anti-abortion group originating on Johns Hopkins' campus has been awarded official club status despite being denied because of claims of harassment.

Birmingham City Council Refuses to Lower Flags For Margaret Thatcher

Birmingham city council's act of protest is getting a lot of attention.

Ashley Judd: Did a Democratic Super PAC Really Bug Mitch McConnell's Office?

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell thinks he was bugged during a conversation on how to defeat actress Ashley Judd in the 2014 Senate race. But does he have any evidence?

National Youth HIV + AIDS Awareness Day: Millennials Can Help End HIV/AIDS Forever

The HIV/AIDS crisis of the 1980s may be long over, but when 1,000 new cases of HIV in young people are reported every month, more remains to be done.

Mic Check: Does Stanford Value Business Over Education?

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on the day's news and our favorite stories from around the Web.

Julian Castro Will Not Run For President in 2016: Exclusive Interview

At the ribbon cutting for David Axelrod's new Institute of Politics, I had a brief chance to talk politics with the strategist and rising Democratic star Julian Castro.

USAID to Provide Aid For LGBT Individuals in Other Countries

The United States Agency for International Development will begin a new outreach program focused on ending violence against LGBT people in other countries.

European Court Bizzarely Awards $10,000 to Child Rapist Because Of 'Breach Of Liberty'

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has ordered the UK government to compensate convicted child rapist Mustafa Abdi for his legal expenses.

5 Game-Changing Innovations in Education

Technology coupled with innovative thinking are transforming education. Here are five of the biggest game-changers.

Obama Budget: President Seeks Third Way Between Republican and Democratic Budget Plans

President Obama released his budget plan on Wednesday morning. Here are some of the details and how it compares to the Republican and Democratic Plans.

Israeli Settlements: They're Not Helping Holocaust Survivors Or the Peace Process

A recent announcement by the Iraeli government details plans to build illegal settlements beyond the Green Line for Holocaust survivors. But how does putting them in danger help them?

Why the 'Star Wars' Senate Rules Make More Sense Than the U.S. Ones

In 'Star Wars,' each Senator came from his/her own planet. That is not the case in the U.S., where politicians are allowed to run for places they're not from.

Would You Consent to a Robot Surgeon?

Robotic surgery is being done more and more often for a variety of operations. But experts say there's a lack of strong evidence that it's any better than good ol' human surgery.

OWS Lawsuit: NYC Pays $230,000 to Occupy to Settle Library Lawsuit

New York City agencies will pay OWS protestors a large settlement for damaging library books in "The People's Library" in September 2011.

Webby Award Nominees: Full List of the Best from the Internet

This is the best the internet has to offer, let us revel in it. The full list of Webby Awards nominees.

Robert Edwards Dies: IVF Pioneer Remembered For Changing the Family Dynamic

His research changed what it means, and who deserves, to have a family.