Rehtaeh Parsons: Nova Scotia Girl Raped, Bullied, And Commits Suicide

In a story with chilling similarities to the Steubenville rape case, a teenage girl hung herself after 2 years of constant harassment stemming from her being gang raped at a party.

Maine Hermit: Why Christopher Knight Abandoned Society For 27 Years

47-year-old Christopher Knight committed over 1,000 burglaries of camp grounds over the span of 27 years in order to survive in solitary, but why did he leave society?

10 Famous Figures You Didn't Realize Were Augusta National Members

Forget the actual golfers! Here are ten famous figures you may not know are members of the Augusta National Golf Course.

FEMEN Protests: Nobody Asked This Group to Speak For Oppressed Muslim Women

FEMEN is a Ukrainian-based group that is fighting for women's rights in non-Western countries by baring it all. But this might as well be called colonialism 2.0.

War With North Korea: Food Shortages At Root Of the Conflict

North Korea is currently experiencing a 207,000 ton food shortage. This hunger crisis helps fuels the rogue state's chaotic nature.

Dr. Kermit Gosnell's Abortion Trial: Why Isn't the Media Covering It?

The official trial of Dr. Gosnell opened on March 18 this year, to something of a major media blackout. It is not surprising that our friends on the left want to avoid this "incident."

6 Ways to Make Your Articles Go Viral

Wanna go viral? I thought so.

Open Letter Jay-Z Lyrics: Full Lyrics to Jay-Z's Cuba Rap

Jay-Z fires back against critics of his Cuba trip with the track "Open Letter." "Boy from the hood got White House clearance" he boasts. Check out the controversial song.

YouTube Accidental Racist Brad Paisley: Watch Song Here

Brad Paisley and L.L. Cool J. have partnered in a bizarre musical experiment that involves Confederate flags and chains. Wait what?

Gun Control Facts: What You Need to Know About Gun Violence in America

Basic information YOU should know about gun violence in the United States.

Gun Control Debate 2013: Why is the U.S. More Violent Than Other Countries?

Statistics show that the U.S. has more gun-related homicides than other countries. If the availability of guns isn't the explanation, then what is?

Pandora Radio: Is FM Radio Officially Dead?

With the evolution of digital media, FM radio has become expendable, and with it all the conformity it propagates.

Can Out-Of-Body Experiences Be Explained By Science?

While near death experiences (NDEs) are culturally interpreted as mystical and supernatural, neurologists think there may be a physiological explanation.

5 Successful People Who Didn't Have It Together At 25

If you are a millennial who feels like you don't have it all figured out just yet, fear not. You aren't the first and you won't be the last.

Darry Sragow: USC Professor Caught Bashing Republican Party On Tape

USC student, Tyler Talgo filmed one of Professor Darry Sragow's lectures to expose the educator's rants about the GOP. Who is in the wrong here: Sragow, Talgo, both, or nobody?

Everything You Know About Breasts is Wrong, Says One Man in France

A 15-year study of women and their breasts has come to a close and you won't believe the results. OK, you will believe the results.

Fox News' 'Hannity' Pannel On Black Conservatives Goes Bad

A group of black conservatives told Fox News' Hannity what it feels like being 'a minority within a minority.' But are their accusations, that liberals think they own black America, fair?

Jay-Z 'Open Letter' Video: Jay-Z Disses Obama and U.S. Government

Jay-Z released a diss track Wednesday night that called out Congress and President Obama over the criticism that him and Beyoncé, his wife, took over a trip to Cuba.

Immigration Reform 2013: Wants High-Skilled Workers to Stay In the Country will place its initial focus on the passage of comprehensive immigration reform. Tech companies want to increase the number of H-1B temporary visas for high-skilled foreign workers.

Melissa Harris-Perry Upsets Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin By Saying "It Takes a Village to Raise a Child"

MSNBC's Harris-Perry was the subject of unwarranted right-wing backlash from Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh for daring suggest it takes a village to raise a child. Guess what? It does.

College Tuition: How America Can Lower It

Are sleek buildings, legions of service workers and overpaid executive personnel necessary to obtain a great education? Probably not.

3 Services That Let You Buy Twitter Followers

For a fee, these companies will make you look like a cyber celebrity. And you thought buying friends only applied to Greek life.

4 Reasons Football, Not Baseball, is the New American Pastime

As the first ten days of the MLB season comes to an end, here are four reason why football, not baseball, is America's new favorite pastime.

Margaret Thatcher Dead: Britain Thrived With Her Education Policies

The late prime minister has gotten flak for her education policies, but she knew Britain would be better off with her approach.

Siblings Day and 10 Other Totally Made-Up Holidays

Did you know Grilled Cheese Day is on Friday? Hold onto your cheese, because April is filled with pointless holiday's!

Tax Deadline 2013: The IRS is Reading Your E-Mails

A recent news story revealed that the Internal Revenue Service is monitoring e-mail communication. This newest expansion of the surveillance state should come as no surprise.

8 TV Shows That Get the City They're Set in All Wrong

Dear Some Popular Television Shows, you're not fooling us with your inaccurate city settings. A show can be made or undone by its details, so here's your warning: be a little more like "Friends."

Immigration Reform 2013: Is This the Soundtrack For Reform?

National Day Labor Organizing Network bring artists and musicians together with the premiere of Latin band La Santa Cecilia's "El Hielo," which highlights the humility of immigrants in the U.S.

Bitcoin Crash: What Happened and What Does It Mean For the Future?

A major correction in Bitcoin prices occurred Wednesday with the price plummeting from a high of $266 to a low of $105. What happened and what does this mean for the future of the currency?

Immigration Reform 2013: D.C. March Puts Heavy Pressure On Lawmakers

At the Rally for Immigration Reform in Washington D.C, better opportunities for the future of immigrant families was the unofficial rallying cry.

North Korea War: U.S. War Games Reveal Faults With Nuclear Recovery Strategy

The U.S. military's shift to primarily counterinsurgency tactics have left significant weaknesses in the country's strategy for recovering unsecured nuclear weapons.

Electronic Arts Takes Home the Golden Poo Award For Worst Company in America

EA, the massive video games company, won the "golden poo" award for being the company that most mistreats its customers. EA, of course, disagrees with the dubious honor.

An Open Letter to Jay-Z

I read the lyrics to your "Open Letter" earlier today. However, I think it could stand to improve — a lot. Why don't you work on a second draft?

North Korea War: What Would It Look Like?

Tensions between North Korea and the U.S.-supported government in the South are higher than ever. What would a real war look like?

Venezuela Election Results: Nicolas Maduro and Henrique Capriles Go Head to Head

Nicolas Maduro and Henrique Capriles will square off this weekend to replace the late Hugo Chavez as the president of Venezuela.

Obama Kamala Harris: Did He Hurt Her Career By Calling Her Attractive?

Research shows that referring to a female political candidate's physical appearance hurts her chances of winning, so Obama may very well have damaged Harris' career as Calif. Attorney General.

4 Absurd Statistics About College ... and 1 Thing You Probably Already Knew

Fun fact: More than 10% of people want their college experience to resemble that of Elle Woods in "Legally Blonde." Here are other surprising things you probably didn't know about college.

YouTube Hangover 3 Trailer: Watch Here

The trailer for the third installment of the Hangover series is here.

Daniel Reilly: New York Teacher Charged With Raping 14-Year-Old Former Student

Daniel Reilly, who taught at a Queens middle school, was arrested Monday for sexually abusing a 14-year-old former student.

Immigration Reform 2013: U.S. Needs to Let in More High-Skilled Workers

Raising the limit of high skilled workers allowed into the country would lead to economic growth.

Lena Dunham Book: What It Means for Millennials

Dunham and Yousafzai come from different worlds, but that’s what the millennial generation is all about, and these two have a message to share that is unique and special to Gen Y.

Cat Marnell Book Deal: Drug Addict Deserves Fame and Recognition

With her new book deal, controversial addict/former XOJane editor Cat Marnell is back in the limelight and sharing her experiences with drugs. Here's why she deserves to be noticed.

Jodi Arias Trial LIVE: Last Day Of Testimony This Week

Live-streaming video of the Jodi Arias trial in Phoenix, Arizona. Arias is charged with murdering her lover Travis Alexander.

Gun Control Vote: Background Checks Legislation Actually Have a Good Chance in the Senate

A gun control bill just cleared all threats of a filibuster. Combined with high level of polling support for the legislation, has it become an inevitability the gun control will pass?

This is Why Ron Paul Distrusts the Federal Reserve: Minutes On Bond Program Released Early

Someone at the Fed just learned an important lesson: Watch who you email.

France Gay Marriage: It Will Be Legal Soon, But Homophobes Are Responding With Violence

Riots, protests and beatings follow the course of a controversial bill that could soon legalize same-sex marriage in France.

Mike Rice Firing: Rutgers Coach Ousting Doesn't Change Culture Of Hyper-Masculinity

The Rutgers athletic department may be cleaning house, but no one is talking about the root cause that leads to continued physical and sexual abuse scandals in sports.

Gay Marriage 2013: Uruguay Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage, Beats United States to the Punch

Uruguay is set to legalize same-sex marriage, becoming the third nation in the Western hemisphere to do so. It joins Argentina and Canada, but not the United States, in expanding gay rights.

Gun Control Debate 2013: Fox News Deletes Ann Coulter's Disgusting "Joke" About Shooting Meghan McCain

In a now-deleted Fox News blog post on gun control, Ann Coulter suggested shooting Senator McCain’s daughter Meghan as a way to gain the attention of the Republican party.

British MP Destroys Margaret Thatcher in Speech to Parliament

Labour MP Glenda Jackson vigorously articulates her two cents about Thatcherism in a debate in Parliament describing the philosophy as having wreaked havoc in the UK.

Do You Live in a State Where Women Are Paid Awfully Low?

Are you a female worker? Your paycheck is directly correlated with how conservative your fellow citizens are, and that's outrageous.

40% Of Chinese Emigrants Want to Live in the U.S. — and China Wants to Stop Them

With a population of over 1.3 billion and a current growth rate of 7.8%, China is often viewed as a major emerging market. Then why do some want to leave?

Caroline Kennedy Nomination: Some U.S. Ambassadors Are Cronies, But Who Cares?

Complaints of cronyism have arisen over some of President Obama's recent picks for ambassadorships. But if the receiving countries love their new ambassador, what's the problem?

Uruguay Gay Marriage: Senate Passes Gay Marriage Bill, Then Erupts In Cheers

Uruguay is one step closer to becoming the 2nd country in Latin America to pass marriage equality.

Mitch McConnell Ashley Judd Attack Tape Not Grounds For Criticism

Mitch McConnell reportedly held a secret strategy meeting about actress Ashley Judd's weaknesses — citing her mental health history and religion — to use against her in a campaign. So what?

Obama Approval Rating 2013: Americans Trust Him On Economy

Fifty-seven percent of polled Americans report feeling confident the president will "do the right thing" for the economy, but that doesn't mean they have faith in him as a whole.

Budget 2014: Federal Government Spends Almost $300 Billion in Redundant Programs

The Government Accountability Office released a 3-year study Tuesday on waste in federal agencies. Turns out we spend $95 billion on redundant projects ... every year.

NHL Gay Initiative: Will Other Pro Sports Come Out In Support Of Equal Rights?

Now that the NHL has become the first pro sports league to do a gay rights initiative, will other major sports leagues follow suit? There is promise, especially in the NFL.

Gay Man Gets Restraining Order For Wanting to Visit His Partner's Hospital Bed

A man was arrested and given a restraining order for wanting to stay at his partner's bedside.

Why Isn't Raising a Family Considered Work?

More women work part-time for a period of their lives to raise a family, and anyone who says this doesn't count as "work" is incorrect.

Obese Americans Are Actually Less Likely to Die Than You

A report finds that the fatter you are, the longer you may live, but that doesn't necessarily mean obesity extends lives, as some obese individuals may take care of themselves in other ways.

Syria Civil War: Al-Qaeda is Now a Big Time Player in Syria, and It Could Be Catastrophic

The reported merger of al-Qaeda in Iraq with Jabhat al-Nusra in Syria poses serious problems both for those in Syria and for the wider region.

Good Samaritan Charged $6,000 in Child Support Because He Donated Sperm to Same-Sex Couple in Kansas

A Kansas sperm donor is being sued for back child support when the same-sex parents split and filed for state health insurance.

6 Ways to Get Your Buddies on PolicyMic

Christian Rice shares how to bring your friends to PolicyMic in 6 easy steps

SAT Scores: Could Meditation Improve Them?

Recent studies conducted by show significant improvement in students’ test scores after they complete a mindfulness training program.

Obama Budget 2014: Something We Can All Agree to Hate (Unless You Want to Lasso Asteroids)

Obama's budget will be proposed Wednesday. As details leak, all sides are shaking their respective heads. The only people bound to be thrilled are those who aspire to be space cowboys.

Mic Check: Stephen Hawking Tells Humans to Abandon Earth

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on today's news and our favorite stories from around the Web.

Kentucky Progress: Did the Left Put A "Hit" On Senator McConnell?

An alliance of liberal organizations has sought to oust Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell since December.

Campaign Finance Reform Has Made Every Local Election a National One

It would make far more sense for candidates' campaigns to be solely funded by entities within their respective states. However, we now live in a globalized political world.

2013 Tax Rates: The U.S. Doesn't Have a Revenue Problem, It Has a Wasted Money Problem

America's combined federal, state, and local revenues aren't much lower than those in other rich countries, but our government is less effective. Why are we so good at burning money?

Manchin-Toomey Bill: A Tale of Bipartisan Gun Control That Will Still Miss the Mark

While their efforts are commendable, unfortunately Manchin, Toomey, and the rest of D.C. still don't understand what "common sense" gun control, much less anything else, really looks like.

French Dictionary Literally Changes the Definition Of "Marriage"

Larousse, which produces France's main dictionary, has decided to change its definition of "marriage" to become inclusive of same-sex couples as the country moves to legalize same-sex marriage.

OUT Youth Theater Reaches Fundraising Goal to Make LGBT Documentary

Award-winning True Colors youth theater troupe combats ignorance and fear-fueled homophobia with productions on love and LGBT youth. They need your help funding their documentary on equality.

Partnership For Civil Justice Fund: Report Shows That Normal Protesters Are Considered Government "Threats"

Intense surveillance of 'anti-government' groups and war protesters reveal that the DHS views dissent and protest as the biggest threats to the warfare state.

Rick Santorum Admits Cancelled "Leadership" Speech to High School Students Actually About Gay Marriage

Former Senator Rick Santorum criticized Michigan high school officials for cancelling his speech on leadership in late April. However, reports show that he was going to discuss gay marriage.

Syrian Civil War: Why Iraq is More Terrified Of Al-Qaeda Than America

Why has Iraqi PM Nouri al-Maliki has been reluctant to support an end to the Assad regime? Probably because regional Al-Qaeda affiliates are joining forces.

John Kerry Israel Visit a Small Step Toward Israel-Palestine Peace

Secretary of State John Kerry's trip to Israel won't solve the Palestinian issue, but it represents the latest in a series of small steps toward restarting the peace process.

Take a Wild Look Inside the Human Brain, Revealed By Stanford Neuroscientists

Our growth in science is exponential. Stanford researchers are using a transparent human brain to understand a range of mental illnesses. It should be pretty easy to replicate, they say...

Keystone XL Workers Might Be Laying Faulty Pipeline That Could Lead to a Worst-Case Spill Scenario

Around 300,000 gallons of tar sands spilled onto the streets of Mayflower, Arkansas, last month after an oil spill. Could we something worse with the Keystone XL pipeline?

BurmeseRohingya Muslims: Buddhists Wage Campaign Of Hatred Against Group

A violent campaign led by the same monks who head the pro-Democracy protests is ripping Burma apart, and this needs to stop.

Advertisements Are Still Sexist, But Consumers Are Getting Smarter

When Kate Upton is labeled as simply "Best Internet Cleavage," it's hard to believe that sexist advertising can sink any lower. But consumers may be getting more savvy.

Exxon’s Disaster in Mayflower, Arkansas, is Another Hiccup on Big Oil’s Road to Hell

The U.S. needs to let Big Oil die its slow but sure death.

Federal Agencies Realize the Best Places to Work Have Effective Leadership

A Partnership for Public Service report found that quality leadership is the most important factor in leading a company, offering nothing new or revolutionary in effective business practices.

Why Some Kids Flourish and Others Fail Under Pressure

The New York Times recently examined why some kids succeed under pressure while others completely fail, linking genetics to the results.

Foursquare Investment: Company Gets $41 Million Injection, But is It a Bad Bet?

Foursquare received $41 million from investors today. But three years after debuting, they only made $2 million in revenue in 2012. Is this good money going after bad?

G8 Foreign Ministers Meeting 2013: North Korea, Syria Dominate Discussion

North Korea's missile threats and unceasing instability in Syria were prominent discussion topics during the G8's meeting in London on Thursday.

Most NYC Voters Now Want Independent Oversight Of Rampantly Abusive NYPD

Voters have noticed the NYPD overstepping its bounds. A majority of New Yorkers now want independent oversight of the police.

YouTube Jay-Z: Watch Open Letter Rap Here

Jay-Z has been to Cuba and back, and his rapped to tell the tale. His visit to the island has stirred up a whole lot of controversy, and Hova is firing back.

Obama Budget Plan: President in No Man's Land For Upsetting Both Sides

Obama's budget plan has both Democrats and Republicans up in arms. By moving to the center, he is alienating the people that he needs to get this budget passed and thus in No Man's Land.

Jamie Donaldson Hole-in-One

Live updates, leaderboards from the Masters Golf Tournament at the Augusta National Golf Club
News Wants High-Skilled Workers to Stay In the Country will place its initial focus on the passage of comprehensive immigration reform .Tech companies want to increase the number of H-1B temporary visas for high-skilled foreign workers.

Tiger Woods: Day 1 Scores and Leaderboard

Live updates, leaderboards from the Masters Golf Tournament at the Augusta National Golf Club