Rehtaeh Parsons Rape Case Solved By Anonymous in Less Than 2 Hours Despite "No Evidence"

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police spent a year investigating a gang-rape case to no end. Anonymous spent two hours searching and has the case practically gift wrapped.

3 Reasons Why Dating the Wendy's Girl Would Suck

She's a cute, fiery redhead, but some of her "charming" qualities may turn out to be a real pain.

Audrie Pott Rape: Viral Rape is Trending, And We Should All Be Very Worried

At the news of another rape victim committing suicide after her rapists photographed their crime, it's time we address the issue of viral rape.

6 Incredible iPhone Videos From the Syrian Civil War

The Syrian civil war has been raging for over two years now, and the entire conflict has been recorded using smartphones.

Audrie Pott Suicide Proves That Rape Culture is Becoming Systemic

Audrie Pott committed suicide last year after she was sexually assaulted at a party while passed out and then was humiliated by finding photos of the assault online.

John Madden Birthday: 18 Memorable Madden Quotes

John Madden is known for his infamous tendency to form incoherent sentences, speak in onomatopoeia, and state the obvious. Here are some great Madden moments.

Top 10 Kim Jong-un Memes From The Internet

North Korea's threatening to nuke us, but we seem to have a hard time taking that seriously judging from these ten trending memes from the depths of the Internet.

Gary Johnson: "It's A Stacked Deck" Against Third Party Candidates

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson reflects on his run for the White House, and whether third parties can compete in national elections.

Does Media Violence Cause Real Violence? A Definitive Guide

Does violent media cause violence in real life? Countless studies have come to countless different conclusions, making it increasingly difficult to enact effective policy. So who is right?

Ottawa Prostitution Ring: Teen Girl Pimps Essentially Define Misogyny

Three Ottawa teenagers tricked several girls into participating in a prostitution ring they started. Their case shows how easily anyone can become a violent misogynist.

What is FEMEN? Post-Soviet "Sextremism," Not American Feminism

While their tactics grab headlines and provoke controversy, FEMEN’s style of feminist activism should be called what the Ukrainian activists themselves call it: sextremism.

'Glee' School Shooting Episode: Jane Lynch's Character Fired, Scenes Offend Viewers

Despite the concerns of it being "too soon" and "not appropriate," Glee handled this sensitive topic as well as a musical dramedy with a penchant for zaniness could.

'Glee' School Shooting Episode: Why It Was Offensive, Jane Lynch Could Be Gone

As much as I appreciate Glee's coverage of serious issues affecting teens, the program's school shooting episode was poorly handled and offensive given Sandy Hook, among other things.

Gerald Conti: Teacher Resigns Because His Profession "No Longer Exists"

After nearly 30 years of teaching, veteran educator Gerald Conti sent in his resignation letter, claiming the profession "no longer exists."

New Mexico High School Students Hand Out Rubber Fetuses, Chaos Ensues

A pro-life group in Roswell, N.M., hands out rubber fetuses, which students of course use to throw against the walls, disrupting entire school day.

Immigration Reform 2013: 3 Enduring Myths That Could Kill the Bill

In 2007, the Senate was close to an immigration bill, only to be spooked away from comprehensive reform by three central arguments. Today these same old arguments are flying about.

Coachella Live Stream 2013: Watch Here

Looking for a place to watch the Coachella LIVE ? Look no further. Check below for the live stream and full festival lineup.

Immigration Reform 2013: Attempts At Reform Are Politics As Usual

A bipartisan group of senators have come together to address immigration reform. Unfortunately, it seems they are more concerned with politics as usual.

'The Place Beyond the Pines' Movie Review: Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper Shine

Gosling and Cooper should see nominations pour in for their memorable performances in this taut, emotional, and often sorrowful film.

The Funniest Video About Street Harassment You'll See Today

It's International Anti-Street Harassment Week and here's a hilarious video that may convince you that the problem has got to end.

Immigration Reform 2013: New Start-Up Aims to Solve Problem, Silicon Valley Style

A new start-up has a wildly innovative idea to solve immigration reform, and attract foreign workers to the Bay Area, well-known bustling hub of entrepreneurship.

Eden Foods Lawsuit Against Birth Control Mandate Prompts Severe Social Media Backlash

Eden Foods has teamed up with the Thomas More Law Center to file a lawsuit against the Obama administration's contraception rule, alienating shoppers at Whole Foods everywhere.

Analouisa Valencia: The First Openly Gay Miss South Carolina Contestant

Analouisa Valencia may pave the way for more LGBT rights in the conservative state.

'Scary Movie 5' Review: The Franchise Should Have Stopped At One

The creators of "Scary Movie 5" are once again hoping to beat a dead horse and try turn a profit on this sinking franchise.

Immigration Reform 2013: Democrats Have the Clear Edge

As the debate on immigration reform heats up, the Democrats seem to be winning the prelude to the release of the Gang of Eight's bill.

Hangovers Cost U.S. Companies $148 Billion Every Year

Hangovers are costly for the economy. But where is the research on them?

Pakistan Election 2013: Taliban Targets Pakistani Candidates That Have Critiqued Them

The Taliban, in its attempt to exert its power, is undermining Pakistan's already fragile democratic process by targeting specific parties and candidates.

Austerity is the Biggest Hoax Since the Mayans Predicted the World Would End

Austerity hasn't worked in Europe. So why does Obama suddenly want to bring it here?

Roger Gorley: Missouri Man Arrested For Refusing to Leave Partner’s Hospital Bedside

A Missouri man was arrested for refusing to leave his partner's bedside, but new details reveal that his partner's family had asked to him to leave and that's why he was kicked out.

North Korea War: It's Clear That NK Poses A Serious Threat to the U.S.

The mistaken disclosure of a sentence from a DIA report on North Korea's nuclear program plays into the larger debate on North Korea’s nuclear threat to the United States.

Rand Paul Howard University Speech: Senator Reinforces GOP Reputation By Getting Mean

Speaking at Howard University this week, Rand Paul (R-Ky.) claimed to have "never wavered" in support for the Civil Rights Act, and this is simply not true.

Feminism Will Destroy Russia, Says Elderly Russian Literal Patriarch

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church said that feminism leads to total destruction of society. Uh, okay.

Boy Scouts Anti-Gay Policy Sparks California Bill to Eliminate BSA Tax Exemption

California lawmakers met Wednesday to discuss legislation that would strip the tax exemption status of non-profits that discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation.

Tony Perkins: Family Research Council President Wants More Socially Conservative GOP

Tony Perkins says Republicans are no longer socially conservative enough. Most millennials and critics would argue otherwise.

Rick Santorum High School Speech Requires Parental Approval

On Wednesday, school officials for Grosse Pointe South High School reversed their decision to cancel an appearance by Rick Santorum. The compromise? Students needs their parents signature first.

'42' Movie Review: Jackie Robinson Film Lacks Antagonist, Goal For Protagonists

"42," the Jackie Robinson movie starring Harrison Ford and Chadwick Boseman, is enjoyable at times but deeply flawed.

War With North Korea: Korean Tensions Really Just Part Of Larger Arms Race

Kim Jong-un might think the ongoing Korean crisis is all about him ... but no one else does. Current tensions are the result of a regional race for supremacy between the U.S., Russia, and China.

Gun Control Debate 2013: Who's More Dangerous, Kim Jong-un Or Mitch McConnell?

Within two years, more Americans will be slain due to gun violence since 2000 than in World War 2. Are pro-gun senators more dangerous to Americans than Kim Jong-un?

Hillary Clinton 2016: What Her New Book Tells Us

Coming soon to bookstores near you.

BRAIN Initiative Could Be An Economic Gold Mine For the U.S.

President Obama's new BRAIN initiative to map out the human brain is a smart public-private project. It continues America’s tradition of being a world leader in technical and medical innovation.

Meet Shwetika Baijal: Policy Analyst, Sky Diver, and Pundit of the Week

Meet Shwetika Baijal, our awesome pundit of the week.

Boston College Seniors Savagely Vandalize Apartment Right Before St. Patrick's Day

"The group punched holes in the walls, urinated throughout the apartment, and threw eggs ... [a] gas line was ripped from the machine, which was situated near a furnace."

Virginia Basically Bans Abortion

Today, Virginia's Board of Health was forced to enact a set of regulations that will shut down most abortion providers in the state. Blame Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.

Predator Drones: Study Uncovers Obama Lies On Drone Program

A new report shows the extent to which the Obama administration has mislead the public about the nature of drone strikes. It's a lot.

Bitcoin Crash Has Deterred the Winklevoss Twins From Investing Heavily in the Online Currency

The Olymic rowers who were famously screwed-over by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg own about $11 million in Bitcoins.

6 Celebrities Who Went Political, and Then Got Slammed

This week has brought the spotlight back to celebrities and their forays into the political game. Here are six celebrities who went political with disastrous results.

Flight Turbulence: Climate Change Could Be to Blame For Worse Flights

Bumpier flights are one of the many negative effects of climate change.

'Revolution' Season 1: Second Half Might Signal Show's Demise

"Revolution" has moved from a great sci-fi idea to a TV show that can no longer suspend a reasonable person's disbelief. The new series is in danger of falling into TV oblivion.

Kerry Israel Trip: Ending Settlements and Gaza Blockade Should Be Top Priority

In light of John Kerry's current trip tp the Middle East, pressing issues that require immediate attention are the ever expanding settlements in Palestinian territories and the blockade of Gaza.

'Scary Movie 5' Review: Why Does Hollywood Keep Making Spoofs?

Can Hollywood stop making spoofs already?

7 Crazy Old Videos of Famous Rappers Freestyling

Check out these famous rappers freestyling and proving why they get paid to do what they do, while the rest of us don't. Crazy content from back in the day: enter if you dare.

Ke$ha Gay? Or Was the Dance With a Woman At Gay Bar a Publicity Stunt?

After coming out as bisexual in a recent interview, Ke$ha was recently seen dancing with a girl in a gay bar. Is she being herself or trying to get people talking?

Ben Carson Drops Johns Hopkins Commencement Speaker Commitment Following Anti-Gay Remarks

Carson's anti-gay remarks instantly overshadowed his otherwise stunning career.

North Carolina Bill Will Ban Sex-Selective Abortion

The latest in a cascade of legislation to criminalize sex-selective abortions is being debated. But is it addressing a real concern or just a way of eluding the rulings of Roe v. Wade?

Who is Rebel Wilson?

Rebel Wilson is hosting the MTV Movie Awards, but who is this Australian comedienne?

Reebok, Rick Ross Split After Disgusting Lyrics About Date Rape

Controversy surrounding Rick Ross's lyrics about putting drugs in a girl's drink without her knowledge has led to the severing of ties between him and Reebok. Good move, Reebok.

NFL Gay Player: League Vows to Protect Gay Members From Cyber Bullying

The National Football League came out in support of an eventual openly gay player by saying it's training its security team to deal with any threats, including on social media.

42 Movie: Why Hollywood Loves Sports Stories (Even Though It Never Does Them Quite Right)

If Hollywood and sports are both fundamentally about narrative then why aren't they a perfect match?

Salam Fayyad Resigns: Peace Process On Hold

Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, one of the greatest advocates of Israel-Palestinian peace, has reportedly resigned. Hopes for a peaceful resolution have dimmed significantly.

To End Rape, Athletes Need to Speak Out — And to Each Other

Athletes themselves must commit to ending rape culture.

Havard Rugland Signs NFL Deal: Can a YouTube Video Now Get You a Pro Contract?

Viral sensation Havard Rugland just signed with the Detroit Lions. After kicking a football from sand dunes, boats, and into a basketball hoop, kicking the ball down an NFL field will be cake.

Your TV Supports Gay Marriage

The question is, do you?

Pat Robertson Should Stop Talking and Just Listen to Israelis

Pat Robertson says a two-state solution in Israel would mean disaster for America, but Israelis don't agree with him.

Obama Budget 2014: President Attempts and Fails At Compromise

The president promises that this is a compromise budget addressing the deficit and growing the economy. As always, the devil is in the details and the details outrage everyone.

Mic Check: Why Tall People Are Smarter Than You

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on the day's news and our favorite stories from around the Web.

Marco Rubio Immigration Reform: Brilliant Move Or Career-Ending Mistake?

Marco Rubio is a rising star in the GOP, but his support on immigration reform may lead to his demise for a 2016 presidential nomination.

National Security News: Why Don't Politicians Listen to Good Intelligence?

In the effort to conduct vital research for policy makers, intelligence analysts often run the risk of politicizing their own work ... or even worse, being ignored.

Midterm Elections 2014: Three Races That Are Already Kicking Off

We're just barely into the spring of 2013, and the political parties are already at it for 2014.

Puerto Rico Statehood: White House Allocates $2.5 Million For New Vote

After confusion over the results of the November 2012 referendum, the first federally-funded Puerto Rican status plebiscite hopes to bring back clearer results.

Venezuela Election 2013: Will Venezuela Choose Capitalism, Or More Chavez?

On April Venezuelans will have to choose between continuing the Chavista economic program of Nicolas Maduro or going the "Brazilian" route touted by Henrique Capriles.

When Are the MTV Movie Awards 2013?

When are the MTV Movie Awards? This Sunday.

MTV Movie Awards Nominations List 2013

Full list of MTV Movie Award nominees 2013.