WordPress Hack: How to Avoid Becoming Part of the 'Botnet'

With the sustained attack against WordPress servers this week, a look at how to avoid becoming part of the future 'super botnet'.

Gender Wage Gap: Why It's a Myth

We are all told time and time again that women earn on average 77 cents to every dollar a man earns. Recent Census data shows that is not just a nefarious ploy against women.

Venezuela Presidential Election 2013 LIVE Stream: Watch the Results Online

Venezuelans have started to vote Sunday to elect a new president between Chavista Nicolas Maduro and opponent Henrique Capriles. Watch the live stream (Spanish).

YouTube Gentleman Video: WATCH 45 Million Views Here

Nice try PSY. But is it good enough to break the "one hit wonder" curse? Maybe 'Gangnam Style' is too much of a tough act to follow.

Immigration Reform 2013: Marco Rubio Supports Path to Citizenship

Will Marco Rubio continue to support comprehensive immigration reform as it makes its way through Congress?

FEMEN Protests OK Because Being Topless is Totally Legal in NYC

Protest on, topless members of FEMEN. Protest, protest, protest, until we don't have to worry about standing out because people finally see us as equal humans.

Venezuela Presidenciales 2013: LIVE Stream the Results

Watch Globovision's live stream and find out who will win the Venezuelan presidential elections.

Amanda Bynes Twitter: Perez Hilton, Eating Disorder, Drake Comments Disturbing

Amanda Bynes' unusual tweets aren't funny anymore, especially since she took a swipe at Perez Hilton's sexuality, so it's time stop paying attention to her Twitter feed. The Amanda Show is over.

Venezuela Elections 2013: Henrique Capriles Votes in Caracas

Henrique Capriles Radonski, a popular governor from the opposition, who is challenging Chavista Nicolas Maduro to become the next president of Venezuela, voted in Caracas.

Emma Watson 50 Shades Of Grey Movie: Jonah Hill Is Ready to Co Star

What? You didn't see that coming?

In Defense Of the Hook-Up Culture

"The End Of Sex," a new book on the problems of the hook-up culture, argues hooking up can be seriously detrimental to young people. Here's why that's an exaggeration and why we'll be all right.

Pakistan Elections 2013: Imran Khan Could Be Country's Only Hope

Imran Khan is the only candidate whose party remains stain-free. So, why not trust him?

Rand Paul Howard University Visit a Reminder He Has a Minority Problem

Paul's recent visit to Howard, where he awkwardly stumbled through his opinions of the Civil Rights Act, shed light on the troubles right libertarians will have attracting minority voters.

Wine Consumption Plummets in Old World, Surges in New

Wine sales in the U.S. have surged, becoming a $34.6 billion industry last year. In France, meanwhile, the number of regular wine drinkers is in freefall.

The Republican Party Stubbornly Opposes Marriage Equality

Republicans unanimously reaffirmed their total opposition to marriage equality for LGBT couples and their children after religious extremists threatened to launch a third political party.

Pakistan Elections 2013: 3 Women Who Are Changing Pakistani Politics

A former Hindu slave, Veero Kolhi, and two tribal women, Badam Zari and Nusrat Begum are running in the upcoming May elections against all odds and are determined to make a difference.

Kermit Gosnell: Feminists Deny Abortion Doctor Cover Up and Blame Conservatives

Feminists are mad because they felt ignored by the media in its coverage of abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell. Welcome to our world.

Skoll World Forum 2013: 5 Conversations Worth Having On Social Entrepreneurship

The world's experts on social entrepreneurship are all in Oxford this week. Here's what they're talking about and what they're missing.

Will Ferrell Gets Comedic Genius Award At MTV Movie Awards

The "Campaign" star has had a long and fulfilling career, so the award was well deserved. But what the hell was up with that speech?

Gun Control Debate: Can Toomey-Manchin Pass the Senate?

Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) and Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) spend some serious political capital on expanded background checks.

Pitch Perfect Performance MTV Movie Awards 2013

The cast of 'Pitch Perfect' performs at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards.

MTV Movie Awards Performances 2013

Four words for you: Macklemore and Selena Gomez!

Selena Gomez MTV Movie Awards Performance: Come and Get It

Selena Gomez is set to perform at tonight's MTV Movie Awards where she will perform her new single "Come & Get It".

6 Lessons On Fostering Good Discussions On PolicyMic

Every Policymicer wants to enable good discussion. Here are a few tips on how to do just that.

Jamie Foxx Wears Trayvon Martin Shirt At MTV Movie Awards

Foxx, who will receive the MTV Generation Award tonight, is wearing a shirt featuring the late Trayvon Martin's face on the red carpet.

MTV Movie Awards Live Stream: Watch LIVE Here

Watch the MTV Movie Awards LIVE online.

Venezuela Presidential Election 2013 Results: Capriles and Maduro Supporters Are Optimistic

As the world waits for the official results from the Venezuelan presidential election, Chavistas and opponents show optimism for their respective candidates.

SNL Recap: 'Accidental Racist' Parody: Funny or Not?

Watch the video here.

Online Education Benefits: Professors See Huge Potential in Internet Courses

Massive open online cources are the future of education.

Pakistan Bomb Blast Kills 9 On Peshawar Bus

A bomb blast on a mini bus in Peshawar killed at least nine people on Saturday, government officials said, in the recent attack.

Credit Card Debt At 18-Year Low: Have We Learned Our Lesson?

Delinquencies have declined and many consumers now avoid credit card debt. Is this a short-term phenomenon or have consumers learned that taking on high cost debt needs to be avoided?

Why Don Draper Would Hate Mad Men's Social Media Tactics

The show's social media strategy reduces a powerful franchise to the usual Facebook blah by publishing trollish Facebook posts that explicitly ask people to share or like them.

Susan Patton Column Proves Ivy League Has Immortal Place in America

We put faith in the names we have given so much credit to and we listen to the people those universities produce. Harvard, Yale, and Brown are important because we continue to believe they are.

Who Won the Venezuelan Election

Venezuela's National Electoral Council will issue the official presidential results around 10:30 p.m. (EDT).

Watch the MTV Movie Awards Online: LIVE Updates

Not watching the MTV Movie Awards? Here's how to do it right now!

MTV Movie Awards Best Villain Winner: Tom Hiddleston

"The Avengers" star wins Best Villain.

Watch Masters 2013 Live: Tiger Woods Live Updates

Live updates, leaderboards from the Masters Golf Tournament at the Augusta National Golf Club.

Trayvon Martin: Florida Policeman Fired For Using Trayvon Martin Shooting Targets

Sgt. Ron King claims he was using the targets as an example of a "no-shoot" scenario. Maybe this is a version of Murphy's Law playing itself out?

MTV Movie Award Best Kiss Winner: Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper

The two won a joint award for their highly-anticipated smooch in "Silver Linings Playbook."

40% Of American Workers Will Be Freelancing Within 10 Years

Freelancers will become 40% of the workforce by 2020; an estimate which should spur the government to action to create systemic reforms.

Mike Brodie 'A Period Of Juvenile Prosperity' a Glimpse Of Absolute Freedom

A recent photo-set from Mike Brodie's book, "A Period of Juvenile Prosperity" shows why we seek solitude and escape, even if just for a short time.

MTV Movie Awards 2013 Winners: Full List Of Winners

The MTV Movie Awards are officially over and the winners are in. Check out which stars were the biggest winners of the night.

Coachella 2013 Day 2: Phoenix, R. Kelly, Postal Service, and xx Make Appearances

Here's your roundup of the best performances from day two of Coachella.

Live Stream MTV Movie Awards 2013: Watch Online Here

Looking for the live stream of tonight's MTV Movie Awards? Look no further.

MTV Movie Awards Best Kiss: Who Will Win?

Which on screen kiss deserves to win this year's MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss?

Will Ferrel MTV Movie Awards 2013: Comedic Genius Award

Will Ferrel takes home the Comedic Genius Award at tonight's MTV Movie Awards.

Venezuela 2013 President Results: Rumors Mount as CNE Delays Results

As Venezuelans wait for the National Electoral Council's (CNE) official presidential results, rumors mount on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

Emma Watson Trailblazer Award

The "Harry Potter" alum will be receiving the Trailblazer Award at tonight's MTV Movie Awards.

Starbucks Cuts Grocery Store Prices By 10 Percent, Competitors Should Worry

Starbucks has sounded the war horns by lowering prices on its grocery store coffee. Dunkin Donuts, Folgers, and other coffee brands, beware.

Rebel Wilson 'The Climb' Performance at the MTV Movie Awards

Rebel Wilson opened up the MTV Movie Awards by...singing the Miley Cyrus song 'The Climb'?

Venezuelans Gather to Vote In U.S. Consulate Offices

Consulate offices in Houston and New Orleans give many Venezuelan nationals the opportunity to show their political support in Venezuela's historic elections.

5 Comic Books Heroes Who Deserve Their Own Movie

We know about Iron Man, Batman, and Spiderman, but what about the others who have yet to appear on the big screen and honestly deserve that opportunity?

MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet Live Stream: Watch Online

Live stream of the red carpet arrivals at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards

Magnitsky Act: 18 American Officials Blacklisted By Russia in Tit-For-Tat Sanctions

Members of Russia's parliament are optimistic that these tit-for-tat lists won't be a major setback in U.S.-Russian relations, but hostilities seem to be on the rise on both ends.

Where to Watch MTV Movie Awards Online

Looking for the MTV Movie Awards live stream? Look no further!

Nicolas Maduro Twitter Hacked By 'Lulz Security Peru'

The Twitter account of Venezuela's Interim President Nicolas Maduro has been hacked as the electoral council's readies to release the official results.

Kim Kardashian Photo MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet

Kim Kardashian has hit the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards. How did she do?

Brittany Snow Looks Like Julianne Hough

Brittany Snow has arrived at the MTV Movie Awards and she's looking a lot like ... someone else.

Bradley Cooper Wins Best Male Performance MTV Movie Awards

Bradley Cooper took home the first prize of the night at the MTV Movie Awards.

Best Shirtless Performance MTV Movie Awards: Taylor Lautner Wins

Taylor Lautner wins Best Shirtless Performance at the MTV Movie Awards...and he doesn't take off his shirt.

Americans Are the Happiest They've Been in 6 Years, Says Poll

Despite a sorry economy and growing concerns abroad, a new survey shows 50% of the country is heading into spring with a fresh wave of optimism.

Jimmy Fallon Jay Leno Tonight Show: Could Fallon Takeover Hurt NBC?

"The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" is one of NBC’s biggest sources of advertising revenues, and Leno's audience is only slightly older than that of Fallon, so Fallon's takeover could be disastrous.

What Time Are the MTV Movie Awards?

The MTV Movie Awards will be host by Rebel Wilson tonight. All the festivities start at 9 p.m., get your details here.

When Are the MTV Movie Awards 2013?

Watch tonight's MTV Movie Awards at 9:00 p.m. on MTV and VH1!

Rebel Wilson Lena Dunham Vagina Joke MTV Movie Awards

When joking about sexy celebrity beards at the MTV Movie Awards, host Rebel Wilson said, "Lena Dunham's vagina. What? It's been on a lot of faces."

Jamie Foxx MTV Movie Awards: 2013 MTV Generation Award

The star of "Django Unchained"' has quite a night ahead! Jamie Foxx is set to receive the MTV Generation Award at Sunday's MTV Movie Awards ceremony.

Seth Rogen Bottomless At MTV Movie Awards

Because who needs a shirtless Taylor Lautner when you can have a bottomless Seth Rogen?

Jamie Foxx and Samuel L. Jackson Win Best WTF Moment At Movie Awards

I wanted it to be Anna Camp, but oh well!

Best Fight MTV Movie Awards: Winner The Avengers

The cast of 'The Avengers' wins the prize for Best Fight.

Jamie Foxx MTV Generation Award

Kerry Washington delivers the award to the "Django Unchained" star.

MTV Movie Awards Best Musical Moment Winner: 'Pitch Perfect' Cast

The ladies of Pitch Perfect just won Best Musical Moment at the MTV Movie Awards!

MTV Movie Award 2013 Winners

Who do you think will win tonight? My bet is on Rebel Wilson!

Brad Pitt Presents Movie Of the Year Award at MTV Movie Awards

The Avengers won the top prize of the night at the MTV Movie Awards.

Mackelmore MTV Movie Awards Performance: Can't Hold Us

Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis will perform live at tonight's MTV Movie Awards. The duo will perform their new single, "Can't Hold Us."

Rebel Wilson Wins Best Breakthrough Performance and Zac Efron Joins Her

Rebel Wilson wins the award for Best Breakthrough Performance.

What Time Are the MTV Movie Awards On?

Don't forget to watch tonight's MTV Movie Awards at 9:00 p.m. on MTV and VH1!

Quvenzhane Wallis MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet: The Puppy Purse is Back

'Beast of the Southern Wild' star Quvenzhane Wallis is at the MTV Movie Awards, and she's rocking the puppy purse.

MTV Awards Predictions 2013

Hopefully Emma Watson doesn't get anything!

MTV Movie Awards Best Shirtless Performance: Who Will Win?

Channing Tatum, because there is no other winner.

Who Will Win At the MTV Movie Awards?

As long as Rebel Wilson gets something for her "Pitch Perfect" role, I'm good!

Rebel Wilson MTV Movie Awards Host 2013

The coolest girl in Hollywood is hosting the 2013 MTV Movie Awards. Get psyched.

Masters 2013 Livestream: Inside the Final Round at Augusta

Live updates, leaderboards from the Masters Golf Tournament at the Augusta National Golf Club.

Tiger Woods Championship Drought Continues

Live updates, leaderboards from the Masters Golf Tournament at the Augusta National Golf Club.

Angel Cabrera and Adam Scott Sudden Death Playoff

Live updates, leaderboards from the Masters Golf Tournament at the Augusta National Golf Club.

MTV Movie Awards Nominees 2013

Who is going to collect tonight?

Masters 2013 Livestream: Adam Scott and Angel Caberera Playoff

Live updates, leaderboards from the Masters Golf Tournament at the Augusta National Golf Club.

Shorty Award Winners: PolicyMic's Night At the Shorty Awards

PolicyMic's intrepid "journalist" Tom McKay attended social media's biggest awards ceremony to see what's happening in the world of tomorrow. Mostly, he met celebrities.

Who Won the Masters Tournament?

Live updates, leaderboards from the Masters Golf Tournament at the Augusta National Golf Club.

Who Will Win At the MTV Movie Awards?

As long as Rebel Wilson gets something, I'm good!

Masters 2013 Livestream: How did Tianlang Guan Finish?

Live updates, leaderboards from the Masters Golf Tournament at the Augusta National Golf Club.

MTV Movie Awards Best Dressed

The best dressed stars at the MTV Movie Awards are not always who you would expect ...

Mackelmore Performance MTV Movie Awards 2013

Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis performed "Can't Hold Us" at the MTV Movie Awards.