Can Former Porn Star Sasha Grey Be The Best Artist of All Time? Yes Says Italian Art Critic

Find out why this italian art critic thinks former porn star Sasha Grey is the best artist of our time.

How I Will Respond to the Terrorists Who Almost Killed My Mother

A special message to the person or persons who exploded two bombs during the Boston Marathon.

Can This New Dove Campaign Make You Believe You're More Beautiful Than You Think?

Does this new Dove campaign make you feel worse or better about yourself?

Buddhist Monk Sex Tape: Cambodians React to Video

A video of a Buddhist monk and woman having sex has surfaced. It involves two members of a project to create a new temple in Lowell, which was already accused of illegal financial activity.

Where is the 'Friends' Cast Now?

It has been nine years since the cast of "Friends" made their final curtain call in that cozy apartment in New York and went for that last coffee at Central Perk. But where are they now?

Boston Marathon Bombing: As We Mourn 3 Victims in Boston, Iraqis Are Mourning 33 Victims Of Bombings

33 people died in a series of coordinated attacks in Iraq yesterday, did you hear about it? Did you care?

Immigration Reform 2013: Gang Of 8 Plan Released, Here is What is in it

After months of speculation, the recommendations of the bipartisan group of senators known as the Gang of 8 have been released. Debate on this bill starts April 19.

Immigration Reform 2013: This Bill Must Pass

Passing the Gang of Eight's immigration reform package is crucial to growing the American economy and fixing a broken, unfair immigration system. Here's why.

Xbox 720 Release: 'Ryse' and 'Forza' Game Among New Xbox Titles

A new report suggests the possibility of heavy kinect integration, a zombie game, and a family game.

Boston Marathon Attack: Alex Jones' Thoughtless Speculation is Ridiculous

Everyone seems to have a pet theory for just who or what was behind the Boston attacks, but we still don't know enough to make those judgments.

Boston Marathon Bombings: Who is Responsible For This Terrorist Attack?

This attack seems to have caught the intelligence community totally by surprise. In the scramble to get leads as to who committed this act of terror, one "suspect" at large has gone viral.

Carlos Arredondo: Boston Marathon Attendee Came to Victims' Rescue

Cowboy hat-wearing Carlos Arredondo can been seen in marathon photographs and videos helping victims. In the past decade he has lost two sons and devoted his life to improving our world.

North Korea News: Who's More Dangerous, North Korea Or Iran?

As both countries continue to be subjected to numerous coercive measures, the question remains; which out of the two poses a bigger threat to the U.S. and to their respective regions?

5 Monsters Who Could Steal the Limelight From Zombies and Vampires

When the appocalypse hits the zombie hordes, what will be pop culture's next fanciful obsession?

PlaneSploit: Now You, Too, Can Hijack An Airplane

A hacker used a malicious code and an Android app to manipulate a flight simulator to hijack virtual planes and in turn highlight security weaknesses.

Rehtaeh Parsons Rape Case: Identity Of Alleged Rapists Potentially Exposed By Facebook Group

As Parsons' tragic suicide raises outcry to identify and bring perpetrators to justice, friends and family of the perpetrators may be outing those they aim to protect.

5 Acts Of Kindness From Boston That Will Restore Your Hope In Humanity

These five acts of kindness will give you something to believe in.

I Was At the Boston Marathon Bombing, This is My Story

I'm a blogger for, and I was in Boston yesterday. This is my first person account of what happened during and immediately following the bombing.

The Most Offensive Beer Ad You'll See Today

If you thought beer ads couldn't get any more sexist ... uh ... think again?

Immigration Reform 2013: Is Path to Citizenship Too Much For Republicans?

The Gang of 8 immigration reform proposal hit Capitol Hill on Tuesday. A Path to Citizenship with condition is a centerpiece of the proposal. Will this be too much for Republicans?

Immigration Reform 2013: Key Lessons From the Last Time We Tried This in 1986

Proponents of immigration reform insist that something has to be done — and now. But we've tried this before, and the result was 11 million illegal immigrants.

'Bates Motel' Episode 5 Recap: Norman Refuses to Leave the Nest

High school student Norman learns a tough lesson about meaingless hook-ups and loyalty to his mother in the fifth episode of season one.

Temple University Threat: After Boston Bombing, Schools Must Be Sure to Inform Students Of Danger

Temple University police issued a warning to students and faculty last week over a graffiti threat referencing the Columbine shooting, long after the threat was known. What took so long?

Boston Marathon Bombings: What is Wrong With the World Today?

The events at the Boston Marathon are making many people wonder once again what is wrong in the world today. Are the bombings a reflection of a more brutal and violent time period?

7 Sports-Related Terrorist Incidents Through History

The Boston Marathon bombing is the latest instance of terrorism at sporting events. But this kind of terror is only a recent phenomenon, going back to the early 1970s.

Westboro Baptist Church Plans to Picket Funerals Of Boston Marathon Bombing Victims

The hateful church intends to protest the funerals of Boston Marathon victims.

This is What Women See When Asked to Describe Their Beauty

A startling look at just how negatively we view ourselves.

PolicyMic’s Feminist Writing Skillshare Will Teach You How to Go Viral!

PolicyMic's new feminist writing skillshare will teach you everything you need to know about producing viral content.

Right-Wing Terrorism Was Enabled and Ignored By Conservative Pundits, GOP

Right-wing terrorism is a growing threat in America. So why are conservative pundits ignoring and enabling it by attacking Obama's FBI for reporting on hate groups?

The Day After the Bombing At the Boston Marathon

A day after the heinous bombing of the Boston Marathon, life goes on in the "Hub of the Universe."

Madonna's Malawi Scandal: What Foreign Aid Groups Should Learn From Her Disgrace

On a recent visit to Malawi to check in on the work of her charity, Madonna was accused of making "poor people dance for her." Her PR disaster should teach others in global development a lesson.

Boston Marathon Attack Was the Exception, But Boston Perseverance is the Rule

The attacks on the Boston Marathon on Monday were horrific and cowardly. They were no doubt the exception, though, and they ended up bringing out the best in Bostonians.

Boston Marathon Suspects At Large, So Media Guesses it Was Because Of Tax Day

Details have been slow to come out of the investigation of the Boston Marathon Bombing. So the media decided to jump to conclusions based on nothing more than that date.

Boston Marathon Attack: We Must Avoid Intolerance in Bombing Aftermath

Monday's tragedy has evoked sad memories of the tragic September 11 terrorist attacks, as much intolerance and racism spurred from the unthinkable events nearly 12 years ago.

Boston Terrorist Attack: Speculation Abounds, Despite No Evidence

Desperate for answers in the wake of tragedy, speculation has run rampant despite little to no information beyond the immediate facts.

Iran Earthquake 2013: Iran Could See Many More Earthquakes to Come

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit the border of Iran and Pakistan on Monday, killing scores. The region sits on a major fault line.

North Korea Nuclear Strike Less Dangerous Than Democrats? Texas Attorney General Thinks So

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott thinks Democratic gains in Texas are more dangerous than a North Korean nuclear strike on Austin, because that's how Texas attorney generals think.

Metal Pressure Cooker Bombs Used in Boston Marathon Attack

Pressure cookers apparently filled with metal nails and bearings were placed in duffel bags and set at the finish line of this year's Boston Marathon.

Boston Bombing Suspect: Why We Don't Know More About the Investigation

Details concerning the investigation into the Boston Marathon bombing are barely available. So what does that tell us about the state of the investigation?

FEMEN Protests: Feminism is About Women's Choice, Not Ideology

As Europe is wrapped up in the fervor of FEMEN protests, Muslim women counteract those protests with their own pleas to be left alone.

3 Reasons You Shouldn't Go to the College Of Your Dreams

Your dream college may not actually be for you. Here's why.

US Airways Lawsuit: Brothers Told They Needed to Change Clothes For First Class

The airline has been involved in some race-related dress code scandals lately, suggesting a pattern of discriminatory tendencies.

American Airlines: FAA Grounds All Flights Due to Computer Glitch

The FAA has grounded all American Airlines flights after a nationwide computer outage.

Boston Marathon Bombings Reaction: How Smalltown America Views Big City Violence

When terror strikes America's biggest cities the effects are felt across the nation in the smallest of towns.

World Health Day 2013: 5 Ways to Prevent High Blood Pressure

World Health Day 2013 may be over, but its emphasis on preventing high blood pressure remains important. Here are some ways to avoid getting HBP.

Peace Activist Carlos Arredondo: It Was My Duty to Help Boston Bombing Victims

The active American Red Cross volunteer ran straight for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings after the explosions went off, making him a reluctant hero.

Boston Marathon Explosion: What Does the Attack Mean?

The most terrifying thing about the Boston attack is that it was so ordinary.

Student Loans: Interest Rates Set to Rise If Congress Doesn't Act

If Congress doesn’t act by July 1, the federal student loan rate will double. Will Congress be able to do anything about it, or will millions of millennials get royally screwed?

5 Very Hard Lessons Americans Must Learn From the Boston Marathon Bombing

Americans come to terms with these five hard truths regarding terrorist acts. If not the public’s already shallow understanding of this and other events like it will be muddled.

UN Arms Control Treaty: Will It Be Ratified by the Senate?

Earlier this month, the United States under the Obama administration, voted for the UN Arms Trade Treaty. However depsite this, it is highly unlikely that the Senate will approve it.

Boston Marathon Bombings: Don't Use Tragedy to Feed the Media Beast

The tragedy in Boston has brought on a swarm of attacks from both sides. Let's stop focusing on generating controversy and instead focus on unity.

Mic Check: Amazing Acts Of Kindness From Boston to Restore Your Faith

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on the day's news and our favorite stories from around the Web.

Reebok Drops Rick Ross For Rape Lyrics: A Necessary Move?

Amid recent controversy surrounding rap lyrics that seem to promote rape and violence against women, we must come up with a system for monitoring, censoring, and stopping it.

5 Films That Have Put Christianity in a Really Good Light

These movies demonstrate the positives of religion at large.

Boston Bombings Are a Nightmare Come True For This Army Veteran

As a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, I had to face the daily nightmare of watching out for IEDs every single day. Has that ghastly reality come to the U.S.?

After Boston Marathon Explosions, We Will Keep Running

The horror of the Boston marathon bombing is terrifying. But the long distance community will run through this. We always find ways to cross the finish line.

Gene Patent Ruling: Supreme Court to Hear Case

The Supreme Court hears a case that calls into question the nature of patenting in modern medicine, and the role of property versus saving lives.

Boston Marathon Bombing Aftermath: Facebook Was An Invaluable Resource

Facebook is the culprit of many lost hours of productivity, but over the last day I have felt only deep gratitude for a global network that has allowed me to ensure the safety of those I love.

5 Movies That Perfectly Capture Exactly How It Feels to Be 25

These five movies encapsulate the millennial experience.

Syrian Civil War: Arming Secular Rebels Only Way to Weaken Al-Qaeda Ones

Recent reports of arms transfers to Syria seem to indicate a new strategy by outside actor to affect change on the ground. This option is the least bad of a series of bad options.

Boston Marathon Tragedy: We Must Carry and Live On

We must keep going and stick together in spite of the pain. As we have and as we will. If we didn’t, no one would ever be able to leave their houses.

Every Time There Is a Tragedy Social Media Proves to Be the Most Valuable Thing

Though they run the risk of hyperbole and innacuracy, Facebook posts and tweets have a way of giving personal relevance to a national or global news stories.

New Survey Says Many Americans Willing to Try Sex With Robots

The Huffington post and You Gov have joined forces to run a poll featuring human and robot interaction and the results may shock you. Military bots, servants , and sex bots were all fodder.

Dodd-Frank Rules: Lobbyists, Financial Industry Continue to Stall Full Implementation

Nearly three years after the passage of the financial reform bill, key provisions of the bill are far from being implemented.

7 Apps For Google Glass That Are Out of This World

Here's 7 apps we'd love to see developed, sadly, they probably never will be ... because they're just a little too wild.

American Airlines Flight Delays: All Flights Grounded Until 5 PM

American Airlines announced "computer problems" that are causing delays of most of its flights. AA had canceled seven flights and was experiencing delays on more than 50 others as of midday.

I Was At the Boston Marathon When the Bombs Exploded

As my friends and I were trying to figure out why people were screaming and running, a thunderbolt came from the Earth below us and we felt a cannon go off close by.

Boston Marathon Attack: We Must Never Give In

Despite the trauma and horror in Boston yesterday, Americans should remember we are strong and united. In the words of Winston Churchill: "Never give in."

North Korea News: After Celebrating Kim Il-Sung's Birthday, Tensions Resume With South

Following days of celebration for the birthday of their founder Kim Il Sung, North Korea vowed unannounced retaliation against the South, following a protest in Seoul.

U.S. Tortured Detainees in September 11 Aftermath, Report Finds

A new Congressional report confirms allegations that the U.S. tortured detainees to obtain information in the years after the September 11 terrorist attacks.

7 Unexpected Ways Video Games Are Making the World a Better Place

Far from the purveyors of the lazy apocalypse, video games are actively improving our world and helping us practice several very important skills.

Somalia Suicide Bomb: Will the Country Experience More Severe Instability?

Somalia's capital experienced two suicide bombings, killing as many as 35 people this weekend.

Boston Marathon Tragedy: Nationwide Events Pay Respect to Victims

Events across the country have joined together in paying tribute to the Boston Marathon tragedy.

Mohamed Morsi: His Egypt is Not a Threat to Israel

Many have criticized the United States for aiding Egypt, an enemy of Israel. However after looking at the actions of Morsi and Egypt, it is clear that they were only helping a friend.

A Well Deserved Breakup Letter to the Worst Congress in History

Hey Congress ... you and me haven't been doing so hot lately. I think it's time for us to take a little break.

2014 Budget: Both Parties' Budget Proposals Shortchange Millennials

Given the size, diversity and connectedness of our generation, we should not have to settle for picking sides in a budget game that we will inevitably lose.

Boston Marathon Bombings: What Millennials Can Do in Response

We need to remain sensitive to the stories we are living through, and “remember to remember” each tragedy our generation faces — big and small.

Military Budget Cuts: How Much Will They Change Things, Really?

Large-scale pentagon budget cuts will likely not lead to any fundamental reconsideration of American military strategy, no matter what Chuck Hagel says.

Kerry Middle East Trip: Palestine is a Side Trip, the Real Focus is Syria

John Kerry's trip to the Middle East has a lot to do with Syria, and not very much to do with Israeli-Palestinian relations.

Boston Marathon Bombing: The World Reacts

Worldwide leaders are reacting to Monday's horrific Boston Marathon twin bombing, which left three dead and 150 injured.

Israeli Independence Day 2013: How Occupation Harms Israel's Sovereignty

On Israel's birthday, the biggest issue that will determine its future is whether or not a viable two-state solution can be reached.

Martin Richard: 8-Year-Old Killed in Boston Bombing

The little boy is among the three reported killed in Monday's atrocious Boston Marathon bombings.

Boston Bombing Suspect Watch: Police Find Circuit Board Used to Detonate Bombs

Investigators have found a circuit board believed to have been used to set off two explosive devices at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, as well as components from the bombs themselves.

Venezuela Election 2013 Protests: Thousands Rally Against Chavez's Heir Maduro

Thousands of supporters of Venezuelan opposition candidate Henrique Capriles took to the streets of Caracas decrying fraud.

President Obama Declares Boston Marathon Bombing an "Act of Terror"

The investigation into the Boston Marathon bombing, which killed three and injured over 150, is on-going.

Boston College Students Organize Walk to Commemorate Bombing Victims

Boston College students organize marathon walk in tribute to bombing victims.

Venezuela Election Protests: 7 Dead, 61 Injured in Street Violence

Venezuela's Attorney General Luisa Ortega told Reuters the post-election violence in the OPEC country toll has risen.

Krystle Campbell: Second Boston Marathon Victim Identified

A second victim in the Boston Marathon bombings has been identified as 29-year-old Krystle M. Campbell from Medford, Massachusetts.