Boston Marathon Bomb Coverage Reveals Media Hypocrisy and Double Standards

The differences in coverage between the Boston bombings and government bombings are a failure and sad reality of American media.

Venezuela Election 2013 Protests: Thousands Rally Against Chavez's Heir Maduro

Thousands of supporters of Venezuelan opposition candidate Henrique Capriles took to the streets of Caracas decrying fraud after Sunday's election.

10 Reasons to Love This Westboro Baptist Church Facebook Page

Did you know Anonymous has their own Westboro Baptist Church Facebook page?

Immigration Reform 2013 Recap: What's Being Sold, Who's Selling It, and What's to Come

In the midst of the Boston Marathon tragedy, immigration reform finally reached the table. What sort of legislation are we in for?

Boston Bombing 4Chan Pictures: Internet Vigilantism in the Wake of Terror

4chan and Reddit have devoted some threads to finding the Boston Marathon bomber, but is this type of internet justice really OK?

This Dove Commercial Reminds Us That Beauty Has Nothing to Do With a Product

The soap provider's viral campaign video tells us to bask in the beauty of ourselves. In a way, Dove is trying to tell you that you don’t need Dove.

Rand Paul Has An Alex Jones Problem

Rand Paul's presidential aspirations could be severely damaged by his associations with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who says 9/11 and the Boston Marathon attacks were inside jobs.

Syria War: Rape is a Weapon Of War

90,000 women and children have fled rape and sexual torture in Syria. The war leaves buildings with shock wounds, but it is the rape of women and children that we don't hear about.

Boston Bombing: What If Muslims Did It?

Some pundits are predicting that a foreign Muslim group may be behind the tragic Boston bombings. If proven right, American Muslims may face an uphill battle to defend themselves yet again.

How the Taliban and Vladimir Putin Responded to the Boston Bombings

The devastation in Boston has been felt here in America and the world over. Here are the responses from numerous foreign leaders and organizations.

Man Of Steel Trailer 3: Watch New Superman Trailer Here

The new trailer for 'Man Of Steel' looks epic ... in a vaguely sensual way.

Hillary Clinton 2016: 3 Dirty Scoops That Will Arise If She Runs For President

It's unclear whether the former Secretary of State will seek presidency in three years, but if she does, here are some uncomfortable things she'll probably have to address.

West Hollywood Meningitis: It's Not An Epidemic, So Why the Media Panic?

In the aftermath of a West Hollywood gay man's death from meningitis, news reports and politicians are manufacturing a crisis.

6 Ways This Tumblr Exposes the Worst Boys Clubs in the World

The "100 Percent Men" Tumblr proves just how much gender inequality women face today.

Want a Female Candidate to Lose An Election? Talk About Her Appearance

'Name it. Change It,' a new study/campaign from the Women's Media Center (WMC) found that any mention of a female candidate's appearance by the media damages her chances of being elected.

Education Reform is Desperately Needed, But Teachers Need to Take Control

Unless we want necessary reforms to fail, teachers (not Arne Duncan, Michelle Rhee, politicians, or private educational consulting forms) must be in the driver's seat.

You'll Never Believe What Happened When New Zealand Passed Gay Marriage (Video)

Check out what happens at 1:20 in the video after the equal marriage vote passes in New Zealand.

5 Crime Procedural TV Shows That Need to Be Killed Off

There's a lot of shows on TV about murder ... and none of them will die. Here are five crime procedural shows that have long outlived their welcome.

Tribeca Film Festival 2013 Lineup: 5 Top Movies to See

The Tribeca Film Festival kicks off tonight in New York. Here's a list of five of the festival's mostly hotly anticipated movies, and when and where to watch them.

Obesity in the U.S. Explained in One Alarming GIF

Obesity is becoming an epidemic in the nation. Why won't policymakers make this a top priority?

Everyone Panic: The Cupcake Market is Crashing

Start stocking up on red velvet cupcakes because the end is near.

STOCK Act: President Obama Signs Bill That Would Kill Government Transparency Database

On Monday President Obama signed a bill repealing a key provision in a government transparency bill. Government watchdog groups are outraged at the move.

Antares Launch LIVE Stream: Watch the Space Industry Begin

The Orbital Sciences Corporation is preparing the maiden launch of its new Antares rocket from a new launch pad in Virginia. This will be the second American company to fly missions to the ISS.

Syrian Civil War: Hezbollah is Backing Assad, and It's a Huge Mistake

Hezbobollah's support for the Assad regime is historically tied to its beginnings in Lebanese politics. However, its current backing of the regime may not be in its best interest.

Kobe Bryant Achilles Injury: Is Mike D'Antoni At Fault?

Since Bryant went down with a ruptured Achilles Tendon, there’s been a debate raging as to whose fault the injury is. Coach Mike D’Antoni knew what he was doing, and he did it anyway.

7-Year-Old Named "Ransom Duel" Saves Best Friend From Death By Nutella, is Coolest Kid Ever

A first grade boy saved his friend's life after noticing the Nutella his friend had just eaten contained hazelnuts, to which his friend was allergic.

How to Be Awesome at Scaring People, Like New PolicyMic Pundit Hillary Anderson

April 50 Under 30 challenge winner Hillary Anderson is awesome at scaring people, and teaches how you can be too.

Student Loan Rates: New Obama Proposal Would Lower Rates Significantly

President Obama has recommended tying federal student loan interest rates to market rates with out a cap on interest rates in his most recent budget.

"Stephen Harper Has Become An Antagonizing Force" — Interview With Former Canadian MP Omar Alghabra

Historically Canada's role in the world has been crucial as a peacekeeping force. Omar Alghabra, former Canadian MP, joined me to discuss Canada's current role in world affairs.

Mars One: Want To Go To Mars? All You Need is An Audition Tape, Apparently

Many have dreamed of going to Mars. According to Mars One, all you need to do is send them an audition tape.

Social Security Cuts: Chained CPI is Obama's Grand Compromise

Chained CPI is not the whole story, but it is the most controversial component in President Obama's grand bargain.

Tribeca Film Festival 2013: Director Matt Wolf On the Evolution of the American Teenager

Matt Wolf, director of the documentary 'Teenage' running at the Tribeca Film Festival, writes on the invention of the 'teenager' and the very important role teenagers play in society.

How I Learned to Love America

The attacks on Boston shouldn't shake America's faith in humanity. We are the children of a revolution.

Watch Jon Hamm Handle Large Objects On Sesame Street

After seeing this, you'll love Jon Hamm more than Elmo. I promise.

Prolonged Engagements Are the New Norm in the U.S.

Engagement lengths have nearly tripled over the last 30 years due to escalating prices, venue competition, and the absence of the social stigma associated with prolonged engagements.

Colorado Gun Laws: What Do They Mean For the National Gun Debate?

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper is caught in the crossfire of the gun debate in his state. Understanding this debate can help better understand what is happening nationally.

NASA Asteroid Mission: How Will Astronauts Lasso a Space Rock?

NASA announced a plan to capture an asteroid by 2019 and bring it into Earth's high orbit in the hopes of sending humans to explore it. Is this just the beginning of the next big push into space?

Peter Hansen: NH Lawmaker Refers to Women As "Vaginas" in Email

For New Hampshire state Rep. Peter Hansen, women don't have vaginas; they ARE "vaginas."

Dianne Feinstein and the NRA Finally Agree: Video Games Cause Mass Killings

The California senator is reflecting the sentiment previously expressed by the NRA and Democratic Senator Leland Yee.

Mark Sanford 2013: Disgraced Ex-Gov. Caught Illegally Sneaking Around His Ex-Wife's House

Former Republican South Carolina governor Mark Sanford trespassed at his ex-wife's home and will be heading to court only two days after he competes in the South Carolina special elections.

7 Silver Screen Debuts Of Critically-Acclaimed Actors

Everybody has to start somewhere, and these actors and actresses all had small beginnings on the silver screen before making it big with the blockbuster hits they star in today.

Margaret Thatcher Funeral: Falklands War Was Theme Of the Memorial

Even in death, Margaret Thatcher remains a controversial figure. Although not officially state sponsored, her funeral paid tribute to the Falklands War and involved over 800 military personnel.

Boston Marathon Cell Phone Service Outages a Cause For Concern

Suspended communication prevents people from getting in touch with loved ones and seeking help during crises.

Gun Control Debate: Senate to Address Gun Control Bills, Which the House Will Shoot Down

While there is a strong possibility for substantial progress, the next hurdle Senate Democrats and the Obama administration will have to face is appealing to conservative House members.

What's in Your Meat? The Answer Will Surprise You

Hint: It rhymes with loop.

Family Guy Boston Marathon Episode: Fox Pulls Show After Edited Clip Circulates

An edited clip of a Family Guy episode, about the Boston Marathan, is pulled after an edited clip circulates that royally pisses people off.

Tribeca Film Festival 2013: 7 Movies About International Affairs

For those who enjoy their movies with a side of world affairs, here are seven must-see flicks at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival.

Louie Gohmert: Congressman Makes Racially Insensitive Comment About Boston Bombings

Louie Gohmert is falling into precisely the racist traps that must be avoided after the tragedy at the Boston Marathon.

Boston Marathon Bombs: What Were They Made Of?

On Wednesday details of the horrific bombs that exploded at the finish line of the emerged to the public. Although it answers part of how this occurred it provides few clues to who attacked.

North Korea War: The Trouble Will End By April 25

We will all forget about North Korea in a few days, says a North Korea expert.

Anthony Bourdain 'Parts Unknown': CNN Show Gives the Cook Variety

Anthony Bourdain's new show gives us a glimpse into the history and culture of countries relatively closed off to the world.

7 Great Colleges For Women's Sports

As someone who comes from one of these universities, let me tell you: a school with strong women's sports is super fun to attend.

Boston Marathon Attack is Daily Life For Many Israelis

Bostonians this week got a tragic taste of the life of an Israeli neighboring Gaza. How would Americans react if such occurrences happened constantly?

How Today's Cookbooks Are Becoming Anti-Feminist

Cookbooks used to push issues like women's suffrage and education. These days, they're about finding a husband.

Jobless and Undereducated? Suck It Up and Go to Hamburger University

It may not sound glamorous, but a stint at McDonald's training camp, as well as similar programs offered by other major companies, can get you ahead both in school and work.

Margaret Thatcher Funeral: 5 Things She'll Always Be Remembered For

Margaret Thatcher, Britain’s first female Prime Minister, died at the age of 87 last week. Her tenure will be examined for years to come for several reasons.

Gun Debate: Background Check Bill Will Fail Because of Political Cowardice

The background check bill is going to fail for the worst reason ever.

Coachella 2013: Concert Represents a Culture Of Nostalgia For Millennials

Coachella is characterized by a desperate nostalgia that is defining our generation. In effect, the festival has become a statement, a place to see and be seen.

Why is the LSE Making Such a Fuss About BBC Footage Of North Korea?

The BBC's undercover filming in North Korea may have placed the London School of Economics' reputation and students at risk.

Nahmad Family Art Gallery Raided By FBI

A prestigious art gallery in New York City was raided by the FBI early Tuesday after an indictment accusing the owners of criminal activity was released.

Boston Marathon Attack: Shame on Those Politicizing the Boston Tragedy

In the wake of such a tragic incident, some politicians and media people are trying to politicize it. Just three words for them: Shame on you.

Egypt's Next Huge Problem is Crippling Bread and Gas Shortages

Impending wheat shortages, likely to be blamed on the Muslim Brotherhood-dominated government, could drastically change the political sphere in Egypt.

What is Ricin? Poison Sent to Barack Obama and Roger Wicker

Ricin, a poisonous substance derived from Castor beans, appears to have been sent to the president and a senator.

Boston Marathon Bombings: Are We Still Safe? Have We Ever Been?

With the tragic bombing of the Boston Marathon, many Americans find themselves feeling vulnerable just as the War on Terror has begun to wind down. Many are wondering, when will we be safe?

Sexual Assault in the Military: New Ruling Could Finally Bring Justice to Victims

The Department of Defense proposes changes to the outdated military justice system. The changes are a good start, but there is still a long way to go.

Ricin Letters: Is Poisoned Mail Connected to the Boston Marathon Bombings?

Letters containing a toxic substance, addressed to Sen. Wicker (R-Miss.) and President Obama, stoke fears of another terrorist attack.

Do Children Care More About the Environment Than Politicians?

A new poll by Unicef shows children in U.K. are highly concerned about climate change.

Find Out How Poorly America is Performing On the "Misery Index"

The Women's Legal Defense and Education Fund released the TANF Misery Index, showing how miserable the poor have it across America.

National Poetry Month: You're Doing It Wrong, American Academy Of Poets

There are loads of public events, but is that really the best way to celebrate poetry? if National Poetry Month is going to continue to thrive, it has to be person to person.

Mic Check: Innocent Until Proven Muslim

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on the day's news and our favorite stories from around the web.

10 Things You Should Learn From 'Jurassic Park'

Never use the bathroom, among other things...

How Millennials Can Put An End to Street Harassment

Last week may have marked the end of the worldwide Anti-Street Harassment Week, but there are plenty of things you can do today to make every street safe.

Federal Budget Cuts Put Public Defenders Between a Rock and a Hard Place

The sequester continues to have effects across the country. But the cuts to federal and state public defender programs will end up costing us more money than they save.

Boston Marathon Tragedy Reaction: 6 Heartfelt Tributes

Major American cities, the sports world, and even supporters in outer space have come together to show support for the city of Boston.

After the Boston Bombing Horror, the True Character Of Boston Has Emerged

Out of the smoke and horrific images of blood-stained pavement, the character of humanity rises up to embrace the mourning city and we comfort each other.

Obama Receives Suspicious Letter Containing Ricin

Reports so far claim that initial tests call out the culprit to be ricin yet again. This is the latest in a trail of suspicion scares directed towards government officials.

Boston Marathon Bomb: How Soon Should We Call An Attack Terrorism?

Was it a terrorist attack or not? Word choice played a bigger role than you think in coverage on the Boston Marathon ... a lesson the president learned from Benghazi.

Boston Marathon Bombings: What Do They Mean For Sequestration Cuts?

House Democrats see a correlation between the sequester cuts the government undertook earlier this year and the Boston Marathon bombings, feeling that there could have been better prevention.

Margaret Thatcher Funeral Opens Door For More Terror

If the threats surrounding her funeral have any bearing in reality, it would not be out of the ordinary for Americans to expect more turmoil on TV, not less.

Keep Running, Boston

We are in a race against hate, and Monday's bombing was one mile of many more to come.

Anthony Weiner NYC Mayor Run: Former Congressman Polls Second Among Democrats

Former Congressman Anthony Weiner surprises Democrats in recent poll, which shows him in second place for Democratic hopefuls in the NYC Mayoral race.

FBI Boston Press Conference Cancelled For Tonight and an Arrest Has Been Made in the Ricin Letter Attacks

The investigation into the Boston Marathon bombing, which killed three and injured over 150, is on-going. Some media now say a suspect has been taken into custody, though that is not confirmed.

Is Gmail Down? 3 Ways to Survive the Google Mail Outage

Gmail's outage is frustrating, but I won't be that angry at Google unless it lasts much longer.

President Obama Signs Massachusetts Emergency Declaration

The investigation into the Boston Marathon bombing, which killed three and injured over 150, is on-going. Some media now say a suspect has been taken into custody, though that is not confirmed.

Chinese Graduate Student, Lu Lingzi is Identified as Third Victim of the Boston Marathon Bombing

The third victim of Boston Marathon Bombing has been identified as Chinese graduate student, Lu Lingzi

After the CNN Arrest Confusion, Here Is What We Know

The CNN arrest story got everyone confused. Here we attempt to unconfuse everyone.

Venezuelan Government Issues Arrest for Opposition Leader Henrique Capriles

Nicolas Maduro has ordered the apprehension of opposition candidate Henrique Capriles following what is now becoming the beginning of a civil crisis in Venezuela.

Boston Bombing: CNN Reports that a Potential Suspect May Have Been Identified

CNN is reporting that law enforcement officials have identified a suspect in the Boston Marathon Bombing.

Conflicting Reports Arise Over Boston Bombing Arrest

Some say there is an arrest. Some say there is not. All we know is that there are conflicting reports.

Boston Bombing Suspect: Who Has Been ID'd?

The investigation into the Boston Marathon bombing, which killed three and injured over 150, is on-going.

Boston Bombing Update: An Arrest Has Been Made, Say Some Media

The AP and CNN is reporting that an arrest has been made in the Boston Marathon bombing case. There are conflicting reports on this, tho.