Boston Bombing and Texas Explosion: Why Are They So Different?

In the U.S. we have learned that some risks are acceptable and some are not, and that's a problem.

Boston Bombing Suspect Photo: Did Reddit Just Spot One Of the Suspects Fleeing the Scene?

Photos have emerged via Reddit of a man leaving the scene of the Boston bombing that looks eerily like one of the suspects identified by the FBI.

Boston Bombing: Westboro Baptist Church Seeks to Add More Pain In Boston

Boston gathers to mourn those killed in a heinous act of terror. For the Westboro Baptists, the city's pain is irrelevant; it's another opportunity to capitalize on tragedy.

CISPA: Meet The 288 Representatives Who Just Voted Away Your Privacy

CISPA, like SOPA, on steroids.

5 Crazy Things Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro Has Said

Nicolas Maduro just defeated Henrique Capriles to replace Hugo Chavez as president of Venezuela. Here are five crazy things the new leader of the oil-rich nation has said.

8 Iconic Films That Were Originally Panned By Critics

Many iconic movies were acknowledged as classics from the moment they hit the big screen. But countless others were overlooked, dismissed, or outright despised. Here are eight of them.

5 Magazine Covers Controversial Enough to Warrant Apologies

It's an easy job to mess up, but choosing the right magazine cover should not be a process so rife with controversy. These five have managed to do it, and they did it so very well.

Sen. Max Baucus, Obamacare's Biggest Advocate, Now Warns Of Disaster

Senator Max Baucus, author of Obamacare and its biggest proponent, admitted in 2010 that he never read the bill. He now warns implementing Obamacare will be disastrous.

Where Are They Now? 10 Hot Rappers From the 90s

The 1990s produced some of the best hip hop we've ever heard and likely ever will hear again. So where are all the artists responsible today?

Who Is the Boston Bomber? Understanding the Psychology Of a Terrorist

What could drive a person to crash a plane into a building, drop chemicals in a subway, or detonate a bomb on a crowded street? A new look at the hidden psychology of the terrorist.

Should Women Take Their Husbands’ Last Names in 2013?

It’s about time we choose our own damn last names.

Condom Snorting YouTube: Watch Teen Snort Condom Up His Nose

Why is this a thing? Even the teenagers doing it don't seem to know.

Boston Bombing: Did NRA Lobbying Prevent the Investigators From Having a Key Piece of Evidence?

A shocking new allegation states that due to lobbying efforts of the NRA, a key piece of evidence that could assist investigators was blocked from ever being implemented in the explosives used.

One Wing to Rule Them All: How Conservatives Betrayed the Republican Party

As the GOP continues its public identity crisis, we should look back at how the party of Lincoln became the party of Limbaugh.

Why Did the Senate Gun Bill Fail? Good People Did Nothing

Gun reform legislation failed in the Senate on Wednesday, and we are all to blame.

Immigration Reform 2013: Why It Could Complicate Economic Growth

Economists say more low-skilled jobs will be created between 2010 and 2020, far more than there are workers who can fill those positions.

Boston Bombing: Can Redditors Track Down the Boston Bomber?

Users of popular social news site Reddit have embarked upon a quest to identify likely suspects in the Boston bombing case.

Boston Bomber Race: What If He's White?

With authorities searching for the Boston bombing suspect, I, like David Sirota, hope that the Boston marathon bomber is a white American so that this tragedy does not hamper Congress's work.

Texas Man 3-D Prints Semi-Automatic Assault Rifles, As Senate Drags Its Feet on Gun Control

Cody Wilson wants everyone to have access to 3D-printed weapons, why I take issue with that.

Boston Terrorist Attack Already Being Exploited For Political Gain By Stephen Harper

Stephen Harper is hoping to use an opponent's reaction to the Boston Marathon Bombing to his political advantage, and he shouldn't be allowed to get away with it.

Gun Background Checks: 4 Republicans Who Voted For It, And 4 Democrats Who Voted Against It

The bipartisan bill crafted by Senators Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) and Pat Toomey (R-Penn.) to expand background checks was defeated 54 -46.

Immigration Reform 2013: Is the Gang Of 8 Bill Revolutionary?

The Gang of 8 immigration bill has the potential to lay to rest one of the most divisive political issues of our country.

Coachella 2013: 4 Invaluable Pieces Of Advice For Coachella Weekend 2

I'm still in post-Coachella depression, and extremely jealous of those of you going for Weekend 2 - especially since you can learn from my mistakes!

Chinese Man Creates Waterfall Outside His Apartment Building Because He Doesn't Want to Move

After rejecting developers' offer for him to move out of his abandoned apartment building, resident Wen Hsu leaves his water on, resulting in a frozen waterfall off the side of his building.

'Lil Bub and Friendz' Movie: Viral Cats Hit the Big Screen, and It's Amazing

In the new documentary "Lil Bub and Friendz," we get a unique and entertaining look at what it means to be a famous feline.

Fox News Paints Itself As the Underdog, Even Though It Dominates the Airwaves

Don't get fooled by FNC's Orwellian attempts to portray others as the "mainstream media." With a following that beats all of its competitors combined, Fox News is Big Brother.

'Oblivion' Movie Review: Tom Cruise Plays It Too Safe

This movie is guaranteed fun if you've never watched more than two movies in your life. Otherwise, you might want to skip it.

Paul Kevin Curtis: Ricin Letter Suspect Was Elvis Impersonator Who Thought Government Was Stealing Organs

A suspect was arrested by authorities in conjunction with the ricin letter attacks on Wednesday. His on-line persona leaves a trail of conspiracy thinking and Elvis covers.

Venezuela President 2013: Nicolas Maduro Victory Ushers New Wave Of Restricted Press

Working class Venezuelans will find it more difficult to learn about the opposition as the law continues infringing upon media outlets’ freedom of expression.

Michelle Rhee Cheating Scandal: Partially Her Fault?

A leaked memo has raised concerns that the former D.C. public schools chancellor's demands for transparency and "no excuses" mentality didn't go quite as far as she would like us to believe.

Should We Be Closed-Minded About Open Relationships?

Fidelity is underrated, regardless of what Will Smith may think about it. If we let open relationships develop into open marriages, we will always be afraid to ask for what we really want.

7 Ways Millennials Can Change the Lack Of Work-Life Balance in America

We can turn around the glaring imbalances between work-life and home-life in this country. Here's how.

Climate Change: Mammoth Tusks and De-extinction Will Reframe Debate

As a result of climate change, the arctic ice is melting, revealing more of the ancient tusks than were possible to get and see in the past.

Chicago Sinkhole: Swallows 3 Cars, 1 Person Hospitalized

Heavy rains and flooding creates a sinkhole in South Side Chicago neighborhood.

How Afghanistan Looks to Afghanis, Not Americans

The Afghan Photography Network (APN), a newly formed organization of photographers based in Afghanistan, aims to define the country’s identity on its own terms.

Boston Terrorism is Cause For Reflection On U.S. Foreign Policy

This is a chance for us as a nation to reevaluate foreign policy choices that have left bombings like the Boston Marathon a daily reality for those in nations like Iraq and Afghanistan.

CNN Marathon Reporting Marred By Falsehoods

On April 17, CNN misinformed the public that there was an arrest in the case of the Boston Marathon bombing.

This One Microsoft Excel Error Helped Spark Mass Riots Across Europe

Two renouned economists's research paper, widely sited by austerity advocates in the US and Europe, had major flaws in methodology.

7 Absurd Demands Made By North GIFs

As described through Mean Girl GIFs, because, why not? Also, because Kim Jong-un is totally Regina.

Brown-Vitter Bill Would Lead America to Economic Disaster

A bipartisan bill in the Senate purposes to solve the problem of too big to fail, but in reality it could devastate the economy.

Esther Irene Stokes: Texas Teacher Says She Didn't Abuse Student Because She Doesn't Touch Blacks

A 1st-grade teacher allegedly molested one of her black students — but the teacher says she couldn't have done it because she's a racist.

Texas DA Murders: Wife Of Justice Of the Peace Arrested

The wife of a former justice of the peace confesses to the assisting him in the brutal murder of a Texas Prosecutor and a Texas District Attorney and his wife.

Boston Memorial Service: Westboro Baptist Church Apparently Absent From Gathering

I went to counter protest the Westboro Baptist Church's proposed picketing of the Boston Marathon Memorial Service. They didn't show up, but countless incredible, warm, resilient Bostonians did.

Pat Robertson Says Beware Of the Guillotine-Wielding Gay Illuminati Activists

Pat Robertson opened his mouth again. Is it any surprise what came out?

Ayatollah Khamenei Condemns Marathon Attacks and U.S. Drone Program

Iran's leader condemns the attacks on the Boston Marathon while also criticizing the drone program of the United States.

Stephan Hawking CalTech Talk: How Science Explains the Origins Of the Universe

Stephan Hawking gave a talk on the scientific beginnings of the universe at CalTech. Despite suffering from ALS syndrome, the science superstar gave a revelatory talk on the origins of the cosmos

U.S. Torture Was a War Crime. Why Hasn't Anyone Been Held Accountable?

In the most comprehensive account yet, a new report concludes that the use of torture by the United States was blatantly illegal. Those responsible must be held accountable.

U.S. Military Deploys 200 Troops to Jordan As it Prepares For the Worst in Syria

The deployment of 200 military personnel to Jordan shows the Pentagon is taking actions on how to deal with what comes next in Syria.

5 Things I Learned From President Obama's Budget

President Obama's budget has some surprising lessons. Here are five of the biggest ones.

Kiobel Decision: SCOTUS Ruling Reveals Gap in Avenues For International Justice

A Supreme Court decision on the Kiobel case reveals a “gap” in international law under which grave human rights abuses will continue to stand without ways to achieve justice.

Marathon Bombs Must Not Be a Justification For Trampling On the Constitution

In the wake of the Boston bombings, any further anti-terror policies should first and foremost be constitutional.

Students Fight With University Administrators Over Drones on Campus

Are surveillance drones coming to a campus near you?

Israel Hit By Rockets Launched From Sinai: Who's to Blame?

Two rockets were fired out of the Sinai peninsula Wednesday morning. Involvement has been linked to a radical Muslim group operating out of Gaza, yet not linked to Hamas or Egypt.

Mic Check: Watch Boston Sing the Most Powerful National Anthem Ever

PolicyMic's daily newsletter, featuring our take on the day's news and our favorite stories from around the Web.

Ted Nugent: NRA Just Like Boston First Responders

In a time when the nation needs to come together rather than engage in immature dialogue, perhaps it’s finally time for Nugent to take off his army-patterned cowboy hat and shut the hell up.

WATCH: Pervez Musharraf Flees Court to Avoid Arrest After Bail is Revoked

What's a former military dictator to do when the courts demand he stand trial? If you're Pervez Musharraf, apparently you'd speed away in a black SUV.

Feminist Weekly: After the Boston Marathon Bombing, Focusing On Our Community

All the best PolicyMic pieces on race, gender, sex, and sexuality in politics and culture from the past week ... plus GIFs.

The Get Back Up Generation

Why the tragedy in Boston reminds me of the resiliency of my generation.

Boston Marathon Bombing: Should We Call It Terrorism?

One of the most pressing questions for many pundits in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon attacks was whether Obama would call it terrorism: he did, kind of. Should he have?

Paracel Islands Tourists Could Spark An International Rift

A recent effort by China to bring tourists to the islands has drawn Vietnam’s ire.

Obama's Plan to Fund Preschool With Tobacco Taxes Will Burn Out

President Obama is trying to match new pre-school programs to tobacco taxes. Unfortunately, the plan is unworkable and will result in higher taxes for the poor and possibly everyone else.

Mark Sanford 2013: Congressional Campaign Implodes, Ex-Wives Everywhere Applaud

Former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford violates the terms of his divorce agreement, just as he repeatedly violated the sanctity of his marriage.

Salvador Castro: Chicano Movement Leader Dies at 79

Mexican Americans in Los Angeles grieve the loss of their 1968 Chicano Student Walkouts leader.

The GED is An Epic Fail, But Not For the Reason You Think

The only nationally recognized alternative to a high school diploma has no brand value. This is an epic failure of marketing, and those who pass the test every year are suffering.

FBI Releases Photos and Video of "Suspects" in Boston Marathon Bombing Investigation

The investigation into the Boston Marathon bombing, which killed three and injured over 150, is on-going. Some media now say a suspect has been taken into custody, though that is not confirmed.

Boston Marathon Suspect 1

The FBI released 11 photos and a video of two suspects of Monday's Boston Marathon bombings. So far they're identified as 'suspect 1' and 'suspect 2.'

Boston Bombing Suspects Ethnicity

The FBI has released 11 photos and video of two suspects of Monday's Boston bombings, and the first thing everyone is wondering is, "what's their race?"

Boston Marathon Suspect Race: Unknown From Photos

As the FBI releases photos and video of the Boston bombings suspects, social media has started to obsess with their race.

Boston Marathon Suspects Photos: What's the Logo On Their Hats

The FBI has released photos and video of the suspects of the Boston bombings. What's the logo on their hats?

MIT Shooter Reportedly Stole Officer's Gun

According to one report, police are searching for a man in a cowboy hat.