Afghan Girls School Poisoning: 74 Girls Poisoned in Suspected Taliban Gas Attack

The horrible poisoning of a girls' school in the remote city of Taluquan is only the latest in a growing pattern.

5 Qualities that Make Clara Oswin Oswald An Emerging Sci-fi Feminist Icon

The Doctor is hopefully traveling with another feminist. Feminists are cool.

Are Women Insecure Or Are Men Overconfident? Watch This Dove Parody to Find Out

You need to watch this new parody of the Dove ad campaign to find out.

Modeling Agents Recruit Outside Swedish Eating Disorder Clinic

Nope, these aren't anti-abortion protesters trying to police your body — they're modeling agents who will stop at nothing to pounce on women at their most vulnerable.

10 Things Every Man Needs Before He's 30

Fellow millennial men, most of us will turn 30. There are a few things we all need to have by the time that happens. Prepare yourself.

5 Modern Composers Every Music Junkie Should Have On Their Playlist

Music is an important element of any creative work, and the position of "Composer" has a special place in the entertainment industry. Here are some of my favorites.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Partied While Boston Hunted Him

The surviving bombing suspect was seen on campus and at parties at UMass Dartmouth until Thursday.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Influenced By Brother? Killing is Still Wrong

Because you should know by age 19 that it's wrong to bomb a city.

Anonymous Calls For Online Blackout to Protest CISPA

Opposition to CISPA, which would allow websites to release your private information to the U.S. government without your permission, has resurfaced, and this time, Anonymous is leading the fight.

Obama Gun Control Speech: President Wrong to Exploit Victims

The president’s shameless display of victims is emotional blackmail.

Peter King Says We Should Put All Muslims Under Surveillance

Islamophobia spurred by lawmakers is likely to alienate and anger, rather than engage one of America's most vital assets in the war against Islamic radicalism — moderate, loyal Muslim Americans.

Anthony Weiner NYC Mayor: Polls Spell Trouble

Two polls released this week by Quinnipiac University and NBC New York-Marist College show former Representative Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) as a distant second choice for New York Democrats.

Boston Bombing: Increased Surveillance Will Not Prevent Terrorist Attacks

The only thing increased surveillance will result in, is well, increased surveillance.

Zooey Deschanel Mistakenly Named as Second Boston Bombing Suspect

Epic closed captioning fail.

Immigration Reform 2013: Legislation Fails to Address Rights Of Workers

Although bipartisan efforts to legalize the working status of the immigrant population are admirable, more emphasis should be placed on protecting the rights of these workers across the U.S.

'Save Rock and Roll' Review: Fall Out Boy Album Doesn't Live Up to Name

Proof that "Rock and Roll" ain't what it used to be ... at least, according to Fall Out Boy.

Koch Brothers May Purchase LA Times, Chicago Tribune to End Media Bias

The Koch brothers are contemplating purchasing the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune. That purchase would put an end to the meme of mainstream media bias.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Captured: Video Of Final Moments Before His Arrest

Here are the final moments before Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's capture, shown through helicopter's thermal imaging.

Why Are American Children Worse Off Than European Kids?

How is it that such a rich, prestigious country came in so low on UNICEF's child well-being list and barely edged out Lithuania, Latvia, and Romania? Well...

Gun Control Debate: Majority Of Americans Say Guns Make Our Homes Safer

Fifty-one percent of white women agree as well.

3 Reasons to Call New York City Home At Least Once

If you've ever considered making the move to New York City, you should do it, and I have three good reasons why.

Rep. Dennis Johnson Apologizes For "Jew Me Down" Slur

Dennis Johnson has apologized for perpetuating the stereotype that Jewish people are stingy, but will he keep his promise that he'll never make a comment like this again?

Tamerlan Tsarnaev: Accused Bomber Was Kicked Out Of Mosque

The now deceased Tamerlan Tsarnaev was kicked out of a mosque for an outburst against Martin Luther King Jr. just some three months ago.

'Mad Men' Season 6: 3 Ways the Show Changed TV For the Better

"Mad Men" has changed television since its debut in 2007. Its slow and steady, never rushed or high octane oriented. It brought TV back to what it should be focused on: story lines and characters

Dianne Feinstein Slams Peter King's Islamophobic Statements On Suspected Boston Bombers

Sen. Feinstein shuts Rep. Peter King and his Islamophobia down on Fox News Sunday morning.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev: Injuries May Prevent Him From Speaking to Investigators

Injuries the 19-year-old bombing suspect sustained may prevent him from ever being able to speak to investigators.

Knicks vs Celtics: I'm Proud to Cheer Against Boston

The Celtics, not the city. Calm down.

Boston Bombers: Chechen Rebels Deny Any Link to Tsarnaev Brother's

A group of Chechen Rebels have denied any link with the two brother's responsible for the Boston Marathon bombings.

Climate Change 2013: Republicans Shifting Stance On Global Warming

Republicans and right-leaning independents are increasingly supporting increased clean energy production, but their core values on climate change remain the same.

London Marathon Livestream 2013: Where to Watch

Watch the London Marathon Live!

Boston Marathon Bombing Reaction: We Need to Be One Nation Again

It’s not enough to be interested; we all need to be better towards one another.

Gold Experiences Record Drop in Price and Public Confidence

Gold experienced its worst price drop in 30 years. Has the precious metal lost its luster with financial markets?

'Almost Christmas' Movie Review: The Cast is the Film's Only Redeeming Aspect

This holiday flick starring Paul Giamatti and Paul Rudd is disappointingly bland, save for a sparkling supporting turn from Sally Hawkins.

Al Neuharth: USA Today and Newseum Founder Dies At Age 89

Al Neuharth, founder of USA Today, was raised in rural poverty and went on to build a media empire. May the media trailblazer rest in peace.

Methodist Dallas Hospital to Provide Rape Kits

Methodist Dallas Hospital will now be providing rape kits for those who are attacked, one of only three hospitals in the area to do so.