Coachella 2013: Watch Hipsters Make Fools Of Themselves By Praising Bands That Don't Even Exist

Watch some hipsters say they love bands that are totally made up.

TIME Most Influential People 2013: Jay-Z and Beyonce Make the Cut

Jay-Z and Beyonce top the list of the world's most influential power couple.

You Know You're Almost 30 When ...

You start saying "When I retire" in place of "When I grow up," you count your lucky stars when you get carded, and 48 more ways you know you're out of your 20s.

Boston Marathon Conspiracy Theories: Professor Says Scene "Not Bloody Enough" to Be Real

It's bad enough that images of the injured are being broadcast around the world. A Florida professor questioning the validity of their pain crosses the line.

A.J. Clemente: North Dakota Anchor Fired After Saying "F*cking Sh*t" During First Broadcast

To say A.J. Clemente's debut news cast did not go as planned would be an understatement.

Immigration Reform 2013: 85% Of Undocumented Latinos Have Family in the U.S.

A recent poll shows the vast majority of Latino's without documentation have family in the U.S., including children and spouses.

Immigration Reform 2013: Why Are Immigrants and LGBT People Left Out?

The politicians working on immigration reform are creating multiple Americas, in which the country you live in depends fully on who you are.

New iPhone Technology Means You Never Have to Charge Your Phone Again

Through kinetic energy, your phone could be charged without a plug by using the kinetic energy created by your body's movement.

Dove Beauty Campaign Not Enough to Combat Body Image Issues

The campaign should send message to body image activists: We need to focus on the deeper economic sources that perpetuate (and profit from) negative body image.

Associated Press Twitter Hacking Confirms Need For Social Media Security Professionals

The Associated Press Twitter account was hacked Tuesday, highlighting the need for companies to consider hiring social media security professionals.

Gary Johnson Answers Your Burning Marijuana Questions

Read my responses to the top four most Mic'd PolicyMic commenters on why it's time for America's politicians to legalize marijuana.

Immigration Reform 2013: Marco Rubio Takes Heat From GOP, But Pushes Forward

Senator Marco Rubio is bucking his own party in pushing for comprehensive immigration reform. Why is he doing it, and what does it mean for his party and his political future?

Liz Plank is the Reason of the Day to Join PolicyMic's Awesome Feminist Writing Skillshare

PolicyMic's own Liz Plank is a viral superstar and our reason of the day to apply to the Feminist Writing Skillshare

Boston Marathon Bombing Islamophobia: Media to Blame For America's Ignorance On Islam

Media coverage of Islam is often biased and unbalanced. There's a lot of blatant instances of Islamophobia and it has to stop.

A Record Number Of Americans Want Government to Be More Like Robin Hood, Redistribute Wealth

According to Gallup, a record high 52% of Americans now want government to "redistribute wealth by heavy taxes on the rich.” This disturbing trend also helps explain the 2012 election result.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev: Boston Bomber Might Be Linked to Unsolved Triple Homicide

Tamerlan Tsarnaev, one of the suspects for the Boston Marathon bombings, might be connected to a triple homicide from September 2011.

After Earth Day 2013: 4 Worst Climate Change Offenders

Another Earth Day has come and gone and despite a theme of "the face of climate change," this year's event was a muted affair.

Stephan Stowe Arrested In Brooklyn Subway Chaos: Watch the Wild Video

A scary situation on the 3 train.

Only 4% Of Americans Consider Gun Control a Priority

Last week, the Senate voted down new legislation geared towards expanding background checks to online gun sales and gun shows. Here's why.

Ryan Lochte: 10 Reasons Women Can't Get Enough Of Him

He's got women wrapped around his finger. How does he do it?

North Korea War? Kim Jong-un Tones Down Hawkish Rhetoric

Kim Jong-un is coming to grips with North Korea's limited military capabilities and China's withdrawal of support from the hermit kingdom.

"War" With North Korea Averted By American "Strategic Patience," But What Now?

Don't expect current American policy to yield immediate results on the Korean peninsula. The Obama administration is playing the long game with North Korea.

Boston Marathon Bombings: Media Failed Us With Many False Reports

After the Boston Marathon tragedy, the media gave us false information, in turn perpetuating stereotypes and prejudice against the Muslim American community.

This College Athlete is Ending His Last Season Early to Donate Bone Marrow

University of New Hampshire track and field athlete Cameron Lyle will miss the final two meets of his career to save someone's life.

North Korea War: Turns Out It's Not Fun to Live in North Korea

While Kim Jong-Un tries to make headlines with military displays, the country could be facing a devastating famine.

'Rectify' TV Show Review: Show Has Everything We Love About Prison Movies

"Rectify" explores the life of Daniel Holden, released from death row because of a technicality after serving 19 years. Starting over is hard to do.

This Amazing New Site Is Bringing Live Concerts Straight to Your Phone

EVNTLIVE is changing the music business. No longer are concerts inaccessible and over-priced, now they're brought to you. PolicyMic speaks with EVNTLIVE co-founder David Carrico.

Obama Needs to Look in the Mirror to Find Out Why Gun Control Failed

The decision to engage in lies and propaganda in lieu of actually addressing the underlying causes of violence and homicide in the U.S. is the real tragedy.

Boston Bombing: How Vladimir Putin Is (Loosely) Connected

Even though the second terrorist involved in the Boston attack has been captured, one person who ought to be held responsible for the mess remains at large: Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Gun Control Debate: Pro-Gun Activists Delusionally Tell Rep. Giffords to Stop Talking

Suffering the consequences of lax gun control laws and having your life turned around as a result doesn't mean you know something about gun violence. In other news, Happy Opposite Day.

Meet Jack Fischl: Feminist, Former Peace Corps, and Pundit of the Week

Jack Fischl is a world traveler, feminist, and PolicyMic's outstanding pundit of the week.

Drug Decriminalization: Why Both Brazil and the U.S. Should Do It

It is high time for both the U.S. and Brazil to help drug users seek treatment without fear of punishment, and allocate more resources to fight real criminals.

Boston Bombing: Would Drones Over Boston Have Been Useful?

The U.S. public must break through the stigma of drone technology. Drones are just tools for a job, and they're useful for other things than killing.

Immigration Reform 2013: Rand Paul Brings Boston Into Debate

Paul wants to inspect the Boston attacks for discrepancies in the current immigration system, bringing new questions and heated debate to the bipartisan talk.

Google Fined $190k Over "Street View" Maps Privacy

The current controversy has been considered by Germany authorities to be one of the biggest privacy violations to ever come to light. However, Google’s full cooperation has helped.

North Korea Responds to Stupid World Net Daily Article, But Response May Be Worse

WND offends again by insinuating North Korea may have been behind last week's Boston Marathon attacks, but North Korea uses the offense to its advantage.

Confederate Memorial Day: Necessary Or Just Offensive?

Ostensibly held to memorialize fallen Confederate soldiers, Confederate Memorial Day draws a painful distinction from the national Memorial Day, and in doing so implicitly endorses slavery.

AP Twitter Hacked, Sends Out Fake Tweet About Attack On White House

The Associated Press's Twitter account has been hacked. It sent out a fake story about an attack on the White House. The episode sent social media into a tizzy, and even crashed Wall Street.

Federal Reserve Lawsuit: QE Blamed For Loss in Purchasing Power

A woman from China has filed a suit against the Fed because her account, containing $250, has shrunk by 30%. The larger issue at hand is quantitative easing, a practice used by the Fed.

Nevada Gay Marriage Bill: Could This Where the U.S. Gay Marriage Wave Starts?

The Nevada State Senate passed a bill that would legalize same-sex marriage amid an emotional debate. Although a great victory for equal rights proponents, the bill still has a long road ahead.

Cameron Lyle: College Athlete Ends Season Early to Donate Bone Marrow

A New Hampshire shotput thrower gave up the end of his senior track season to donate bone marrow to a complete stranger.

Nike's "Boston Massacre" T-Shirts Taken Off the Shelves After Bombing

Nike was quick to remove a T-shirt emblazoned with the words "Boston Massacre."

9 Recent Recalls You Didn't Hear About

There could be dangers lurking in your closet that you don't even know about.

Syrian Chemical Weapons May Have Been Used, Crossing U.S. "Red Line"

Israel claims it has evidence that the Syrian regime used lethal chemical weapons. President Obama said chemical weapons are a "red line," and it's time to cross it.

Internet Sales Tax: Another Terrible Bill Congress is Set to Pass

Seriously, it's really, really, bad.

France Gay Marriage: Bill Will Pass Despite Strong Opposition

Violent protesters will not prevent France from legalizing gay marriage on Tuesday, April 23.

Boston Attacks: Obama and DNC Masterfully Exploit Tragedy For Political Gain

Obama uses tragedies to demonize his opponents. Senate Democratcs have accuse Republicans of exploiting the Boston Marathon bombing. Worst, the DNC slyly capitalizes on tragedy.

'Futurama' Canceled, Last Episode to Air September 4

After seven amazing seasons, "Futurama" has been canceled ... again.

Senate Bill 38: Rhode Island Republicans Are Fully Backing Gay Marriage

The Republican Senate Judiciary Committee in Rhode Island has unanimously backed a vote to allow gay marriage.

This New Genome Shows How All Land Vertebrates Evolved, Including Ourselves

For decades, biologists have questioned how gill-bearing, finned fish evolved into air-breathing, limbed amphibians.

Kelvin Atkinson Comes Out Of the Closet On Senate Floor

Nevada state Senator Kelvin Atkinson comes out during a senate debate about overturning Nevada's ban on gay marriage

'A Case of You' Review: Film Fails to Channel '(500) Days Of Summer'

No matter how many jokes "A Case of You" might make at main characater Sam’s expense, it still gives him what he wants in the end.

Mark Sanford Takes Out Bizarre Full-Page Ad Amid Worsening Polls Numbers

It has been a very difficult couple of weeks for Mark Sanford amid bad polls and other revelations. So he decided to take out a full page ad to tell us all about it.

Bobby Jindal 2013? Not If Louisianians Have Anything to Say About It

Jindal has been lauded by many as the GOP stud, but his approval ratings beg to differ. Jindal has been vilified back home while taking on a more national presence.

Despite the Boston Marathon Bombing, Terrorism in America is Still Rare

The Boston Marathon Bombing awoke us from our peaceful slumber. We have not had a major terrorist attack in America since 9/11. But while terrorism is a rarity here, it is a major concern.

France Gay Marriage Bill: Why the Country Was Divided On It

France became the 14th country to adopt gay marriage on Tuesday, but violent protests on both sides of the debate reflected the divisions in France.

Paul Kevin Curtis, Ricin Letter Suspect, Sings to High Schoolers

The man assumed to have sent tainted mail to President Obama and Senator Wicker was caught on camera in 2009 doing a bizarre rendition of Prince's "Little Red Corvette" for high schoolers.

Bartstool Sports Raises Over $135,000 For Boston Bombing Victims

Barstool Sports, self-proclaimed "common man's website," has helped raised over $100,000 for victims of the Boston Marathon bombings.

"Equalize Voter Rights": North Carolina Wants to Impose a Poll Tax For College Students

The North Carolina Legislature introduced a bill to financially punish the parents of college students who vote where they go to school. This disgusting bill is no different than a poll tax.

Midterm Elections 2014: Republicans Looking Good Going In

Why Republicans should be hopeful going into 2014 regardless of the first quarter fundraising numbers.

France Legalizes Gay Marriage, Becomes Fourteenth Country to Do So

On Tuesday, France became the fourteenth country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage, under Socialist President Francois Hollande, after months of tension and protests.

57,000 New Yorkers Are Homeless, But a New Grassroots Group Could Change That

United to End Homelessness, a coalition of NYC non-profits, activists, faith leaders, and the homeless themselves, aim to reduce the number of homeless in the city by the next mayoral election.

Why Hasn't Hollywood Created More Gay Heroes in War Films?

We shouldn't let stereotypes from our present culture blind us to the fascinating opportunities for gay characters in TV and film.

Weiner For Mayor: All Jokes Aside, Anthony Weiner Would Be a Great Mayor

Immature jokes aside, Anthony Weiner is one of the most passionate politicians in New York. Why shouldn't he be mayor?

Instead of Treatment, Nevada Hospital Gives Patients a Bus Ticket to a Different State

Nevada's mental healthcare system is broken. To address it, a state hospital is allegedly dumping its patients in other states. I

Mic Check: Apply For a One-Way Ticket to Mars

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on today's news and our favorite stories from around the Web.

Under No Circumstances Should a News Outlet Doctor a Photograph

The New York Daily News doctored an image of Boston Marathon Bombing carnage to make the displayed victim’s injury appear less gruesome. This was akin to false reporting.

I Love That Dirty Water: Boston You're My Home

Today, I am not only proud of being from Boston. I am proud of how Bostonians opened their hearts and homes after the Marathon Bombing.

'Millennials Speak. Essays on the 21st Century' a Crowdsourced Book On Gen Y

"Millennials Speak. Essays on the 21st Century" is a crowdsourced and crowdfunded anthology written by 20 millennials from across five continents.

France Gay Marriage: Gunpowder And Death Threats Sent to Head Of Parliament

A radical anti-gay group is threatening to commit acts of violence if the house votes on gay mariage today: "You wanted war, you've got it."

Help Shape the Millennial Blueprint for Defense and Diplomacy

The Roosevelt Institute is gathering together millennial perspectives on U.S. foreign policy. Help shape the blueprint for defense and diplomacy in the 21st century.

Charlie Rangel Sues John Boehner

Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.) is suing six members of the House for what he claims to be mishandling of his House Ethics Committee investigation. But wasn't he guilty?

What is Earth Day? Corporate America Helps Push Environmental Action

Greenwashing, a form of PR when a company advertises their eco-friendly products, is a huge benefit. These environmental activities tend to last all year long.

'Everyday Sexism' Project Launches in USA to Give Women a Voice

UK-based Laura Bates brings the "Everyday Sexism" project to the US in hopes of ending the culture of normalization that allows sexism to continue openly and publicly in society.

Open Letter to the 8-Year-Old Victim in the Boston Bombing

Martin Richard, 8, was killed by two cowards last Monday at the Boston Marathon. Here is my open letter to him.

Gosnell Murder Trial: Judge Drops 3 Murder Charges

A judge in the Kermit Gosnell case has dropped 3 of the 8 murder charges levied against him.

South Carolina Elections: Does Colbert-Busch Have a Chance?

Damaging allegations that South Carolina congressional candidate Mark Sanford broke into his ex-wife's home have given the edge to Democrats for the first time since 1978.

First Half Ends: Bayern 1, Barcelona 0

Analysis of the first half highlights

Bayern 2-0 to the good

Muller once again involved in scoring chance

"First Blood to Bayern"

Muller nets a header for the first goal of the game.

Dare we say it - Bayern is up, they are up 4-0

Not every day can this be said - there is a real gulf in class between Barcelona and Bayern

Bayern starts off in control of the first ten minutes

The crowd in Allianz Arena is demonstrating why they want their team to advance. Absolutely electric in the first ten minutes.

Bayern sacks Barcelona 4-0 in the first leg of the Champions League Semifinals

Bayern played a perfect game against Barcelona. Next week we shall see if the Camp Nou is as good to the German giants as Allianz was.

Starting Lineups: Bayern and Barcelona

Midfielders will dominate this epic cup tie.