Aisha Tyler to Haters: I Don't Need to Do It For the Money

When trolls told Aisha Tyler that she knew nothing about gaming, she wasn't going to let them off easy.

5 Social Networking Platforms Teens "Like" More Than Facebook

Teenagers are tiring of Facebook and flocking to a variety of social networks with more specialized functions.

Aisha Tyler: How Gamers Can Help Stop Sexual Violence

I wrote a Facebook letter to help encourage others to speak out about misogyny in gaming and stand up for women who are being harassed online.

Chennai Superkings and Hyderabad Sunrisers: Why Can't Pakistani Cricket Players Play In India?

Imagine if Muslim players were athletes from competing in Boston because the Boston Marathon bombers identified as Muslim. This is the reality in India for Pakistani and Sri Lankan cricketers.

This is What a Great Anti-Sexual Assault PSA Looks Like

The University of Arizona recently published a PSA on how men can actively engage in sexual assault prevention on college campuses, and it's actually great!

Titooing: First Designer Vaginas, Now Designer Nipples Are Trending?

Believe it or not, getting your nipples darkened is the new fashion trend. It's anarchy in the UK!

Samsung Galaxy S4: Apparently It's Really, Really Hard to Use

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was thought of as an iPhone killer. The reviews have started to come in, and it turns out the S4 is more complicated than that. Literally.

Forest Hills Rape: Principal Tells Victim to Keep Silent to Protect Rapist's Sports Career

Even worse: Two weeks after the principal silenced the victim, her rapist went on to rape another girl.

'Star Trek Into Darkness' Movie: 5 Reasons It Will Be a Success

Some critics are already wondering if "Star Trek Into Darkness" is going to doom the rebooted franchise. Really? I see five reasons to say "maximum warp"!

Immigration Reform 2013: Can Marco Rubio Convince Other Republicans?

Marco Rubio appeared in an ad to sell immigration reform to fellow conservatives. He empathized how tough it will be regarding border security. Will it be enough to win fellow conservatives over?

Your Phone Battery May Never Die Again

Super-powerful tiny microbatteries from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign could instantly recharge your phone and more.

Immigration Reform 2013: Economic Effects Will Make or Break This Deal

Immigration reform is projected to have significant impacts on the U.S. economy, but what will those effects be?

An Open Letter to Mattel and American Girl

American Girl dolls used to represent girls who bravely struggled against the status quo to fight for freedom; now, they bake muffins and are predominantly white.

David Sedaris' 'Let's Explore Diabetes With Owls' a Reminder He Shaped My Career

If it weren't for David Sedaris, I wouldn't be at PolicyMic right now. Trust me.

4th Grader Ends Gay Marriage Debate With One Essay

Maybe there is hope for the next generation.

5 Things Terrorists Learned From the Boston Marathon Bombing

The Boston Marathon bombing was a clinic for would-be terrorists. Attendees got five important takeaways.

How the Criminal Justice System is Failing Sexual Assault Victims

From initial police reports to decisions that prosecutors make in court, the U.S. criminal justice system has a long way to go before sexual assault is truly treated like a violent crime.

Where Is Kyrgyzstan? What Americans Should Know About the Caucases

Most Americans know very little about Kyrgyzstan, yet the news media is already unfairly connecting the nation to the Boston Marathon attacks. Here's a primer on what you need to know.

Chinese Bird Flu 2013: Is New Strain the Deadliest Ever?

A new strain of avian influenza has emerged in China. Officials are calling it one of the most lethal strains they have seen so far.

How Friendship Can Help End Rape

While older generations went by the 'When Harry Met Sally' model for male/female friendships, millennials know better, giving young men the opportunity to end sexual violence against women.

3 Famous Men Who Took Their Wives' Last Names

Most women still choose the traditional course of taking the man's last name. What happens when the husband takes hers?

Join PolicyMic's Special Week Of Discussion On Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention

The end of April marks the end of National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month 2013. Over the next week, PolicyMic will host a community discussion focused on sexual violence.

6 Things We Learned From the Boston Tragedy About What Makes a Great Reporter

We can only pretend for so long that the numerous media SNAFUs covering the Boston marathon tragedy didn't happen. Now, we should learn from them.

India and China Border Dispute: Will Their Meeting Resolve Anything?

The failure to clearly demarcate a precise border will prevent any hopes of thawing the relationship between the South Asian neighbors.

CISPA: If Bill Passes, Your Boss Could Pretend to Be You On Facebook

CISPA is written broadly enough to permit your communications service providers to share your emails and text messages, or your cloud storage.

Boston Bombing: Background Checks Would've Caught Tsarnaev Brothers Early

Suspected Boston bombers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev had bombs, handguns, a rifle and more than 250 rounds of ammunition. Maybe background checks are necessary after all.

Alan Gendreau Gay: NFL Doesn't Care About Kicker's Sexuality, We Shouldn't Either

Major news outlets have been focusing on Alan Gendreau's journey to the NFL as a gay man, but the NFL has a less dramatic narrative — they simply don't care that he is gay.

Kermit Gosnell Trial: 5 Reasons Why the Media is Not Covering It

Three of the seven charges against Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell have just been dropped. The layers of hypocrisy in the case are thicker than toppings on a Philly cheesesteak.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev YouTube Wrestling Video: A Major Fail

Sometimes, some things should never be made. This video is one of them.

NFL Draft 2013: The Needs For All 32 Teams in Rhyme

7 rounds, hundreds of players ... 32 limericks. Yes, we went where no one has gone before and wrote a preview of Thursday night's NFL draft. In rhyme.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's Lockdown Sets Dangerous Precedent For Civil Liberties

Terrorists will never dismantle our society. Only our acceptance of gross violations of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights will.

Gun Control 2013: President Obama’s "90% Support" Claim is Both True And False

Did President Obama say 90% of Americans support gun control or just expansion of background checks? The answer determines if his statement is true or false.

Should Michele Bachmann Be a Member Of the House Intelligence Committee?

Bachmann's questions to CIA Director John Brennan in Committee Hearings suggest she doesn't know how to handle sensitive information.

Adam Savader: Paul Ryan's Former Intern Caught Blackmailing Women For Nude Pictures

The former sole-intern to GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan, was arrested on Tuesday by FBI agents and charged with cyber-stalking and blackmailing young women through the internet.

Immigration Reform 2013: Why is Mark Zuckerberg Promoting It With Huge Ad Campaigns?

The founder of Facebook is taking on a new type of social networking: political campaigning for a hot-button issue. His advocacy also reveals other challenges facing the American economy.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Case Proves America Still Does Not Know How to Treat Terror Suspects

Is it even possible for terror suspects to receive a fair trial?

Rush Limbaugh Blames "Liberal Elite Intellectual Thought" For Boston Bombing

Limbaugh weighs in once again with a crazy, nonsensical statement: Liberals radicalized the Bostom Marathon bombers through their critical thinking and intellectual ideas.

Leave Bill Gates and His Weird Handshakes Alone!

Bill Gates has offended South Korea by giving its president a handshake, which is considered rude in Asia. Chill out, everyone.

We Are Mismanaging Our Precious Oceans – Why You Should Care

The global ocean generates every second breath of oxygen we take, absorbs 1/4 of our CO2 emissions, and gives us 80m tons of seafood each year. But we're not managing them effectively.

How Librarians and Teachers Could End Rape Culture

For children who are unable to talk to parents or educators, libraries can be the best way to learn about consent.

Gun Control: Quinnipiac University Study Seems Disingenuous to Gun Owners

A recent poll by Quinnipiac University shows that 91% of Americans favor universal background checks, but is this an accurate assessment? Many gun owners don't think so.

Jimmy McMillan Rap: The Rent is Too Damn High Anthem

Jimmy McMillan of The Rent is Too Damn High Party is back with a track that some say is whack, but to be perfectly blunt it's a fly PR stunt.

Nicolas Maduro Cracks Down On Pro-Henrique Capriles Government Workers In Venezuela

The government of newly-elected president Nicolas Maduro begins a campaign of intimidation and persecution against government employees who backed opposition challenger Henrique Capriles.

Why is Planned Parenthood Honoring Lena Dunham?

Because she's amazing. That's why.

Venezuela News: Aftermath of Election Continues to Roil the Country

Henrique Capriles has more claim to widespread support against Nicolas Maduro than ever. But is the opposition too fractured to resist the government?

Jesus Was "the Original Hipster," Or So Says a New Ad

The Roman Catholic Church's new ad campaign calls Jesus "the Original Hipster" in a push bring the younger demographic back to church and re-brand religion.

PolicyMic's Amazing Pundits Get Mentioned Across the Media

As part of our new weekly blog on press mentions, PolicyMic will feature a compilation of the places our community is showing up all over the web.

Paul Kevin Curtis Cleared Of Ricin Letter Charges, But He's Close With New Suspect

A new suspect has been identified in the ricin letter case with an extensive criminal background. Unfortunately, authorities may not have substantial leads.

Denim Day 2013: Make a Fashion Statement Against Rape

Wednesday is Denim Day, a worldwide event meant to raise awareness of rape and sexual assault by encouraging people to wear, you guessed it, denim.

War With North Korea: To Stop It, the U.S. Must Try Something Completely New

North Korea is starting to deflate its belligerency, but these cycles of tensions and release could be fatal in the future. The U.S. must realize that it is time for a new type of diplomacy.

Boston Bombings Show That Even "Safe Spaces" Are Dangerous

In April, awareness campaigns and Take Back the Night rallies work to inform college students about the reality of sexual assaults, but no level of awareness can keep students completely safe.

Is Kansas About to Ban Abortion Completely?

Pro-choice advocates claim that a new bill is preparing Kansas legislators to outlaw abortion.

Dartmouth Protests: Classes Canceled After Allegations Of Sexual Assault

One group is alleging that Dartmouth College has a serious sexual abuse problem.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev Denied Islamic Funeral By Mosque? Good For Them

A Boston mosque has refused to give the Boston Marathon bombing suspect a religious funeral. They made the right decision.

Medical Device Tax: Why We Should Exempt mHealth Devices

mHealth devices should not be subject to the 2.3% medical device tax outlined in the PPACA.

What This Baltimore Ice Cream Company Can Teach NGOs

NGOs fixated on the needs of a community tend to overlook its capabilities, and sustainable opportunities for development ... even when those opportunities present themselves in a waffle cone.

Rhode Island Republicans Declare Unanimous Support For Same-Sex Marriage

In a first for both sides of the aisle in America, an entire delegation in a legislature has voiced their support for same-sex marriage.

Gay Conversion Therapy: Why States Should Follow California and Ban Harmful Anti-LGBT Treatment

Medical authorities do not consider so-called "gay conversion therapy" to be therapeutic. State legislatures should not consider it free speech.

Gun Control Debate 2013: Obama Isn't A Persuader

Obama is articulate, but that doesn't mean he's a good communicator. In fact, he's quite awful, as evidenced by sliding support for gun control.

Do Not Stop Hating George W. Bush

The comeback tour has begun. Don't join it.

Bangladesh Building Collapse: U.S. Consumers Must Demand Stricter Safety Standards

Some 2,000 people were in a factory when it collapsed on Wednesday, April 24. Workers were told to ignore signs of imminent collapse and get back to work.

Gun Control Debate: Does This New Gun Control Campaign Go Too Far?

"They Don't Work For You" displays pictures of gun violence victims next to Senators who voted against gun control.

Bush Approval Rating is Now 47%: Remember When It Was Just 25%?

There's a saying in Texas — or maybe it's Tennessee — and it goes, "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me."

9 Best (Or Worst?) Live News Bloopers

Fox News' Mike Tobin recently had to fend off two would-be kissers during a recent live broadcast on the Boston bombings. But on-air mishaps aren't anything new, judging by these nine bloopers.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Trial: WMD Charges Do More Harm Than Good

Charging Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the second Boston bomber, with using WMDs is a symptom of a costly legislative flaw which has and will do more harm than good.

Earth Day 2013: Trying to Save Earth a Great Disservice

Earth Day should be about us, human beings, because ultimately it is our survival that is at stake, not the Earth’s

Ben Affleck: His "Live Below the Line Challenge" is Dangerous For Americans, But Not For the Developing World

Ben Affleck was recently in the news promoting a rather dangerous challenge to American consumers.

Everett Dutschke and Kevin Curtis: Feud is at the Heart of the Ricin Investigation

Apparently a lot. The investigation into the ricin-laced letters, and feud between Everett Dutschke and Kevin Curtis, just gets weirder and weirder.

Planned Parenthood Gala: Obama Angers GOP By Delivering Keynote Speech

By accepting the invitation to the dinner, Obama has infuriated numerous conservatives and abortion opponents.

Pamela Geller and the Jihad Fearwagon Go Into Overdrive

Day seven of the Festival of the right wing's Muslim Bashing and Fear-Mongering Fesitval after the Boston Marathon bombings.

Is Independent Media Beginning to Replace the Mainstream?

Independent, progressive, and mainly Internet-based media is conquering what used to be the news media. Have they replaced traditional news?

Canadian Train Terrorist Attack Plot Linked to Al-Qaeda in Iran

Iranian officials are furious after Canadian investigators linked the foiled plot to derail a passenger train to Al-Qaeda affiliates in Iran.

Why Do Business Women in Asia Out-Shine Their Male Counterparts?

Women in Asia are outnumbering men in the realm of private banking. Are feminine qualities really at the root cause of this? And why hasn't the West caught on?

CISPA Vote: Will Congress Decide to Badly Wound Internet Privacy?

The Internet is the greatest foray of mankind into free association. CISPA will hurt our privacy and hurt our ability to create a better world for ourselves.

How to Avoid a Hangover

Drinking is fun. Hangovers are not, especially when you're a working millennial. Here's how you avoid them.

Hillary Clinton Polls: Her Advantage Doesn't Necessarily Give Her An Edge

A new Gallup poll shows Hillary Clinton's approval ratings beat out President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, and former presidential nominee John Kerry.

Live Below The Line: Ben Affleck's $1.50-a-Day Stunt Won't Change Things For the Poor

Celebrity, Oscar-winner, and millionaire Ben Affleck will participate in Live Below the Line's challenge on relying on $1.50 for at least one day next week. Will it change anything?

Why Does Our Global Mindset Let Rape Slide?

While we do not condone rape, we have failed to condemn attacks on women as deplorable and utterly inexcusable.

How to (Quietly) Castrate a Wall Street Watchdog

How political tricks have tried to take a Dodd-Frank regulatory watchdog and and render it useless.

Mic Check: Newspaper Reporters Have the Worst Job in America

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on the day's news and our favorite stories from around the Web.

Cybersecurity: China and U.S. Meet to Discuss International Norms

The current engagement between China and the US is essential in preventing possible future escalations due to this cyber attacks whose potential effects are not yet fully understood.

Former Senator George Mitchell: Peace in the Middle East Is Possible

In delivering the Samuel Rudin Distinguished Visiting Scholar Lecture at The City College of New York, former Senator Mitchell stressed that peace in the middle east is possible.

A 2013 Budget Compromise That Everyone Can Live With

There is finally potential for responsible governing in Washington and, if any semblance of a reasonable deal is made, America will be better off than without a budget at all.

Syrian Chemical Weapons: Ignoring Them Would Set Dangerous Precedent

Reports coming out of Israel support earlier reports made by Britain and France indicating the use of chemical warfare by the Assad Regime.

It's "Too Soon" to Judge Bush's Presidency, Says Professor

U.S. Naval War College Professor Stephen F. Knott believes that partisan scholarship is to blame for the harsh judgments the Bush administration has been receiving.

Boston Marathon Bombing: U.S. Intelligence Better Post-9/11

Our intelligence services have gone above and beyond in order to ensure that 9/11-style terrorism remains what it was nearly twelve years ago: a historical anomaly.

6 Strategies For Running Productive Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings — anything from conference calls to videocasting — are the reality of doing business today. Here are six easy strategies to ensure you get the most done.

'Crossfire' Revival Could Backfire Horribly

With talks of Newt Gingrich and Stephanie Cutter as hosts, the re-launch of the show could just prove to be another instance of partisan bickering and ultimate shouting matches.

Immigration Reform 2013: Silicon Valley Taking the Lead

Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Microsoft, Intel, and others have come together to form a new bipartisan coalition to overhaul the current immigration system.