5 Reasons Marijuana Still Hasn't Been Legalized

The week after 4/20, many are wondering why marijuana is still illegal. Well, I can think of a few reasons...

A Non-Muslim Just Carried Live IEDs Onto a Train, and the Media Didn't Report It

A New Jersey man had been arrested for carrying two IEDs onto a train eight days before the Boston bombing, but the media has barely reported on it.

300,000 Children Enter the Sex Trade Annually — in the U.S.

Sex trafficking is a worldwide problem that touches all of our communities, yet most people are unaware that this is a massive industry ... even here at home.

George W. Bush's Legacy is Darker Than Some Would Have You Believe

Some say things look better in the morning. It has been several mornings since Bush was last president and it's safe to say that his legacy continues to look worse.

What Boston Strong Means and Where it Goes From Here

"Boston Strong" has been the rallying phrase of the marathon bombing aftermath, but we should be careful in the way we use and associate with it.

Maryland Jail Scandal: Gang Takes Over Prison, Impregnates Four Guards

A Maryland state prison had 13 guards participate in a drug-trafficking and money-laundering scheme, both run by inmates and gang members of the Black Guerilla Family.

Every Cup Of Coffee You Drink is Destroying the Planet

People drink copious amounts of coffee around the world each day, but as consumption increases, we need to pay more attention to what types of coffee are sustainable and ethical.

'Man Of Steel' Trailer Youtube: Are Superhero Films Changing Radically?

The new Man Of Steel trailer is out, and although it doesn't even mention Superman's name, one thing is pretty clear: the superhero genre is changing dramatically.

FEMEN: Topless Protesters Soak Belgian Archbishop With Virgin Mary-Shaped Water Bottles

Belgian Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard was attacked by topless FEMEN protesters while giving a talk at the Brussels Free University.

CBS Houston Wants to Know How Fat You Think This Cheerleader is

CBS Houston aired a poll asking whether or not a woman was too fat to be a cheerleader. Yes, you read that right.

Immigration Reform 2013: Number of New Citizens Will Be Fewer Than You Think

As part of the new immigration law, a "pathway to citizenship" would open up to 11 million undocumented immigrants currently in the U.S. However, it would play out much differently on the ground.

Join Stephen Colbert and Help PolicyMic Pundit Jane Chiao Become Australia's Chief Funster

PolicyMic Pundit Jane Chiao is in the running to win Australia's Best Jobs in the World contest. Stephen Colbert supports her application, and now she needs the PolicyMic bump to get the job!

Shakespeare's Birthday: 5 Best Modern Adaptations Of Shakespeare Plays

In honor of Shakespeare's recent birthday, here are the five best versions of some of his plays.

Obama Drug Control Policy: Gets Called Out For Not Meeting Its Own Standards

Despite the new drug policy released by the White House earlier this week, the GAO finds that the government's reforms for drug control have made no progress on many of their goals.

John Paulk: "Pray the Gay Away" Poster Child Announces He is Still Gay, Truly Sorry

John Paulk, former spokesman for the Evangelical Christian "ex-gay" movement, has officially announced he is still gay and is ‘truly, truly’ sorry for the harm he caused.

Jeb Bush 2016: 8 Facts About Dubya's Younger Brother

George W's younger brother might be vying for Commander-in-Chief in 2016. If he tries to complete the Bush trifecta, here' s what you need to know about him:

Wanna Learn Java? Well, There is a Game For That!

In a move that might just put a few old school programmers' noses out of joint, a new game is being trialed to teach Java.

A Transwoman in Uganda is Brutally Beaten; This is Her Futile Search For Justice

A transwoman in Uganda is beaten at a bar for the way she looks; a U.S. reporter accompanies her in her futile search for justice.

South Carolina Election: Republicans Should Challenge Lindsey Graham

Senator Lindsey Graham claims to be a conservative, but an analysis of his voting record and actions may suggest otherwise.

Iowa Gay Marriage: State House Threatens to Cut Pro-Equality Supreme Court Justices' Pay By 80%

A measure in the Iowa State House would cut the salaries of Iowa Supreme Court Justices by 80% ... but only the ones who ruled in favor of gay marriage.

Gay Marriage: Delaware and Rhode Island Inch Closer to Marriage Equality

Both states advanced legislation Tuesday that brought them closer to legalizing same-sex marriage. If passed, they would become the tenth and eleventh states to do so.

Jamie and Nation Hahn: Political Strategist Stabbed to Death By Colleague in North Carolina

Married three years, and successfully operating political fundraising firm Sky Blue Strategies, Jamie and Nation Hahn were attacked by Jonathan Broyhill, a former close friend and colleague.

Audrie Pott Case: Sexual Assault Isn't Taken Seriously Enough By Schools

This is not a new problem, and high school and college administrations don’t take the threat of sexual assault seriously enough.

Rand Paul Lets Slip That He Actually Supports Drones, Despite His 13-Hour Filibuster

Despite speaking out against them during a record making filibuster, Rand Paul has shown he isn't as against drones as he would have us think.

Massachusetts Special Election: Democrats Afraid Gomez Will Win Next Week’s GOP Primary

Democrats see Gabriel Gomez is an exceptionally strong opponent, and they are fearful he will win next week's primary. Republicans should be paying attention.

Gay Marriage is Not As Important As the Employment Non-Discrimination Act

Forget marriage: employment nondiscrimination is the most important LGBTQ issue of our time.

The U.S. Military Just Took a Cue From Saudi Arabia and Convicted a Drunken Woman Of "Attempted Adultery"

In a case that sounds like it came straight out of Saudi Arabia, the U.S. military has convicted a woman of "attempted adultery" after she accused a man of trying to rape her.

Amanda Bynes Just Shaved Half Her Head. So What?

It looks okay and she seems happy about it.

Steubenville Rape: Football Coach Gets Contract Extension

Steubenville, Ohio, had a chance to change its culture of cover-ups and assault. By extending the football coach's contract, it's chosen instead to perpetuate it.

Missouri Liquor Monopoly: State Poised to Give Special Rights to Large Campaign Donor

A top liquor distributor, Major Brands, is attempting to obtain near monopoly status for its Missouri operations courtesy of its allies in the state legislature.

Nate Bell's Boston Marathon Comments Prove He's Unfit For Office

Following last week's tragedy, the politician tweeted, "I wonder how many Boston Liberals spent the night cowering in their homes wishing they had an AR-15." He should resign over this.

FAA Furlough Ends: Congress Acts When Sequester Threatens to Slow Commute

Congress has worked with miraculous speed to end the delays caused by the FAA's sequester-imposed furlough of air traffic controllers... the day before a weeklong recess.

WHCA Dinner 2013: Why Tom Brokaw Declined His Invitation

Brokaw turned down the invitation to this year's WHCD, citing actress Lindsay Lohan's attendance last year as his "breaking point."

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Reveals That Times Square Was the Next Target

One of the Boston Marathon bombers in custody admits that he had plans with his brother to attack Times Square, New York, in an unwanted sequel the original attack.

War With North Korea? South Korea Issues Stern Ultimatum in Strategy Shift

South Korea has warned North Korea that it will enact "grave measures" if Kim Jong-un rebuffs calls for dialogue.

Boston Bombing: Motives Prove Ron Paul Right About U.S. Foreign Policy

Ron Paul has been warning about the dangers of blowback for years. The Boston bombing is a prime example of why United States foreign policy needs to change.

Rehtaeh Parsons and Audrie Pott Need Us to Fight Rape Culture

While high-profile cases of sexual assault rouse us to anger, we need to do more every day to create communities that are truly intolerant of sexual violence.

Jill Abramson: Is It Sexist to Criticize the New York Times Editor?

Whenever I hear someone complain "a tough man is powerful, a tough woman is a bitch," I have only one question: "Well, is she?"

Facebook Privacy: Site Does Bad Job At Stopping Fake Profiles

Facebook's anti-pseudonym rule is an ineffective way to combat fake profiles, especially since many millennials use false names to avoid being searched by employers.

Eric Bolling: 'The Five' Host and His Co-Hosts Promote Profiling

It’s time for profiling, y’all! Or at least that’s what Fox News’ The Five wants. Because why not?! All Muslims are terrorists!

Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2013: How to Be a Good Ally to Sexual Assault Victims

April is sexual assault awareness month and it is probably a good opportunity to learn how to be a good ally to folks who have experienced trauma related to sexual abuse!

5 Hit TV Shows That Almost Didn't Happen

Can you imagine TV reruns without Rachel and Ross? How about Sunday night drama without Don Draper? Here are five beloved TV shows that almost didn’t make it to your screen.

'Sleep No More' Review: Interactive Play Makes Us Kids Again

As weird of an experience NYC's interactive show "Sleep No More" is, it's unlike anything you've ever done before.

New $100 Bill: Will Release in October, Features New Anti-Counterfeit Measures

The new $100 bill includes three new security features to help prevent counterfeit bills from being produced.

Flight Delays Due to the Sequester Are a Brilliant Political Maneuver

Have you had an irritating flight delay thanks to sequestration? That was probably an intentional move by the Obama administration.

Gun Control Debate Has Smaller Presence in Public Post-Newtown, Report Finds

A Pew Research Center analysis found public interest in the gun control battle has significantly decreased since the Newtown Massacre.

NFL Draft 2013 LIVE: Follow All the Draft Updates

The 2013 NFL Draft begins Thursday night. We'll be covering it live. In the meantime, here are all the basic you need to know.

Raped Peace Corps Volunteers Have to Pay For Their Own Abortions?

Senator Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey intends to present a bill to overturn the ban on Peace Corps-funded abortions.

Boston Bombing: Understanding "Why They Hate Us"

Contrary to what some are saying, we can understand why people engage in terrorism, and why they stop engaging in it.

Syria Chemical Weapons: What's In A Red Line?

There's more on the line than blood and treasure due to recent developments that Assad has used chemical weapons, the issue is putting U.S. credibility in an uncomfortable spotlight.

Doku Umarov: Are the Boston Bombings Connected to "Russia's Bin Laden?"

Is there a possible connection between the Tsarnaev brothers, their motives, and the leading Chechen rebel, Doku Umarov?

Torrington Rape Case: This is Why We Need Statutory Rape Laws

Statutory rape laws are complicated, inconsistent, and hard to enforce. But they're also necessary to protecting young people, and we need further public education about this form of assault.

CISPA: Why Is Congress Determined to Kill Internet Freedom?

Despite all the problems facing the U.S. right now, DC has decided to set it sights on the internet.

Tamerlan and Dzhokar Tsarnaev: Did Taxpayers Fund Boston Bombings?

Right wing media is playing the Tsarnaevs' welfare revelation as a partisan play against welfare programs like food stamps.

Gun Control Debate: Will Pat Toomey's Approval Ratings Make GOP Rethink Issue?

Sen. Pat Toomey’s ratings are at highest ever in wake of his work on a bipartisan gun background checks bill. Will swing state and blue state Republicans follow his lead?

James Wilkerson: Alleged Military Rapist's Reposting in Arizona Draws Protests

An officer who had his sexual-assault conviction overturned by superiors, has been posted near his victim's home—something that speaks volumes on deep flaws within the military ranks of the U.S.

Working Families Flexibility Act: Is It Time to Rethink Labor Law?

The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 was misguided legislation that came about as a result of big government advocates taking advantage of a crisis. Congress should now amend it.

Is 'Blogoporterating' the Future Of Online Journalism?

The blogoporterator - a combination of blogger, reporter, and commentator - is the future of both news media and civic engagment.

Florida School Board Reverses Ban on Paddling "Unruly" Elementary School Students

Marion County, Florida has reinstated a principal's ability to paddle unruly elementary school students, a practice banned in 2010.

Women's Prize Fiction Nominees 2013: Barbara Kingsolver, Maria Semple Make the Cut

The nominees for the inaugural Women's prize for fiction will knock your socks off.

Brown-Vitter Bill: Time to Break Up the 6 Megabanks and Restore Some Market Sanity

Six banks control almost the entirety of the U.S. financial system. It's high time we broke them up and made the financial markets fair again.

GDP 2013: 3 Most Important Things You Need to Know About 2.5% U.S. GDP Growth

Here's what you need to know about today's 2.5% GDP growth in the first quarter of 2013. The numbers are better than you think.

7 Ways to Overcome Your Addictions

When habits become addiction, people don't have control over what they do, take, or use. Here's how to beat it.

'Mistaken For Strangers': Tom Berninger's Documentary Gets Personal

Tom Berninger's Tribeca opener and Sarah Polley's "Stories We Tell" are both deeply personal documentaries about their own families.

Princeton Review: Should Stanford Really Be Proud Of Being America's "Dream School?"

The Princeton Review just ranked Stanford University as the number one "Dream School." Is this really the image Stanford wants, though?

Frank Luntz: Prominent GOP Strategist Blasts Conservative Talk Radio

GOP strategist Frank Luntz can be heard criticizing conservative talk radio hosts in a discussion on the Republican Party's image crisis after being secretly recorded by a student.

Pakistan Elections 2013: Will Country's History Of Rigged Elections Alter the Results?

Will its history of rigged elections and violent tactics change the upcoming results?

NFL Draft 2013: The 5 Biggest Story Lines

Geno Smith and Manti Te'o were not drafted, but E. J. Manuel and Justin Pugh were. Here is a recap of the Top 5 stories of the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft.

North Korea News: War Is More Likely to Come From the South, Not the North

North Korea may be famous for threatening war, but the country is too weak to be a real danger to its southern neighbor. If war happens in Korea, it will be because Seoul misreads the signs.

Is Wikipedia Sexist? Yes. Just Like Everything Else

Why Wikipedia is categorizing novelists according to gender, and what it says about our culture.

Frank Luntz: Top GOP Consultant Betrays Right-Wing Media in Caustic Secret Tape

GOP consultant Frank Luntz spoke off-the-record about Rush Limbaugh and right-wing media are responsible for polarized discourse.

Jim Roth: Openly Gay Oklahoma Politician Attacked in Anti-Gay Hate Crime

Outside a popular Oklahoma City bar, Grandad's, three men assaulted the first openly gay politician to hold a statewide office in an apparent anti-gay hate crime.

George W. Bush Presidential Library: 3 Books We Hope He’s Reading

On Thursday, all living former presidents and Obama came to inaugurate the Bush Presidential Library and Museum. Here are some of the books we hope are in his library and on his reading list.

Obama Drug Policy: Strict Rules Show President is Fighting a Losing Battle

The White House just released its 2013 National Drug Control Strategy, which fails to address the reality of America’s drug situation and suggests Obama will again be fighting a losing battle.

FAA Furlough Bill: White House Caves While Republicans Score

In an embarrassing press conference, the White House admits defeat over holding the FAA hostage through sequester cuts as Republicans spring into action to fix debilitating delays.

New York Times Paywall: Publication Expands Options to Gain Subscribers

Despite the company's effort to create more revenue from subscriptions, their free-access competitors still have the upper hand.

Homeless People in Detroit Are Getting Shoved Into Cop Cars and Ditched Past the City Limits

Homelessness is not a crime. But the very entity that is supposed to be preventing it, the government, is just throwing the homeless outside of its boundaries.

Mic Check: What It’s Like to Be a Muslim in Boston Right Now

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on the day's news and our favorites stories from around the Web.

Women in the Military: Female Vets Are "Thriving" Compared to Male Ones?

More female than male veterans rate their lives as "thriving". But at the same time, the number of sexually abused servicewomen and homeless female veterans is rising. How are they really faring?

Global Youth Service Day 2013: Choose From Over 2,000 Volunteer Projects

This weekend, from April 26-28, marks an important day of service, Global Youth Service Day. It shows how important youth volunteerism globally.

Extreme Testing Could Be the Future Of Education

Test taking may become much more exciting, thanks to educators experimenting with the "gamification" of traditional testing methods.

Arbor Day 2013: How Planting Trees Promotes Equality

This Arbor Day, remember Professor Wangari Maathai, who founded the Green Belt Movement to plant trees and empower the women and children of Kenya.

Welcome to PolicyMic's New Culture Weekly Round-Up

The inaugural Culture section weekly round-up. All the best Culture content from the past week.

Real Houswives: Did Trainwreck Reality Stars Pave the Way For Today's Most Loved TV Characters?

Maybe watching faux-reality with stars you love to hate made stomaching today's most villainous TV characters a less bitter to swallow.

Air Traffic Controller Furlough: Is This the End Of It? No, But a Sign Of Easing, Perhaps

As flights snarl and travelers' tempers rise, the legislative branch steps in to cool things down.

Bangladesh Factory Collapse: It Reveals the Human Cost of Cheap Labor

It's time for multinational corporations to take labor standards seriously, all over the world.

Louie Gohmert Accuses Obama Of Having Pro-Muslim Confidants. Really?

Another absurd GOP fueled conspiracy theory against President Obama.

NYC Recycling Program Improves With Expansion Of Rigid Plastics

Dedicated recyclers in NYC will no longer have to bring their yogurt cups to Whole Foods.

Obama For America to Continue Administration Trend Of Corporate Cronyism

A new advocacy formed from President Obama's campaign will continue Obama's trend of publicly berating big business while accepting huge sums of money from them and giving their leaders benefits.

New Federal Regulations Will Increase Rape Victim Access to Plan B

New voluntary standards for medical professionals are vital to responding to sexual assault: helping the survivor, and the perpetrator of the attack.

Google Transparency Report: See What the Government Wants to See About You

Google has published their semi-annual report on governmental requests for content removal and user information. They've been asking to snoop more than ever.

NYC Subway Air is Not as Grody As You Think, Says Study

I know, I couldn't believe it either.

NFL Draft: Winners and Losers

The 2013 NFL Draft begins Thursday night. We'll be covering it live. In the meantime, here are all the basic you need to know.