Kermit Gosnell Trial: 4 Most Shocking Stories From the "Abortion House Of Horrors"

Here are four heart-wrenching and triggering stories that everyone should know about the Kermit Gosnell case.

These 5 Women Came Out Long Before Jason Collins

Before Jason Collins made his historic coming-out, these women made similar announcements, though with smaller media attention because of their sports.

10 Most Homophobic Tweets Following Jason Collins' Coming Out

Here's what the trolls had to say about the NBA's Jason Collins' coming out as gay.

'The Great Gatsby' Movie: 7 Reasons You Should See It

Gatsby knew how to party harder than we do, and more.

Immigration Reform 2013: Will the House Kill the Bill?

While the Senate Judiciary Committee holds hearing on its immigration reform proposal, the House is torn between supporting a similar comprehensive approach or going at it piecemeal.

Emily Lindin: 11-Year Old 'Slut' Journal Published On Tumblr

When Emily Lindin was 11-years-old, she was called a slut. In hopes of helping hordes of girls currently experiencing slut-shaming, she has been releasing her un-edited journal on Tumblr.

'Game of Thrones' Season 3 Episode 5 Review: Kissed by Fire

The fifth episode of the third season of HBO's hit series "Game of Thrones" covers the Hound, Arya Stark, Jon Snow, Robb Stark, Sansa Stark, and the messy dealings of the Lannisters.

College Rape: Does the Media Focus Only On White Survivors?

As institutional coverups of campus rape become a mainstream issue, there is a lack of diversity in the survivors the media features. What do we miss by seeing just one type of survivor?

Massachusetts Special Election: Gabriel Gomez is Most Likely to Win the General Election

If Gabriel Gomez wins tomorrow’s special election Republican primary in Massachusetts, he has a very good chance of replacing Secretary of State John Kerry in the U.S. Senate.

LaSalle High School Shooting: Student Attempts Suicide At School

A student at LaSalle High School Apparently attempted suicide by shooting himself at school.

Ray Kurzweil: Artificial Intelligence Will Save Humans From Ourselves

I am now at Google as Director of Engineering to help develop smarter AI and environmentally-friendly energy technologies to address climate change and solve the grand challenges of humanity.

Kylie Bisutti: Victoria’s Secret Angel Gives Up Modeling for Role Modeling

Victoria's Secret Angel Kylie Bisutti gave up her lifelong goal after discovering her modeling gig was not allowing her to be a great role model to women.

Jason Collins Comes Out: The 10 Most Supportive Tweets From the Sports World

Here's what the sports world had to say to the first openly gay player on any major American sports team.

9 Things Greek Life Will Teach You

What my experience in a sorority has taught me thus far.

American Foreign Policy Has Committed Countless "Boston Bombings" In Other Countries

The Boston Marathon bombing was sad, but we shouldn't feel sorry for ourselves. American foreign policy wreaks havoc abroad, and Americans are too apathetic to care.

Immigration Reform Law 2013: GOP Mega-Donor Throws Down 6-Figure Donation Towards Reform

Paul Singer, a Republican mega-donor, has donated six figures to a pro-immigration reform group. He is the latest GOP figure to put his money where his mouth is on immigration.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Lawyers: Miriam Conrad, William Fick Will Have to Defend Him

Tsarnaev has found lawyers who have the unfortunate task of defending the young man charged with the Boston Bombing.

3 Stereotypes About Millennials That Are Totally False

Let's focus on the positive stereotypes about millennials rather than these three negative ones.

Dzokhar Tsarnaev and the World's Most Dangerous Pot Smokers

Even America's most prominent enemies are lighting up these days. Did you know North Koreans pass to the left as well?

YouTube 'I Hit It First' Ray J: The Best Revenge Songs Of All Time

Revenge songs are uplifting and empowering tunes that you play after a break-up to cheer up and feel good again. Here are some excellent ones.

Is Islam Violent? What the Numbers Show

Islam is not inherently violent, no matter what pundits say. Those claiming otherwise have their own agendas.

'The Following' Season Finale: Crime Shows Are Too True to Life

With the finale airing Monday, it's important to note the show is a study in violence and how someone can manipulate mass followers.

Google Glass Release Date, Review

Why sir? Why?

Could This Be the Most Dangerous Selfie Of All-Time?

Meet the reporter who was almost killed while taking a selfie.

Marijuana Legalization: Should Airplane Pilots be Allowed to Smoke?

Marijuana use should not be regulated differently than any other mind-altering substances that pilots are currently allowed to consume.

Parks and Recreation Season Finale: Is 'Parks and Recreation' Socialist?

Writer Matthew Gannon believes "Parks and Recreation" supports socialism, and I believe Gannon hit his head.

These Tiny Maine Island Schools Might Be Perfect For Budding Teachers

Teachers afforded the luxury of a small class would be able to devote all their creative energies to devising new ways to approach core curricula.

Chris Christie Gun Control: Why the New Jersey Governor Decided to Support It

Northern voters appear ready to punish politicians who do not support tougher gun control measures. Republicans like Pat Toomey and Chris Christie are taking notice.

Explosive Vibrators Used to Target A Catholic Church

The attack of the 6-inch explosive vibrator.

Jason Collins Gay: NBA Player Becomes First Openly Gay Professional Athlete Ever

Jason Collins, the NBA center, has become the first active male athlete in a major professional sport to come out as gay.

Immigration Reform 2013: Why Don't 4 Out Of 5 Immigrant Detainees Ever See a Lawyer?

At least one issue has been largely absent from the immigration reform debate: the overburdened and often incompetent immigrant detention system.

Gun Control 2013: 65% Of Voters Are Upset At Congress For Crushing Universal Background Checks

According to a survey released by Gallup on Monday, 65% of Americans believe that the Senate should have expanded background checks for gun sales.

Kansas Abortion Laws: 12 States Are Waging an Unconstitutional War Against Roe v. Wade

The Supreme Court says that women have the right to an abortion. 12 states don't care.

Steubenville Rape: We Are Failing Survivors of Sexual Assault

The extension of Steubenville coach Reno Saccoccia's contract shows how far communities still have to come in supporting sexual assault survivors. Here are five tips to get you started.

Immigration Reform 2013: If We Are Serious About Creating Wealth, We Will Open the Borders

Immigration is a hot topic right now, and in contrast to the compromising Gang of Eight's proposal, several economists and other scholars are advocating open borders.

Prague Gas Explosion: Not Terrorist Attack, But 40 Were Injured

An unexpected gas explosion in Central Prague has harmed dozens and caused significant damage to the city.

Immigration Reform 2013: U.S. Owes Undocumented Immigrants Citizenship

As immigration reform heats up and the Gang of 8 looks to secure votes, we wonder: Is the U.S. obligated to provide a pathway to citizenship?

Obama Abortion Stance: Is He Playing Politics With This Hot Issue?

Obama criticized opponents of Planned Parenthood making it sound like they don't want women to get health care at all.

Jason Collins: Here's What SCOTUS Justices Would Tweet About His Coming Out

When NBA center Jason Collins' coming out was met with celebration and respect from the sports world on Twitter. Some Supreme Court justices would have been far less supportive.

Massachusetts Senate Election: Ed Markey Will Win, Not the GOP

Republicans are hopeful that history will repeat itself in a 2010-style upset election like the one that elected Sen. Scott Brown, but it's unlikely lightning will strike twice.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev: Time For Targeted Profiling?

Fox correspondent Judith Miller hails the controversial and discredited NYPD counterterrorism program, calling for the targeted profiling of American Muslim communities.

ESPN Jason Collins Coverage: Barely Any Stories, and That's OK

It took four hours for ESPN to focus on the Jason Collins story. And you know what? That's totally fine.

McDonald's All Day Breakfast: Is This Just a Distraction?

McDonald's CEO Don Thompson recently hinted that an all-day breakfast menu may be in the works. But is he just trying to distract customers from crumbling Golden Arches?

Anthony Bourdain 'Parts Unknown': Show Tries to Save Food Industry Through Travel

The extroverted TV personality may be changing the way that we consume food, one exotic locale at a time.

Chris Kluwe Minnesota Vikings: Gay Rights Advocate Should Be Praised For Activism

To release Kluwe because of his openness and his off-field gay rights activism would be sick.

White House Correspondents' Dinner 2013: Sarah Palin Says It Was "Pathetic"

Sarah Palin said it was a "pathetic" display put on by Washington at last night's White House Correspondents' Dinner.

Game of Thrones Season 3: 7 U.S. Politicians Who'd Fit Right Into Westeros

HBO's Game of Thrones series is one of the best political dramas ever produced. Which real world politicians would make for great characters on the series?

Tim Tebow Jets Drop: They Owe Him An Apology

After misusing him, squandering his potential, making him warm the bench, and potentially ending his NFL career, the Jets owe Tim Tebow an apology.

South Carolina Special Election 2013: Debate is Colbert-Busch's Chance to Close the Deal

South Carolina's special election has been intense from the get-go, but in Monday night's debate, it all comes down to Busch's stances versus Sanford's morals.

Rape Culture: 3 Reasons Most Men Are to Blame For Misogyny

The culture surrounding misogynistic acts and behaviors begins and ends in one place. That's right fellas, with us.

War With Iran: Is Chuck Hagel Giving Israel the Green Light?

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced Israel can make its own decision about when to unilaterally strike its neighbor.

3 Reasons Neanderthals Are Really to Blame For Global Warming

Blame the denizens of 21st-century Earth for global warming all you want, but humanity's impact on the environment goes back. Way, way back.

Prop 8: Getting Married in California? Easier Done Than Said

While Prop 8 prevents same-sex couples from getting married for love, there's no rule against marrying people for health care.

How Men Can Stop Rape

Engaging men to prevent violence against women has become a veritable trend in the international aid world.

Cooper Union Tuition: School Makes a Mistake in Charging Students

After having the threat of tuition hanging over their heads for a year and a half, Cooper Union has decided to implement tuition for its undergraduate students.

Obamacare Will Provide Regular Citizens the Same Rehab Services Celebs Get

Actors like Glee's Cory Monteith can afford rehab, but what about the average person? Obamacare will open up addiction services to 5 million people.

Massachusetts Special Election Results: Could "Deep Blue" Massachusetts Go Red?

Polls will open in Massachusetts for the primary vote in the special election to fill Secretary of State John Kerry’s seat on Tuesday.

Washington State Anti Gay Bill: Legalizing Discrimination One State at a Time

Washington State lawmakers are looking to make an exemption for religious people and organizations to a 2006 anti-discrimination bill .

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev: When a 'Nice Guy' Does Something Terrible

When those who knew him said nice things about Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the usual response to a major act of violence was thrown for a dangerous loop.

Climate Change: Public Opinion Rebounds From All-Time Lows

After a several-year period of doubt in climate change, funded by a campaign from the oil and gas industries, Americans are again coming around to realize what's at stake.

Jason Collins Team: The Washington Wizards Fully Support Their Center

NBA basketball player Jason Collins announces that he is gay.

Guantanamo Bay Hunger Strike: Gitmo Inmates Starve to Make Their Voices Heard

Guantanamo Bay detainees are on hunger strike, and gaining momentum. But are they achieving their goal? Will anyone listen?

U.S. Intervention Will Always Be a Losing Battle

There are constantly new conflicts and threats (large and small) emerging around the globe, but history has shown us that U.S. intervention usually ends in futility.

Jason Collins Comes Out As a Washington Wizard

After being traded by the Boston Celtics two months ago, center Jason Collins finally admits he's a Washington Wizard.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month: Advice From One Survivor to Another

A sexual assault survivor explains how after an assault, it can get better.

Michelle Obama Arms: Americans Getting Plastic Surgery to Look Like Her

The First Lady represents a new beauty standard: the glamour of muscle.

"Fair New Deal": Why All Americans Should Join FreedomWorks to Support It

"The New Deal" would get the United States back on track in supporting individual liberty, prosperity, and economic growth.

Hamid Karzai Corruption: CIA Sends Millions of Dollars in "Ghost Money" to Afghan President

The CIA funnels millions of dollars to Afghanistan in an attempt to buy influence over the Karzai government

Education For Girls is the Global Issue Of Our Time

Girls around the world are facing battles, and bullets, for their right to an education.

Timothy Hallet Tracy: Venezuelan President Orders American Filmmaker Arrested

On Wednesday, Venezuela arrested an American filmmaker on espionage charges. Is there anything to them, or is the government just trying to hold onto power in the wake of a close election?

Sandra Day O'Connor: Admits Supreme Court Made a Mistake in Bush v. Gore

Former Justice Sandra Day O'Connor admits that the Supreme Court should not have heard Bush v. Gore. What do you think?

Iraq Suspends Al Jazeera Broadcast License, Blames Them For Sectarian Violence

Is Al Jazeera fanning the flames of violence in Iraq?

Amanda Knox Memoir: Is It Just a Sympathy Ploy to the Meredith Kercher Family?

New excerpts from Amanda Knox's memoir "Waiting To Be Heard" reveal she wrote, but did not send, a letter to Meredith Kircher's family explaining her innocence. Why did she include this letter?

Boston Bombings: "Act of Terrorism" Definition Could Mean Small Businesses Lose Insurance Money

If the federal government officially labels the Boston Marathon bombing an act of terrorism, there could be serious financial consequences for the businesses most affected by the attacks.

Budweiser Buddy Cup Wants to Help You Get Laid

Because you need a cup for that now.

Why Are GOP Deficit Hawks Telling the Army to Buy Tank Upgrades They Don't Want?

Despite the Army's protests, Congress is insisting that the Army spend money on tanks that the Army has said they do not need. Is Congress being prudent or just ignoring the Army?

Boston Bombings: Why We Must Extend the War On Terror Even Further

In the wake of the Boston bombings, how can we increase our efforts to fight terrorism? We must defend ourselves and our way of life without apology.

EU Pesticide Ban: How Pesticides Might Be Killing Honeybees, and Affecting Humans

The European Union recently instituted a 2-year moratorium on pesticides following evidence linking them to a decrease in the bee population. The U.S. needs to quickly follow their example.

Samsung Galaxy S4: See Its Awful 'Gangnam Style' Parody

Kill it, kill it with fire.

Mic Check: PolicyMic Interviews Ray Kurzweil!

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on today's news and our favorite stories from around the Web.

Anthony Foxx Secretary Of Transportation: Is Obama Living Up to His Diversity Promises?

Charlotte, North Carolina Mayor Anthony Foxx will nominated to be to the next Secretary of Transportation in the Obama administration. Is Obama living up to his diversity promises?

Jason Collins Sports Illustrated Op-Ed: NBA Center Makes Historic Announcement

Collins became the first openly gay professional male athlete in a major sport on Monday, as he wrote a tell-all piece for Sports Illustrated discussing his sexuality, among other things.

Virgin Galactic Goes Supersonic In First Rocket Test

One giant step for Richard Branson's ego and another equally giant step for commercial space travel.

Anthony Foxx: Obama Nominates Charlotte Mayor For Cabinet Post

President Obama has nomiated Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx to replace Secretary Ray LaHood as head of the Transportation Department. But will the Senate confirm his choice?

Todd Akin: Failed Missouri Senate Candidate Has Hollow Regrets Over "Legitimate Rape"

Todd Akin has expressed his regrets about his "legitimate rape" comments from last summer — but only his regrets that what he said derailed his campaign.

Wolf Blizter SWAT Hoax: Anchor the Victim Of Popular Prank

The CNN anchor fell victim to the popular phone prank, which resulted in cops surrounding his Maryland home after receiving a fake emergency message from his address.