What is Misogyny, and How to Recognize a Misogynist

Misogyny is such a large and complex issue that full explication within PolicyMic’s 500-word article guideline is impossible. However, this is a darn good attempt.

Why North Korea Really Hates Us

In the midst of escalating tensions between North Korea and the U.S., it's important to consider why North Koreans hate us in the first place

France Makes Contraception and Abortion Free

France just passed a landmark piece of legislation that makes birth control free from girls aged 15-18 and abortion free for all women.

Why Does North Korea Hate the U.S.?

Tensions between the United States and North Korea have recently escalated quite dramatically. But why?

War With North Korea: Kim Jong-Un is Not a Threat, Despite Hawkish U.S. Rhetoric

The only practical way to avoid a disastrous war and increase the chances of peace is the U.S. to the stop the saber-rattling.

80% Of Drug Smugglers Are American Citizens, Not Illegal Immigrants

Many Americans assume cross-border drug smuggling is exclusively the domain of Latinos. Not true — 80% of those border-hoppers are American citizens.

Top 5 Cities For Godless Atheists

Hope you like the cold.

Bill O'Reilly vs. Laura Ingraham: Papa Bear Goes Off On Fellow Conservative

Bill O'Reilly's post-mortem on the gay marriage debate concedes that the right never had a legitimate argument all along

What Would Female Superheroes Look Like If They Weren't Objectified?

See what female superheroes would look like if they weren't all cleavage and mini-skirts.

40 Million Americans Think Obama is the Antichrist (and 12.5 Million Think He's a Reptilian)

Public Policy Polling has released its poll results on various conspiracy theories, and it's full of surprises. How many Americans do you think believe in ... lizard people?

Anti-Rape Lingerie Gives Would-Be Sexual Offenders an Electric Shock

A team of engineers is working together to end rape and make women feel safer in public by developing anti-rape lingerie.

James Holmes: Death Penalty Costs 3x More Than a Life Sentence

The death penalty is killing an American ideal. Which is more important, the execution of criminals like James Holmes, or the preservation of justice for all?

15-Year-Old Girl Argues Gun Laws Will Leave the Poor Defenseless

Last week, James Madison of The Maryland Minute Men posted a recently-viral video of a 15-year-old high school student “[leaving] anti-gun politicians speechless.” Here's the scoop.

Immigration Reform 2013: The Gang Of 8 Plan Could Stand

The Gang of Eight has been fighting for months to craft a bipartisan immigration reform bill. With the last major policy hurdle resolved this weekend, the bill has a shot at making history.

War With North Korea: Are We Approaching a New "Pearl Harbor"?

Major sanctions were recently passed to cripple the North Korean economy. Did we take similar actions with Japan right before Peal Harbor?

The 5 Best TV Series Based On Books

In honor of the season 4 finale of FX's "Justified" and the premier of “Game of Thrones,” here is a look at the top five television series based on books.

Student Debt Loan Crisis: Students Have No One to Blame But Themselves

Young people should realize that nothing is guaranteed simply by graduating from college. Society does not owe everyone with a diploma a job.

Do Prospective Students Have to Lie in Essays to Get Into College?

Classmates of mine were dishonest in their college application essays, and the lies might have paid off.

How Communities Can Find a Solution to Rising Sea Levels and Flooding

Is your coastal town stuck on how to address the the problem of coastal flooding? A few tips can get communities past the paralysis and on the path to greater resilience.

Texas Students Protest Proposed Ban On College Gender and Sexuality Centers

On April 1, Texas Rep. Bill Zedler filed an amendment which would would prohibit universities from housing, funding, or supporting gender and sexuality centers. Now, students fight back

What I Love (and Hate) About MKTO's 'Thank You' Video

MTKO, a duo of young millennial entertainers, offer a song and video of both disenchantment and hope for their generation. They got their message right - almost.

House Bill 494: N.C. GOP Ditches Constitution, Plans to Implement Official State Religion

Republican North Carolina lawmakers have proposed a bill that would allow the state to establish an official religion, directly defying both the First Amendment and the constitution.

1 in 4 French Women Are Afraid On the Street Due to Sexual Harassment

A new study shows just what kind of toll sexual harassment can have on women in France.

Reddit "Feminist Victims Fund" Mistakenly Argues That Feminists Don't Support Men

Writer Adria Richard's Tweet about sexism in tech sparked many discussions, but what's gone overlooked is the response of men's rights activists who misunderstand and misconstrue the situation.

Obamacare Exchanges Delayed to 2015, Obama Now Turns to Mass Marketing

A key provision billed by Democrats as helping small businesses gets delayed again while another gets repealed. The Obama administration is now turning to mass marketing to change public opinion.

'Bioshock Infinite' Asks "Would You Stone An Interracial Couple?"

Video games often ask a good deal of their players, and the decisions often cross the moral compass. Do the decisions gamers make reflect their personalities?

Tilda Swinton MoMa: Sleeping Actress Exhibit is Not Art

It is a sad day for art when some random British actress can sleep in a museum for "art" and homeless people have to sleep outside.

5 Things You Can Do On the International Day Against Victim-Blaming

Wednesday is the International Day Against Victim-Blaming. What will you do to take stance against rape culture?

Maria Belen Chapur: How She Will Help Mark Sanford’s Campaign

South Carolina Senate hopeful Mark Sanford won the GOP primary. His scandalous affair with an Argentine journalist may help him to a victory in the full election.

Bubba Craft: Bubba Watson's Hovercraft Golf Cart Just Made the Sport a Lot Cooler

It's for real, Bubba Watson and Oakley have come together to make the world's first hovering golf cart. What does this mean for how golfers get around?

New Atheists Are Muslim Bashers, Not Rational Thinkers

Celebrity atheists like Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins claim their fiery brand of atheism abbhors all religions. Their supporters have been duped.

Ken Cuccinelli: Why Does the Virginia Attorney General Want to Ban Oral and Anal Sex?

Virginia's attorney general submitted a petition for a federal court to reconsider overturning the state's ban on "sodomy." It's pretty much as ridiculous as it sounds.

Exxon Pegasus Pipeline Floods Mayflower, Arkansas, With Low-Grade Oil

Exxon's Pegasus Pipeline, which carries crude oil from Canada through America's heartland, spilled thousands of gallons of oil in an Arkansas suburb last Friday.

10 Things That Will Make You Feel Ancient

Twenty years ago, Clinton was elected president. Chances are, you remember when he entered office. If that doesn't make you feel old, here are nine other things that will.

Ancient Gateway to Hell Discovered in Turkey

Italian archaeologists in Pamukkale, Turkey have uncovered an ancient cave believed to be one of the entrances to Hell. Seriously.

Iran Elections 2013: Regime Change Won't Kill Iran's Nuclear Program

With its nuclear posturing and aggressive rhetoric, Iran's government has been quite the headache for the United States. But replacing the regime may be more trouble than it's worth.

North Carolina Republicans Want to Establish An Official State Religion

A new bill introduced by Republicans in North Carolina seeks to overturn the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights and allow the state to establish an official relgion.

Student Loan Fairness Act: Will Your Student Loans Be Forgiven?

Legislation introduced to forgive student loans sounds good on the surface, but without addressing the rising cost of college, it is a short-term solution to a long- term problem.

'Game Of Thrones' Review: Is Show Popular Because Of Women's Rights?

It's good to eat Cheetos and play Angry Birds, but sometimes we wish we were off in the wild slaying dragons and encountering no-nonsense warrior-women instead.

Kevin Ware Injury Coverage: Did CBS Handle It Appropriately?

Louisville guard Kevin Ware suffered a gruesome leg injury versus Duke, and CBS's decision not to show the replay has come under scrutiny. Did they do the right thing?

Marijuana Legalization: Is Oregon Next?

Oregon lawmakers are looking at a bill to legalize the production, processing and sale of the controversial marijuana plant. Will they follow in Colorado and Washington's footsteps?

NSA Chief Wants Companies to Share More Info With the Government

Cyber security is one of the most troubling issues facing U.S. national security officials today, which is why the head of the NSA is calling for greater information sharing with the government.

North Dakota's Attitude Towards Women is All About ... Oil?

North Dakota is changing rapidly due to its vast shale oil fields, and many of the changes are actively harming women living in the state.

North Korea Economy: The Kaesong Industrial Zone Keeps NK Alive

How does North Korea produce enough resosources to keep itself operational? The answer partly lies in the Kaesong Industrial Zone.

Kevin Wallin: Cross-Dressing Priest Confesses to Selling Meth, Running Porn Store

The 61-year-old priest is expected to plead guilty next week. Perhaps the pope's recent foot washing humility is just a clever cover for a vast, global Catholic meth distribution ring?

Bitcoin Price Skyrockets — Why is Everyone Rushing to Invest?

Just 3 years ago, Bitcoins were hardly taken seriously. You could buy one for a nickel. If you still had those coins today, you could sell them for 2,940% more than before.

What is the Aryan Brotherhood Of Texas?

The Aryan Brotherhood of Texas is being cited for possible links to the deaths of two Texas prosecutors. Here is how the group operates inside and outside the Texas prison system.

Why Bigotry Wrapped in the Bible is Still Bigotry

The belief that homosexuality is a "sin," according to the Bible, is the last bastion of opponents of gay marriage. Why this, too, will fail to stop the march of equality.

Connecticut Gun Control: Legislators Ready to Pass Toughest Laws in the Nation

Lawmakers in Connecticut are teaming up to pass the nation's toughest gun control laws. It's bipartisanship in action and Congress should take notice.

Ben Carson is the New Black Conservative Leader

And he'll lead ABCs (American Black Conservatives) to the "promise land," while leading himself to a profitable career as the right-wing pundit du jour.

Beyonce Calls Herself a "Modern-Day Feminist" in Vogue UK

Beyonce finally uses the F-word! Huzzah!

Mike Rice Fired From Rutgers Basketball: Good For Rutgers

The Scarlet Knights coach was caught on tape physically and verbally abusing his players. Rutgers fired the coach on Monday after intense media pressure.

The April 50 Under 30 Challenge Gets Its First Writer

PolicyMic's April 50 Under 30 challenge kicks off with its first recruit, Katie McHugh

Financial Advice for Millennials: Invest Now, Thank Yourself Later

Our generation is financially in a worse place than our predecessors, plain and simple. This creates an interesting problem for our generation, but there is a solution at hand.

How an "At Risk" Teenager Taught Me That Words Do Matter

The girl who taught me so much in a few seconds didn't actually bust out with, "I am precious, I am a (bleeping) treasure!" But she might as well have. I will never forget her.

Joseph Kony Bounty: Obama Offers $5M Reward for Warlord's Capture

The U.S. is offering a $5M reward for information that leads to the capture of the infamous warlord, Joseph Kony.

Mike Rice Fired: Rutgers Coach Canned After Disturbing Video Airs On ESPN

The Rutgers men's basketball coach has been caught on camera acting like a total psycho and abusing his players.

Michelle Obama Entertainment Tonight Appearance: Barack Has "Swag"

In her Entertainment Tonight interview, the first lady talked about how hot her husband is and discussed what her next signature dance move should be, among other things.

Federal Reserve is Critical to the Continuing Security Of Our Economy

Critics claim that the Federal Reserve is a shadowy, out-of-touch institution which supports corrupt big banks. Actually, it's a pillar of stability for the American economy.

Henrique Capriles Could Spark a Social Revolution in Venezuela

Chavez's successor, Nicolas Maduro, represents an aging and unstable regime. The real revolutionary choice for Venezuela would be Henrique Capriles.

Vine App Makes Instagram Look Primitive

Twitter's new 6-second video-sharing app is the future.

'Buckwild' Star Dead: Shain Gandee's Death a Reminder Reality TV Has a Dark Side

Shain Gandee's untimely death reminds us of how detrimental reality TV can be to cast members, viewers, and the people and cultures it represents.

Rand Paul Gun Control Ads: The Republican Targets His Own Party

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has attacked fellow GOP Congress members over their liberal stance on gun control. Is this Paul's newest policy initiative ahead of a 2016 run?

Teens Holding Off On Sex, But Still Need Comprehensive Sex Ed

Young teens are waiting to have sex, but schools still need to teach comprehensive sex ed so students can be informed should they become sexually active.

BRAIN Initiative: Mapping the Human Brain Would Be a Triumph For Obama

President Obama announced a huge scientific proposal to map the human brain. But is the proposal a game changer for science or is it taking away money from other smaller worthwhile projects?

South Carolina GOP Runoff Results: Mark Sanford Wins and May Be Mounting a Political Comeback

Former South Carolinia governor and representative Mark Sanford just won the House primary. What are his chances in the May election?

ADHD 'Epidemic' is Actually a Byproduct Of Modern Life

Mounting ADHD diagnoses suggest medication is not the answer to our technologically saturated and changing times.

136 Countries Where U.S. Teachers Have Their Human Rights Violated

Teachers teaching abroad in U.S.-accredited schools routinely have their civil rights violated. Why is this allowed to happen?

New Kids On the Block Album '10': Band Comebacks We Didn't Need

The generously described comeback of New Kids on the Block is, um, interesting. And they bring to mind other bands that really should not or should not have tried to make us like them again.

Climate Change is Real, Says Majority Of Republicans

A new poll shows that most Republicans believe that climate change is real. Will this translate into a change in the Republican Party's attitude toward the environment?

Top 4 Picks to Replace Ben Bernanke as Chairperson Of the Federal Reserve

Rumors have begun to emerge of a changing of the guard at one of the most secretive institutions in the world. No, it is not more Vatican intrigue; it is a question of leadership at the Fed.

Welcome to Miami, a Place For Photobombers

What's in the South Beach water that makes basketball players want to ruin their buddy's moment in the warm Florida sun?

Kenya Election 2013: What Do Tribal Conflicts Mean For Kenya — and the U.S.

On March 9, Kenya's newly created Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission declared that Uhuru Kenyatta the next president ok Kenya. Here's why that might be a problem for the U.S.

Tim McDaniel: Teacher Shouldn't Be Investigated For Saying "Vagina" in Class

In a world where a high school teacher is under investigation for saying "vagina" during an anatomy lesson, it's obvious our country has a serious values problem.

Yongbyon Nuclear Reactor Could Spark War With North Korea

Tensions flared on Tuesday as North Korea announced its intention to restart a major nuclear facility capable of producing weapons-grade material.

Child Protestor Spends Easter Condemning Gays and LGBTs to Hell

A child protester spent his Easter Sunday condemning Green Street United Methodist Church for supporting same-sex marriage.

Jewish Students Union: Should Twitter Give France the Personal Information Of Anti-Semitic Tweeters?

Twitter is being sued for refusing to give French authorities the personal information of anti-Semites. Should they have?

Ashton Kutcher Startup Wants an English Major, According to Leaked Job Posting

The Two and a Half Men star is looking for writers with a "taste for aesthetic beauty," which is something that should be present in every facet of business innovation.

Maine GOP Continues to Devour Its Own

Penobscot County, Maine, is the center of almighty storm of chaos that has seen several Maine GOP committee members resign.

Budget 2013: What If the Federal Budget Reflected Public Opinion?

Congress is closer than ever to passing a budget for the first time in Obama's presidency. But what would happen if their proposal actually reflected what Americans think should happen?

5 Countries That Love to Ban the Internet As Much As China

China and Saudi Arabia are notorious for keeping their citizens in check with their on /off ban on social networks and certain websites. Here are 5 other countries that have tried to ban the web.

2 Million High School Seniors Are On the Verge Of a Nervous Breakdown

That awkward moment when families around the country (and the world) anxiously await the responses of U.S. universities that have spent the last three months reviewing their applications.

Elizabeth Gilbert Asks Facebook Fans to Pick Cover Art For New Novel

"Eat Pray Love" author Elizabeth Gilbert recently called upon Facebook users to help her decide on a cover for her new book. Is this the most brilliant idea ever or a disaster waiting to happen?

Free Online Learning Now Brought to You By Harvard, MIT, and Stanford

The development is a significant development in the world of online education.

Zynga Online Casino: Real-Money Gaming Won't Save the Company

Zynga announces a new online casino venture, but it may already be gameover for the makers of FarmVille.

Obama is the Anti-Christ, and Other Crazy Things Americans Believe

That History Channel series may have been onto something!

Joss Stone Murder Plot: Jurors Convict Junior Bradshaw, Kevin Liverpool

Jurors found two men guilty of attempting to behead Joss Stone, the British pop star, in a murder plot that was full of bizarre twists and turns.

Louie Gohmert Logic: Why Liberals Shouldn't Dismiss It As 'Crazy'

Louie Gohmert opposes limits on ammunition and compares it to destroying the institution of marriage.

EU Porn Ban Distracts From Larger Issues For Women and Girls

The EU's proposed ban on the sexualization of girls, after the so-called "ban on porn," may be an example of good intentions gone wrong.

Bill Kristol Thinks Millennials' Gay Marriage Views Are Just a Fad

The editor of the Weekly Standard believes shifting opinion on gay marriage is a passing fad not worth catering to, rather than real groundswell change.

Barbara Walters Retirement: Can She Be Replaced?

The legendary journalist is retiring, leading many to wonder whether any of today's big female journalists can replace her, but no one will ever be able to fill this void.

Gwyneth Paltrow Cookbook: Celebs Are Taking On Drastically Different Projects

Oscar-winning movie star Gwyneth Paltrow just released a new cookbook. The actress-turned-author isn't the only celebrity to change career paths. Here are some others.

10 Biggest Sports Coach Freakouts

Rutgers fired basketball coach Mike Rice after videos of him verbally and physically abusing players emerged on the internet. Think that's bad? Check out these ten other sports coach freakouts.

Coachella 2013 Dates: 5 Best Music Festivals This Spring

You don't have to wait until summer to attend cool musical festivals. Here are five ones to see this season.

Kirsten Gillibrand Now Fundraising For Elizabeth Colbert Busch to Win in South Carolina

Mark Sanford may have been victorious in the Republican primary runoff, but he faces a strong contender in Elizabeth Colbert Busch.

4 Shows That Made a Sick Day From School Totally Worth It

Sick days aren't as fun as they were when we were kids and had a cool lineup of shows on during the day. Here are four shows that made us want to skip school and sit in front of the TV all day.

Alabama On the Verge Of Closing Its 5 Remaining Abortion Clinics

The Alabama legislature has passed a bill that would impose burdensome restrictions on abortion clinics in the state. Governor Robert Bentley is expected to sign the bill into law.

Algorithms Replace Human Traders On Wall Street

Perhaps, the 21st century will be defined in how we gave over, once and for all, the controlling interests of the United States to the synthetic systems we created.

Kaesong Industrial Park Shut Down By North Korea, But It's Just More Desperate Rhetoric

North Korea has prevented South Koreans from entering a joint industrial site. Why the actions do not give the nation any more credibility for launching a nuclear attack.

Marvin Gaye Birthday: 5 Of His Most Iconic Songs

In honor of what would have been the Marvin Gaye's 74th birthday, here are some of the late singer's timeless tunes.

Summer Musical Festival 2013: Your Essential Guide to the Top 5 Festivals

Summer is approaching, and with it comes dozens of great music festivals. Here's what you need to know about Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, and other exciting ones.

'Mad Men' Season 6 Premiere and Other Things to Be Excited About This Spring

With the return of "Mad Men," the premiere of "Pain & Gain," and the NFL draft, there's a ton to be pumped about this season.

Dear Harry Reid, a Woman's Place is in the House and Senate, Not a Checkbox

The phrase "women's issues" is detrimental to humanity. When will we accept issues of particular concern to women as issues that also concern all people?

March Madness 2013: Is It Being Used by Politicians For Financial Gain?

What is it about the March Madness tournament that whips politicians and organizations up into a fundraising frenzy?

Mark Kirk Endorses Gay Marriage: Only 2 GOP Senators Support It

Even though Mark Kirk had always been moderate on his social views, his clear statement will hopefully begin and continue a trend for other Americans to take after.

Mic Check: Meet Hitler's Food Tester

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on today's news and our favorites stories from around the web.

State Department's Keystone XL Contractor Green Lights BP's Explosive Caspian Pipeline

How much can we trust the contractor who did the Keystone XL environmental impact statement? Look no further than ERM Group's green light of the Caspian Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) Pipeline.