World's Most Cynical Art Student Makes Wedding Dress Out Of Divorce Papers

Is this brilliant or depressing? I can't decide.

Aaron Swartz Interview Video: Months Before His Suicide, He Warned Corporations Could Censor the Internet

An interview of Aaron Swartz, the Internet activist who committed suicide, has been released. He warned of internet censorship by private and government actors, months before his legal fight.

India Porn Ban: Sexual Assault, Not Porn, Is The Problem in India

In response to recent rape cases, the Indian government is considering banning pornography — taking the easy way out instead of facing the rampant culture of sexual crime head-on.

5 Best Prom Proposals Ever

Elaborate prom proposals are growing in popularity. Here are some creative folks who went above and beyond to ask people to prom.

Senkaku Islands Dispute: How China Could Spark the Next Big War

While the world remains distracted by North Korea's bizarre antics, a potentially devastating conflict may be simmering in the South China Sea.

Immigration Reform 2013: 3 Ways Undocumented Women Will Benefit

The battle for ethical immigration reform: The Gang of 8 delivers three astonishing provisions to protect and enhance the lives of undocumented women.

Vice HBO Show: Hits Harder Than CNN, and For Good Reason

Vice's new series that premiered on HBO earlier this month is anything but formualaic, and worth a watch if you're bored by CNN

The Rape Victims No One Wants to Hear About: Prisoners

Rape is most prevalent in American prisons, but it is also here where it is most ignored.

Bagram Crash Video: Tragic Plane Crash Caught On Camera

A camera captures the final moments of a civilian cargo plane that crashed near Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan.

8 Commencement Speakers Whose Graduation Advice We Can't Wait to Hear

From politicians to pop culture favorites, there will be plenty of great speakers to inspire and entertain you this graduation season.

Live Action Abortion Video: 8 Things to Consider About the Exposé

LiveAction released an undercover video of a D.C. abortion doctor explaining how he would not help a baby if it were born alive during an attempted abortion. This will inevitably cause argument.

How to Deal With Failure in College, And Come Out Stronger

College is first and foremost a place of disillusionment. On the upside, though, the disillusionment gives way to a remarkable clarity of mind.

4 Ways CNN's Frida Ghitis Gets it Wrong On Gun Control

CNN's Frida Ghitis wrote an Op-Ed in the aftermath of the Boston Bombing that addresses gun violence. Here are four things she got wrong.

Tony Award Nominations 2013 Live Stream: Watch Announcement Here

The 2013 Tony nominees will be announced live on Tuesday morning. Sutton Foster and Jesse Tyler Ferguson will be doing the honors. Watch live here.

'The Great Gatsby' Trailer: Will the Trailer Be Better Than the Film?

Baz Luhrmann's latest trailer is as great as it's source material, but will audience feel the thrills in theaters?

Gay Marriage: The Blaze Wants You to Know the Goal is to Destroy 'Traditional Marriage'

The Blaze takes one out-of-context comment and uses it to smear the entire gay rights movement.

Circle Of 6: Could This App Help Protect College Women From Sexual Assault?

While it is no substitute for rape prevention education, Circle of 6 aims to help young women quickly alert their friends and families if they fear danger.

There Should Be No Distinction Between Stalking and Cyberstalking

No one has the luxury of assuming a disconnect between the virtual and the “real” worlds, especially given statistics about rape and domestic violence.

Amazon Most Well-Read City: Is it Really Alexandria, Va.?

Amazon has declared Alexandria, Va. America's most well-read city, but what does that even mean and what was the company's methodology?

Ending the Epidemic of Sexual Assault in the Military

As Sexual Assault Awareness month comes to a close, we owe it to the men and women who bravely join the military to put an end to unconscionable acts of sexual violence in the military.

Immigration Reform 2013: A Huge Opportunity to Grow the Economy

The Senate plans to begin mark up on overhauling the U.S. immigration system on May 9. The evidence and data supporting comprehensive immigration reform is overwhelming positive.

Immigration Reform 2013: The Tea Party Could Muck It All Up

Also, why Marco Rubio could care less.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev: Is He An Enemy Combatant?

A majority of Americans are still unfamiliar with the term "enemy combatant" and its further implications.

How Dangerous is the Cinnamon Challenge?

Trying to swallow a tablespoon of cinnamon seems like a silly stunt, but it can actually damage the lungs - as the workers who make it could have told us.

Here's the NFL player Who Didn't Show His Support to Jason Collins

One NFL player didn't show his support for Jason Collins this week: Miami Dolphins receiver Mike Wallace.

Laura Jane Grace Transgender: She Doesn't Consider Herself a Hero

The Against Me! band member does not want to be considered an icon or a hero and she shouldn’t be. She should simply be an addition to what it means to be transgender.

Colleges Must Treat Students Like Customers to Stop Losing Money

Universities and colleges need to start thinking of students as paying customers. Schools provide a service to consumers, and customers expect a tangible result: in this case, employment:

4 Hilarious Fake Trailers That You Totally Wish Were Real

It's almost an indisputable fact by now: the best part of going to the movies is watching the trailers. But what happens when you see a hilarious trailer that turns out to be fake?

Meet The Caterpillar That Looks Exactly Like Donald Trump's Hair

Does this caterpillar remind you of anyone?

5 Dead Giveaways You're From California

West Coast, Best Coast!

5 Things That Will Change Your Mind About the War on Drugs

In 2010, the government spent $30,000 per minute on the War on Drugs, and one has to beg why this can even be justified while inequalities caused by the criminal justice system rise.

How to Report On Sexual Assault and Actually Report Well

Bad reporting on sexual assault abounds; good reporting is sparse. How can journalists do their job without victim-blaming or mis-informing?

'Parks and Recreation' Season Finale: 3 Ways the Show Has Changed Sitcoms

In anticipation of the show's season finale Thursday, we count three important ways that "Parks and Recreation" shaped the landscape of today's TV offerings.

Syria Chemical Weapons: 3 Things the U.S. Can Do Right Away

The Obama administration is dragging its feet in Syria. The rebels and Syrian civilians deserve military relief, and they need it now.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Rights: FBI Agents May Have Ignored His Requests For a Lawyer Repeatedly

In the Boston Bombing case, the FBI may have denied Dzhokhar Tsarnaev counsel. Does this vindicate those calling for a military trial or prove that police need to be aware of a suspect's rights?

'Batgirl' Comic: Transgender Character is a Good Start, But Not Enough?

Gail Simone's "Batgirl" title now features a transgender character. That's nice, but is there anything else to her? And does this make up for Barbara Gordon leaving her wheelchair behind?

CNN: "The Least Trusted Name in News," According to a New Poll

A Huffington Post and YouGov poll has revealed the CNN is less trusted than other major networks, including Fox. Maybe it is time for some Fox news haters to reevaluate their perspective.

Immigration Reform 2013: Why is the House Trying Its Damndest to Kill It?

The Senate has proposed the nation's most comprehensive immigration reform legislation ever. It's reform the nation urgently needs, but the bill faces overwhelming obstacles from the House.

Ron Paul Claims Boston Manhunt Cops Were "Paramilitary Troops Terrorizing the Public"

Former Texas Congressman Ron Paul claims that the cops searching for Boston bombing suspects were "paramilitary troops" who pointed "automatic weapons at innocent citizens." He's wrong.

DNA Discovery Anniversary: 60 Years On, This Discovery Has Transformed Society

We are aware of Watson and Crick's work, but what about Rosalind Franklin's contribution in unravelling the structure of DNA: the most important scientific discovery of the 20th century?

Leila Fowler Murder: Suspect Still On Loose As Manhunt Underway

Eight Year old Leila Fowler was viciously murdered and left for dead in her home, while her parents attended a little league game close by. A mourning town searches for answers.

9 Invaluable Life Lessons I Learned in College

Here are some lifelong lessons I gleaned from higher education.

How to Get Rid Of Facebook Ads On Chrome

One easy click and you'll be ad-free on Facebook.

'Someday, Someday, Maybe' Lauren Graham: Actress' Debut Novel About Finding Oneself

Known for TV's "Gilmore Girls" and "Parenthood," Lauren Graham has a new role: author. Her book, "Someday, Someday, Maybe," is about show business and finding your way in New York City.

Google Glass Release Date: Features and Apps to Try Once It's Out

Google Glass will be available soon. Here are the features and apps to look forward to.

NHL Playoffs 2013: 9 Storylines to Watch

The puck drops on the National Hockey League's 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs on Tuesday night for a season that almost didn't happen. Here are nine storylines to watch.

Americans Pretend to be Smarter Than They Really Are

Just how interested in politics are we?

James McCormick Convicted of Selling Fake Bomb Detectors

James McCormick faces up to seven years in prison for selling fake bomb detectors to the Iraqi military.

Trends in Education 2013: This is How Texas Wastes $90 Million a Year

Texas is known for being friendly to "the test." However, despite outspending and out-testing other states, its students continue to underperform.

Malala Yousafzai: TIME Influential Person Should Inspire Millennials to Change the World

Millennials are caught between sensationalism and apathy, but there is a way out, as Malala is a reminder that courage and passion can move mountains in the face of adversity.

Facebook Ads Are Now 40% More Effective, And You Don't Even Have to Click On Them

"Suggested Posts" are stealth ads blended right in between posts from friends on your Facebook news feed. If this is the 21st-century version of subliminal advertising, then it's working.

'Inside Amy Schumer': Don't Compare It to Lena Dunham's Work

Amy Schumer's show premieres Tuesday on Comedy Central, but before you tune in, refrain from comparing her to writer/director Lena Dunham and other female comedians.

Massachusetts Special Election Candidates: Meet the Top Contenders in Each Party

There are five credible contenders for former Senator John Kerry's Senate seat in an election that will be conducted on June 25. What do you need to know about them?

South Dakota Senate Race: Will Stephanie Herseth Sandlin Run?

The DSCC is pushing former Rep. Sandlin, an anti-Obamacare, anti-gay marriage, pro-gun lobbyist, to run for Senator Johnson's seat over Brendan Johnson.

Ke$ha’s 'My Crazy Beautiful Life' Review: Documentary Brings Music Back to MTV

With the Ke$ha documentary, MTV has perhaps found the niche that could bring it relevancy: a blend of the stuff that gets ratings (reality TV) and the stuff that got them in the business (music).

Obama's Budget 2014: A Plan To Boost the Middle Class

President Obama’s 2014 budget proposal offers a pragmatic and comprehensive strategy to restore a healthy middle class.

Mohamedou Slahi: Guantanamo Detainee's Memoirs Put Pressure on Obama to Close Prison

Harrowing handwritten memoir of Guantanamo detainee Mohamedou Ould Slahi released on the same day as Obama vows to close the prison camp in reaction to ongoing hunger strikes.

What is the Best Job For Millennials in 2013?

Income? Job Opportunities? Happiness? Find out what qualities make the best jobs for millennials in 2013.

UN Torture Expert Denied Visit to Bahrain: What Are They Hiding?

And how have the U.S. and U.K. flown under the international radar for two years, sustaining a business relationship with a tyrannical monarchy?

Wikipedia Sexism: Amanda Filipacchi is Owed An Apology

Wikipedia owes Amanda Filipacchi an apology for altering her page, and its users for being sexist.

Sequestration 2013: Unemployment Benefits Become the New Focus Of Fiscal Responsibility

Regardless of the reasoning, cutting unemployment benefits at a time when job creation is happening at a crawl if at all, will push us further into a recession rather than lifting us out.

Drones In America: Using Drones to Patrol the Drug War Is Foolish — And Illegal

The United States just recently began using surveillance drones as a part of the ongoing War on Drugs. It's a dangerous beginning to the next phase in this failed war.

Israel Palestine Conflict: 5 Reasons Obama Should Make it His Biggest Priority

Obama made basically no effort to secure an actual peace agreement between the Israelis and Palestinians during his recent visit. But here are five reasons why he should.

Mother's Day 2013: This Holiday, "Listen to Your Mother"

Is LTYM a trend, a cult of blog followers, a national movement, or simply an idea that's time has come? Attend one of the performances, perhaps with your own mom on Mother's Day.

PolicyMic's April 50 Under 30 Challenge Brings New Pundits Galore

PolicyMic's April 50 Under 30 Challenge was a huge success thanks to the help of our rockstar community.

Experts Ban 'Fruit Ninja' For Sickening Kitchen Rampage

We must, as a culture, have a deep conversation about what habits this heinous game "Fruit Ninja" is instilling in our children.

Syrian Civil War: A Humanitarian Reason To Intervene Is Not Enough

With speculations of the use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime have led to calls for direct intervention, any U.S intervention in Syria runs counter to its long-term interests.

Google Inactive Account Manager Helps You Control Your Digital Presence After Death

One of Google's new services helps you plan for your digital afterlife with a clean interface and a few simple settings.

Boston Bombing: Who Saved the Victims? Union Thugs, Do-Gooders, and Bureaucrats

The bombing in Boston reminded us that America works best when the government and public and private sectors come together and let each do what they do best.

Bangladesh Factory Collapse: The Hidden Cost of Cheap Clothes

The high cost of fast fashion.

Education Reform: Both Good Teaching and Civil Rights Matter

Too often, education-reform advocates act as if education reform is separable from poverty, prisons, immigration, and other issues. It isn't.

Bangladesh Factory Collapse: We Need to Demand Ethical Labor in the Fashion Industry

Factory fires and collapsed buildings can be prevented. We as consumers must vote with our wallets and demand that fast fashion retailers commit to ethical labor.

Mark Sanford Billboard: Affair Becomes PR Fodder For Ashley Madison

AshleyMadison would claim to support any public figure who had an affair, as the site wants users to have affairs.

Gay Rights: Why Are Los Angeles' Gay Resources Aimed at the White and Wealthy?

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer folks don't just live on the Westside of Los Angeles. So why are LGBTQ spaces only located north of the 10 and west of Downtown?

Stolen iPhones Used By Police to Entrap Unsuspecting Buyers

The San Francisco Police Department is combatting increasing rates of smartphone theft by posing as undercover black-market sellers, but this may hurt ordinary citizens most.

Yahoo! Leans In By Doubling Maternity and Paternity Leave

Yahoo takes a bold stance on parental leave.

Men Can Stop Rape: Engaging Men is Crucial to Ending Sexual Violence

Domestically and internationally, we need better at engage men and boys in discussions around violence and sexual assault, for all of our sakes.

Wage Theft: Is Your Boss Ransacking Your Paycheck?

Walmart and other companies are doing everything they can to bring Chinese-style labor practices to the U.S., and they're succeeding.

Baseball Game in South Side Of Chicago Cancelled Due to Parents' Fears Of Violent Crime

Since March of 2007, there have been 117 homicides within a mile radius of the field where the teams were scheduled to play.

Jason Collins: NBA Player Shows How to Tolerate Being Tolerated

A brief guide to dealing with those who don't want to deal with us.

Hamas-Fatah Peace: Religious Crackdowns in Gaza Will Kill Chances for Unity

Forcibly shaving young men's "Western hairstyles" and other crackdowns in Gaza will doom Hamas-Fatah unity.

Mark Sanford Debate Was the Best Entertainment on Television Monday Night

As the special election in South Carolina comes to a close, the first and only debate in the race proved to be a much watch.

North Korea News: Exports Grow But Deficit is the Bigger Problem

North Korea is shifting towards exporting manufactures of higher added value, but its strategic reliance on the import of raw materials has not changed. The resulting trade deficit is a problem.

A Robotic Education: How Robots Are Helping Autistic Children Learn

Research is showing that children with autism respond well to robot teachers. Is this the way of the future?

Stacey Campfield Pressure Cooker Joke: Terrorism is No Joke, and Legislators Shouldn't Be Either

Terrorism, immigration, and man-made tragedies are not jokes; our legislators shouldn't be either.

Guantanamo Bay Hunger Strike: If Obama is Serious About Closing Gitmo, He Needs to Show Us

In a news conference, President Obama pledged to renew efforts to close Guantanamo Bay. But he made the same promise in 2009 and the prison still holds over 160 inmates today.

Online Sales Tax: Could We Get (Gasp) A Bipartisan Fix?

The Senate recently voted 61-30 in favor of the Marketplace Fairness Act, and while Republicans generally oppose tax increases, many are in favor of this proposed legislation.

40% Of Stock Trades Are Done Outside the Prying Eye Of Regulators

Is the free-flowing type of trading away from the prying eyes of regulators a good or a bad thing?

GE Food Labeling Bill: Millennials Should Support It

Millennials have unprecedented power to shape the food system and send signals to food growers and processors. Supporting GE labeling is a start.

Mic Check: Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Writes For PolicyMic!

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on the day's news and our favorite stories from around the Web.

Latin American Presidents Love Twitter, and That's Dangerous

Twitter is more popular among Latin American politicians than any others in the world. If they continue posting overly intimate tweets, they will slip in political legitimacy.

Syria Chemical Weapons: What's the "Strange Substance" Assad is Dropping Out Of Planes?

Al-Jazeera reports that Syrian government forces dropped bags of a "strange substance," suspected to be chemical weapons, over the northwestern province of Idlib.

Juicy Couture Workers Fight For Full-Time Jobs

To save healthcare costs, Juicy Couture is cutting workers' hours in half. But employees are fighting back.

7 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Help Congress

America's entrepreneurs are innovators and master problem solvers whose livelihood relies on execution to be successful. Congress could use some of that.