'Tyler Perry's Temptation' Movie: Rape Scene Undermines a Woman's Power to Say "No"

In "Tyler Perry's Temptation," the audience is led to believe that a woman had consensual sex after saying "no" to the man's advances. This is a poor representation of the meaning of the word.

Roger Ebert's Favorite Movies: His Top Picks From 1967-2012

The world just lost its best known film critic, but to keep his memory alive, watch his favorite movies from 1967, the year he began reviewing, to 2012.

Michael Arrington Rape Allegations Are Wake-up Call For Silicon Valley

The boys' club in Silicon Valley has reached a new low: the brutalization of women by a well known tech titan went unreported for years, even though it was well known.

5 Conspiracy Theories Both Democrats and Republicans Believe In

A new PPP poll shows that both Democrats and Republicans believe in Lizard People, among other fantastic conspiracy theories.

5 Jobs On TV Shows That Seem Cool and Easy, But Are Actually Really Demanding

Whether you are a fan of Mad Men or the Big Bang Theory, the characters make their jobs on the show look easy. Dont be fooled!

3 Easy Ways Any College Graduate Can Make a Million Dollars

Millennials might feel like getting rich is an impossible goal, but these three alternative career suggestions are sure bets for making your first million!

Will Getting a Masters Of Fine Arts Get You a Job? No

Few things in life are more useless than an MFA in Creative Writing. This degree was viewed as useless in 1999, yet more programs and unemployed grads pop up every year.

Roger Ebert Least Favorite Movies: 10 Of His Worst Reviews

Prestigious movie critic Roger Ebert passed away on Thursday. In honor of his dry wit and sharp tongue, here is a compilation of his harshest movie reviews.

Suzy Weiss Wall Street Journal Column Encourages Healthy Debate On College Admissions

The high schooler's Wall Street Journal piece on not getting into her top colleges has encouraged healthy debate about the application process and diversity in higher education.

Are Drake's Songs Feminist?

Compared to every misogynistic and overly masculine or aggressive music artist out there, Drake has a sense of humor and compassion unique to his genre.

Emily Bazelon 'Sticks and Stones': Defining Everything As Bullying Hurts Anti-Bullying Movement

"Sticks and Stones" author Emily Bazelon and "Columbine" author Dave Cullen discuss the negative consequences of applying the word "bullying" to all mean activity among teens and pre-teens.

Obama Gun Control: Anti-Gun Advocates Are Losing, in a Win For Common Sense

Gun control efforts led by the Obama administration are hitting road blocks and strong opposition within Congress. Common sense and the Constitution are winning.

Pasha P183 Dead: 8 Amazing and Ironic Works From the "Russian Banksy"

The "Russian Banksy" died at the age of 29, leaving behind a profound legacy and oddly inspiring pieces of street art.

'Mad Men' Season 6 Premiere: 'Mad Men' is Better (and Uglier) Than Ever

Mad Men's sixth season premieres this Sunday. But how will the show change as it moves into the late sixties?

Immigration Reform 2013: Evangelicals Organize For Immigration

A group of evangelical leaders, led by Senator Lindsey Graham, is taking to the airwaves to promote a moderate, Bible-inspired approach to immigration reform.

Oklahoma State Rep. Mike Reynolds: “It’s Not Our Job to See That Anyone Gets An Education”

Oklahoma State Rep. Mike Reynolds believes that, irrelevant of students' potential, it's not a legislator's job to help increase their access to higher education. But if they won't, who will?

Gun Control Legislation is Dead

For the first time in years, commonsense gun control seemed feasible. But inaction in Washington is quickly making big change unlikely.

Gun Control: Do Gun Control Advocates Even Know What They Want to Control?

Gun control advocates are sometimes vociferous in pushing gun control legislation, but they show time and again that they really have no clue what they seek to legislate on.

Stephen Landsburg: Libertarian Economics Professor Thinks Rape Is a 'Thought Experiment'

A college professor argues that if someone is raped and doesn't know it, then no harm is done.

Rick Perry: North Korea Wants to Attack Austin, Texas Because It's Just That Awesome

Watch as Rick Perry deludes himself into believing Austin, Texas is deserving of being a North Korean target. As if.

Gun Control: Is it Treason?

Many of the policies states are trying to adopt already have federal laws and SCOTUS cases to counter their legality, yet are still being pushed. Why?

Bradley Manning Deserves a Nobel Peace Prize

Though Manning should receive the Nobel Peace Prize, this award doesn't even begin to honor the magnitude of humanitarianism of this true American hero.

Wilcox County High School: Georgia Students Plan First Integrated Prom

Don't worry, the students are as embarrassed as you are. Dedicated students from this high school are raising money to hold the school's first integrated prom.

Immigration Reform 2013: Will Republicans Kill or Embrace the Bill?

Republicans need to improve their image among Latinos. If they embrace the immigration bill, it would help the party's image. But if they kill it, the image of party could be irreparably harmed.

Immigration Reform 2013: 5 Reasons to Support It

Immigration reform has a higher chance of passage than ever. Here are five reasons to support reform and what it will bring to the country.

Meet Frank Hagler: Tech Consultant, Travel Lover, and Pundit of the Week

Meet Frank Hagler: PolicyMic's "Pundit of the Week."

Leaked Documents Expose How the Mega-Rich Avoid Paying Taxes

A look inside the largest investigative journalism collobration in history, Secrecy for Sale, proves that the mega-wealthy and political-elite just don't play by the same rules ... literally.

Anonymous Hacks North Korea Twitter and Flickr Accounts and Issues List of Demands

Hactivist collective Anonymous responds to the rising tensions on the Korean peninsula the only way they know how: by disrupting North Korean Twitter and Flickr accounts.

A Rutgers Student's Response to the Mike Rice Firing

The scrutiny is warranted, but don't forget the other side of Mike Rice. His contributions to the Rutgers basketball program were significant.

5 Ways Conservatives Can Start to Give Liberals An Intellectual Beatdown

Republicans are losing the court of public opinion. Here are five ways they can improve their odds.

How to Live With Your Parents For the Rest Of Your Life Review: A Complete Bust

Despite a decent cast, ABC's How to Live with Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life) fails to deliver comedically.

Canadian Woman Arrested For Her Anti-Police Instagram Photo

After photographing anti-police graffiti, Montreal resident Jennifer Pawluck was arrested and interrogated on Wednesday morning, yet another example of the police harassing activists in Québec.

North Korea War: U.S. to Deploy THAAD System to Guam

The Pentagon announced Wednesday that it will deploy its Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system (THAAD) to Guam, home to about 160,000 U.S. citizens and several military bases.

Kenyan Elections 2013: Kenyatta Uhuru Victory is Major Headache For U.S., ICC

Uhuru Kenyatta's electoral victory was upheld by the Kenyan Supreme Court, despite looming ICC human rights charges. This is causing a lot of embarassment for the ICC and the USA.

War With North Korea: DPRK is Not An Immediate Nuclear Threat

Tensions with North Korea are escalating, but don't start building bomb shelters and stocking up on bottled water just yet.

New Orleans Prison Video: Shocking Footage Of a Broken Penal System

Inmates waving guns and doing drugs is only the tip of the iceberg. A penal overhaul is the only way to save Orleans Parish Prison, and so manny others like it across the country.

Kenyan Elections 2013: Huge Success, But You Wouldn't Know That From the Western Media

Kenya's recent election should be heralded as a success. So why is the western media treating it like another African crisis waiting to happen?

Will Seth Meyers Replace Jimmy Fallon On "Late Night'?

Now that Jimmy Fallon will replace Jay Leno on 'The Tonight Show,' will Seth Meyers move to 'Late Night'? And if so, what will this mean for 'SNL'?

Why Are Men's Paychecks Shrinking?

A new study from a center-left policy research group finds that the increase of single-parent households is having a detrimental economic effect on men, as is the gender gap in higher education.

North Korea Nukes: Not So Different From Our Own?

The thing that scares me the most about North Korea is actually the same thing that scares many about America: one man with his finger on a nuclear button.

"Russian Banksy" Pasha P183 Dies At Age 29

Many details on the street artist's untimely death are unknown.

LucasArts Shuts Down, But Expect More 'Star Wars' and 'Indiana Jones' Games in the Future

Disney has announced the once iconic game company will be closed, putting 150 people out of work and shuttering a studio that created some of the best games ever.

Rand Paul 2016 Polls: He is #2 in GOP Presidential Polls, But Will He Run?

Several polls show Rand Paul polling well for the 2016 Republican nomination. Can he build on his momentum to the White House?

What Martin Luther King, Jr. Would Say About Today's America

On the 45th anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s death, it seems an ideal time to ask what he might say about our current national predicament. To be honest, he'd probably be pissed.

UN Arms Treaty: Why Both the U.S. and the "Axis Of Evil" Oppose It

The UN General Assembly today overwhelmingly adopted the first ever international treaty to regulate the global arms trade. But the U.S. is unlikely to ratify it.

Nicholas Coppola: Gay Catholic Parishoner Banned From Church Involvement

After openly gay Catholic Nicholas Coppola married his partner, the pastor of his church said he was no longer welcome in the house of God.

'Finding Dory' Movie: Disney Needs to Bring Back Animated Films

With the release of "Finding Dory," Disney will soon be out with another CGI movie. Disney needs to come back to animated movies.

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans Still Waiting On Benefits From the VA

Who is to blame for the claims backlog at the Veterans Administration? Should Eric Shinseki step down?

Marijuana Legalization: 52% in Support For First Time Ever

A new poll has shown that a majority of Americans support the legalization of marijuana. This is the first time in decades that this milestone has been reached.

Ken Cuccinelli "Sodomy" Ban Just Another One Of His Far-Right Stances

Ken Cuccinelli is seeking to uphold the constitutionality of a Virginia ban on oral and anal sex. Those familar with his previous stances on issues shoud not be suprised.

'Girls' Star Christopher Abbott Leaving Show

"Girls" actor Christopher Abbott is leaving the show, reportedly because he clashed with creator Lena Dunham, who is regularly smeared on the internet. Why is she being blamed for this?

Exclusive Interview with Rawan Hadid, Founder of '[wherever]: an out of place journal'

PolicyMic had the pleasure of chatting with Rawan Hadid, founder and editorial director of a new and innovative travel magazine launching in April. Here is the exclusive interview.

Rolling Stones "50 & Counting" Tour Concert Dates and Cities: Is This Their Last Tour?

The band's 50th anniversary tour will take place in cities across North America kicking off in early May.

I Just Quit Facebook, and It Feels Freakin' Awesome

As a journalist, jumping off the Facebook bandwagon was scary, but now that it's over with, I'm relieved.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Surprisingly Turns On Iranian Religious Right

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is waging a public battle against his opponents with just three months left in his term, setting the stage for a succession fight.

Why I’m Bowling For Abortion

Amid debates over policies restricting and stigmatizing abortion access in the United States, abortion funds work aggressively to keep this legal medical procedure available to women.

2013 Budget: Spending Cuts Don't Address the Real Problem, Medicare

Rather than using short-term deficit numbers to justify voting against discretionary spending, deficit hawks should focus on curbing Medicare spending.

Domain Awareness System Scarily Resembles Big Brother (For Profit)

NYC partnered with Microsoft to produce new surveillance technology for the city, which they are going to sell for profit. If red flags are flying, they should be.

North Carolina State Religion: What If We Applied Their "State's Rights" Extremism to the Second Amendment?

A bill in North Carolina's legislature has claimed that the First Amendment (and the Constitution) doesn't apply on the state level. Okay, so how would they react if a state banned all guns?

3 Crucial Attributes For Millennials to Cut Their Way Through Today's Economic Jungle

Life on this Big Blue Marble during the 21st century has become leaner, meaner, and fiercely competitive. What should millennials do to guarantee their success?

Jon Stewart and Bassem Yousseff Fight to Keep Laughter Alive in Egypt

Jon Stewart and the State Department have rushed to defend satirist Bassem Youssef from Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi's government, and Morsi isn't happy about it.

Roger Ebert Career: A Look Back On Reviewer's Life and Work

A look back on the long life and career of Roger Ebert, who died at the age of 70 after a long bout with cancer.

Hillary Clinton 2016: Is the New Book Deal the First Step?

Hillary Clinton has signed a book deal about her time as Secretary of State. Will this mark her first step towards the White House in 2016?

Bookmark This the Next Time You Think That Feminism is Over

We've hit snags, seen gloomy days, but is the feminist movement over? Don't bet on it.

Tori Wheeler: Teen Stabs Boyfriend in April Fools Prank Gone Wrong

Tori Wheeler's seemingly innocuouss April Fools prank went horribly wrong for both her and her boyfriend when he ended up in the hospital and she landed in jail for stabbing him.

Powerful Yogurt: "Brogurt" and Five Other Things That Need To Be Bro'd Out

Menz! You aren't about to eat some regular yogurt are you? No. Ladies move aside, dudes have their own yogurt now and this time, it's just for them.

North Carolina State Religion Bill: If Only It Was An April Fools' Hoax

A couple state law makers in North Carolina have introduced a bill that claims states are not subject to the "Establishment Clause" of the first amendment. Is it foolish to believe they'd try it?

Stop and Frisk: NYC's Top Cop Ray Kelly Says He Wants to "Instill Fear" in Blacks and Latinos

New York State Senator Eric Adams recently testified that Ray Kelly told him of his desire to "instill fear" in blacks and Latinos through the NYPD's "stop and frisk" policies. Wow.

Clarence Thomas Anita Hill: Never Forget Justice's Sexual Harassment History

It wasn't long ago that the Supreme Court Justice's name was synonymous with scandal and sexual harassment, and his reputation makes him the worst Justice around today.

Mike Rice Firing: Fox News Says It Was a "Wuss" Move

Our culture is not in decline because Mike Rice, a violent and homophobic basketball coach, was fired for offending his team and children, even though Fox News thinks so.

42% of Least Engaged Workers are the Most Productive

A recent survey shows that the least engaged workers are the most productive. This is a warning sign for bosses to wake up.

Guantanamo Bay Hunger Strike Echoes Palestinian History

A growing hunger strike in the GITMO detention facility brings to mind a successful round of hunger strikes among Palestinian prisoners in Israel last year.

The Failed Propaganda Of Patriotic Chinese Video Games

With the sinister help of Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels, we attempt to outline why Chinese video games are failing as domestic propaganda, and how they can do better.

"Evolving" is the New Flip-Flopping

Why is it the case that it's easier to accept a politician whose views are evolving than a politician who flip-flops?

Is the GOP Running Out Of Ways to Attack Obamacare?

Obamacare's health insurance exchange draft asks applicants if they would like to register to vote. GOP criticism of this inclusion succeeds only in making the party look incompetent.

YouTube Harlem Shake Video Reaches 1 Billion Plays

The viral online video meme, inspired in the 1980s dance, reached 1 billion hits in just 40 days; boy that escalated quickly.

How Congress Could Stop 10 Million STDs From Happening Each Year

Millennials account for half of the 20 million new cases of STIs that occur each year, but Congress is intent on slashing funding to sex ed programs that could prevent the spread of disease.

Tennessee 'Don't Say Gay' Bill Too Extreme For Ultra-conservative Legislature

Two controversial pieces of anti-LGBT legislation quietly die in the Tennessee legislature. Why they failed, and what it means for the Southern gay community.

'Only God Forgives' Trailer Shows Rising Trend in Art House Action Movies

A new batch of action films concerned with craftmanship heralds the blossoming of an exciting new genre.

8 Ways TV Shows Have Changed Since the 90s

From the gloss of 90s soaps, to the brutality of today's dramas, television no longer resembles its 90s counterpart in any way.

Roger Ebert Spent His Last Weeks Doing His Favorite Thing: Reviewing Movies

Roger Ebert passed with a closing blog post to his dedicated fans, “So on this day of reflection I say again, thank you for going on this journey with me. I'll see you at the movies."

97% Of Restaurant Meals Fail This Health Standard

What's the big deal if restaurants offer bad food — don't we expect them to do just that?

Obama Budget: Why It's Unveiling Will Come Too Late to Make a Difference

President Obama reveals his budget proposal, two months too late, after both chambers of Congress have already proposed theirs. What does this mean for the budget process?

Israel Gaza Conflict: Hamas Rockets Slam Into Israel, Breaking Ceasefire

The Israeli-Hamas ceasefire was broken after word spread of the death of Palestinian political prisoner Maysar Abu Hamdiyeh.

Do Hamas and This Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Community Discriminate Against Women the Same Way?

These two vastly different communities seem to share the belief that women are to be covered up and kept separate from men.

Google Privacy Policy Under Scrutiny From Regulators

Google is taking some heat from European data protection agencies over its privacy policy.

Facebook Announcement: What Will the FB Phone Announcement Be?

Rumors are circulating that Facebook will step out of the purely web-based experience and start to market its own Facebook phone.

PolicyMic is the Voice Of the Future, and Will Make Millennials Part Of the Political Process

PolicyMic gives millennials the unique opportunity to express their opinions online, and this has significant implications for the future of politics.

'Arrested Development' Season 4: How Tongue-and-Cheek Comedies Returned to Airwaves

It's the dawn of new glorious sarcastic age with the rebirth of "Arrested Development."

Great Gatsby Full Trailer: It's Like High School English ... With Dubstep

The full trailer for the 2013's 3D, Leonardo DiCaprio-toting The Great Gatsby movie was just released ... and it's kind of a doozy.

6 Totally Awesome Internet Shows That Existed Before YouTube

Because YouTube wasn't the first site to tackle the concept of funny videos.

Roger Ebert Dead: Pulitzer Prize Winner Was a Journalism Icon

The Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist known for his duties as a film critic succumbed to cancer on Thursday.

Anti-Drone Hoodie: Can It Really Protect You From the Government's Eyes in the Sky?

Designer Adam Harvey designed an "anti-drone hoodie" in his Stealth Wear exhibition that can prevent people from being seen by drone technology.

Facebook Android Release: What You Need to Know

Facebook announces its highly anticipated entry into the wireless market with an integrated Facebook user interface and accompanying smartphone. But is it just another gimmick?

Lance Armstrong Returns, Goes Swimming in U.S. Masters

The disgraced cyclist returns to competitive sports for the first time since being stripped of his seven Tour de France titles.

Afghanistan Bombing Prompts Troubling Questions About the Strength Of the Taliban

The deadliest day in over a year for Afghanistan starts the supposed last year of U.S. involvement in the country.

March Madness 2013: What Are the 4 Best Home Courts in America?

If we took play on the court out of the equation and decided who would be the national champion based solely on the raucousness of their home crowd, would the Final Four look different?

Dark Matter Found? NASA Spectrometer Finds Evidence Of Mysterious Building Block Of the Universe

Two years into its mission, the Alpha Mass Spectrometer has found evidence that sheds light on one of the biggest mysteries in the universe: dark matter.

CISPA: Why is the House Intelligence Committee Deliberating Behind Closed Doors?

Members of the media and the public will not be able to watch the upcoming markup of the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act while it's happening. Why?