Monsanto's GMO Seeds Are Actively Cultivating Cultural Genocide

Monsanto has been able to protect its harmful malpractice with GMO seeds by taking advantage of the IMF, destroying cultural farming practices all over the world in the process.

Do Mermaids Exist? Yes.

You may think there isn't such thing as a mermaid, but these two individuals are determined to be classified as such.

10 Funniest Karen Walker Quotes

"Will and Grace" brought the incomparable Karen Walker into the world. Her offbeat, completely politically incorrect statements made the show a smashing success. Here's to Karen Walker craziness.

Immigration Reform 2013: Legal Immigrants Are Getting the Short End Of the Stick

Advocates of comprehensive immigration reform insist that those here illegally will go to the "back of the line." But the back of the line isn't what it's cracked up to be.

Immigration Reform 2013: The Hawaii Immigration Problem

Hawaii has specific concerns when it comes to comprehensive immigration reform, specifically the focus on family reunification and family issues in general.

'42' Movie Review: Film Enables Public to Discuss Racism in Entertaining Way

The release this spring of Warner Brothers’ Jackie Robinson biopic, 42, offers the public a chance to discuss racism in an entertaining and relatable way.

@itslavishbitch is Everything That's Right About America

Every once in a while, a hero comes along to show us what it really means to live the American Dream to the fullest. And sometimes, his name is "@itslavishbitch."

'Pain & Gain' Was the Worst Movie Idea Ever

Michael Bay is adapting a series of real-life murders from the 80s into an action-comedy film, and victims of the crimes are rightfully enraged.

Gul Meena Attempted Honor Killing: Don't Blame Islam

Gul Meena was attacked and almost killed by her brother in an "honor killing." But this is not about Islam, it's about the global story of female oppression.

PolicyMic Launches the April 50 Under 30 Challenge

PolicyMic is launching the most elite millennial writer competition in America to find new top pundits to join our amazing community.

FEMEN Topless Jihad: Who's Got Feminism Right, FEMEN Or Muslim Women?

FEMEN is using nudity to spread their cause while Muslim women call for modesty. So who's doing the feminism thing right?

Bird Flu 2013: Shanghai Mass-Slaughters Poultry Under "Emergency Order" As 6th Victim Claimed

The Avian Flu, H7N9, has claimed a sixth victim in China. Officials are racing to control the spread of the virus, but will their efforts prevent further death?

Wilcox County High School Students Organize School's First Racially Integrated Prom

It's 2013 and yet Wilcox County High School has never had an integrated prom, but group of students are changing that.

Kamala Harris Comment: One Obama Of Obama's Low Points

Hey Mr. President, I know you are busy and all, but this is just a reminder that a woman's accomplishments have nothing to do with the way she looks.

7 "Big Government" Laws That Strengthened America

In an age of austerity, it is important to remember when big government has worked in our favor.

Obama Pushes Risky Home Loans Which Started Current Recession

Candidate Obama is back on the campaign trail again, this time raising support for high-risk home loans to people with poor credit — the same ones that caused the financial meltdown in 2007.

Kevin Ware T-Shirt a Major Fail On NCAA

It was recently revealed that injured Louisville guard Kevin Ware will receive no compensation for a t-shirt manufactured in his "honor." So who's paying his medical bills? Not the NCAA.

'Only God Forgives' Movie Trailer: 3 Potential Storylines For Ryan Gosling's New Movie

Sometimes, a trailer is so vague that audiences have no idea what the movie is actually about. But in the case of 'Only God Forgives,' one writer has taken matters into his own hands...

Plan B Will Be Available to Women Of All Ages Over the Counter

Judge orders the FDA to make Plan B available to women without a prescription.

At Wilcox County High, Your Prom Date Must Be the Same Race As You

Four students at Wilcox County High School in Rochelle, Ga., feel embarrassed that their school holds racially segregated proms, so they're setting up a non-segregated one.

Erick Erickson: Fox News Contributor Equates Gay Marriage With Incest

Erick Erickson of conservative blog RedState just insinuated that allowing gays to marry is akin to letting fathers and sons tie the knot with each other.

42 Movie Trailer: What the Film's Marketing Says About Race

It doesn't take a black director to make an effective movie about Jackie Robinson, but it probably would take a black director to understand all the nuances '42' needs.

Rick Ross Rape Lyrics: Rappers Now Also Criticizing "U.O.E.N.O" Lyrics

Rick Ross was actually called out by fellow rappers and the music industry for inserting pro-rape lyrics into rapper Rocko's "U.O.E.N.O." One small step for rap. One huge lesson for Rick Ross.

Gone Missing: The American Dream

Millennials saw their unemployment rate fall last month, but this actually reflected a drop in job prospects as many younger workers simply left the labor force.

Tyler the Creator 'Wolf': New Album Sniffs Around the Definition Of Genius

The rapper releases a dizzying record that flirts with both brilliance and foolishness — and ultimately ends up somewhere in between.

Ryan Gosling Wants to Save Cows

Ryan Gosling is a perfect human being.

Kamala Harris Gets Awkward Compliment From Obama, Proving Politicians Should Know When to Stay Quiet

President Obama's remarks on California Attorney General Kamala Harris show that the best of intentions are no substitute for tact.

Susan Patton Princeton Column Underestimates the Value Of Single Life

The viral Princeton column, which encourages female students to find husbands before graduation, inadvertently smears single people. We need to try to stop seeing it as a fault.

Will Brittney Griner Become a Botched NBA Experiment?

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban wants to give Brittney Griner a shot at being drafted in the NBA, but she's definitely not good enough for the NBA.

Texas A&M Religious Exemption Bill: Is This School Now the Most Anti-Gay In the Nation

Texas A&M targets University LGBT facilities with their "Religious Exemption Bill", depriving LGBTQ students of an inclusive learning environment.

Will Millennials Vote Democratic For the Rest Of Our Lives?

President Obama has had success with Millennials. But will his party be able to hold the interest of young people if they don't keep up with the times?

Monsanto Protection Act: Is the Seed Giant Playing Mind Games With Congress?

Why would Monsanto go out of its way to author a temporary rider that draws so much heat when it was seeking a more permanent bill?

10 Awesome Things Roger Ebert Did For Social Justice

He wasn't simply an exceptional film critic. Here are some his finest moments fighting to see justice onscreen and beyond.

Angelina Jolie: "When the Taliban Shot Malala They Made Her Stronger"

Check out this amazing video of Angelina Jolie's tribute to the Malala, the young girl who was shot by the Taliban for demanding girls' equal access to education.

'Mad Men' Season 6 Premiere: The Darkest Season Yet?

The smoking, drinking, and sexism of "Mad Men" hovers over every scene and make the show a tragedy rather than a drama.

Reebok and Rick Ross: Will the Company Drop the Rapper Over Rape Lyrics?

Reebok is getting heavy public pressure to drop celebrity endorser Rick Ross over controversial lyrics in "U.O.E.N.O.," which seem to promote rape.

Get On the Right Side Of History and Support Gay Marriage

Gay marriage is inevitable, so get on the right side of history and stand behind it now.

U.S. Commandos in 75 Countries Are Teaching Militaries to Torture, Kill, and Abuse Civilians

Thought drone strikes and aggressive war were bad enough? U.S. Special Forces now operate in 75 countries, and are teaching many of them how to crack down on and abuse their civilian populations.

After Newtown Shooting, the Gun Control Debate Has Become a Discussion to Nowhere

America turned its attention to the gun debate following a sensasionalized story, and now the story's not going away (like most sensasionalized stories do).

McDonald's Bachelor's Degree Requirement Hurts Everyone, Especially the Mickey D's

A McDonald's in Massachusetts requires cashier applicants to have a college degree. This exploits unemployed people and will ultimately cost the business.

Keystone XL Pipeline: 2 Oil Spills in 1 Week Raises Questions About Pipeline Safety

Black sludge carved a path of destruction through Mayflower, Ark., this week, and this isn't the first time a Tar Sands oil spill has created an environmental mess in a U.S. town.

For Many Students, Law School is Little Better Than a Scam

Law school applications hit a 30 year low. Are young people catching on to the fact that law school isn't all it's cracked up to be?

Amanda Bynes Twitter: Former Actress Admits to Eating Disorder

In a string of odd tweets, the former actress' revelation of having an eater disorder is the most horrifying post yet.

Gun Control Debate: Domestic Violence Victims Are Not Protected By Current Gun Laws

While citizens and politicians debate what the founding fathers might have meant, victims of domestic violence, among others, need an interpretation that leaves room for their safety.

Women in the World 2013 Recap: Girls' Education, Women in Syria Take the Stage

On April 4, over 1,000 attendees descended upon New York's Lincoln Center for the first evening of programming at the Daily Beast's 2013 Women in the World Summit. Here's what happened.

Establishment Republicans in Michigan Capitalizing On Anti-Gay Controversy to Regain Control Of GOP

Leading the chorus of calls for the resignation of a politician who posted anti-gay sentiments is a loyalist of Saul Anuzis, who once tried to exclude Ron Paul from the presidential debates.

How to Become a Ping Pong Champion and New PolicyMic Writer At the Same Time

New recruit Jessie Bullock shares how to be a ping pong master as part of her application to PolicyMic's April 50 Under 30 challenge

Myriad Genetics Patent Would Harm Society

Myriad, a biotech company focused on human genetics, has patented your genes. Their patent is being challenged by the ACLU and will be argued in front of the Supreme Court next week.

Korean War: Legacy Alive and Well in the Current North Korea Crisis

While North Korean threats are marked by troubling new factors, today’s onlookers shouldn't forget the dizzying history of rising and falling tensions between the U.S. and North Korea.

Hillary Clinton 2016: She is the Top Democrat Pick, Says Poll

A new Public Policy Polling report finds that 64% of Democrats want Hillary Clinton to seek presidency in 2016. Will she do it?

Doug Anderson Absolutely Dominates a Slam Dunk Contest With 4 Mind-Blowing Dunks

Detroit's Doug Anderson was the clear winner of the State Farm College Slam Dunk & 3-Point Championship. Just see for yourself.

North Korea Crisis: Why Has the GOP Kept Quiet?

The GOP has been mum about Kim Jong-Un and his threats against the United States. Could this mean that both Democrats and Republicans agree?

This Patient-Centered Medical Research Institute is the Way Of the Future For Health Care

The future looks bright for Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute. The costs are minimal and the potential health benefits are huge.

California Student Body President is a Registered Sex Offender

It came to the attention of Riverside Community College students that their student body president is a registered sex offender, in an outing that went a little awry.

March U-6 Unemployment Report: A Bleak Spring and Summer For Millennials

The unemployment figure dropped to 7.6%, the lowest it has been since December 2007. The real unemployment rate was 13.8%, the lowest it's been in four years.

Rand Paul Will Speak At Historically-Black Howard University

Senator Rand Paul will speak at Howard University, proving that he doesn't intend to give up on the African-American vote.

'Vice' Premiere Review: Shocking and Provocative, This News Doesn't Play Around

'Vice,' a powerful non-fiction series premiering tonight on HBO, tackles marginalized global topics with a blistering style that leaves viewers reeling. The faint of heart need not apply.

Ashley Judd: Millennials Need Someone Like You

Ashley Judd recently decided not to run for Kentucky state senate. What will the movie-star-turned-political-activist do next?

Why Does Exxon Control the No-Fly Zone Over Arkansas Tar Sands Spill?

ExxonMobil is overseeing the FAA no fly zone in Mayflower, Arkansas, the site of a recent major ExxonMobil Pegasus tar sands pipeline spill. Sound suspicious?

How Millennials Can Use Obamacare to Save Money

Obamacare will probably make insurance rates go up, but you can always just opt to pay the tax and buy health insurance when you get sick.

Mic Check: 65% Of Millennials Support Legalizing Pot

Today's PolicyMic newsletter, featuring our take on the day's news and our favorite stories from around the Web.

Myanmar Press Freedom a Step in the Right Direction, But Still Many More to Go

Recent advances in press freedom in Myanmar should not obscure the country’s continuing human rights issues, including violence against Muslims.

Immigration Reform 2013: Republican Shift is a Sign Of Democracy in Action

As a compromise on immigration reform draws closer, the reason behind Republicans' changed views on the issue becomes more clear — and it's just what our founding fathers intended.

MTV Movie Awards 2013 Nominees: Full List Of Nominations

MTV Movie Awards are back. Tuesday night, the nominees for the 2013 awards were announeced with the unlikely pairing of Seth MacFarlane and Quentin Tarantino leading the pack.

When Will We Realize the SAT is Irrelevant and a Waste Of Time?

A perfect SAT score buys you less, but costs more. Great scores won’t get you into an Ivy League school, but you must have great scores to be even considered.

Christopher Abbot On 'Girls': Charlie Says Goodbye to Lena Dunham's HBO Series

As the HBO show 'Girls' gets ready for season 3, the New York Post announced that Christopher Abbott, who plays Charlie, has quit and will not be returning to the popular series.

Social Security Cuts Are a Losing Proposal For Obama

Obama has proposed Social Security cuts to appeal to congressional Republicans, but both parties will most likely oppose the measure for different reasons.

Janet Yellen is the Best Choice to Replace Ben Bernanke

Ben Bernanke may step down next year and there is already criticism that his successor, Janet Yellen, may be "soft" on inflation. But that is exactly what we need.

'Seinfeld' Reruns Bring it $3.1 Billion

Since Seinfeld aired its finale 15 years ago, the show has earned over $3 billion in rerun fees.

David Hilfiker: D.C. Doctor Keeps a Blog to Document Alzheimer's

Washington, D.C. doctor David Hilfiker maintains a blog to document his experiences with Alzheimer's, allowing him to open up about his life and beyond.

Bill Nelson Gay Marriage Flip-Flop is Not Groundbreaking — It's Capitulation

While the Democrat senator's newfound support of gay marriage is encouraging and comforting, it's hardly a change of heart.

Obama Social Security Cuts: Will Republicans Take the Offer?

President Obama is set to propose a new budget that includes long demanded entitlement cuts that Republicans have badgered for. Yet they do not seem very keen on taking a look.

False 'Bingo!' Claim Could Now Land You in Jail in Kentucky

Shouting bingo without cause has been ruled second-degree disorderly conduct thanks to a judge in Kenton, Kentucky. The punishment: loss of free speech.

Hillary Clinton 2016: Are Her Recent Moves and Projects Gearing Her Up to Run?

The former Secretary of State is writing a book, has just announced her support for gay marriage, and has been delivering many public speeches. Is she doing all this to prepare for a 2016 run?

Obama Can't Get Any Judges Confirmed, But He's Not Exactly Trying Very Hard

With Congress immobile, the president turns to courts to advance his agenda. The Republican courts won't help with that agenda, however, until he speeds up in appointing new Democratic judges.

Lance Armstrong Movie: Two Films to Be Made On Cyclist

Two movies based on Lance Armstrong's fall from grace are already in the works, but will J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot top Warner Bros.?

Can Computers Stop Bullying?

Think computer science geeks can't stop bullying? Think again.

New Job Numbers Mean More QE From the Fed

Though the Federal Reserve had hinted it's considering slowing its quantitative easing, the new disappointing job numbers will probably make it change its mind.

Myriad Genetics Case: Think You Own Your Genes? Think Again

The ACLU's challenge to gene patents owned by Myriad Genetics is making its way to the Supreme Court.

Dem Senators Heidi Heitkamp and Joe Donnelly Endorse Gay Marriage: Who's Left, and What Are They Waiting For?

Two more senators voice support; who's left behind, and how long can they afford to remain opposed?

Scott Brown For New Hampshire Senate? He's Playing Coy, and It's Getting Irritating

Scott Brown has not ruled out running for office in New Hampshire, but this might just be another irritating publicity stunt. Is playing coy damaging Brown's image?

Thought the Sequester Was Gone? Think Again

Even though the sequester has been in effect for a month, it will have much longer lasting effects on the following annual budgets and beyond.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month: What Society Can Do to Help Victims

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. We should be doing whatever we can to figure out how to help survivors heal, as well as rehabilitate offenders.

Asa Hutchinson May or May Not Be Open to Background Checks

NRA school safety point-man Asa Hutchinson seemed to have embraced universal background checks on CNN, but later returned to a much more NRA-friendly position. Are they flip-flopping?

Hollywood Actors Are Keeping Theater Relevant

Jessica Chastain performed on Broadway this year and Tom Hanks is about to do the same. Many other Hollywood actors take to the stage, and it allows theater to thrive in our TV-obsessed culture.

'Arrested Development' Season 4 Premieres May 26

The show with the most loyal cult following will air its fourth season on Netflix May 26.